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DVD Vol. 9

Robotech DVD 9
The Robotech Defense Forces plan an all-out counter attack against the Robotech Masters. The hope to catch the invaders off guard and achieve victory before the Earth is destroyed. The RDF finds an ally in Zor, a captured enemy pilot who turns out to be an important piece of the puzzle behind the secrets of Robotechnology.
It's the third of the four Robotech Masters (aka Southern Cross) Robotech DVDs. And with this disc, the series continues riding on its momentum, building up to what very well may be a climatic ending next disc.

Once again, the video quality on this disc is absolute crap. While ADV and Harmony Gold really can't help that the source material is in such poor condition, it doesn't change the fact that the overall viewing experience suffers. There are great amounts of grain and the picture looks completely washed out.

The menus are exactly the same as last disc. They're straightforward and functional, being very easy to use. There are no extras found here.

Robotech volume 9 beings with the introduction of a new character named Zor, previously brainwashed and fighting for the enemy. Though a clone, his looks and traits match those of the humans and since he no longer remembers working for the enemy, he's going through quite a lot of personal troubles as well. Due to his supreme skills, he begins working for the Robotech defense force. With this, Robotech spends a large amount of time this volume focusing on the inner personal traits of its characters. Zor finds difficulty understanding who he is and the rest of the Earth team has their questions and doubts about him too.

Robotech delves its deepest into the love connections of the cast during one of the episodes here as well. It shows that even during the midst of war where the future of the Earth remains uncertain, people can't help but to still show signs of loneliness and a desire for love. Strictly speaking, this doesn't make them very good soldiers but it does make it easier for viewers to relate to them.

The ongoing battle between the Earth and the Robotech Masters gets much fiercer as the series moves on. Whether or not either side is successful with each battle becomes more and more important to the final outcome of the war. Things start to become much more serious as the series nears its end with only six more episodes remaining after this disc.

The animation quality, once again, is not very spectacular. With the large battles taking place towards the end of this disc, Robotech Masters shows its budget weakness. After being spoiled with today's great animation feats, in comparison, the fighting here looks exceedingly boring.

Thankfully, this disc focuses a lot more on the secondary characters. We get to learn a little bit more about the supporting cast and the interesting relationships they have with each other. This also means less attention is given to the main character, Dana, who is still as fickle and annoying as ever.

Although it's not the best thing in existence by far, Robotech's “The Masters” saga continues to satisfy. If you've found the series to be entertaining so far, you'll surely want to pick up this disc as well.
Overall (dub) : B
Animation : C-
Art : B-
Music : B

+ The volume builds on character relationships
The animation stinks.

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