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Princess Mononoke (movie)

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Alternative title:
A Princesa Mononoke (Portuguese)
Księżniczka Mononoke (Polish)
La Princesa Mononoke (Spanish)
Mononoke Hime (Japanese)
Princesa Mononoke (Portuguese)
Princesse Mononoké (French)
Principessa Mononoke (Italian)
Prinsessan Mononoke (Swedish)
Prinsesse Mononoke (Danish)
Prinzessin Mononoke (German)
Принцесса Мононоке (Russian)
もののけ姫 (Japanese)
幽靈公主 (Chinese (Hong Kong))
魔法公主 (Chinese (Taiwan))
모노노케 히메 (Korean)
원령공주 (Korean)
Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: While fighting to save his village from the attack of a demon-god, Ashitaka comes in contact with it and is inflicted with a deadly curse. In his search for a cure he is forced to leave his village forever and journey to the forest inhabited by animal gods. There he finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and a village led by Lady Eboshi.
User Ratings: 9975 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 4311 votes (sub:2243, dub:1789, ?:44, raw:40, edit.dub:21, others:174
48 Spanish subtitled
32 German dubbed
16 Spanish dubbed
14 French dubbed
13 French subtitled
10 Portuguese subtitled
9 Italian dubbed
6 Russian subtitled
4 German subtitled
3 Polish subtitled
3 Italian subtitled
2 Arabic subtitled
2 Russian dubbed
2 Polish dubbed
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Thai subtitled
1 German edited dub
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Polish edited dub
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Italian edited dub
1 Mandarin subtitled
1 French edited dub
1 Danish subtitled
 Excellent: 2948 votes (sub:1561, dub:1212, ?:31, raw:16, edit.dub:12, others:116
28 Spanish subtitled
16 German dubbed
11 Spanish dubbed
10 French subtitled
9 Italian dubbed
6 Portuguese subtitled
5 Polish subtitled
5 French dubbed
4 Russian dubbed
3 Russian subtitled
3 German subtitled
2 Korean subtitled
2 Russian edited dub
2 Swedish subtitled
1 Catalan dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Croatian subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
1 Mandarin dubbed
1 Polish dubbed
1 czech dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Finnish subtitled
1 Danish subtitled
 Very good: 1443 votes (sub:735, dub:626, ?:13, raw:7, edit.dub:7, others:55
8 Spanish subtitled
8 German dubbed
8 Spanish dubbed
6 Portuguese subtitled
4 Polish subtitled
3 Italian dubbed
3 French dubbed
3 Russian dubbed
3 Russian subtitled
2 French subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 German edited dub
1 +
1 Turkish subtitled
1 Korean subtitled
1 Swedish subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
 Good: 768 votes (sub:407, dub:297, ?:16, edit.dub:6, raw:2, others:40
11 German dubbed
8 Spanish subtitled
5 French subtitled
5 Italian dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
2 Russian subtitled
1 Swedish subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
1 Spanish dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Korean subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Decent: 245 votes (sub:130, dub:102, ?:6, raw:2, others:5
2 German dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 So-so: 134 votes (sub:69, dub:58, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:5
