Pokémon (TV)

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Alternative title:
Pocket Monsters
Pokemon - Adventures on the Orange Islands
Pokémon - Johto League Champions
Pokémon - La Búsqueda del Maestro (Spanish)
Pokémon - Los Campeones de la Liga Johto (Spanish)
Pokémon - Los Viajes Johto (Spanish)
Pokémon - Master Quest
Pokemon - Orange Island Adventures
Pokémon - The Johto Journeys
Pokemon - The Original Series
Pokémon: A Jornada Johto (Portuguese)
Покемон (Russian)
بوكيمون (Arabic)
ポケットモンスター (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: A young boy named Ash Ketchum embarks on a journey to become a "Pokemon Master" with his first Pokemon, Pikachu. Joining him on his travels are Brock, a girl-obsessed Rock Pokemon Trainer, and Misty, a tomboyish Water Pokemon Trainer who may have a crush on him. Ash and Co. end up traveling through various regions, including Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, and then enter the Pokemon League competitions there. Along the way, they run into many confrontations with Jessie, James, and Meowth, a trio of Pokemon thieves who are apart of an evil organization called "Team Rocket". But everytime Team Rocket try to do their evil deeds, they fail thanks to Ash and his Pokemon.
User Ratings: 3097 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 146 votes (dub:86, sub:37, ?:4, edit.dub:4, raw:1, others:14
3 Dutch dubbed
3 Spanish dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Polish dubbed
1 German dubbed
1 Greek dub dubbed
1 Arabic dubbed
 Excellent: 163 votes (dub:103, sub:38, edit.dub:7, raw:1, others:14
4 Spanish dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Portuguese subtitled
1 German dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
1 French subtitled
1 Norwegian dubbed
1 Chinese subtitled subtitled
 Very good: 295 votes (dub:175, sub:60, edit.dub:22, ?:6, raw:4, others:28
8 Spanish dubbed
4 Spanish subtitled
3 French dubbed
2 German dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Arabic dubbed
2 Dutch dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Spanish edited dub
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
 Good: 596 votes (dub:330, sub:159, edit.dub:39, ?:9, raw:4, others:55
19 Spanish dubbed
11 Portuguese dubbed
5 Dutch dubbed
5 Spanish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 French dubbed
2 German dubbed
2 Greek dubbed
1 Arabic dubbed
1 Hindi dubbed
1 Indonesian dubbed
1 Arabic edited dub
1 Russian dubbed
1 Hungarian dubbed
 Decent: 639 votes (dub:342, sub:161, edit.dub:67, ?:15, raw:1, others:53
12 Spanish dubbed
9 German dubbed
5 Dutch dubbed
4 Portuguese dubbed
3 Swedish dubbed
3 Spanish subtitled
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 French dubbed
2 Spanish edited dub
1 Russian dubbed
1 Croatian dubbed
1 German edited dub
1 Swedish edited dub
1 Russian subtitled
1 Arabic dubbed
1 Italian edited dub
1 Italian subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Dutch edited dub
1 Polish subtitled
 So-so: 279 votes (dub:146, sub:65, edit.dub:31, ?:9, raw:1, others:27
5 Spanish dubbed
4 Portuguese dubbed
3 Dutch dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
2 Finnish dubbed
2 German dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Traditional Chinese subtitled
1 Tagalog dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
1 Polish dubbed
1 Croatian dubbed
1 Norwegian dubbed
1 Portuguese edited dub
 Not really good: 303 votes (dub:158, sub:83, edit.dub:28, ?:7, raw:2, others:25
5 Spanish dubbed
4 German dubbed
4 Dutch dubbed
4 Portuguese dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Portuguese edited dub
1 Turkish dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Danish dubbed
1 Czech dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Swedish subtitled
 Weak: 288 votes (dub:143, sub:78, edit.dub:26, ?:4, others:37
9 Spanish dubbed
