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Waiting In Line

Answerman: Waiting In Line

Aing your Qs, one step at a time.

I recently saw a preview for Metropolis on the Final Fantasy Movie DVD. Now I am assuming that this means it has been licensed. Do you know if it has a release date? It looked very cool.

It's already been released in some theaters. I know Columbia Tristar/Sony Pictures has big DVD plans for the film, so keep an eye out for news on that. But yes, it has indeed been licensed.

Answer, could you give me a hand. I know the knew the new tenchi OVA come out in Japan in early 2002, but how long do they expect it to take to have it put out in America?

"They" haven't said anything about a turnaround time for a US release. So far there hasn't been any word on a US release date for the new OVA, but I'd imagine news will pop up soon enough.

Hey, Answerman!

I've got a question for you (big surprise). Anyway, I read that the Blood manga was being drawn by a hentai artist. Does that mean that the Blood manga will be hentai as well?
Thanks for your time,

The Blood manga is graphically violent but is not a hentai. Many hentai artists have made the leap from H material to standard fare.

I have seen several posts (from 2000) on various sites relating to a sound problem on Slayers, particularly with people with dolby sound sytems, etc. Several of the posts mention that CPM has denied this glitch.

I do not know anyone with these discs, so I do not know if this problem was ever corrected or not. Can you tell me anything about the sound quality on these box sets?


The Japanese voice track on the CPM Slayers box is inverted, meaning the stereo channels have been reversed. It creates a peculiar sound. CPM hasn't done anything about this problem and probably won't.

Do you know if there are any plans for a english version of the anime series berserk and my other question is are there any plans for a (hyb) DVD version of Golden Boy the anime series. THANKS!!

Media Blasters is releasing the Berserk anime next year. ADV hasn't announced a DVD release date for Golden Boy yet but rest assured, it is coming.

Hey Answerman

I've been reading the X manga and just catched the X movie. I heard from my friends that an X TV series was just launched. Is that true? Where can I get it?

It's just now being released in Japan. Fansubs are available around the net; this one will probably get licensed real soon so keep an eye out for news on that.

Hey answerman I have a question that my friends keep debating. What anime series spawned the most spin-off excluding Sailor Moon and gundam?

Er.. Sailor Moon didn't really have any "spin-offs"… a "spin-off" is when one character from a series is taken and put into a show that centers around that character but doesn't use the title of the original series (Examples: "Rhoda", "Joanie loves Chachi".). The only one I can think of for Sailor Moon is "Ami-chan no Hatsukoi", which was a short. Gundam.. well, Gundam didn't really have any spin-offs either. Everything in the Gundam universe has "Gundam" on it, and none of the characters were popular enough to warrant having their own series that didn't focus on big robots called Gundams. So to answer your question, since neither of the series you mentioned have had spin-offs in the true sense of the term, you should probably rethink your debate.

My question is do you know if Pioneer will ever release single DVD discs of Fushigi Yuugi TV series?


Nope. At least, as of this writing, they don't have any plans to do so.

a few questions. 1 when Is Inu Yasha plannining to come to the US on tape? 2 Are their any dates for the Fushigi Yuugi gaiden OVA relese in the US yet? thanks!

No release dates on either of those titles yet. Just be patient.

Now, I'm off to the theater to catch the sure-to-be-amazing Harry Potter flick. What can I say, I'm a sucker for good fantasy. Have a good weekend!

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