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Gatchaman (TV)

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Alternative title:
Batalha dos Planetas (Portuguese)
Battle of the Planets
Comando G (Spanish)
Equipo Cientifico Ninja Gatchaman (Spanish)
Fuerza G (Spanish)
G-Force: Defensores do Espaço (Portuguese)
G-Force: Guardians of Space
Guerra entre planetas (Spanish)
Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman (Japanese)
La Bataille des planètes (French)
La Batalla de los Planetas (Spanish)
La battaglia dei pianeti (Italian)
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
Strijd der Planeten (Dutch)
Wojna Planet (Polish)
Załoga G (Polish)
科学忍者隊ガッチャマン (Japanese)
科學小飛俠 (Chinese (Taiwan))
독수리 오형제 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: A new threat appears all over the world in the form of the terrorist group known as the Galactor. To combat the forces of Galactor, well-renowned scientist Kouzaburou Nanbu unleashes the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, a team of five young heroes skilled in the art of ninjutsu and dressed in unique bird-like costumes.
User Ratings: 305 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 14 votes (sub:6, dub:6, others:2
2 Spanish dubbed
 Excellent: 24 votes (sub:15, dub:4, raw:1, others:4
3 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Very good: 47 votes (dub:20, sub:16, ?:3, edit.dub:2, others:6
4 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Good: 73 votes (dub:36, sub:19, edit.dub:6, ?:3, others:9
6 Spanish dubbed
1 Italian subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
 Decent: 62 votes (sub:26, dub:25, edit.dub:4, ?:1, raw:1, others:5
3 Italian dubbed
1 Polish dubbed
1 French dubbed
 So-so: 28 votes (sub:13, dub:11, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:2
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Not really good: 23 votes (dub:14, sub:6, edit.dub:1, others:2
2 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 14 votes (dub:7, sub:4, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Bad: 9 votes (dub:4, edit.dub:3, sub:2)
 Awful: 6 votes (dub:3, sub:3)
 Worst ever: 5 votes (dub:2, sub:1, raw:1, ?:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 1080 users, rank: #1140 (of 9599)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.272 (Decent+), std. dev.: 2.1413, rank: #6488 (of 9725)
Weighted mean: 6.239 (Decent+), rank: #6509 (of 9725) (seen all: 7.04 / seen some: 6.10 / won't finish: 4.36)
Bayesian estimate: 6.290 (Decent+), rank: #5873 (of 7375)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 105
Episode titles: We have 105
1972-10-01 to 1974-09-29
1978-09-18 (USA)
1979 (México - TV Azteca)
1979-10-24 to 1980-08-27 (South Korea, TBC)
1980 to 1983 (Poland, TVP1)
1982 (Colombia - Cadena Uno)
1999 (Latin America - Locomotion)
2005-11-07 (Spain, Cuatroº)
Release dates: We have 9
(1972) Gatchaman screens in Japan (105 episodes produced)
(1978) Battle of the Planets screens in US, adapted from 85 Gatchaman eps
(1978) Gatchaman II screens in Japan (52 episodes)
(1979) Gatchaman Fighter screens in Japan (48 episodes)
(1986) G-Force: Guardians of Space screens in US, adapted from 85 Gatchaman eps
(1994) Three-volume OAV remake released in Japan
(1996) Eagle Riders adapted from 65 eps of Gatchaman II and Gatchaman F, but only 13 eps are released in the US
Opening Theme:
"Comando G" by Parchis
#1: "Taosozu! Galactor" (倒せ! ギャラクター; "Destroy Galactor!") by Columbia Yurikago-kai (eps 1-23)
#2: "Gatchaman no Uta" (ガッチャマンの歌; "Gatchaman Song") by Masato Shimon (eps 24-105)
Ending Theme:
"Les Archanges" by Michel Barouille
#1: "Gatchaman no Uta" (ガッチャマンの歌; Gatchaman Song) by Masato Shimon (eps 1-23)
#2: "Taosozu! Galactor" (倒せ! ギャラクター; "Destroy Galactor!") by Columbia Yurikago-kai (eps 24-105)
Links: We have 5
Trivia: We have 1
In 1978, when game show producer Sandy Frank licensed Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman, he took 85 of the 105 episodes and rebadged the series Battle of the Planets to capitalize on the '70s sci-fi craze (all thanks to 1977's Star Wars). To meet U.S. TV standards, Sandy Frank had nearly all of the series' most violent parts edited out. To fill in the gaps, Hanna-Barbera was commissioned to produce new animated footage featuring 7-Zark-7, the team's mascot robot and the show's narrator. Sandy Frank reportedly spent US$1 million on bringing the series to U.S. television.
When BOTP stopped airing in reruns in the mid-1980s, Sandy Frank collaborated with Ted Turner in revamping the series and renamed it G-Force: Guardians of Space. Like BOTP, G-Force ran for 85 episodes, only that BOTP's 7-Zark-7 footage was omitted and replaced by original footage previously deleted by Sandy Frank. G-Force was superior to BOTP in terms of interpreting the original Gatchaman series in English, but suffered from a lackluster dub and a horrible disco soundtrack.
