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Saru no Wakusei (Monkey's Planet)

Answerman: Saru no Wakusei (Monkey's Planet)

Amazingly enough, I have no rant this week. Onward to the questions.

At Anime Expo the thingies that held your badge had Love Hina and Bandai all over it? Is Bandai gonna release Love Hina to DVD and if so when? Also is Golden Boy comin' to dvd any time soon?

The lanyards that held the badges at Expo this year did indeed have the Love Hina logo on them. Bandai said Love Hina would see a release next year sometime - although they didn't specify an exact time (And, interestingly enough, that they'd only licensed the first 24 episodes. Hmm.) As for Golden Boy, I think I answer this question once a week now. ADV said that they planned on having their entire back catalog on DVD in a year or so. I imagine Golden Boy is included in that statement. Since everyone and their brother seems to want this title on DVD, I don't know why ADV doesn't put it at the top of their list.

I'm probably getting a head of myself, but I'm going to go see Millennium Actress and Metropolis this weekend at Fantasia. And I would like to know if you had any idea if the rights where picked up by American production companies.


Indeed, you're ahead of yourself, but not by much. Very few people even know Millennium Actress even exists. For those who don't know, Millennium Actress is the new film by Satoshi Kon, director of Perfect Blue. It's having its world premiere at this year's FantAsia festival. I'd imagine Manga has an option on it, but it's up in the air - it's a little silly to ask who's going to license something before it's even had any kind of release. I mean, we all know Pioneer is releasing Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 here - but stuff like Millennium Actress, and other titles that don't have a clear distributor in the US.. these questions are better left to a psychic. There's no way to know who's going to license something until they license it and announce it. As for Metropolis, Sony Pictures Classics is handling the international release.


Can you please help me find out where I can get hold of Memories on DVD. I live in England and my friend ended up having to pay about £75 for hi - I'm willing to pay this and understand it is due to high shipping costs from Japan - but is there any other option?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Unfortunately if you want quality imported product, you'll pay top dollar. The Memories DVD is a great disc and comes with English subtitles - I wouldn't expect to pay less than 85 dollars American for it. Try www.amotokyo.com - they have very reasonable shipping rates and usually have the disc in stock.

Hey answerman. Just finished watching the 25 episodes of Berserk. I'm pretty sure that is all that was made (or released in Japan). I am now a huge fan of the adventures of Gatsu and his band of men and woman... or what's left of it. Anyway, I was wondering if the Manga extends the story into a real ending, or does it just end a la many other fine pieces of Japanese literature. See Wind and Stone by Tachihara, great story just ends too abruptly, leaving me, the reader horribly confused and wanted much more. Berserk is the same thing, completly enthralling, just too damn short and incomplete. I'll stop rambling, I just want more. Thanks a lot for your time.

Another disappointed customer. The Berserk anime had a really crappy ending - I don't know what posessed the production staff to end it that way. Anyway, there is hope in sight - the manga goes on for another 7 or 8 volumes past where the anime ends and there's more coming out. The manga is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it to anyone with a penchant for dark fantasy - the artwork, storytelling… everything about it is excellent. There are complete fan translations available on the net, and you can get the manga for reasonable prices from most any manga dealer.

My Questions:

$ seems to be a nessecity to watching anime-

1.Can you really be an anime fan without money?

I seem to miss every anime series beginnings- and I am the sorta person who hates not knowing the whole story. Even worse: Jumping into the middle of a story. Even though I am three years into anime you might as well call me a newbie for my knowledge which leads me to my next Question-

2.When,where, and who will be next to air on TV in the U.S.?(anime of course)

3.What is your Favorite anime Movie and Series?

Love what you do, Keep it up!

You can indeed be an anime fan without money. Borrow anime from your friends. Check and see if you have any local anime clubs that show anime for free. Cartoon Network shows a lot of anime. There are a lot of options, you just have to be resourceful. As for your second question, I believe the next one to air will be Dragon Ball on Cartoon Network, and then Medarot (renamed Medabots) on Fox Kids fairly soon. Moncolle Knights just showed up on Fox; you could always watch that. As for the second question, that's easy. My favorite movie and TV series are the same thing: Revolutionary Girl Utena.

I read in your last column that Manga Entertainment will be releasing the Eva movies. Will they be using the same voices or do they have nothing to do with the voice acting.

Manga Entertainment hired the original Evangelion dub cast used by ADV for the movie.

Hi Answerman,

I am one of the fans of Initial D and I wanna know if there is a possibility of Coming here on our shore. Its a very good series and it would be nice if it will be licensed here in U.S.


I suppose it's possible. The show has a very limited audience but sells well in Japan. I don't know a lot of hardcore otaku who like the show; but I do know a lot of hardcore gearheads who adore it. Maybe Car & Driver will open an anime divison?

I know that Sakura Wars OAV 1 and 2 are available on a single DVD. Now with the 3rd OVA set to be released somewhere I think in a year or two depending on when ADV will release it since they have the license for it plus the TV series, how many episdoes are in the 3rd OVA? Also I would like to know how many episodes are in the Sakura Wars TV series.

Your numbers are a little backwards. The disc ADV put out has the complete first Sakura Taisen OAV series on it. The "third OVA" you're referring to is actually the second OVA series for Sakura Taisen, which runs for 6 episodes. The TV series has 26 episodes total.

Hi,do you know how many episodes are in Gundam 08th MS Team?

Teague O'Neill

11 episodes, plus "Miller's Report", a Theatrical Movie.

Dear Mr. Answerman,
A while back I had read on the ANN (lovely site by the way) that there was a minor problem with the Japanese audio track of the DVD box set of Slayers TV and that CPM was planning on fixing it and rereleasing it in spring 2001. Well here it is July and still no word from CPM. Are they planning on fixing it and releasing it? Did i hear wrong? Or is it just not worth their time? I was also wondering how does a company decide what titles to pick up?
Thanks a bunch!

A lot of people have complained about this, and CPM hasn't done anything to fix the problem. They said they would, so they slapped a sticker on the box sets that are still in stores now that say “Warning, the Japanese Audio track is inverted.” It'd be really costly for them to replace the discs, and since CPM has always been a little lax on quality control, I wouldn't expect them to fix the problem any time soon. What titles a company picks up is usually determined by the company owner's taste, how much money they have, what they think will sell, and how much the licensing costs are.

That's all for this week. Ja!

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