2 German dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Vietnamese subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Not really good: 40 votes (sub:22, dub:13, ?:3, others:2
1 French dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
 Weak: 42 votes (sub:26, dub:15, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Bad: 15 votes (sub:11, dub:4)
 Awful: 7 votes (sub:6, dub:1)
 Worst ever: 22 votes (sub:16, dub:5, edit.dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 15629 users, rank: #10 (of 9315)
Median rating: Excellent
Arithmetic mean: 8.925 (Excellent), std. dev.: 1.3654, rank: #69 (of 9419)
Weighted mean: 8.861 (Excellent), rank: #68 (of 9419) (seen all: 8.87 / seen some: 6.82 / won't finish: 4.34)
Bayesian estimate: 8.859 (Excellent), rank: #9 (of 7092)
Running time: 133 minutes
Production cost: ¥2,400,000,000
2005-05-09 (Señal Colombia - Colombia)
2006-12-30 (Spain, Cuatroº)
Premiere date:
1997-07-12 (Japan)
1999-08-13 (United States, Special Premiere Showing at Comicon)
1999-10-29 (United States and Canada wide release)
2000-01-12 (France)
2000-01-25 (Italy - Future Film Festival)
2000-04-29 (Japan, In English with Japanese Subtitles)
2000-09-08 (Poland)
2001-01-04 (Croatia)
2003-12-24 (Germany, RTL II - TV Premiere)
2006-01-28 (Canada, YTV)
Release dates: We have 35
(1994-08) Started Production
Opening Theme:
"Ashitaka Sekki" (アシタカせっき; "The Legend of Ashitaka") by Joe Hisaishi
Ending Theme:
"Mononoke Hime" (もののけ姫) by Joe Hisaishi
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Trivia: We have 6
At just under US$20 million production costs, Princess Mononoke was the most expensive anime ever created when it was released.
Princess Mononoke was also the most successful Japanese, and in fact international (non-US) film ever created. Princess Mononoke earned over US$150 million at the Japanese box office. Mononoke was, however, beaten at the Japanese box office shortly after by the US-produced Titanic, but it kept its title as the most successful Japanese film ever produced until Miyazaki's Sen to Chihiro surpassed it, earning in excess of $200 million dollars in Japan alone (also surpassing Titanic for the Japanese box office crown).
Mononoke was included when Disney and Tokuma signed an agreement in 1996 giving Disney exclusive worldwide rights to a number of Ghibli films. Part of the deal in fact stipulated that Disney must release Mononoke theatrically in the United States. Disney agreed to this without ever seeing Mononoke.
When Disney finally saw Mononoke for the first time it was nothing like what they expected (they expected a cute, children's anime similar to Miyazaki's other films), but they were contractually obligated to release it.
The North American theatrical run of Princess Mononoke was deemed an abysmal failure in the end, the most successful international film ever created (at the time) earned a paltry $2.4 million dollars in the United States and Canada.
Princess Mononoke BD+DVD (Nov 25, 2014)
Princess Mononoke DVD (Jan 1, 1970)
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    Princess Mononoke - Symphonic Suite (OST) 2001-05-15 (from $29.99)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Screenplay: Hayao Miyazaki
Music: Joe Hisaishi
Original story: Hayao Miyazaki
Character Design:
Masashi Ando
Yoshifumi Kondō
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Executive producer:
Seiichiro Ujiie
Yutaka Narita
Producer: Toshio Suzuki