As of February 2007, Sandy Frank's 30-year license to Battle of the Planets expired.
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Gatchaman - Complete Collection [TV + OVA] (Blu-ray) 2013-10-29 (from $127.19)
    Gatchaman - Collector's Edition [TV + OVA + Movie] (Blu-ray) 2019-04-30 (from $319.49)
    Gatchaman - Complete Collection [TV + OVA + Movie] (Blu-ray) 2023-09-26
DVD (Region 1)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 1) 2001-10-15 (from $20.37)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 2) 2001-10-15 (from $5.35)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 3) 2002-01-08 (from $32.11)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 4) 2002-01-08 (from $9.58)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 5) 2002-04-23 (from $41.60)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 6) 2002-04-23 (from $15.98)
    Battle of the Planets - The Ultimate DVD Boxed Set (DVD 7-10) 2003-09-09 (from $124.94)
    Battle of the Planets - The Ultimate DVD Boxed Set + LE Toy (DVD 7-10) 2003-09-09
    Gatchaman - Complete Collection [TV + OVA] (DVD) 2013-10-29
    Gatchaman - The Legend Begins (DVD 1) 2005-06-14 (from $23.20)
    Gatchaman - Meteors & Monsters (DVD 2) 2005-06-14 (from $5.72)
    Gatchaman - Icebergs & Africa (DVD 3) 2005-08-16 (from $7.77)
    Gatchaman - Speed Racers & Neon Giants (DVD 4) 2005-08-16 (from $19.83)
    Gatchaman - Guillotines & Witches (DVD 5) 2005-10-18 (from $11.98)
    Gatchaman - Devil Stars & Rocket Squid (DVD 6) 2005-10-18 (from $13.76)
    Gatchaman - Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll (DVD 7) 2005-12-20 (from $5.99)
    Gatchaman - Devil's Airline & Valley of Death (DVD 8) 2005-12-20 (from $11.98)
    Gatchaman - Funeral for a Friend (DVD 9) 2006-02-21
    Gatchaman - Jet Cutters & the Giant Buddha (DVD 10) 2006-02-21
    Gatchaman - Phantoms & Demon Kings (DVD 11) 2006-04-18 (from $49.84)
    Gatchaman - Death Girls & Abominable Snowman (DVD 12) 2006-04-18
    Gatchaman - Ghost Water & Jungle of Death (DVD 13) 2006-06-20 (from $31.96)
    Gatchaman - Iron Spiders & Delerium Beams (DVD 14) 2006-06-20 (from $37.79)
    Gatchaman - Dr. Finger & Sugar Mountain (DVD 15) 2006-08-15 (from $12.80)
    Gatchaman - Galactor Strikes Back (DVD 16) 2006-08-15
    Gatchaman - Future Kill (DVD 17) 2006-10-17
    Gatchaman - Final Justice (DVD 18) 2006-10-17
    Gatchaman - Collection 1 (DVD 1-2) 2005-06-14 (from $39.21)
    Gatchaman - Collection 2 (DVD 3-4) 2005-08-16 (from $23.88)
    Gatchaman - Collection 3 (DVD 5-6) 2005-10-18 (from $69.99)
    Gatchaman - Collection 4 (DVD 7-8) 2005-12-20 (from $29.00)
    Gatchaman - Collection 5 (DVD 9-10) 2006-02-21 (from $36.13)
    Gatchaman - Collection 6 (DVD 11-12) 2006-04-18 (from $89.95)
    Gatchaman - Collection 7 (DVD 13-14) 2006-06-20 (from $149.99)
    Gatchaman - Collection 8 (DVD 15-16) 2006-08-15 (from $43.00)
    Gatchaman - Collection 9 (DVD 17-18) 2006-10-17 (from $169.94)
    Battle of the Planets - 25th Anniversary Collection (Dub.DVD 11-12) 2004-09-28 (from $159.98)
    The Best of G-Force (Dub.DVD) 2004-09-28 (from $14.61)
DVD (Region 4)
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 1) 2002-03-22
    Battle of the Planets (DVD 2) 2002-03-22
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 3) 2002-07-05
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 4) 2002-07-05
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 5) 2002-09-20
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 6) 2002-09-20
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 7) 2003-03-24
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 8) 2003-03-24
    Battle of the Planets - G-1 (Dub.DVD 1-3) 2004-09-22
    Battle of the Planets - G-2 (Dub.DVD 4-6) 2004-11-19
    Battle of the Planets - G-3 (Dub.DVD 7-9) 2005-02-23
    Battle of the Planets - Complete Collection (Dub.DVD 1-15) 2013-02-20
    Battle of the Planets - G-4 (Dub.DVD 10-12) 2005-04-13
    Battle of the Planets - G-5 (Dub.DVD 12-15) 2005-06-15
    The Best of Battle of the Planets [Retro Collection] (Dub.DVD) 2006-11-07
DVD (Region 2)
    Battle of the Planets - The Complete Series (Dub.DVD) 2004-05-24
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 1) 2002-04-15
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.DVD 2) 2002-11-30
    G-Force: Guardians of Space (Dub.DVD) 2003-05-12 (from $61.99)
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.VHS 1) 2001-10-15
    Battle of the Planets (Dub.VHS 2) 2001-10-15

