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Metropolis (movie)

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©2001 TEZUKA Productions/METROPOLIS Project

Alternative title:
Metrópolis de Osamu Tezuka (Spanish)
Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis
Robotic Angel (German)
メトロポリス (Japanese)
大都會 (Chinese (Taiwan))
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Kenichi and his detective uncle, Shunsaku Ban, leave Japan to visit Metropolis, in search of the criminal, Dr. Laughton. However, when they finally find Dr. Laughton, Kenichi and Shunsaku find themselves seperated and plunged into the middle of a larger conspiracy. While Shunsaku searches for his nephew and explanations, Kenichi tries to protect Tima (a mysterious young girl), from Duke Red and his adopted son Rock, both of whom have very different reasons for wanting to find her.
User Ratings: 2136 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 219 votes (sub:111, dub:94, ?:4, raw:1, others:9
3 French subtitled
1 Polish edited dub
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
1 German subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Excellent: 387 votes (sub:213, dub:147, ?:8, edit.dub:1, others:18
4 Spanish dubbed
4 French subtitled
2 Italian dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Very good: 499 votes (sub:265, dub:199, raw:5, ?:4, edit.dub:3, others:23
6 Spanish subtitled
3 French subtitled
3 Dutch subtitled
2 German dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Good: 475 votes (sub:256, dub:189, ?:7, edit.dub:3, raw:2, others:18
3 Italian dubbed
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Russian dubbed
2 German dubbed
2 French subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
1 Polish dubbed
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Dutch subtitled
 Decent: 272 votes (sub:156, dub:97, edit.dub:4, raw:1, ?:1, others:13
3 German dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Czech dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Danish subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
 So-so: 139 votes (sub:69, dub:53, ?:3, edit.dub:2, raw:2, others:10
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Polish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Polish dubbed
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Not really good: 57 votes (dub:29, sub:27, others:1
1 Polish subtitled
 Weak: 52 votes (dub:24, sub:23, ?:3, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Bad: 15 votes (dub:7, sub:7, others:1
1 Swedish subtitled
 Awful: 13 votes (dub:7, sub:6)
 Worst ever: 8 votes (dub:4, sub:4)
Seen in part or in whole by 3808 users, rank: #252 (of 9605)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.371 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.8273, rank: #2310 (of 9732)
Weighted mean: 7.317 (Good+), rank: #2318 (of 9732) (seen all: 7.35 / seen some: 6.00 / won't finish: 3.10)
Bayesian estimate: 7.318 (Good+), rank: #2081 (of 7376)
Running time: 107 minutes
Production cost: ¥1,500,000,000
2005-05-14 (U.S. TV Broadcast [AdultSwim])
2006-09-28 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
Premiere date:
2001-05-26 (Japan)
2002-01-20 (Italy - Future Film Festival)
2002-01-25 (USA - Select Theaters)
2003-07-24 (Poland - HBO)
Release dates: We have 5
Opening Theme:
"Metropolis" by Toshiyuki Honda
Ending Theme:
"There'll Never Be Goodbye" by Minako "Mooki" Obata
Insert song:
"I Can't Stop Loving You" by Ray Charles
"Now and Then" by My Little Lover
"St. James Infirmary" by Atsuki Kimura
Trivia: We have 8
Metropolis BD+DVD (Dec 24, 2018)
Metropolis DVD (May 20, 2002)
Metropolis (Jan 1, 1970)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Metropolis (Blu-ray) 2018-06-05 (from $18.13)
    Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis - Choice Collection (Blu-ray) 2017-02-21 (from $28.41)
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis - Steelbook Edition (BD+DVD) 2018-10-30
    Metropolis [Limited Edition Steelbook] [UK] (BD+DVD) 2017-01-16
    Metropolis [UK] (BD+DVD) 2017-03-13
DVD (Region 1)
    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie / Metropolis (DVD) 2003-06-24 (from $49.96)