Assistant Audio Director: Kei Mayama
Assistant producer: Takahiro Yonezawa
Associate producer: Seiji Okuda
Camera Supervisor: Atsushi Okui
Chief Executive Producer: Yasuyoshi Tokuma
Color design: Michiyo Yasuda
Digital Ink & Paint:
Akira Sugino
Hiroaki Ishii
Kanako Takahashi (Takahashi Production/T2 Studio)
Keiichiro Hattori
Makiko Satō
Megumi Ishido (Takahashi Production/T2 Studio)
Yuki Murata (Takahashi Production/T2 Studio)
Yukiko Kakita (Takahashi Production/T2 Studio)
Yumiko Shimoe (Takahashi Production/T2 Studio)
Digital Optical Recording: Noboru Nishio
Editing: Takeshi Seyama
Film Development, Digital Film I/O: Hideo Tsuji
Film Development, Optical: Masaharu Sekiguchi
Film Development, Technical Cooperation: Mikio Mori
Film Development, Timing: Hiroaki Hirabayashi
Film Preview Production:
Hiroko Hanamoto
Keiichi Itagaki
Ink & Paint:
Akiko Aihara (Trace Studio M)
Akiko Ono
Atsushi Kodama (Studio Killy)
Chie Harai (Studio Killy)
Chiemi Miyamoto (Studio Killy)
Chiyomi Morisawa (Studio Killy)
Eiichi Suzuki
Emiko Motohashi (Trace Studio M)
Eriko Ishikawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Fumiko Hirabayashi (Studio Killy)
Fumiko Oda
Hiroko Otsuki (Trace Studio M)
Hiromi Tsuchiya (Studio Killy)
Hisashi Nabetani (IM Studio)
Junko Kanauchi (Trace Studio M)
Junko Miyakawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Junko Nagaoka (Telecom Animation Film)
Kaori Anmi (IM Studio)
Kaori Ishikawa (Studio Killy)
Kaori Yajima (Studio Killy)
Kaoru Morita (IM Studio)
Kaoru Nakagama (Studio Killy)
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Kazuhiro Hirabayashi (Studio Killy)
Kazuko Kurosawa (Toei Animation)
Kazuko Tsunoda (Studio Killy)
Kazuko Yamada
Kazumi Ouchi (IM Studio)
Kazuo Kobayashi (IM Studio)
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Keiko Sasaki (Studio Killy)
Keiko Satō (IM Studio)
Kimiko Hatano (Studio Killy)
Kimiyo Okunishi (Toei Animation)
Kinuyo Maehara (IM Studio)
Kiyomi Fujihashi (Toei Animation)
Makiko Ota (Telecom Animation Film)
Mari Hitokurai (Telecom Animation Film)
Mariko Shimizu (Studio Killy)
Masako Osumi (Studio Killy)
Megumi Matsuo (Trace Studio M)
Michiyo Iseda (IM Studio)
Mihoko Irie (Toei Animation)
Mito Ozaki (IM Studio)
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Naomi Anzai (Trace Studio M)
Naomi Atsuta
Naomi Takahashi (Studio Killy)
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Yoshimi Nishiwaki (Telecom Animation Film)
Yukie Nomura
Yumiko Kimura (IM Studio)
Yuriko Katayama
Yuriko Kudo (Studio Killy)
Internet Coordinator: Noriko Ishimitsu
Merchandising Development:
Koichi Asano
Tomomi Imai
Optical Recording: Futoshi Ueda
Orchestra Conductor: Hiroshi Kumagai
Production Administration:
Shinsuke Nonaka
Yuichiro Mochizuki
Production Committee:
Akio Ichimura (Studio Ghibli)
Daisuke Kadoya (NTV)
Eiko Fujitsu (Studio Ghibli)
Hidehiko Takei (NTV)
Junko Itō (Tokuma Shoten)
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Kazuaki Itō (NTV)
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Tomoki Horaguchi (Studio Ghibli)
Tomoko Kamiya (NTV)
Tsutomu Ōtsuka (Tokuma Shoten)
Yoshiko Nagasaki (NTV)
Yushin Soga (Dentsu)
Production manager: Toshiyuki Kawabata
Publishing Development: Yukari Tai
Recording & Sound Mixing: Shuji Inoue
Recording Assistant: Masahiro Fukuhara
Software Development: Michael Arias (uncredited)
Sound Effects:
Michihiro Ito
Muchihiro Ito 
Sound Effects Assistant: Takahisa Ishino
Sound Effects Compilation Support:
Takao Kato
Tsunahiro Yamamura
Sound Effects Production Support:
Kazuhiko Ikai
Motoi Watanabe
Shigeru Tokida
Soundtrack CD Production: Tomoko Okada
Special Art Effects: Yoshikazu Fukutome
Special Media Advisor: Masaya Tokuyama
Theme Song Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi
Theme Song Composition: Joe Hisaishi
Theme Song Lyrics: Hayao Miyazaki
Theme Song Performance: Yoshikazu Mera
Trace Machine: Tatsumi Yukiwaki
Yoji Matsuda as Ashitaka
Yuriko Ishida as San