6 German dubbed
5 Portuguese dubbed
3 Swedish dubbed
3 French dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 German edited dub
2 Polish dubbed
2 Dutch dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish edited dub
 Bad: 168 votes (dub:76, sub:51, edit.dub:22, ?:4, raw:1, others:14
3 Dutch dubbed
3 German dubbed
2 Polish dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Swedish dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Serbian dubbed
 Awful: 100 votes (dub:48, sub:24, edit.dub:13, ?:3, others:12
3 German dubbed
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Polish dubbed
2 Dutch dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Czech dubbed
 Worst ever: 120 votes (dub:71, sub:28, edit.dub:6, ?:5, others:10
5 German dubbed
2 Italian dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Swedish dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 7119 users, rank: #81 (of 8073)
Median rating: Decent
Arithmetic mean: 5.554 (Decent−), std. dev.: 2.4476, rank: #6778 (of 8154)
Weighted mean: 5.486 (So-so+), rank: #6934 (of 8154) (seen all: 6.36 / seen some: 5.20 / won't finish: 4.24)
Bayesian estimate: 5.493 (So-so+), rank: #5904 (of 6189)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 276
Episode titles: We have 276
1997-04-01 to 2002-11-14
1998-09-08 to 2003-10-25 (USA)
1999-02-02 (Colombia - Canal Caracol)
1999-05-10 (Brazil - Rede Record)
1999-06-14 to 2007-03-19 (México - Televisa Canal 5)
1999-09-01 (Germany - RTL 2)
1999-09-06 to 2004-01-20 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
1999-12-20 (Spain, Telecinco)
2000-01-07 (Italy, Italia 1)
2000-09-04 (Poland - Polsat)
2010-01-01 (Tooncast - Latin America)
2012-02-02 (Argentina, ZTV-Telefe)
1. Indigo League, 83 eps (1997-04-01 to 1999-01-28)
2. Orange League, 35 eps (1999-02-04 to 1999-10-07)
3. Johto League, 93 eps (1999-10-14 to 2001-08-02)
4. Whirlpool Cup, 14 eps (2001-08-16 to 2001-11-08)
5. Johto League 2, 51 eps (2001-01-15 to 2002-11-14)
Release dates: We have 17
Opening Theme:
#1: "Mezase Pokemon Master" by Rica Matsumoto (eps 1-82)
#1: "Pokémon Theme (Gotta Catch'em All)" by Jason Paige (eps 1-82)
#1: "Pokémon" by Giorgio Vanni (eps 1-57)
#2: "Pokémon World" by Russell Velázquez (eps 84-116)
#2: "Pokémon: Oltre i Cieli dell'Avventura" by Giorgio Vanni (eps 58-116)
#2: "Rival!" by Rica Matsumoto (eps 83-118)
#3: "A Whole New World (Pokémon Johto)" by PJ Lequerica/Johto (eps 117-157)
#3: "Always Pokémon" by Giorgio Vanni and Cristina D'Avena (eps 117-157)
#3: "OK!" by Rica Matsumoto (eps 119-194)
#4: "Born To Be a Winner" by David Rolfe eps. 158-209
#4: "Mezase Pokemon Master" by Whiteberry (eps 195-241)
#4: "Pokémon, The Johto League Champions" by Giorgio Vanni and Cristina D'Avena (eps 158-209)
#5: "Believe in Me" by David Rolfe (eps 210-272)
#5: "Pokémon: The Master Quest" by Giorgio Vanni and Cristina D'Avena (eps 210-262)
#5: "Ready, Go!" by Naomi Tamura (eps 241-276)
Ending Theme:
#01: "Hyaku Gojuu Ichi" by Unshou Ishizuka and Pokemon Kids (eps 1-27)
#02: "Nyaasu no Uta" by Inuko Inuyama (eps 28-37)
#03: "Pocket ni Fantasy" by Sachi & Juri (eps 38-53)
#04: "Pokemon Ondo" by Garura Kobayashi (eps 54-66)
#05: "Type: Wild" by Rica Matsumoto (eps 67-104)
#06: "Lapras ni Notte" by Iizuka Mayumi and Aikawa Rikako (eps 105-116)
#07: "Nyaasu no Party" by Roketto-Dan (eps 119-143)
#08: "Pokemon Hara Hara Relay" by Aikawa Rikako And Korasu
#09: "Takeshi no Paradaisu" by Yuji Ueda (eps 159-174)
#10: "Boku no Best Friend e" by Iawasaki Hiromi (eps 175-193)
#11: "Maemuki Roketto-Dan" by Roketto-Dan (eps 194-238)
#12: "Poketaari Monsutaari" by KANA (eps 241-276)
Insert song:
"Goodbye" (English; ep 273) by ???
"Maemuki, Roketto-Dan!" by Roketto-Dan (ep 237)
"Mezase Pokemon Master 1998" by Rica Matsumoto (ep 235)
"The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye)" (English; ep 39) by ???
