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Licensed to Broadcast

Answerman: Licensed to Broadcast

Alright, people. Nobody answered the questions last time; apparently, they were too hard. I even offered a prize package! In accordance with the wishes of my readers, however, I'll start making the questions easier, and based on more commonly seen series.

Anyway, on to this week's questions:

Hi! Just a few quick questions.

What episode number of Outlaw Star did they do with the Hot Springs?

Brian D.

Episode 23, “Hot Springs Planet Tenrei”, was not aired on Cartoon Network because the female characters spend a chunk of the episode in the nude. It's a bad episode to cut, since you find out how Gene got all his special caster shells and why they do what they do, but there were just too many breasts to cover up.

Here is something a journalist would love to chew on. Check out this website of Enoki Films located at: http://www.enokifilmsusa.com/library/northills.htm Now tell me if that is or isn't 'His and Her's Circumstances'. Doesn't Right Stuf have the north American rights? (Enoki Films has a branch in North America.)
What's worrying people is that if it IS Kara Kano, then Enoki Films plan to title it 'Tales At North Hills High!'.
Here's something rather suspecious...the producers are listed as: TV SOFTX/TV TOKYO/ & GANSIS.
Can anyone check on this story?

This question was answered by Tempest via Kris, a contact at The Right Stuf International. Here's her response:

Yes, Enoki is the sales agent for the series for our territory and we licensed the series from them. As you can see from their website, they were pushing the title as "TALES AT NORTH HILLS HIGH." We haven't officially decided on a title for the show as of yet. Personally, if you want to recommend visitors to a site to learn about the show, I'd recommend sending them to the English version of the site made by the Japanese Creators (http://www.gainax.co.jp/anime/karekano/index-e.html) Or, if you're really good and can already read Japanese (I'm still learning), you can go to the official Japanese version (http://www.hakusensha.co.jp/karekano/index.html) and get the latest for yourself.
Thanks to Tempest and Kris for clearing that confusion up.

My question is about Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou). I saw the first two episodes at Fanime and really liked it. I know the DVD's are coming out later this year, but I was wondering about the manga. Are there any plans to release the manga here in the states?
Jaa, mata ne!

There technically is no manga for Crest of the Stars. The series is based on a set of popular sci-fi novels. I believe there are manga versions of the TV show, but if you want the complete, original story, you'd have to read the novels. As far as I know, there are no plans to release the novels or the manga based on the TV series in the US. Consider yourself lucky that the series is being brought over in the first place - it's a talky, high-minded, intelligent series. There isn't a whole lot of action or fan service. We should all thank Bandai for bringing this series over.

Hi, love your column, Answerman. I have some questions for you to answer. I really want to see Gatekeepers, an anime produced by GONZO but do you know if it's ever going to come to America? Do you know who is thinking of licensing it? Have you heard anything about GONZO been thinking of releasing a 2nd Season of Gatekeepers anytime soon? Thank you for answering my questions.
Until next time.

Nobody's licensed Gatekeepers yet, but rumor has it that Bandai is considering purchasing the show. It's a sure fire hit, and perfect for Cartoon Network - it's a fun, bouncy, energetic, pretty show that deserves to be seen in the US. GONZO is currently in the middle of producing the second season of Vandread, and haven't announced anything regarding Gatekeepers in a while. Keep an eye out for news on this show.

hey answerman,
is there any word on the oh my goddess movie coming to the states? i know they are releasing the series on dvd (thank goodness), is there any hope the movie will get the same treatment? thanks

I've been getting a lot of questions about this. The Oh My Goddess movie has been licensed but the company that has licensed it is keeping their mouths shut for now. I assume we'll see a high quality DVD release. Some people are speculating that AnimEigo licensed it; others argue that AnimEigo couldn't afford the license. I imagine some kind of announcement will be made at AnimeExpo or Comicon this year.

A quick question for you. Are there any plans that you know of to bring the Utena Movie over to the U.S.? Thanks for your help on my earlier question and on this one!


Yup. The divine folks at Central Park Media will be bringing us the Utena movie later this year. I advise everyone to run out and buy it the second it's released.

I saw the Tylor Movie a year and a half ago at a convention and I was wondering why it hasn't been picked up by the Right Stuff or someone else yet.


The Tylor movie(s) were released by Right Stuf along with the Tylor OVA series. The first movie, “An Exceptional Episode”, was released first. The last movie, titled “From Here to Eternity”, was released last. The Right Stuf has released both movies along with the OVA series, so whichever movie you saw at the convention, you can buy it now at any Suncoast on VHS. The DVDs will be out in late August.

Hello Answer man,
I have a lot of questions I hope you can adequately answer them. (Of course you are your the Answerman.) My first question is the relationship between Pioneer and AIC. I'm wondering why Pioneer hasn't announced what is already fact about Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 on their site? Granted its still a long way off, but still it would be a benefit for the fans. I'm wondering if they are just dense or like being a brick wall to the fans.
Evengelion Movies. Ok I've never seen the series and stay clear from all Mecha shows after my terrible experience watching Gundam Wing (hopefully the last of the Gundam anime series) I've heard that these movies aren't new material but excerts from all the episodes with an alternate ending.
Also I hear that Akira Toriyama is working on a new manga, do you think Toei Animation might hop on that project like they did with DB and DBZ. I mean come on what have they done since the Dragon Ball franchise that has been that successful. Actually what have they done since Dragon Ball. Anyways I hope you can answer my novel length questions. Thank you.