    Metropolis / Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (DVD) 2005-07-26 (from $49.96)
    Metropolis / Memories (DVD) 2019-02-05 (from $15.00)
    Metropolis [Special Edition] (DVD) 2002-04-23 (from $6.97)
    Metropolis Original Soundtrack (OST) 2002-02-26 (from $25.99)
Universal Media Disc
    Metropolis (UMD) 2009-03-24 (from $30.53)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Rintarō
Screenplay: Katsuhiro Ōtomo
Original Manga: Osamu Tezuka
Character Design: Yasuhiro Nakura
Art Director: Shūichi Hirata
Chief Animation Director: Yasuhiro Nakura
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Director of Photography: Hitoshi Yamaguchi
Animation producer:
Iwao Yamaki
Masao Maruyama
Artwork Layout Support: Masami Ozone
Assistant Art Director:
Atsushi Morikawa
Ryō Kōno
Assistant Color Setting:
Chikako Kamata
Satoshi Hashimoto
Assistant Digital Production:
Koji Futahashi
Toru Matsunawa
Assistant Director: Naoko Kusumi
Assistant Key Animation Supervisor:
Shigehito Tsuji
Toshio Hirata
Assistant producer:
Kazue Motodate
Masamitu Onodera
Assistant Sound Director: Tsutomu Kashiwakura
Background art supervisor: Shūichi Hirata
CGI Structure Design:
Ai Toda (Studio 4 degress C CG Team)
Aki Inagaki (Cubic Lab)
Akiko Saito (Studio 4 degrees C CG Team)
Bun Sadaka (Hal Co. CG Team)
Fumie Hayashi (Cubic Lab)
Harumitu Okawa (Cubic Lab)
Hiroaki Ando (Studio 4 degress C CG Team)
Kenji Sato (Mad House)
Kentaro Sasaki (Studio 4 degress C CG Team)
Kouichi Yamagishi (Animation Staff Room CG Team)
Machiko Kuga (Hal Co. CG Team)
Masakatsu Kimura (Hal Co. CG Team)
Masashi Kokubo (Ikif CG Team)
Masatoshi Dote (Hal Co. CG Team)
Masatoshi Sakaba (Hal Co. CG Team)
Mayuko Kogane (Satelight CG Team)
Mika Tomura (Animation Staff Room CG Team)
Minoru Fujita (Cubic Lab)
Mitsuhiro Satō (Studio 4 degress C CG Team)
Naruhiro Baba (Ikif CG Team)
Nobuki Kimishima (Hal Co. CG Team)
Noriko Furuya (Mad House)
Ryu Fujisawa (Hal Co. CG Team)
Ryu Takizawa (satelight CG Team)
Saiko Hanaoka (Cubic lab)
Satoshi Takabatake
Satoshi Yamada (Studio 4 degress C CG Team)
Shūichi Hirata
Takaharu Ozaki (Satelight CG Team)
Takahiro Miyata (Satelight CG Team)
Takashi Kudoh (Cubic Lab)
Takashi Watabe
Takeshi Chiba (Mad House)
Takeshi Shiba (Mad House)
Tetsuya Sasaki (Mad House)
Tokumitsu Kifune (Ikif CG Team)
Tomofumi Ishikawa (Mad House)
Tomoko Takahashi (Mad House)
Tomonari Nakajima (Studio 4 degrees C CG Team)
Toru Shinozaki (Mad House)
Yasumitsu Suetake
Yasuyuki Sasaki (Animation Staff Room CG Team)
CGI Supervision: Tsuneo Maeda
Character Color Design: Shūichi Hirata
Character Mechanics: Seiji Handa
Color setting: Osamu Mikasa
Dialog Editing: Fujio Yamada (Techno Sound)
Digital Mastering:
Atsushi Aikawa (Liaison Office)
Noriko Tsushi (Liaison Office)
Digital Optical Recording: Noburo Nishio
Digital Paint:
Cheol Sun Jang (Kyung Kang Ania)
Eun Hee Kim (D.R. Movie)
Eun Kyung Kang (D.R. Movie)
Eun Sil Lee (D.R. Movie)
Eung Taek Lee (DR Movie)
Hyun Kwak (DR Movie)
Hyun Ji An (D.R. Movie)
Hyun Ok Choi (D.R. Movie)
Hyun Suk Kim (D.R. Movie)
Je Hoon Lee (DR Movie)
Jongmin Kim (D.R. Movie)
Kyung Hwa Shin (D.R. Movie)
Kyung Mi Kim (DR Movie)
Mi Ae Na (D.R. Movie)
Moon Gi Kim (D.R. Movie)
Myoung Su Song (DR Movie)
O Jun Kwon (D.R. Movie; DR Movie)
Oh Soon Kang (D.R. Movie)
Ok In Park (Kyung kang Ania)
Ok Ki Lee (DR Movie)
Seong Jik Ko (DR Movie)
Seong Jin Kim (Kyung Kang Ania)
Seong Min Lee (DR Movie)
Su Jung Kim (Kyung Kang Ania)
Tae Jun Kim (Kyung kang Ania; Kyung Kang Ania)
Yong Choi (D.R. Movie)
Yong Kyoung Park (D.R.Movie)
Youn Suk Na (D.R. Movie)
Young Shim Lee (D.R. Movie)
Young Sun Hong (D.R. Movie)
Yun Hee Park (D. R. Movie)
Digital Production Coordination: Yoshimichi Murata
In-Between Animation:
Aiko Wakatsuki
Akiko Konno
Asuka Hata (Tezuka Production)
Aya Yoshida (Tezuka Production)
Chizu Takanuki (Mushi Production)
Deng Long Zhang (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Emi Kaneko (Mushi Production)
Eun Young Kim (DR Movie)
Fumio Yamaguchi (Tezuka Production)
Geum Seop Sin (Kyung Kang Ania)
Hong Wu Zhou (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Hye Ran Choi (DR Movie)
Hye Sun Yoon (DR Movie)