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    Pokemon - Complete Pocket Guide (Artbook 1) 2008-10-07
    Pokemon - Complete Pocket Guide (Artbook 2) 2008-10-07
DVD (Region 1)
    Pokemon - I Choose You! Pikachu! (DVD) 1998-12-13
    Pokemon - Master Quest Part 1 (DVD) 2004-10-26
    Pokemon - Master Quest Part 2 (DVD) 2005-02-22
    Pokemon - Adventures on the Orange Islands (DVD 3) 2003-11-18
    Pokemon - Thunder Shock! (DVD 5) 1999-05-18
    Pokemon - Seaside Pikachu (DVD 6) 1999-07-20
    Pokemon - Psi Surprise (DVD 7) 1999-07-20
    Pokemon - Primeape Problems (DVD 8) 1999-09-21
    Pokemon - Fashion Victim (DVD 9) 1999-09-21
    Pokemon - Fighting Tournament (DVD 10) 1999-09-21
    Pokemon - The Great Race (DVD 11) 1999-11-23
    Pokemon - Pikachu Party (DVD 12) 1999-11-23
    Pokemon - Wake Up Snorlax! (DVD 13) 2000-01-18
    Pokemon - Jigglypuff Pop (DVD 14) 2000-01-18
    Pokemon - Charizard! (DVD 15) 2000-02-22
    Pokemon - Totally Togepi! (DVD 16) 2000-02-22
    Pokemon - Water Blast! (DVD 18) 2000-06-06
    Pokemon - Our Hero Meowth (DVD 19) 2000-07-18
    Pokemon - The Final Badge (DVD 20) 2000-07-18
    Pokemon - The Po-Ke Corral! (DVD 21) 2000-09-19
    Pokemon - Hang Ten, Pikachu (DVD 22) 2000-09-19
    Pokemon - Show Time! (DVD 23) 2000-11-14
    Pokemon - Into The Arena (DVD 24) 2000-11-14
    Pokemon - Round One! (DVD 25) 2001-01-23
    Pokemon - Friends And Rivals (DVD 26) 2001-01-23
    Pokemon - A Brand New World (DVD 39) 2001-03-27
    Pokemon - Midnight Guardian (DVD 40) 2001-03-27
    Pokemon - Flying Ace (DVD 43) 2001-07-31
    Pokemon - Fire Power (DVD 44) 2001-07-31
    Pokemon - Team Green (DVD 45) 2001-09-25
    Pokemon - Crimson Warrior (DVD 46) 2001-09-25
    Pokemon - Azalea Adventures (DVD 47) 2001-11-27
    Pokemon - Buggy Boogie (DVD 48) 2001-11-27
    Pokemon - Squirtle Squad (DVD 49) 2002-01-29
    Pokemon - Midnight Heroes (DVD 50) 2002-01-29
    Pokemon - Ursaring Rampage (DVD 51) 2002-03-26
    Pokemon - Watch That Wobuffet (DVD 60) 2004-01-20
    Pokémon Elements - Ice (DVD 5) 2009-11-24
    Pokémon Elements - Dark (DVD 6) 2009-11-24
    Pokémon Elements - Psychic (DVD 7) 2010-01-26
    Pokémon Elements - Dragon (DVD 8) 2010-01-26
    Pokemon Elements - Ghost (DVD 9) 2010-03-23
    Pokemon Elements - Rock (DVD 10) 2010-03-23
    Pokémon Master Quest - The Complete Collection (DVD) 2016-10-11
    Pokemon: Adventures On The Orange Islands (DVD) 2002-11-12
    Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands (DVD 2) 2003-03-07
    Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands (DVD 2) 2003-09-23
    Pokemon: Johto Journeys - Mission Spinarak (DVD 41) 2001-05-29
    Pokemon: The Johto Journeys - Snow Rescue (DVD 42) 2001-05-29
    Pokemon - Season 1 DVD Box Set (Dub.DVD) 2006-11-21
    Pokémon - Season 1 DVD Box Set 2 (Dub.DVD) 2007-11-13
    Pokémon - Season 1 DVD Box Set 3 (Dub.DVD) 2008-02-12
    Pokémon - Indigo League Part 1 (Dub.DVD) 2013-11-05
