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Classic Anime Horror coming to DVD, but no street date yet. No re-dub.

Just a note, ADV has confirmed that they will be using the original English dub created for Doomed Megalopolis by Streamline.

Excerpt from Press Release:

HOUSTON, August 29, 2002-ADV Films today announced the impending release of DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS on DVD. Presented in a two-disc set, this marks the first DVD release of supervising director RinTaro's (Metropolis, Captain Harlock) seminal horror masterpiece. Produced by one of Japan's premiere animation houses, Madhouse Studios (Ninja Scroll), this English-language adaptation-by Carl Macek (Robotech, Lady Death)-remains true to form, delivering a chilling tale of genuine horror constructed in a classic 4-part mini-series format.

A classic struggle between good and evil, Doomed Megalopolis takes place in the context of a devastating earthquake that destroyed much of Tokyo in 1923. The tale posits an alternate cause for that destruction, putting a supernatural spin on the actual event.

"Doomed Megalopolis is really a triumph of the anime form," said Macek. "It's a completely unique-and very adult-supernatural horror tale, set dramatically against a backdrop of pre-war Japanese history and culture. It's unlike any other title I've had the opportunity to produce, and I'm very excited that we've been able to bring it out on DVD."

ADV Films President, CEO and Founder John Ledford was equally excited. "Doomed Megalopolis has long been a fan favorite, and the question of when it would be released of DVD has been a perennial hot topic," said Ledford. "We can finally answer, 'it's coming!'"

The Story: Set in Tokyo during the first decades of the 20th century, Doomed Megalopolis tells the story of the powerful mystic Kato's obsession with the conquest of Tokyo-"the greatest city on earth." But Kato's actions awaken the long-dead spirit Masakato, the legendary guardian of Tokyo. Unable to stand along against Masakato's power, the calculating Kato uses an innocent woman as an unsuspecting pawn in the hope of producing an offspring capable of challenging Tokyo's mystical protector. But Kato never counted on the effect that a team of unlikely heroes would have on his sinister plans. Nor could he anticipate the destruction his spells would cause for the millions of innocent citizens of Tokyo...

ADV's release of Doomed Megalopolis combines all four parts of the title: "The Haunting of Tokyo," "The Fall of Tokyo," "The Gods of Tokyo" and "The Battle for Tokyo." The DVD will clock in at over three hours; final packaging artwork is in progress as of the date of this release. NOTE: Doomed Megalopolis contains adult content and is rated 17+; pricing details and release dates are TBA.

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