Sumi Shimamoto as Toki
Yūko Tanaka as Eboshi Gozen

Akihiro Miwa as Moro no Kimi
Akira Nagoya as Ushikai
Akira Sakamoto as Herdsman
Daikichi Sugawara as Herdsman
Hisaya Morishige as Okkotonushi
Ikuko Yamamoto as Field Woman
Kaoru Kobayashi as Jiko Bou
Kimihiro Reizei as Shibashiri
Kisa Iinuma as Emishi Girl B
Makoto Satō as Tatari-gami
Masahiko Nishimura as Kouroku
Mitsuko Mori as Hii-sama
Satoi Iinuma as Spirit Forest
Shiro Saito as Herdsman
Sumi Shimamoto as Woman of Emishi A
Takako Fuji as Field Woman
Tetsu Watanabe as Wolf
Tsunehiko Kamijo as Gonza
Yayoi Kazuki as Kiyo
Yoshimasa Kondo as Herdsman
Yuriko Ishida as Kaya

Japanese companies
Advertising: TOHO
Audio Recording: Omnibus Promotion
Film Developing: Imagica
Film Preview Production: Gal Enterprise
Inbetween / Clean-up Animation: Telecom Animation Film
Key Animation: Telecom Animation Film
Main Animation Studio: Studio Ghibli
Music Production:
Studio Ghibli
Wonder City
Production Studio: Studio Ghibli
Recording & Mixing: Tokyo TV Center
Sound Effects Production Support: VOX
Soundtrack CD Production: Tokuma Japan Communications
Special Media Support: The Yomiuri Shimbun
English staff
English cast
Adaptation: Neil Gaiman
ADR Editor: Ernie Sheesley
ADR Script Consultant: Jack Fletcher
Apprentice Editor: Benu Bhargara
Assistant Sound Editor:
Charlotte Stebbs
Steve Swartz
Associate producer: Diana Tauder
Effects & Foley Editor:
Dan Edelstein
Gerald Donlan
Warren Shaw
Re-Recording Mixing: Dominick Tavella
Screenplay adaptation: Neil Gaiman
Special Effects: Kunji Tanifuji
Theme Song Adaptation: Neil Gaiman
Theme Song Performance: Sasha Lazard
Theme Song Translation: Steve Alpert
Voice Direction: Jack Fletcher
Billy Crudup as Ashitaka
Claire Danes as San

Gillian Anderson as Moro, the Wolf
Minnie Driver as Lady Eboshi

Jennifer Cihi as Tatara Women's Song
John Demita as Kohroku
John Di Maggio as Gonza
Kate T. Vogt as
Iron Town Woman
Tatara Women's Song
Keith David as
Opening Narrator
Leslie Ishii as Tatara Women's Song
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Tatara Women's Song
Sasha Lazard as Princess Mononoke Theme Song 
Sherry Lynn as
Emishi Village Girl
Iron Town Woman
Tara Charendoff as Kaya

English companies
Alliance Films (Canada)
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
Milan Records (soundtrack)
Optimum Releasing (UK)
Shout! Factory (2017)
Internet Streaming:
Netflix (Worldwide, excl. USA and Japan)
Korean cast
Korean staff
Mi-Suk Jeong as San
Yeong-Seon Kim as Ashitaka

Gwang Jang as Moro, the Wolf
Hui-Seon Gang as Eboshi Gozen
Mi-Na Yun as Toki
Min No as Jigo

Eui-Jin Chae as Kaya
In-Seong Lee as Kouroku
Ji-Hun Park as
Mun-Ja Choi as Hii-sama
Korean companies
Distributor: Dai Won DVD
French staff
French cast
Art Director: Jean-Marc Pannetier

Adaptation: Jean-Marc Pannetier
Dialogue Editing: Patrick Taieb
Dialogue Recording: Jean-Charles Liozu
Production manager: Dalila Trabelsi
Re-Recording Mixing: Jean-Charles Liozu
Cédric Dumond as Ashitaka
Cédric Dumont as Ashitaka 

Adèle Carasso as Toki
André Chaumeau as Jigo
Catherine Sola as Moro
François Siener as Gonza
Jacqueline Danno as Wise Woman
Jérôme Pauwels as Kohroku
Micky Sebastian as Lady Eboshi
Saïd Amadis as Okkotonuchi
French companies
Dialogue Recording: Dubbing Brothers
Distributor: Buena Vista Home Entertainment (France)
Spanish cast
Spanish staff
Dubbing Director:
Eduardo Gutierrez (Spain dub)
Juan Alfonso Carralero (Mexican 2010 redub)
Translation: Angel Fernández Sebastián (Spain dub)
ADR Script: Eduardo Gutierrez (Spain dub)
Executive producer: Hilel Chelminsky (Zima Entertainment)

Creative Supervision: Santiago Aguirre (Spain dub)
Music Director: Santiago Aguirre (Spain dub)
Subtitle Translation: Ayako Kishi (Aurum; 2010)
Angélica Rodríguez Ovalle as San (Mexican original dub)
David Robles as Príncipe Ashitaka (Spain dub)
Eva Díez as San (Spain dub)
Jahel Morga as San (Mexican 2010 redub)