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Hisayuki Toriumi
Akiyoshi Sakai (7 episodes
eps 3-4, 20, 54, 60, 77, 98

Harumi Tamura (eps 63, 70)
Hirohisa Soda (16 episodes
eps 5, 7, 9-10, 13, 15-16, 18, 21, 25, 36, 38, 41-42, 57, 65

Hisayuki Toriumi (7 episodes
eps 22, 52, 68, 88, 92, 102, 105

Jinzō Toriumi (18 episodes
eps 1, 8, 11, 23-24, 32-33, 44-45, 51, 53, 59, 66, 69, 71, 85, 91, 103

Keiji Kubota (13 episodes
eps 29, 62, 72-75, 81, 86-87, 89, 93, 95, 99

Masahiko Tokumasu (4 episodes
eps 43, 56, 79, 84

Mikio Matsushita (4 episodes
eps 58, 64, 78, 83

Osamu Jinno (ep 17)
Satoshi Suyama (22 episodes
eps 2, 14, 19, 22, 44, 46, 49-50, 53, 67, 71, 76, 79-80, 82, 90, 92, 96-97, 100-101, 104

Shigekazu Ochiai (ep 37)
Shigeru Yanagawa (ep 80)
Takao Koyama (ep 94)
Takashi Umetani (7 episodes
eps 28, 30, 34, 39-40, 47-48

Takeo Matsuura (16 episodes
eps 5, 7, 9-10, 13, 15-16, 18, 21, 25, 36, 38, 41-42, 57, 65

Toshio Nagata (8 episodes
eps 6, 12, 26-27, 31, 35, 55, 61

Episode Director:
Fumio Kurokawa (10 episodes
eps 13, 16, 19, 25, 43, 47, 55, 59, 66, 72

Hideo Nishimaki (34 episodes
eps 4, 7, 10, 12, 17, 21, 24, 29, 33-34, 38, 41, 45, 48, 51, 56, 60, 62-63, 65, 73-74, 76, 80, 83-86, 89, 93, 96-97, 101, 104

Hiroshi Sasagawa (ep 15)
Hisayuki Toriumi (32 episodes
eps 1-3, 8-9, 11, 18, 22, 28, 31, 35, 37, 39-40, 46, 50, 53, 57-58, 67-68, 71, 78, 81, 88-94 even, 95, 98, 102, 105

Katsuhisa Yamada (ep 23)
Kazunori Tanahashi (ep 26)
Masami Anno (22 episodes
eps 5-6, 30, 32, 36, 42, 44, 49, 54, 61, 64, 69-70, 75, 77, 79, 82, 87, 91, 99-100, 103

Music: Bob Sakuma
Original creator: Tatsuo Yoshida
Animation Director: Sadao Miyamoto
Mechanical design:
Kunio Okawara
Mitsuki Nakamura
Sound Director: Shigeharu Shiba
Director of Photography: Tadashi Hosono
Producer: Ippei Kuri

Hiromi Muranaka
Masami Suda (22 episodes
eps 1, 3, 8, 11, 17, 24, 27, 31, 39, 45, 52, 54, 58, 62, 68, 74, 78, 85, 91, 97, 102, 105

Nobuyoshi Sasakado
Yoshiaki Kawajiri (ep 10)
Technical Director: Hisayuki Toriumi
Theme Song Composition:
Asei Kobayashi (OP; ED)
Theme Song Performance:
Columbia Yurikago-kai (OP 1, ED 2)
Masato Shimon (OP 2, ED 1)
Isao Sasaki as Joe Asakura the Condor (G-2)
Katsuji Mori as Ken Washio the Eagle (G-1)
Kazuko Sugiyama as Jun the Swan (G-3)
Shingo Kanemoto as Ryū Nakanishi the Horned Owl (G-5)
Yoku Shioya as Jinpei the Swallow (G-4)

Hisayoshi Yoshizawa as Red Impulse (Kentarō Washio)
Mikio Terashima as Berg Katse
Nobuo Tanaka as Sōsai X
Teiji Ōmiya as Director Anderson
Tōru Ōhira as Dr. Kōzaburō Nambu