    Pokémon - Indigo League - The Complete Collection (Dub.DVD) 2014-10-28
    Pokémon - Indigo League Part 2 (Dub.DVD) 2014-10-28
    Pokémon - Indigo League Part 3 (Dub.DVD) 2014-10-28
    Pokémon - Mystery of Mount Moon (Dub.DVD 2) 1999-03-09
    Pokémon - Sisters of Cerulean City (Dub.DVD 3) 1999-03-09
    Pokémon - Poke-Friends (Dub.DVD 4) 1999-05-14
    Pokemon - Adventures on the Orange Islands (Dub.DVD 4) 2008-05-20
    Pokemon (Dub.DVD 7) 2006-03-14
    Pokémon - Picture Perfect (Dub.DVD 17) 2000-05-30
    Pokémon - Johto League Champions (Dub.DVD 1) 2002-12-10
    Pokemon - Road to the Johto League Champion (Dub.DVD 2) 2003-03-11
    Pokemon - Distance to the Johto League Championship (Dub.DVD 3) 2003-06-24
    Pokémon - Path to the Johto League Champion (Dub.DVD 4) 2003-08-26
    Pokemon - Way to the Johto League Champion (Dub.DVD 5) 2003-10-28
    Pokemon - Circuit to the Johto League Champion (Dub.DVD 6) 2003-12-02
    Pokemon - Johto League Champions, Journey's End (Dub.DVD 7) 2004-02-10
    Pokemon All Stars - Pikachu (Dub.DVD 1) 2006-06-06
    Pokemon All Stars - Jigglypuff (Dub.DVD 2) 2006-06-06
    Pokemon All Stars - Charizard (Dub.DVD 3) 2006-08-22
    Pokemon All Stars - Squirtle (Dub.DVD 4) 2006-08-22
    Pokemon All Stars - Blastoise (Dub.DVD 5) 2006-10-24
    Pokemon All Stars - Eevee (Dub.DVD 6) 2006-10-24
    Pokemon All Stars - Bulbasaur (Dub.DVD 7) 2006-10-24
    Pokemon All Stars - Lugia (Dub.DVD 8) 2006-12-19
    Pokemon All Stars - Charmander (Dub.DVD 9) 2006-12-19
    Pokemon All Stars - Mudkip (Dub.DVD 10) 2006-12-19
    Pokemon All Stars - Meowth (Dub.DVD 11) 2008-08-19 (from $7.98)
    Pokemon All Stars - Treecko (Dub.DVD 12) 2008-08-19 (from $7.98)
    Pokemon All Stars (Dub.DVD 13) 2008-10-28
    Pokemon All Stars (Dub.DVD 14) 2008-10-28 (from $7.99)
    Pokemon All Stars (Dub.DVD 15) 2008-12-16
    Pokemon All Stars (Dub.DVD 16) 2008-12-16
    Pokemon All Stars - Skitty (Dub.DVD 17) 2009-02-17
    Pokemon All Stars - Chikorita (Dub.DVD 18) 2009-02-17
    Pokemon All Stars - Torchic (Dub.DVD 19) 2009-04-21
    Pokemon All Stars - Onix (Dub.DVD 20) 2009-04-21
    Pokémon All Stars - Box Set 1 (Dub.DVD 1-10) 2007-05-29
    Pokemon All Stars - Box Set 2 (Dub.DVD 11-20) 2009-08-25
    Pokemon Elements - Collection 1 (Dub.DVD) 2010-08-31 (from $25.99)
    Pokemon Elements - Collection 2 (Dub.DVD) 2011-01-25
    Pokemon Elements - Grass (Dub.DVD 1) 2009-07-28 (from $5.99)
    Pokemon Elements - Fire (Dub.DVD 2) 2009-07-28 (from $5.99)
    Pokemon Elements - Water (Dub.DVD 3) 2009-09-29
    Pokemon Elements - Electric (Dub.DVD 4) 2009-09-29
    Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands - The Complete Collection (Dub.DVD) 2015-05-05
    Pokémon: Johto League Champions - The Complete Collection (Dub.DVD) 2016-05-31
    Pokémon: The Johto Journeys - The Complete Collection (Dub.DVD) 2015-11-10
    Pokemon - Thunder Shock (Dub.VHS 5) 1999-05-14
    Pokemon - Seadise Pikachu (Dub.VHS 6) 1999-07-20
