Battle of the Planets, New Series Details

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ANN Speaks with Sandy Frank Entertainment

ANN spoke with J. Philip Oldham, head of Sales at Sandy Frank Entertainment, who cleared up lingering questions about the upcoming Battle of the Planets animations currently in production.

Oldham informed us that they are already in production and expect to have 26 episodes ready by September 2003, however they are not certain on the final number of episodes that will be produced. An additional eight feature films will be produced and ready in September. Each episode will be half an hour long (22 minutes), and each film will be around 90 minutes long.

The original Japanese Gatchman series was 105 episodes long, Battle of the Planets drew from the first 85 of those 105 episodes. The new battle of the Planets series, The New Exploits of G Force, will draw from the same 85 episodes, as well as from the remaining 20 episodes. It is the first time that any American series uses footage from the remaining 20 episodes, however Oldham explained clarified that there is no new footage being animated for this series. Oldhman stated, "105 episodes is a lot of material, more than enough for 26 episodes and 8 films."

While they will be focussing on the same classic story, the battle between G-Force and Zarc, Sandy Frank Entertainment will be starting from scratch for the new series, they will be producing new scripts and new music. "We're taking a successfule franchise and re-writing it so that it is more contemporary," explained Oldham.

The series will be airing on TV, however Oldham would not tell us on what network(s).

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