Ai Sakuma as Mother
Aiko Konoshima as Female Berg Katze
Akira Kamiya as
G-6 (ep 60)
Romina (ep 43)
Hideo Kinoshita as
Air Traffic Control Officer (ep 3)
Task Force Commander (ep 4)
Hiroko Mori as Female Berg Katse (ep 31)
Hiroo Oikawa as Mike Miller (ep 57)
Hiroya Ishimaru as Sabu (ep 52)
Hisayoshi Yoshizawa as Dr. Tetsurō Takahara (ep 3)
Isshin Ikeda as Professor Hume
Kōhei Miyauchi as Director Nakahara (ep 4)
Mahito Tsujimura as Matsuzo Nakanishi (eps 26, 75)
Masako Nozawa as
Seiji Nakanishi (eps 26, 75)
Michie Kita as Makoto Takahara (ep 3)
Michihiro Ikemizu as
Air Traffic Control Subordinate (ep 3)
Co-Pilot (ep 3)
Reporter (ep 3)
Mikio Terashima as Katzenberg (ep 7)
Minoru Yada as Doctor (ep 103)
Norio Wakamoto as Hontwarl Police Chief (eps 51-52)
Reizō Nomoto as Galactor Chief (ep 103)
Shima Sakai as Female Berg Katse (ep 29)
Shingo Kanemoto as Captain A (ep 4)
Shūsei Nakamura as Narrator
Susumu Mizushima as Hontwarl Defense Minister (eps 51, 53)
Takeshi Aono as Masaki (ep 104)
Tatsuyuki Jinnai as Mechadragon Commander (ep 4)
Tesshō Genda as
Great Yokomura (ep 29)
Masaki (ep 76)
Onishi (ep 104)
Tetsuo Mizutori as
Captain Takahara (ep 3)
Pilot (Makoto's Father; ep 3)
Toshiko Sawada as Female Berg Katze (eps 32-33, 70)
Yōko Kuri as Naomi Nakahara (ep 4)
Yoshito Yasuhara as
Ilya (ep 43)
Submarine Captain (ep 5)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as King Turtle Commander (eps 1-2)

Japanese companies
Backgrounds: Studio Jack
DVD Distribution: Pioneer LDC
In-Between Animation: Top Craft
Music Production: Columbia Music Entertainment
Production: Tatsunoko Production
Sound Effects: Ishida Sound Production
English staff
English cast
ADR Director:
Charles Campbell (ADV)
Fred Ladd (G-Force)
Amy Forsyth (73-78, 85-88, 97-100)
Brendan Frayne (ADV)
Fufei Zhang (ADV)
Issei Shimizu (ADV)
Naomi Kokubo (ADV)
Sarah Alys Lindholm (ADV)
ADR Script:
Charles Campbell (ADV)
Cyndi Williams (ADV)
Elena Carrillo (ADV)
Monica Rial (ADV)
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi (Sentai re-release)
Jameson Brewer
John Ledford (ADV Version)
Mark Williams (ADV Version)
Alan Dinehart
Charles Campbell (ADV Version)
David Del Rio (Sentai re-release)
David E. Hanson
Janice Williams (ADV Version)
John Ledford (Sentai re-release)
Sandy Frank (Sandy Frank dub)

Additional Music Composer: Dean Andre
Animation Supervisor: Harold Johns
Art Manager: Larry Koteff (2019 Sentai release)
Assistant Voice Director: Alan Dinehart Jr. 
Associate producer: Warner E. Leighton
BD Authoring:
David Williams (Sentai re-release)
Joel McCray (2019 Sentai release)
Ryan Anthony (2023 Sentai release)
Andy McAvin (eps 30, 60)
Bobby Gordon (ep 93)
Brian Jepson (eps 6, 70)
Charles Campbell (7 episodes
eps 5-6, 11, 78, 84, 87, 105