Hyo Kyung Im (DR Movie)
Hyun Ju Song (DR Movie)
Hyun Mi Cho (DR Movie)
Hyun Sik Jang (DR Movie)
Ichiro Uno
Jae Min Lee (DR Movie)
Jil Kwon Lee (DR Movie)
Jin Young Han (DR Movie)
Joo Yeon Moon (Kyung Kang Ania)
Kazuki Nakamoto (OH! Production)
Kazuyoshi Nagasawa
Keiko Iimori
Kenichi Watanabe
Keun Ae Ko (DR Movie)
Kum Sook Seo (DR Movie)
Kumiko Takayanagi (Tezuka Production)
Kyoko Okabayashi (OH! Production)
Kyu-Hwan An (DR Movie)
Kyung Won Lee (DR Movie)
Li Ming Wang (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Masao Ōhashi (OH! Production)
Megumi Kawakami (OH! Production)
Mi Ra Park (Kyung Kang Ania)
Mi Sook Kim (DR Movie)
Miyako Imai (Mushi Production)
Motonobu Hori (OH! Production)
Myoung Jin Kim (Tezuka Production)
Myoung Sim Choi (Kyung Kang Ania)
Ryun Suk Heo (Kyung Kang Ania)
Sakiko Watanabe
Se Ra Park (DR Movie)
Se-Kwan Choi (Kyung Kang Ania)
Seon A Kim (Kyung Kang Ania)
Song Sik Woo (DR Movie)
Su Jin Kim (DR Movie)
Su-Jin Hwang (DR Movie)
Suk Hun Lee (DR Movie)
Sun An Jung (Kyung Kang Ania)
Takafumi Hori
Takako Hasegawa (Mushi Production)
Tomiko Takamori (Tezuka Production)
Tomoko Katsube (Mushi Production)
Wataru Nakagawa (Tezuka Production)
Wen Ling Niu (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Xiao Gang Cheng (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Yasuyuki Suzuki (Mushi Production)
Ying Han (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Yong Feng Zhao (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Yong Mei Tian (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
Yoshiko Okuda
Youn-Hee Jeong (DR Movie)
Young Im Cho (Kyung Kang Ania)
Yui Enomoto
Yuko Yazaki
Yumiko Yoshikawa (Tezuka Production)
Yun Mi Oh (Kyung Kang Ania)
Zhi Chun Yang (Tezuka Production)
Zhi Wen Wan (Beijing Xie Le Art Co., Ltd.)
In-Between Animation Production Manager: Jeong-Gyun Jeong (DR Movie)
In-Between Check:
Akiko Ohshima
Jinko Tsuji (OH! Production)
Junji Kobayashi (Tezuka Production)
Kayo Sakazume
Masaki Yoshimura (Tezuka Production)
Misuzu Ichinose (OH! Production)
Myung-Hee Youn (DR Movie)
Sun A Hwang (DR Movie)
Takahito Nakazawa
Takashi Okamura (Tezuka Production)
Youn-Hee Jeong (DR Movie)
Insert Song Performance: My Little Lover
Music Conductor: Katsuaki Nakatani
Music producer: Kozue Okada (AMO)
Offline Editing: Ineko Suzuki (Imagica)
Online Editor: Koji Busaka (Imagica)
Eun Ha Song (DR Movie)
Eun Kyung Shin (DR Movie)
Eun Suk Jeong (DR Movie)
Geum Hee Hwang (Kyung Kang Ania)
Hae Kyung Lee (DR Movie)
Harue Ono
Hwa Soon Kim (Kyung Kang Ania)
Hye Ryung Park (Kyung Kang Ania)
Hyun Soon Kwon (DR Movie)
In Suk Yoo (Kyung Kang Ania)
Jin Lee (Kyung Kang Ania)
Jung Ah Kim (DR Movie)
Jung Eun Kim (DR Movie)
Jung Eun Lee (DR Movie)
Jung Hee Park (DR Movie)
Kana Nakayama
Ki Jeong Choi (DR Movie)
Kyoung Ae Jung (Kyung Kang Ania)
Masahiro Sakamoto
Mayumi Shoji
Mi Deok Kwak (Kyung Kang Ania)
Mi Ran Kim (DR Movie)
Myoung Hee Park (DR Movie)
Myoung Lim An (DR Movie)
Myoung Youn Ha (DR Movie)
Nam Hee Lee (Kyung Kang Ania)
Nam Ok Jang (Kyung Kang Ania)
Oh Sook Kwon (DR Movie)
Seon Hee Jeon (DR Movie)
Seon Ok Kuk (DR Movie)
Seong Ho Moon (DR Movie)
Su Im Oh (DR Movie)
Sun I Choi (DR Movie)
Sung Nam Park (DR Movie)
Taisuke Yamamoto
Tomoko Yamamoto
Yasuhiko Mikajiri
Young Sin Kim (Kyung Kang Ania)
Yu Mi Chae (DR Movie)
Yuka Suzuki
Yumi Koshikawa
Yun Hee Lee (DR Movie)
Yuriko Kadomoto
Production Control: Tōru Umeoka
Production Coordination:
Jeong-Gyun Jeong (DR Movie)
Masahiro Ōtake
Production manager: Yasuaki Iwase
Production Secretary:
Ayumi Kimura
Nobuko Maruyama
Recording & Mixing: Masataka Fukuda
Recording Assistant: Yūji Tagami (Aoi Studio)
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi (Sound Box)
Sound Producer: Tomoko Nakashima (Techno Sound)
Sound Recording: Kunio Andō (Aoi Studio)
Technical Support:
Akira Rizawa (Aoi Studio)
Mikio Mori (Continental Far East)
Tsutomu Kawahigashi (Continental Far East)
Theme Song Composition: Joe Primrose ("St. James Infirmary")
Theme Song Performance:
Atsushi Kimura ("St. James Infirmary")
Minako Obata (ED)
Ray Charles ("I Can't Stop Loving You")
Titles Production: Kimihiro Endo (Maki Prod.)
Kei Kobayashi as Kenichi
Yuka Imoto as Tima