    Pokemon - Abandon Ship (Dub.VHS 7) 2005-01-25
    Pokemon - Wake Up Snorlax (Dub.VHS 13) 2000-01-18
    Pokemon - Jigglypuff Pop (Dub.VHS 14) 2000-01-18
    Pokemon - Totally Togepi (Dub.VHS 16) 2000-02-22
    Pokemon - Water Blast (Dub.VHS 18) 2000-05-30
    Pokemon - Team Green (Dub.VHS 45) 2001-09-25
    Pokemon - Crimson Warrior (Dub.VHS 46) 2001-09-25
    Pokemon - Azalea Adventures (Dub.VHS 47) 2001-11-27
    Pokemon - Buggy Boogie (Dub.VHS 48) 2001-11-27
    Pokemon - Squirtle Squad (Dub.VHS 49) 2002-01-29
    Pokemon - Midnight Heroes (Dub.VHS 50) 2002-01-29
    Pokemon - Johto League Champions: Quest for the Hidden Temple (Dub.VHS 55) 2003-03-11
    Pokemon - Crash of the Dairy (Dub.VHS 56) 2003-05-27
    Pokemon - Learning to Be the Best (Dub.VHS 57) 2003-07-29
    Pokemon - Big Air (Dub.VHS 58) 2003-09-30
    Pokemon - Tea'd Off (Dub.VHS 59) 2003-11-25

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Director: Masamitsu Hidaka
Atsuhiro Tomioka
Hideki Sonoda
Junki Takegami
Shinzō Fujita
Shoji Yonemura
Takeshi Shudō (18 episodes
eps 1-2, 9, 13, 17, 20, 31, 68, 70, 134, 195, 197, 204, 206, 211, 218, 231, 234

Yukiyoshi Ohashi
Original creator: Satoshi Tajiri
Character Design:
Ken Sugimori
Sayuri Ichiishi
Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
Chief Animation Director: Toshiya Yamada (eps 91-275)
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Director of Photography:
Hisao Shirai (eps 92-276)
Motoaki Ikegami (eps 1-90)
Executive producer: Tsunekazu Ishihara
Keisuke Iwata (TV Tokyo; eps 15-90)
Makiko Iwata (TV Tokyo; eps 91-258)
Mikihiko Fukazawa (Medianet; eps 260-276)
Susumu Matsuyama (TV Tokyo; eps 259-275)
Takayuki Yanagisawa (Medianet; eps 1-259)
Takemoto Mori
Yumi Murase (TV Tokyo; eps 1-15)

Animation producer: Shukichi Kanda
Animation Supervisor: Yôichi Kotabe
Associate producer: Choji Yoshikawa
Color Coordination:
Norimichi Yoshino
Tatsue Ohzeki
Executive Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Music producer: Takahi Yoshida
Keisuke Iwata (TV Tokyo; eps 1-15, 92-276)
Masakazu Kubo
Takashi Kawaguchi
Production Desk: Hajime Yamanoi
Production manager:
Nobuyuki Wasaki (Team Wasaki)
Noriaki Iguchi (Team Iguchi)
Shouji Oota (Team Ota)
Tsukasa Koitabashi (Team Koitabashi)
Recording Adjustment: Nobuhira Hirano
Series Supervision:
Takeshi Shudō (eps 1-158)
Sound Effects: Daisuke Jinbo
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Mayumi Iizuka as Kasumi
Rica Matsumoto as Satoshi
Yūji Ueda as Takeshi

Inuko Inuyama as Nyarth
Megumi Hayashibara as Musashi
Shinichiro Miki as Kojirou

Ai Satou as
Haru (ep 173)
Miltank (ep 207)
Akemi Okamura as Rindou (ep 68)
Akiko Hiramatsu as
Chigusa (ep 166)
Daiki (ep 212)
Katsuko (ep 69)
Akiko Yajima as Himeguma (ep 186)
Akio Suyama as Yuuji (ep 141)
Akira Ishida as
Asa Shirakura as Yurika (ep 191)
Atsuko Enomoto as
Miki (ep 152)
Atsushi Kisaichi as Isao (ep 87)
Bin Shimada as Professor Akihabara (ep 38)