Alejandra de la Rosa as Lady Eboshi (Mexican 2010 redub)
Amparo Valencia as Toki (Spain dub)
Carlos Enrique Bonilla as Ashitaka (Mexican 2010 redub)
María José Castro as Lady Eboshi (Spain dub) 
María Luisa Rubio as Moro (Spain dub)
Pepa Castro as Lady Eboshi (Spain dub)
Roberto Cuenca Martínez as Jiko Bou (Spain dub)

Abilio Fernández as Leper #3 (Spain dub)
Angel Amorós as Monkey #2 (Spain dub)
Antonio Fernández Sánchez as Jii-San (Spain dub)
Antonio Villar as Hunter #1 (Spain dub)
Carlos Ysbert as Gonza (Spain dub)
Cecilia Santiago as Kiyo (Spain dub)
César López as Hunter #2 (Spain dub)
Charo Soria as Girl #2 (Spain dub)
Daniel Dicenta as Naco (Spain dub)
Eduardo Gutierrez as Porteador (Spain dub)
Eduardo Moreno as Old man #2 (Spain dub)
Enrique Cazorla as Black beard (Spain dub)
Fernando Cabrera as Samurai #7 (Spain dub)
Fernando Chinarro as Tatara (Spain dub)
Francisco Torres as Rifleman #2 (Spain dub)
Francisco Andrés Valdivia as Angry man (Spain dub)
Javier Lopez as Villager (Spain dub)
Jesús Díaz as Monkey #1 (Spain dub)
Jesús Jiménez as Old leper (Spain dub)
Juan Fernández as Wolf #2 (Spain dub)
Juan Carlos Lozano as Hunter #3 (Spain dub)
Julián Rodríguez as Watchman (Spain dub)
Luis Bajo as Kôroku (Spain dub)
Luis Gaspar as Wolf #1 (Spain dub)
Luis Marín as Fat man (Spain dub)
Luis Mas as Leper #1 (Spain dub)
Manuel Osto as Samurai #5 (Spain dub)
Margarita De Francia as White girl (Spain dub)
Margarita Ponce as Orange girl (Spain dub)
María Jesús Varona as Pink girl (Spain dub)
María José Maestro as Girl #1 (Spain dub)
Mario Martín as
Guard #3 (Spain dub)
Samurai #3 (Spain dub)
Matilde Conesa as Old woman (Spain dub)
Mayte Tajadura as Blue girl (Spain dub)
Miguel Zúñiga as Samurai #4 (Spain dub)
Miguel Ángel Montero as Guard (Spain dub)
Paco Hernández as Okkoto (Spain dub)
Paloma Porcel as Purple girl (Spain dub)
Pedro Tena as Warrior (Spain dub)
Pilar López Mijares as Yellow girl (Spain dub)
Pilar Martín as Kaya (Spain dub)
Rafael Calvo as
Little man (Spain dub)
Samurai #1 (Spain dub)
Rafael Torres as Boar (Spain dub)
Ramón Reparaz as Old man (Spain dub)
Roberto Encinas as Red man (Spain dub)
Ruperto Ares as Samurai #6 (Spain dub)
Tere Salazar de Quintanilla as Wise Old Lady (Mexican original dub)
Tony Canal as Drunk man (Spain dub)
Vicente Gisbert as Samurai #2 (Spain dub)

Arisbet Guerrero (Mexican 2010 redub)
Eleazar Muñoz (Mexican 2010 redub)
Juan Alfonso Carralero (Mexican 2010 redub)
Ricardo Rocha (Mexican 2010 redub)
Valeria Caballero (Mexican 2010 redub)
Spanish companies
Canal CinemaPlus (Latin America)
Canal MAX (Latin America)
Canal RCN (Colombia)
Cinema + (Colombia)
laSexta3 (Spain; 2011-12-24)
Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Babilla Ciné (Colombia | Theatrical; DVD and Blu-ray)
Buena Vista International (Spain)
Edisur (Chile; import)
Vértigo Films (Spain; 2015)
Dubbing Studio:
Euroaudiovisual (Madrid, Spain)
Musitrón S.A. de C.V. (Mexican original dub)
Zima Entertainment (Mexican 2010 redub)
DVD Distribution: Babilla Ciné (Colombia)
Internet Streaming:
Canal RCN (Colombia)
Código Animé (Zima Entertainment dub; expired)
Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Licensed by:
Aurum Producciones (Spain; 2009; expired)
Miramax Films (Spain; expired)
Vértigo Films (Spain; 2018)
Zima Entertainment (Mexico)
Theatrical Releaser: Babilla Ciné (Colombia | Theatrical)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Gualtiero Cannarsi (modified dubbing)
Silvia Monelli
Translation: Giorgio Nardoni (modified dubbing)
Executive producer: Romina Franzini (modified dubbing)

