Sen To Chihiro continues to dominate Japanese Box Office

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Latest Japanese Box Office Chart

As of August 23rd Sen to Chihiro has grossed over 13 billion Yen and is the only Japanese movie to break the US$100 million (12 billion Yen) mark this year.

Once again, this past weekend Sen to Chihiro was the number one ranking movie at the Japanese box office. Sen has remained number one since its release. According to Sen's distributor, Toho, the movie will break the 19.3 billion Yen mark set by Princess Mononoke. Mononoke is, to date, the most successful Japanese movie history.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Box office record is still held by a foreign film, the American Titanic made 25.9 billion yen at the Japanesebox office. Princess Mononoke is currently second overall.

The latest Japanese weekend box office chart (August 18th-19th) is as follows:

(rank This week, Lat Week, Title)

1 1 Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
2 - Driven
3 2 Jurassic Park
4 3 The Planet of the Apes
5 - Tsuri-Baka Nisshi 12 (Fishing-Craze Diary Part 12)
6 4 A.I.
7 5 Pearl Habor
8 6 Red Shadow Akakage
9 7 Pokemon The Timelerss Encounter
10- Saiyuki

Japanese films Trsuri-Baka and Red Shadow (Ninja movie) are live action movies. Saiyuki is Anime.

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