Christopher Ayres (ep 78)
Eden J. Barrera (ep 93)
Edwin Neal (ep 41)
George Manley (eps 31, 96)
Glenn Fraser (ep 78)
John Tyson (ep 53)
Josh Grelle (ep 78)
Kim Prause (eps 11, 64)
Leraldo Anzaldua (eps 5, 60, 105)
Luci Christian (eps 16, 64, 96)
Marty Fleck (ep 84)
Samantha Inoue-Harte (ep 87)
Sarah Alys Lindholm (ep 43)
Victor Carsrud (ep 21)
Winston Parish (ep 70)
Cover Art: Alex Ross (ADV Version)
Creative Consultant: Leonard Reeg
Design Consultant: Alex Toth
DVD Authoring: Neal Barnes (Sentai re-release)
DVD Coordination: Janice Williams (ADV Version)
Neil O'Sullivan (ADV)
Patrick Givens (ADV)
Editing Assistant: Pam Bentkowski
Graphic Design: Larry Koteff
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami (ADV Version)
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams (Sentai re-release)
Menu Design: Larry Koteff (Sentai re-release)
Music Composition: Hoyt S. Curtin (BOTP Version)
Music Director: Dean Andre (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Music Recording: Hoyt S. Curtin
Music Supervision: Igo Kantor
Packaging Design: Larry Koteff (Sentai re-release)
Post-Production Manager: Shelly Thomas (ADV Version)
Production Assistant:
Bob Robinson
E.W. Rector, III (Sentai re-release)
Jessica Williams (Sentai re-release)
Kayla King (Sentai re-release)
Marta Bechtol (ADV Version)
Paul Mericle (ADV Version)
Sara Muir (ADV Version)
Production Coordination: Janice Williams (2019 Sentai release)
Production Executive: Irving Klein
Production manager:
Emil Carle
Joey Goubeaud (ADV Version)
Son Phan Le (2019 Sentai release)
Program Consultant:
George Serban
Leonard Reeg
Program Executive:
David Levy
Tom Swafford
QC Manager: Crystal Ruiz (2019 Sentai release)
Recording Director Assistant: Alan Dinehart Jr. 
Recording engineer:
Bobby Gordon (ADV Version)
Eden J. Barrera (ADV Version)
Senior Translator: Sarah Alys Lindholm (ADV)
Sound Design: Paul Killam (ADV Version)
Standards & Practices: Winifred Treimer
Subtitle Assistance:
Holly Dorsett (Sentai re-release)
Jessica Williams (Sentai re-release)
Kayla King (Sentai re-release)
Subtitle Formatting:
Christopher Williams (Sentai re-release)
Dwayne Jones (Sentai re-release)
Subtitle Script & Timing:
Christopher Williams (13-105)
Frode Aleksandersen (49-54)
Neal Barnes (1-24)
Sean Broestl (eps 1-24)
William Zuidema (55-60)
Technical Assistant: Michael Olesch (Sentai re-release)
Titles: Thomas Wogtzke
Videotape Editor: Kurt Tiegs (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Voice Direction:
Alan Dinehart
Fred Ladd (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Alan Dinehart as Tiny (G-3) (Sandy Frank dub)
Alan Young as Keyop (G-4) (Sandy Frank dub)
Barbara Goodson as
Agatha June (G-3) (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Pee-wee (G-4) (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Brian Jepson as Joe Asakura the Condor (G-2) (ADV dub)
Cam Clarke as Dirk Daring (G-2) (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Casey Kasem as Mark (G-1) (Sandy Frank dub)
David Pires as Ken the Eagle (Sparklin' Ent. dub) 
Jan Rabson as Hooty (G-5) (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Janet Waldo as Princess (G-3) (Sandy Frank dub)
Kim Prause as Jun the Swan (G-3) (ADV dub)
Leraldo Anzaldua as Ken Washio the Eagle (G-1) (ADV dub)
Luci Christian as Jinpei the Swallow (G-4) (ADV dub)
Ronnie Schell as Jason (G-2) (Sandy Frank dub)
Sam Fontana as Ace Goodheart (G-1) (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Victor Carsrud as Ryu Nakanishi the Horned Owl (G-5) (ADV dub)

Alan Young as 7-Zark-7 (Sandy Frank dub)
Andy McAvin as Dr. Kozaburo Nambu (ADV dub)
Bill Capizzi as Galactor (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Edwin Neal as Berg Katse (ADV dub)
Jan Rabson as Professor Brighthead (Sparklin' Ent. dub)
Keye Luke as Zoltar (Sandy Frank dub)
Winston Parish as Leader X (ADV dub)