ADubbing Assistant: Yuri Bedini
Gualtiero Cannarsi (modified dubbing)
Rodolfo Cappellini
Dubbing Assistant: Liselotte Parisi (modified dubbing)
Dubbing Engineer: Mauro Messi
Mixage: Mario Frezza (modified dubbing)
Andrea Pochini (modified dubbing)
Roberto Moroni
Alessandro Quarta as Ashitaka
Joy Saltarelli as San (modified dubbing)
Laura Lenghi as San
Lorenzo De Angelis as Ashitaka (modified dubbing)

Giorgio Lopez as Jigo
Ludovica Modugno as Patrona Moro (modified dubbing)
Marzia Ubaldi as Moro
Pino Insegno as Bonzo Jiko (modified dubbing)
Valeria Vidali as Toki (modified dubbing)

Alessandra Cassioli as
Eccelsa Eboshi (modified dubbing)
Lady Eboshi
Ambrogio Colombo as Ammalato (modified dubbing)
Angelo Nicotra as Gonza (modified dubbing)
Bruno Alessandro as Nonnetto (modified dubbing)
Daniele Valenti as Cinghiale (modified dubbing)
Eleonora De Angelis as Ammalata (modified dubbing)
Enzo Avolio as Mandriano (modified dubbing)
Gianluca Crisafi as Kohroku (modified dubbing)
Glauco Onorato as Okkoto
Graziella Polesinanti as
Somma HII (modified dubbing)
Joy Saltarelli as Kaya (modified dubbing)
Mauro Magliozzi as Dio maligno (modified dubbing)
Mino Caprio as Kohroku
Oliviero Dinelli as Capo malati (modified dubbing)
Paolo Buglioni as Gonza
Sergio Fiorentini as Nume Okkoto (modified dubbing)
Stefano Mondini as Dei Cane (modified dubbing)
Italian companies
Distributor: Lucky Red (ed. 2014)
Dea 5
SEFIT-CDC (modified dubbing)
Internet Streaming: Mediaset Infinity
SEFIT-CDC (modified dubbing)
German staff
German cast
ADR Director: Benedikt Rabanus
German companies
RTL II (2003-12-24)
Super RTL (2007-04-06)
Russian staff
Russian cast
Dubbing Director: Alexander Filchenko
Russian companies
Broadcaster: FAN TV (2019)
Danish staff
Danish cast
Danish companies
DVD Publisher: Scanbox (Release of the DVD)
Polish staff
Polish companies
Polish cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Telmo de Avelar
Translation: Telmo de Avelar
Peterson Adriano as Ashitaka

Carlos Seidl as Kohroko
Dário de Castro as um dos lobos
José Santacruz as um dos macacos
Márcio Seixas as Narrador
Mário Monjardim as um dos macacos
Maurício Berger as Gonza
Mauro Ramos as Jigo
Nelly Amaral as Kimi
Pietro Mário as Okkoto
Ricardo Juarez as um dos lobos
Selma Lopes as Mulher Sábia
Sylvia Salustti as Toki
Telmo de Avelar as Jii-san
Vera Miranda as Lady Eboshi

Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: Canal MAX (subtituled-Brazil)
Outsider Films (Portugal)
Versátil Home Vídeo (DVD)
Dubbing Studio: Herbert Richers
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Brazil)
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Distributor: Deltamac Co., Ltd.
Chinese (Taiwan) cast
Chinese (Hong Kong) staff
Chinese (Hong Kong) companies
Chinese (Hong Kong) cast

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