Junpei Takiguchi as Dr. Laughton
Kōki Okada as Rock
Kousei Tomita as Shunsaku Ban
Tarō Ishida as Duke Red

Mami Koyama as Enmy
Masaru Ikeda as President Boon
Masashi Ebara as Ham and Egg
Norihiro Inoue as Atlas
Norio Wakamoto as Pero
Rica Matsumoto as Female customer
Rikako Aikawa as Fifi
Shigeru Chiba as Lamp
Shun Yashiro as Notarlin
Takaya Hashi as Lyon
Takeshi Aono as Ponkotz
Tomokazu Sugita as
Marduk Party Member
Toshio Furukawa as Skunk
Yūko Minaguchi as Female voice

Japanese companies
Animation Production: Madhouse
Conceptual Support:
Tezuka Productions
Digital Paint:
DR Movie
Kyung Kang ANIA
Distributor: Bandai Visual
Key Animation: Oh! Production
Laboratory: Imagica
Music Production: Victor Entertainment
Original Soundtrack: King Records
Photography Support: Studio Cosmos
Prints: Deluxe
Sound Recording Studio: Aoi Studio
English cast
English staff
ADR Director: Kevin Seymour
Translation: Shoko Oono
Executive producer: Peter Nelson
Production Coordination: Kei Onishi
Subtitle Timing: Shoko Oono
Brianne Siddall as Ken-ichi

Jamieson K. Price as Duke Red
Michael Reisz as Rock
Simon Prescott as Dr. Laughton
Tony Pope as Shunsaku Ban

