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News Briefs

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  • Pioneer announced at AnimeExpo that they have appropriated the rights to the new Sol Bianca OAV series (for release starting this winter in three volumes), Trigun (for release starting in February in eight volumes), and Nazca (for release starting in 2000 in four volumes). All three will be in subtitled and dubbed formats as well as DVD, but the latter two was slipped earlier in Diamond's Previews publication. The release of Sol Bianca will come only a few months after the Japanese release, slated for September. Pioneer also got the rights to both 3x3 Eyes series, brought over from the Streamline catalog. Release plans for this title are not known.

  • Central Park Media has announced several new DVD's for the second half of 1999, including Battle Skipper, Cybernetics Guardian, Darkside Blues, Genocyber, Knights of Ramune, Midnight Panther, My My Mai, Strange Love and Wild Cardz, as well as Beast City, Lady Blue, and the previously announced Urotsukidoji Perfect Collection.

  • ANN has been hearing rumors from sources considered to be reliable that Central Park Media would not be licensing the remainder of Revolutionary Girl Utena. We went to CPM press contact Mee-Lise Robinson to ask about this, to which she replied, "we are still in negotiations with our licensor about obtaining the rights... so I cannot tell you anything official for certain. But, as things stand, both parties are enthusiastic about bringing over more of the Utena series." As such, marketing details have not been considered regarding the series, which gets much darker in tone.

  • AnimeOnline reports that the next theatrical project for Madhouse Studio was announced at Anime Expo. The film, to be based on a story by Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Kimba, etc...), is called Metropolis. The only detail known about the project is that it will be animated digitally. Other news out of Japan includes a TV series based on the Wild Arms RPG for PlayStation, two Weiss Kreuz OAV's, a live-action and computer-animated Gundam movie to be called G-savior, the new You're Under Arrest OAV series, the Oh My Goddess! movie, and the new Vampire Hunter D: Movie, which all due out before the end of the year.

  • Kia Asamiya (Nadesico, Steam Detectives, Silent Mobius) will be adapting Star Wars Episode 1 into Manga form, according to TheForce.net. The release comes in two parts (between July and August) for 160 pages of manga total. No word of an American release yet.

  • ANN has been hearing rumors from various places that Manga Entertainment will be releasing the Evangelion movies theatrically, and will be dubbed by ADV's talent. Manga hasn't returned our e-mails yet, but we will attempt to confirm this information as soon as possible.

  • Hideaki Anno, director of Evangelion and Love & Pop will be making his next movie with Studio Ghibli. Few details are known about this project, other than that it may be live-action, and will also include a story-board artist for Evangelion.

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