Aamir Hydrai as
Co-Pilot (ADV; ep 100)
Hotel Manager
Adam Dudley as Iron Beast Commander (ADV; ep 88)
Alan Dinehart as Security Chief Anderson
Allison Sumrall as Naomi (ADV; ep 4)
Andy McAvin as
Archaeo Commander (ADV; ep 44)
Blue Suit (ADV; eps 51, 57)
Enemy Commander (ADV; ep 9)
Evil Commander (ADV; ep 30)
Jellyfish Commander (ADV; ep 15)
Komibe (ADV; ep 94)
Ben Estus as Makoto (ADV; eps 3-4)
Blake Shepard as Hemler (ADV; ep 96)
Bobby Gordon as
Head Engineer (ADV; ep 92)
Pilot (ADV; ep 100)
Brando Austin as
Air Force Commander (ADV; ep 35)
Bearded Minion (ADV; ep 103)
Chief (ADV; ep 45)
Commander (ADV; ep 56)
Dr. Misuno (ADV; ep 76)
Dr. Welby (ADV; ep 94)
Gallack X (ADV; ep 29)
Inspector (ADV; ep 68)
Mayor (ADV; eps 32-33)
Prime Minister (ADV; ep 46)
Brian Jepson as
Capone (ADV; ep 42)
Co-Pilot (ADV; ep 47)
Commander Chokula (ADV; ep 58)
Dave (ADV; ep 85)
Demon 5 Drums (ADV; ep 41)
Goat-Bearded Minion (ADV; ep 50)
Governor (ADV; ep 64)
Insect Commander (ADV; ep 17)
Pancho (ADV; ep 78)
Waiter (ADV; ep 96)
Brian Rutle as
Galactor Commander (ADV; ep 38)
King (ADV; ep 19)
Charles Campbell as
Demon 5 Lyrics (ADV; ep 41)
Evil Voice (ADV; ep 69)
Chris Ayres as
Commander Bluefang (ADV; ep 65)
Commander Klikenstein (ADV; ep 57)
Evil Commander (ADV; ep 26)
Galacferatu Minion (ADV; ep 53)
Hontwarl Captain (ADV; eps 51-52)
Reporter (ADV; ep 62)
Sub Captain Santo (ADV; ep 78)
Chris Patton as Sabu (ADV; ep 51)
Chris Pruett as Dr. Kalig (ADV)
Christopher Ayres as Screamin' Commander Such (ADV; ep 49)
Clint Campbell as
Ballpark Commentator (ADV; ep 63)
Dr. Bono (ADV; ep 103)
Galactor Commander (ADV; ep 42)
I.S.O. Doctor (ADV; ep 34)
Illya (ADV; ep 43)
Dan Brock Jr. as Mole Commander (ADV; ep 20)
David Born as
Demon 5 Guitarist (ADV; ep 41)
Dr. Borombo (ADV; ep 79)
Dr. Pulshowski (ADV; ep 102)
Evil Commnder (ADV; ep 60)
Father (ADV; ep 36)
Galactor Commander (ADV; eps 39-40)
Jim (ADV; ep 42)
Miller (ADV; ep 57)
Newscaster (ADV; ep 23)
Prof. Henjinman (ADV; ep 21)
Race Announcer (ADV; ep 56)
Edwin Neal as
Captain Limpet (ADV; ep 93)
Maxim (ADV; ep 100)
Patrol Captain Stubbs (ADV; ep 89)
Fred Halbkat as Elder (ADV; ep 13)
George Manley as
Bill Graham (ADV; ep 41)
Demon 5 Bass (ADV; ep 41)
Galactor Pirate Captain (ADV Dub)
Masaaki (ADV; ep 76)
Narrator (ADV dub)
Professor (ADV Dub)
Superintendent (ADV; ep 50)
Glenn Fraser as
Chief Wampum (ADV)
Frenchy (ADV; ep 71)
Private Papoose (ADV; ep 88)
Gray Haddock as Prince (ADV; ep 19)
Greg Ayres as
Dekapan (ADV; ep 64)
Seiji (ADV; ep 26)
Hilary Haag as Chinchiro (ADV; ep 64)
James Reed Faulkner as Enemy Commander (ep 13)
Janet Waldo as Susan
Jessica Boone as Julia (ADV; ep 43)
John Gremillion as
Arthur (ADV; ep 46)
Bob Barker (ADV; ep 74)
Butler (ADV; ep 77)
Captain Francis 7 (ADV Dub)
Koji (ADV; ep 56)
Meckle (ADV; ep 97)
Ryu's Father (ADV; ep 26)
John Swasey as
Blacky (ADV; ep 42)
Captain Bismol (ADV; ep 63)
Crawfish Commander (ADV; ep 36)
Dr. Finger (ADV; ep 90)
Dr. Miwa (ADV; ep 37)
Galactor Commander (ADV; ep 48)
General Somley (ADV; ep 64)
Inderian Detective (ADV; ep 50)
King (ADV; ep 35)
Mechanica Commander (ADV; ep 16)
Minion Grant (ADV; ep 91)
Pilot (ADV; ep 47)
John Tyson as
Minister (ADV; ep 64)
Red Impulse (ADV dub)
Jose Diaz as Romina (ADV; ep 43)
Josh Grelle as
Announcer (ADV; ep 27)
Chivo (ADV; ep 78)
Demon 5 Keyboards (ADV; ep 41)
Future Jinpei (ADV; ep 100)
G-6 (ADv; ep 60)
Galactor Commander (ADV; ep 45)
Head Henchman (eps 32-33)
Rufus (ADV dub)
Jovan Jackson as Enemy Commander (ADV; ep 12)
Kelly Manison as Mother (ADV; ep 97)
Ken Webster as
Black Bird Captain (ADV; ep 77)
President (ADV; ep 77)
Secretary (ADV; ep 77)
Kevin M. Connolly as MC (ADV; ep 66)
Keye Luke as
Colonel Cronus
The Spirit
Kira Vincent-Davis as
Calidon (ADV; ep 66)
Demon 5 Vocalist (ADV; ep 41)
Evil Lady (ADV; ep 29)
Evil Stewardess (ADV; ep 47)
Girl (ADV; ep 25)
Goro (ADV; ep 28)
Kaeru (ADV; ep 64)
Madam X (ADV; ep 46)
Mother (ADV; ep 94)
Mrs. Hathaway (ADV; ep 74)
Laurie Gallardo as
Devilstar Commander (ADV dub)
Fem Katse (ADV; ep 102)
Madam X (ADV dub)
Maya (ADV; ep 70)
Lowell Bartholomee as
Alan (ADV)
Beetle Captain (ADV)
Pilot (ADV; ep 84)
Luci Christian as
Princess Flake (ADV; ep 66)
Rumi (ADV; ep 79)
Tombo (ADV; ep 64)
Mariela Ortiz as
Little Boy Blue (ADV; ep 32)
Yamori (ADV; ep 64)
Mark X Laskowski as
Mukashiski (ADV; ep 38)
Police Chief (ADV; ep 87)
Markus Twain as Prof. Twain (ADV; ep 101)
Marty Fleck as
Director Anderson (ADV dub)
Ogawa (ADV; ep 59)
Matt Culpepper as Ranger Commander (ADV; ep 46)
Michael Dalmon as
Captain Tigershark
Grave Keeper (ADV)
Johnny Blade (ADV; ep 87)
Sammy the Monkey (ADV)
Mike Kleinhenz as Nakahara (ADV; ep 4)
Mike Vance as Pilot (ADV; ep 3)
Phil Ross as
Old Man Ninja (ADV; ep 95)
Prof. Toda (ADV; ep 72)
Rob Mungle as Enemy Commander (ADV; ep 1)
Robert Kraft as Dr. Demon (ADV; ep 84)
Samantha Inoue-Harte as Devil Star 2
Sascha Tunney as
Maria (ADV; ep 87)
Shannon Grounds as Lucy (ADV; ep 27)
Smokey Delange as Enemy Commander (ep 6)
Sonny Robideaux as Jiro (ADV; ep 36)
Steve Fenley as
Denfesive Minister (ADV; eps 51-52)
Dr. Logan (ADV; ep 100)
Nakamora (ADV; ep 59)
Ted Pfister as Man in Wheelchair (ADV; ep 14)
Tiffany Grant as Big Kid (ep 17)
Vic Mignogna as
Blackbird Captain (ADV dub)
Boxing Announcer (ADV; ep 29)
Captain (ADV; ep 30)
French Representative (ADV; eps 22, 53)
Galactor Spy (ADV; ep 54)
Maid (ADV; ep 50)
Takahara (ADV; ep 3)
Waylon Hicks as Taro (ADV; ep 36)
Whispers Johnson as Onishi (ADV; ep 104)
Xero Reynolds as Prince Ali