Alright, from the top: Pioneer's US website doesn't have anything on the third Tenchi Muyo OVA series because it isn't even out in Japan yet. It's still in the planning stages and we haven't even seen character designs for it yet. Don't expect to see anything on it until it's close to release in Japan. As for the Evangelion movies, you heard correctly. There's “Death and Rebirth”, which is a recap of the TV series with a few added scenes. It's intended to help the small portion of the audience that's unfamiliar with the series understand it a bit more. “End of Evangelion” is a replacement for the last two episodes of the TV series (Of course, “Rebirth” is little more than a teaser for “End of Eva”). As for Toriyama's manga, I imagine that whatever it is will catch on in Japan and eventually get licensed for TV. Toriyama is an amazingly popular author and I imagine most companies would leap at the chance to animate his work.

Hey Answerman--

My question is concerning the fairly new anime that is currently running in Japan, Inuyasha. I see that it is being produced by Sunrise which is *not* the same company that released the Ranma 1/2 anime. Sunrise has obvious ties with Bandai of America and I am inclined to think that they have a very good shot at acquiring the rights to release Inuyasha domestically... but Viz has a monopoly on Takahashi's works so there are conflicting rumors that I am hearing. Personally I am really hoping that BoA will get Inuyasha but I was wondering if you knew anything concrete about that anime being released in the US and if so, by whom.

Thanks for your time.
Kristie McGlaughlin

Well, I'm not sure where you heard that Viz has a “monopoly” on Takahashi's work, but that isn't true. Viz has a working relationship with Takahashi and Kitty Films, and they've released most of the Kitty-animated Takahashi series. (Confused yet?) Anyway, Sunrise did indeed do Inuyasha, and I suspect that if anyone, Bandai has the best chances of releasing it here. Nothing concrete has been released yet but I imagine an announcement will be made at a con sometime this summer.

Queston 1. I recently purchased the Tenchi Muyo OVA on DVD. It did not contain the Mihoshi special episode which I have heard so much about. Why is that. Can I get it on DVD?


This is a point of contention with a lot of Tenchi fans. Pioneer hasn't said anything on it yet, although many fans speculate that it'll be released with the Pretty Sammy OVA box set, which of course, hasn't been announced either. To answer your question, nobody knows.

I just saw a trailer for the Metropolis anime by Otomo and Rin Taro. Any news on whether it will be released in the US. It looks simply amazing.
Alexander Napoli

I heard something a while back about Metropolis being on Sony Pictures'international release list. They were supposedly planning an art house track for it in the US this year. This was announced several months ago, before the trailer was available - now that I've seen it, I'm looking forward to it.

I bought the dvd of The Kenshin Movie. The problem I have is that at the end of the movie.... the guy Kenshin Attacks, what does he do to him? Did ADV edit something out? I ask because they make a huge deal out of Kenshin attacking the guy, but doesn't show anything that happens... did he knock him out? cut him? kill?

I'm just curious is Kenshin was mad enough to do something bad to him but ADV censored it out.

maybe this isn' t a great question to ask answerman, but I have been trying hard to find this out, and aside from dling a fansubed copy I can't figure out how to answer this myself.

Alright, I have the DVD and the fansub of this movie, and they're identical. Kenshin reverts to the Hitokiri Bathousai right at the end and attacks the captain of the guard. He turns his sword over, which is a big deal, but Kaoru comes in and says “Kenshin!” in her usual voice and snaps him out of it long enough to make him smack the guy with the blunt end of his sword. He hits him pretty hard, though, and knocks the guy out - but if you pay attention, you'll notice that he isn't cut nor is he bleeding anywhere. In anime terms, that means he isn't dead.

Okeydoke, that's it for this week. And now, a rant.

People keep sending me “corrections” that aren't corrections. They're either restating what I already said or adding a minor detail to my answer. If my answer is wrong, so be it, let me know. I appreciate it when people tell me about an incorrect answer - anime is such a vast category that it's impossible to know everything all the time - I'm bound to make mistakes (And I do..), and I'm glad there are people out there who are willing to help. But don't send in details or restatements disguised as “corrections” just to be “more right” than I am. You're wasting your time.

Enough of that unpleasantness. Onward, to this week's trivia:

Well, as I said, last week's competition was a bust. Nobody answered the questions correctly and I was bombarded with messages telling me that the questions were too hard. So be it. This week's winner will still receive the Answerman Prize Package, although it will be considerably less grand in size and scope. Last week's winner was in line to receive a free set of Slayers Next videos - this week, they'll get the first volume. So, answer these questions correct, and you win the first volume of Slayers Next from Central Park Media. I'm looking for detail and speed here, people. The first person with the right answers and the most detail wins.

  1. In Fushigi Yuugi, what attack does Miaka perform that shares its name with a famous Disneyland ride?
  2. In Trigun, What's the name of the insurance company Milly and Meryl work for, and why are they following Vash around?
  3. In Evangelion, Gendo and Fuyutsuki develop the Spear of Longinus as a weapon for the Evangelion units. What was the original purpose Gendo had intended for the spear, what was it actually used for, and how did the technology come back to bite them in the rear?
  4. For the old timers: In FLCL episode 5, Haruka rides around on a guitar wearing a bunny suit. Why is this significant, given that FLCL is a Gainax production?
  5. Finally, in Rurouni Kenshin, what does Soujirou do to Kenshin that cripples him in battle for several episodes, before he fights Cho?
Now, I hope these are easy enough for you. The prize isn't bad, so maybe it'll convince some of you to research the questions (Particularly number 4) and get 'em all right.

Gambaru yo.

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