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New Protoculture Addicts

posted on by Scott Green
Issue 68 of the anime periodical Protoculture Addicts has been released. The cover story is the second part of their look at Gatchaman, the anime sentai (think Power Rangers) series that appeared in the US as Eagle Riders and Battle of the Planets. In addition to short anime and manga review it features longer looks at Metropolis, Sennen Joyou (Millennium Actress), Marco - From the Apennines to the Andes, Descendants of the Darkness (Yami no Matsui-Ei), Gravitation, Hajime no Ippo, Initial D, and Karakuri Kiden Hiou Senki.

Millennium Actress is the latest film from Satoshi Kon. The movie is said to share some of the narrative style of the last work, the thriller Perfect Blue. It is a love story about an aging actress who was once a huge star and who became a recluse, and the president of a small film company who fell in love with her on the screen and wants to make a documentary about her life.

Descendants of the Darkness (Yami no Matsui-Ei) and Gravitation are both yaoi (male homosexual) series. Descendants of Darkness, about a processotor in the court of Hell, and his partner, a 16 year old with a horrendous past, was recently licensed by CPM. Gravitation is about relationship between a moody rock musician in a band called "Back Luck", and a romance novelist.

Hajime No Ippo is a nostalgic sports series about a young boxer who is trained by older professional who rescues him from bullies. The 56 episode series was animated by Studio Madhouse.

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