Aamir Hydrai (ADV Dub)
Adeleye Lufadeju (ADV dub)
Alan Denfiles (ADV dub)
Bobby Gordon (ADV dub)
Brian Jepson (ADV Dub)
Charles Campbell (ADV dub)
Chere Bennet (ADV dub)
Chris Aguilar (ADV dub)
Chris Ayres (ADV dub)
Chris Hawley (ADV dub)
Chris Nelson (ADV dub)
Dana Perez (ADV dub)
Daniel Scruggs (ADV dub)
Eddie Shannon Jr. (ADV dub)
Eden J. Barrera (ADV dub)
Fred Wood (ADV dub)
Jeff Catlin (ADV dub)
John Carrithers (ADV dub)
Jonathan Brands (ADV dub)
Josh Grelle (ADV dub)
Keith Horton (ADV dub)
Kevin M. Connolly (ADV Dub)
Kim Prause (ADV Dub)
Kyle Jones (ADV dub)
Laura English (ADV dub)
Mariela Ortiz (ADV dub)
Marisa Kreitz (ADV dub)
Mike Vance (ADV dub)
Nicholas Tanguma (ADV dub)
Robert Marchand (ADV Dub)
Rod Peters (ADV dub)
Sandra Krasa (ADV dub)
Stacy Slania (ADV dub)
English companies
Camera: Take One
Disc Production:
Sentai Studios (2019 Sentai release)
Seraphim Digital (Sentai re-release)
Distribution Solutions (North America; 2023 Sentai release)
Madman Entertainment (Australia/New Zealand)
New Video Group
Section23 Films (North America, 2013)
Siren Visual (Australia; expired)
DVD Production: ADV Studios
Ink & Paint: C. & D. Productions
Internet Streaming:
HIDIVE (Dubbed)
The Anime Network
Tubi TV
Licensed by:
ADV Films (Expired)
Hollywood DVD (UK; G-Force)
Rhino (Expired)
Sandy Frank Entertainment (1978-2007)
Sentai Filmworks (2013)
Turner Entertainment, Inc. (G-Force; Expired)
Universal Pictures UK (UK & Ireland)
Recording: TV-R Hollywood
Recording Studio: ADV Studios
Korean staff
Korean companies
Korean cast
Jeong-Gu Lee as Ken Washio

