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November Merchandise Releases

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November releases include 2002, an Evangelion Zippo lighter, Princess Mononoke plushes of the Kodoma and Yakkuru amoungst others.

Diamond Distributors has come out with a list of their anime merchandise being released this November. The items can be preordered through you local comic shop.

Imported Books include: Groundwork of FLCL includes Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's art work for Gainax's FLCL. Mad About Mad House is a 180 page look at Mad Housem the anime studio behind Genma Taisen, Vampire Hunter D, Metro Police, Card Captor Sakura, Lodoss Island War, Trigun, and more. It will reail for $53.99. How to Draw manga books Comickers Quarterly 29 with a new issue of galleries, how-to tips, and artist profiles, including Junko Kitano, Yowkow Fujiwara, Komako Sakai, Mizuiro Moufu, Kouji Ogata; a section on Korean illustrators; Françis Bouq, Yuh Kagei, Hirofumi Fuziko, Shigeru Kato, and Manga Techniques Vol. 1: Drawing Manga for Beginners.Other books include Inu Yasha Anime Comic 4, Niea 7 SCRAP (tpb), and One Piece Color Walk 1.

Imported Japanese manga includes Man Machine Interface: Ghost in the Shell 2. The 214 page book, of the manga that has been serialized since 1997, with the final installment Dual Device, will retail for $28.99. The first volume of the Cowboy Bebop manga will retail for $10.99. Other imported manga of note includes The first volume of the Cowboy Bebop manga will retail for $10.99. The first volume of Go Nagai's (Devilman, Getter Robo, Cutey Honey) pro wrestling based Battle Hak will be released. Other imported manga of note includes Cat's Eye manga 2 & 3, City Hunter manga 9 & 10, Detective Boy Conan 32, D.N.Angel 2F, ist of North Star Manga 9 & 10, Flame of Recca 29, Hunter x Hunter 12, Love Hina 9 & 10, Love Hina: Iro Hina Version w/ CD-ROM, Lupin the 3rd manga 9 & 10, Spriggan Manga 2, Vampire Miyu manga 8 and You're Under Arrest manga 4.

Decorations being released include a Trigun: Vash Profile Mylart. A Dragon Ball Z poster pack will include 16 9 1/2" x 11 3/4" mini posters for $9.95. Alex Ross's rendition of Battle of the Planets will be released as a lithograph for $24.99.

A Neon Genesis Evangelion zippo lighter with the seven eyed Lilith symbol will retail for $70.00

Pre-orders for the December release of Princess Mononke plushes of the Kodama forrest spirit and Yakkuru elk like creator are being take with the November release. The Kodama is 11" takk with a bell in is head. It retail for $32.99. The Yakkuru is 7" long with reigns, and will retail for $26.99.

A 96 page Samurai X: Rurouni Kenshin Art Book with art from Nobuhiro Watsuki's will retail for $24.99.

Guardians of Order will be releasing "Serial Experiments Lain: Ultimate Fan Guide", a combination RPG source book for the Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG, and guide to the anime series. The Lain Mini Lunchbox will be re-released for $6.99.

A 15", painted Cowboy Bebop resin statue of Faye Valentine will retail for $178.00 The Silent Mobious pewter statue of Katsumi Liquer will be retail for $39.99. Preorders are also being taken for a 1/6 scale Oh My Goddess! statue of Belldandy. The prepainted statue will retail for $32.99. Ruri Hoshino Civilian is the first in a new series of Nadesico statues based on the Prince of Darkness movie. The 10 inch pre painted statue will retail for $69.99. Palisade's Dragon Ball Z Piccolo bust will retail for $45.00. Guilty Gear X: Baiken Resin Statue, SNK Resin statues of Garou: Mark of Wolves Hotaru, King of Fighters 2000 Athena, and Samurai Showdown Haomaru, and 12" Tekken figures of Forest Law, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Misha and Lei Wulong will be released.

Ghost in the Shell figures of Motoko with mini drones will be released. Go Nagai's Shin Getter Robo will be released as 12" vinyl figure with axe pole arm and 15" wing space for $34.99. Microman Devil man action figures of Dagon, Dandarian, Dearboros, and Dekarabia will retail for $12.99. Sets A, B and C of the Mazinger Z Kubricks will be re-released. Three super deformed Getter Robo Choro Q will be released for $8.50 each. Dragon Ball Z series 6 action figures include Super-Saiyan Trunks (in Saiyan Armor), Super-Saiyan Goku (in Saiyan Armor), Android 16, Android 19, and Prefect Cell (with Cell Jr.'s). Series 7 include Spopovich, Krillin (with hair), Super-Saiyan Gohan (teenager), Great Saiyaman, and Dabura. Dragon Bll Z 5" Light and Sound figures include Super-Saiyan Goku, Super-Saiyan Gohan, Super-Saiyan Vegeta, and Super-Saiyan Trunks, all with Energy Blaster effects. Zelda Mask of Majoras igures of Link, Zoralink, Dekunattu and Goron Link will be released. Resident Evil Series 2 includes Claire Refield, the ominous Mr. X (a.k.a. the Nemesis), the wondrous Alexia (who can be transformed from her first version form to her third version form), and the Zombie Cop (with Licker). Super Deformed Robotech morphers include 3 1/2" series of Alphas and Veritechs.

T-Shirts include "Got Manga",Heroic Legend of Arslan , Nausicaä: Room with a View (Hayao Miyazaki's classic character in front a window, not wearing her famous blue dress), Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Units (units 00, 01, and 02 with weaponss drawn), Sailor Moon Group Collage (inner and outer scouts), Sailor Moon Group Senshi (outer scouts), Silent Möbius: AMPD, X: Kamui's Struggle A Sailor Moon Text Face Metal Case Watch will retail for $20.95.

Anime folders of Kenshin, Totoro and X will retail for $9.99 each.

2002 calendars that will be available include Card Captors, Detective Conan, Go Nagai, Gundam Mechanics, Gundam Wing, Hunter x Hunter, Inu_Yasha, Leiji Matsumoto: Legend of Galaxy, Love Hina, Mamotte Shugogeten, My Neighbor Totoro (a desktop calendar and a standard one), Nadesico, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Oh My Goddess!, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Sakura Wars 3, Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, Studio Ghibli Characters, Ultraman, Ultraman Cosmos, and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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