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What, me rant? Not this week.

Greetings Answerman!
Just a couple of quick questions.

I e-mailed Disney about them releasing the other Miyazaki films on DVD, and they said that they only had the DVD rights for Mononoke Hime, and not the rest. Is this because of them currently being released Region 2 (e.g. My Neighbour Totoro), and will they be the only ones they see. After all, they do have english subtitles...

2. Any idea of when Tsukikage Ran will be released? I understand Bandai have the rights....

Thanks for your time.



Disney has to wait for the Region 2 DVD release in Japan before they can release something on DVD here. Basically they want to prevent Japanese consumers from buying the cheaper Region 1 imports. I assume we'll see a DVD release for every Ghibli film licensed under the Disney deal eventually; we just have to wait a while. As for your second question, no. Don't expect release dates on anything that was licensed recently. If they do come, be content, but don't demand a release date for something that only recently became licensed.

Hey Answerman, I've got a question about Anime VCDs... I know that VCD is usually a bad quality format and that bootlegs are very common, but they're so cheap compared to VHS or DVD so I find it's the best way for me to buy new series. Well, on to my question: Why is it that some VCDs are edited so badly? I've got the Tenchi Muyo! OAV series on VCD and NGE also, and both are edited in the most bizzare ways. The cuts in Tenchi actually make some sense (they cut out the nudity and sexual refrences), but the NGE edits make no sense at all. They'll cut off a few random seconds here and there where nothing much happens, but there doesn't seem to be any pattern and it's really confusing. Do you know why this is? Thanks -Evan

Probably because those VCDs are licensed (or unlicensed) for Foreign markets. Remember that VCDs aren't produced with the American consumer in mind; those foreign markets have different censorship laws and different cultural standards than we do. Sometimes those weird edits might make sense to someone who was intended to watch the re-edited VCD version.

Dear Answerman,

I've been dying to know if there is even a slightest chance of "Violinist of Hamelin" making it to the United States. I desperatly want to see it but I'm very hesitant on buying the series fansubbed, because it's almost impossible for me to tell what fansub distro centers are trustworthy and which ones aren't.

Arigato! ^_^

Given how cheap the Hamelin license must be, I'm surprised it hasn't been announced yet. No companies have said anything about this title. As for trustworthy fansub places, try Kodocha Anime. I've never once been ripped off by them - they're the cleanest place on the web for VHS fansubs.

ok here is the deal i have seen all 25 episodes of Love Hina and the 2 specials and i have started reading the manga series and i was wondering is there going to be a second season of Love Hina anime? i have heard from about an even number of other people in chat rooms and on mirc that the series is over or that they are going to make more. i was wondering if you had a straight answer? yes or no, or could point me in the directoin of the people that might know. thanks for you help

As for right now, no. There are no plans for more Love Hina currently in the works. (I think I answered this question last week, too… read the column, people…) That's not to say it won't happen, though.

I have only one question at the moment. What's the chance of there being another series or movie of Shamanic Princess. It really surprised me in that it's quite a good story that I really enjoyed.

- Ashley (a.k.a. Barranus)

Lemme consult Pete, my magical Divination monkey, on this one.


Pete says that while nothing is impossible, there are no plans for more Shamanic Princess in the works.

Got a few questions for you answer man, that I hope you can help. I was at Otakon this year, and was wondering if there's any way I could get a copy of the music videos (download or an actual copy)... they only offer copys to those that enter the contest. Some of it was great, and my friends and I would love to see some of it again. I was also wondering about 2 series that I saw there. One, GTO, was playing at the beginning of the convention. It looked a little older, but i have to say it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I've been able to find out that it came out in '99 in Japan, and was extremely popular.

The other was supposed to be shown, but was cancled. Furi kuri, or FLCL. I was looking forward to seeing it, but it was replaced by something completely different. I haven't been able to find out too much about either, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Thanks for any information you have.

Generally you can find the music videos shown at nearly every contest everywhere at Otakon only releases a compilation tape to people who've submitted music videos, and they generally don't copy it for others. Good luck finding a copy. As for GTO, despite massive fan support, no US companies have licensed the show. It's very popular in Japan, but you'll have to wait a while longer for a possible US release announcement. FLCL is the new OVA series by Gainax, the studio responsible for Evangelion. Synch-Point is releasing it here in the winter.

I'm going to take just a few questions in this column to let you all in on some of the more entertaining questions I get. Apologies to the people who wrote these questions; we're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you.

Hi Answerman, I'm just wondering if Golden Boy will be released on DVD anytime soon.


No, absolutely not. ADV Films released in a statement a few days back that the original Golden Boy masters were burned by a horde of angry Q&A columnists and the title will never see the light of day on DVD.


I thought I read somewhere that Oh! Super Milk-chan TV and Ojamajo Doremi were picked up by ADV. Yet, all the sites I visit say that these have been picked up yet. What's the scoop?


You're right, they have indeed been picked up. Need anything else confirmed?

X. Pretty movie. Confusing plot. Still, I liked it because of the mass destruction that occurs in nearly every fight. As I watched this, I began to think: "hey, this isn't the first time Tokyo gets fush up by guys with supernatural powers." Now, my question, can you list some of the mayor anime movies or series where Tokyo or a mayor city gets trashed.

Lesse… the anime series or movies in which a major city or Tokyo gets trashed. Anyone else wanna take this one? We could be here all night.

where did bojack come from i looked in my bio and it does not tell were he is from i would look it up my self but i dont have the time?

Steve the magic rhino ate a banana on a Tuesday and on Thursday of 19238383 AD he decided to wear a hat.

Again, my apologies to the readers who wrote in with these. Sometimes I just can't help myself. See y'all next week.

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