Jeong-Gu Lee as Joe Asakura the Condor
French staff
French cast
Adaptation: Michel Gatineau
Theme Song Performance: Michel Barouille
Catherine Lafond as Princesse
Claude Rollet as Allumette
Georges Atlas as Chefs Spectra (4 episodes
eps 12, 30, 37, 42
Jackie Berger as Kipo
Jean-François Laley as Colonel Cronus
Jean-Henri Chambois as Docteur Baxter (ep 31)
Joseph Falcucci as Donald Ward (ep 82)
Marcelle Lajeunesse as
Michel Gatineau as Mr Cavelier
Michèle Bardollet as
5 Cibel 5
Philippe Dumat as 7 Zark 7
Pierre Fromont as Chefs Spectra
Pierre Garin as Chefs Spectra (eps 15, 22)
Raoul Delfosse as Suprême Clarté
Raymond Loyer as Zoltar
Thierry Bourdon as Thierry
Yves-Marie Maurin as Tabulle (ep 39)

French companies
France 4 (2005; October 2006)
TF1 (Nov 1979; 1982; 9 Jan 1985)
TVA (Canada)
Distributor: Déclic Images
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Anabel Mendez as Jun the Swan (G-3)/Agatha Junio
Elsa Covián as Jun the Swan (G-3)/Agatha Junio (Some eps)
Herman Lopez as Jinpei the Swallow (G-4)/Avecilla
Ismael Magaña as Ken the Eagle (g-1)/As Corazón Noble
Jorge Roig as Ryu the Horned Owl (G-5)/Autillo
Jose Luis Orozco as Joe the Condor (G-2)/Dirk Audaz
Victor Guajardo as Narración

Alvaro Tarcicio as
Computor (Some eps)
Dr. Mente Brillante (Dr. Kozaburo Nambu) (Some eps)
Ana Ángeles García as Keyop (Spain dub)
Arturo Casanova as Dr. Mente Brillante (Dr. Kozaburo Nambu)
Carlos Revilla as Profesor Anderson (Spain dub)
Jorge Roig as Galactor
Jorge Santos as Computor (Some eps)
Jose Luis Angulo as Mark (Spain dub)
José María Del Río as Jason (Spain dub)
María Antonia Rodríguez as Princess (Spain dub)

Spanish companies
Suevia Films (Spain; DVD)
T-Sunami (Spain; DVD)
Dubbing Studio: Tecnison (Madrid, Spain)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Elio Pandolfi
Mario Colli
Anna Maria Tulli as Jimpei la rondine (2nd edition)
Cinzia Massironi as Jun il cigno (2nd edition)
Enrico Maggi as Dr. Nanbu (2nd edition)
Fabrizio Mazzotta as Jinpei la rondine
Fabrizio Pucci as Joe il condor
Francesco Prando as Ken l'aquila
Marco Balzarotti as Joe il condor (2nd edition)
Maurizio Mattioli as Ryu il gufo
Oliviero Corbetta as Gelsandra (2nd edition)
Pasquale Ruju as Ken l'aquila (2nd edition)
Riccardo Rovatti as Ryu il gufo (2nd edition)
Stefano Albertini as General Zeta (2nd edition)
Valeria Perilli as Jun il cigno

Elio Pandolfi as 7-Zark-7
Mauro Bosco as Zoltar

Giorgio Lopez as Dr. Nambu
Italian companies
Canale 5 (from October 1981)
Italia 1 (from 1983)
Italia Teen Television (from 2 October 2005)
Rete 4 (from December 1984)
Super 3
Dynamic Italia (2nd edition)
Play World Film
Dubbing: C.R.C.
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Producer: Theo de Vos

Editing: Rietje Riedijk
Script Director: Joop Doderer
Arno Guldemond as Mark
Jaap Stobbe as Jason
Jody Pijper as Prinses
Joop Doderer as Kiap

Cor Witschge as Zoltar
Henk van Ulsen as Comp7

Cor Witschge as Chef Anderson
Fred Weydeveld as Grote Meester
IJf Blokker as Taini

Dutch companies
Broadcaster: Avro
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director:
Benjie Dorango
Ryan Ang
Pocholo Gonzales as Berg Katse

Christian Alvear as Jinpei
Gab Tiongco as Jun
Joel Molina as Joe
Noel Magat as Chief Anderson
Phil Cruz as Dr. Nambu>Voice over
Ryan Ang as Ryu
Tagalog companies
TV5 (ABC-5)
Polish staff
Polish companies
Broadcaster: TVP1
Polish cast
Portuguese companies
Portuguese staff
AXN Brasil (Brazil)
Boomerang Brasil (Brazil)
Cartoon Network Brasil (Brazil)
Locomotion (Brazil)
Locomotion Brazil
Rede 21 (Brazil)
Rede Bandeirantes (Brazil)
Tele Uno (Brazil)
Sempre Propaganda (Brazil)
Turner International (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio:
Dublavídeo (Batalha dos Planetas)
Herbert Richers (G-Force)
Portuguese cast
Júlia Castro as Kiyop
Reinaldo Buzzoni as Ace Goodheart (G-Force)
Tatá Guarnieri as Jason

Fernanda Crispim as Agatha June (G-Force)
Luiz Sérgio Vieira as Hooty (G-Force)
Paulo Vignolo as Dirk Daring (G-Force)

Orlando Drummond as Galactor (G-Force)

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