Barbara Goodson as Enmy
Barry Stigler as Marduk Party Member #2
Bob Papenbrook as Marduk Party Member #3
Brianne Siddall as Fifi
Dan Woren as Skunk
Dave Mallow as Pero
Dave Wittenberg as
Crowd Member Pointing
Drunk at Bar
Doug Erholtz as Atlas's Friend
Doug Stone as Dr. Ponkotsu
Jad Mager as
Marduk Signal Tracer
Torong Bartender
Kirk Baily as
Launch Observation Team
Kirk Thornton as
Launch Observation Team
Uprising Comrade B
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Public Announcement Voice
Peter Doyle as
Peter Lurie as Uprising Comrade A
Peter Spellos as
Marduk Guard
Marduk Party Member #1
Richard Cansino as Launch Observation Team
Robert Axelrod as Ham and Egg
Robert Machemer as Marduk
Scott Weinger as Atlas
Steve McGowan as President Boone
Steven Jay Blum as
Launch Observation Team
Tom Wyner as
Decorated General
Robot Storage Police Guard
Zone-1 Patrolman
Tony Oliver as Launch Observation Team
English companies
ADR Production: Animaze
Internet Streaming:
Crackle (US; Expired)
Production: Destination Films
Recording Studio: Sony Pictures Studios
Subtitled Version: ZRO Limit Productions
Translation: ZRO Limit Productions
French staff
French cast
French companies
Ciné Cinema Famiz (from February 2009)
Ciné FX (from 2 May 2011)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Supervision: Bárbara Pesquer (Spain dub)
Geni Rey as Kenichi (Spain dub)
Leyla Rangel as Tima
Núria Trifol as Tima (Spain dub)

Cesar Arias as Dr. Laughton
Emilio Freixas as Dr. Laughton (Spain dub)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi as Shunsaku Ban (Spain dub)
Enzo Fortuny as Rock
Jordi Pons as Rock (Spain dub)
Luis Bayardo as Detective Shensaku Ban
Pepe Mediavilla as Duke Red (Spain dub)
Rogelio Guerra as Duke Red

Blas Garcia as Assistant
César Izaguirre as Computer voice
Ernesto Lezama as Minister
Francisco Colmenero as Mr. Notarlin
Herman Lopez as Security Guard
Jaime Vega as Dr. Klunky
Javier Amilibia as Superintendente Notarlin (Spain dub)
Joan Pera as Journalist (Spain dub)
Jordi Ribes as Pero (Spain dub)
Lluis Marco as Dr. Ponkotsu (Spain dub)
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza as President Boone
Oscar Bonfiglio as Bobby
Oscar Flores as Atlas
Romy Mendoza as Enmy
Victor Ugarte as Atlas's friend

Carlos Vicente (Spain dub)
Domenech Farell (Spain dub)
Javier Amilibia (Spain dub)
Toni Solanes (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Canal MAX (Latin America)
Canal UCR (subtitled)
Cartoon Network L.A.
Cinemax Latin America
ETC...TV (Chile)
HBO Latin America
I-Sat (Latin America)
I.Sat (Latin America)
TNT (Latin America)
LK-TEL (Chile | DVD; Argentina)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Spain)
Sony Pictures Mexico (Mexico)
Internet Streaming: Crackle (Latin America; expired)
Licensed by: Sony Pictures
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Angelo Nicotra

Dialogues: Gualtiero Cannarsi
Dubbing Assistant: Corrado Russo
Dubbing Engineer: Giancarlo Mattacola
Dubbing Supervision: Gualtiero Cannarsi 
Mixing: Andrea Pochini
Italian companies
Italia 1
Rai 4
Distributor: Columbia Tristar
Dubbing: SEFIT-CDC
German cast
German staff
Marc Stachel as Kenichi
Sabine Bohlmann as Tima

Ekkehardt Belle as Duke Red
Kai Taschner as Shunsaku Ban
Philipp Brammer as Rock

Manfred Erdmann as President Boon
Marcus Off as Skunk
Nico Macoulis as Atlas
German companies
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Broadcaster: Channel One
Dubbing: AB-Video
Russian cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: HERO TV
Tagalog cast
Polish staff
Polish companies
Broadcaster: Polsat
Distributor: Imperial CinePix
Polish cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
Dubbing Director: Jorge Vasconcelos

Locutor: Jorge Destez
Portuguese companies
Cartoon Network Brasil
Cinemax Latin America (Subtitled version)
HBO Latin America (subtituled)
TNT Brasil (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Cinevídeo
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Licensed by: Deltamac Co., Ltd.
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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