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Lots more dates from Pioneer, ADV and Rhino for titles, including NieA_7, Battle of the Planets, Sailor Moon S, Saber Marionette J..

Sources: TRSI, Anime On DVD, AnimeNation

List of Updated/New Release Dates:


Niea_7 vol. 1 (8/14)

Sailor Moon S Heart Collection DVD (6/12) -- Contains Volumes 5 and 6

Sailor Moon Vol. 5 VHS (6/5)
Sailor Moon Vol. 6 VHS (6/12)

Sailor Moon S Vol. 7-8 DVD (8/14)
Sailor Moon S Vol. 8 VHS (8/14)

CardCaptors Vol. 5 (7/10)


Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 (8/28)

Battle of the Planets Vol. 2 (8/28)


Saber Marionette J Collection Vol. 3 (6/19)


Ranma 1/2 Random Rhapsody Vol. 3 (7/24)

ADV Films

Original Dirty Pair OVA DVD (7/7)

Right Stuf

Yamamoto Yohko, Starship Girl (9/25)

Yamamoto Yohko is TRSI's latest acquisition, although no more information is currently available.

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