Chafurin as Hayabusa (ep 223)
Chiharu Suzuka as Laplace (ep 39)
Chika Sakamoto as Obaba
Chinami Nishimura as
Pink Butterfree
Chiyako Shibahara as
Fushigisou (ep 51)
Daiki Nakamura as
Gentleman (ep 15)
St. Anne Captain (ep 15)
Yasu (ep 42)
Yasu's strike (ep 42)
Daisuke Gouri as Mikio (ep 188)
Daisuke Kishio as
Noboru (ep 171)
Saburou (ep 266)
Eiji Maruyama as Kaburagi (eps 251-254)
Emi Shinohara as Aya (eps 32, 176)
Etsuko Kozakura as Madatsubomi (ep 77)
Fumihiko Tachiki as
Anoki (ep 29)
Machisu (ep 14)
Fumiko Orikasa as Anju (ep 179)
Hidenari Ugaki as
Kaneyo's Servant (eps 124, 175)
Winner Palace Manager (ep 111)
Hidetoshi Nakamura as
Debo (ep 113)
Kaidou (ep 210)
Professor Shiranui
Hikaru Midorikawa as
Daisuke (ep 11)
Komu (ep 75)
Hiro Yuuki as Dorio (ep 33)
Hiroko Kajimura as Girl (ep 26)
Hiromi Ishikawa as Tsukushi (ep 144)
Hiroshi Ohtake as
Kabigon's elder trainer (ep 41)
Manki (ep 25)
Okorizaru (eps 25, 29)
Hiroshi Tsuchida as Actor (ep 201)
Hirotaka Suzuoki as
Yadoran (eps 17, 66)
Hiroyuki Tanaka as Biker (ep 36)
Hiroyuki Yoshino as Naoto (ep 145)
Hisako Kyouda as Kane and Suzu (ep 121)
Hisanori Nemoto as Guardy (eps 33, 54)
Hisao Egawa as Construction Director (ep 31)
Houchu Ohtsuka as Kyou (ep 32)
Houko Kuwashima as Kiichi (ep 191)
Hyousei as
Mikoko (ep 234)
Nazonokusa (ep 239)
Ichirō Nagai as Dr. Nanba
Ikue Ōtani as
Isamu Tanonaka as Tsubo-Roujin (ep 170)
Issei Miyazaki as
Iwakaze (ep 68)
Takuya (ep 52)
Jin Horikawa as Shirogane league Announcer (eps 266-272)
Junko Asami as Manami (ep 29)
Kae Araki as Natsume
Kan Tokumaru as Ringuma (ep 155)
Kaori Tsuji as
Nazonokusa (various eps)
Wild Nyarth (ep 53)
Kappei Yamaguchi as Tooru
Katsumi Toriumi as Hazuki
Katsuyuki Konishi as
Raizō (ep 40)
Shinto Priest (ep 20)
Kazue Komiya as Shima (eps 237-238)
Kazuhiko Inoue as Professor Utsugi
Kazuhiro Nakata as Vincent (ep 67)
Kazuko Yanaga as Kaneyo (eps 124, 175)
Kazuo Hayashi as Rasseru (eps 106, 147)
Kazuya Nakai as
Morio (ep 119)
Shintaro (ep 219)
Keiko Han as Uchikido-Hakase
Kenichi Ogata as
Diguda Village headman (ep 218)
John (ep 90)
Rohho (ep 185)
Kenichi Suzumura as
Chiko (ep 264)
Hisashi (ep 173)
Saiga (ep 239)
Kenji Nojima as Yasuji (ep 247)
Kenta Miyake as Ringuma (ep 155)
Kentaro Ito as
Announcer (ep 33)
Gari (ep 113)
Jigi's Student (ep 103)
Mizuki (ep 40)
Nario (ep 173)
Pokemon School Student (ep 9)
Seiji (ep 76)
Tobita (ep 211)
Kiyonobu Suzuki as Gangar
Kiyoyuki Yanada as
Erebuu (ep 42)
Papan (ep 48)
Kobuhei Hayashiya as Hit Minamino (eps 69-70)
Kōichi Hasebe as
Sekiei league Announcer (eps 74-80)
Winners Cup Announcer (eps 111-112)
Kōichi Kitamura as Ryuu (ep 18)
Koichi Sakaguchi as Arbok
Kōichi Yamadera as Kamonegi
Koji Yusa as
Mitsuji (ep 146)
Yūji (eps 111-112)
Konami Yoshida as Kiyomi (ep 44)
Konomi Maeda as Moe (eps 267-268)
Kotono Mitsuishi as Metamon
Kouichi Nagano as Chef (ep 57)
Kouichi Toochika as Ryuuji (ep 256)
Kouki Miyata as Kid (ep 191)
Kousei Tomita as Jonosuke (ep 194)
Kousuke Okano as
Atsushi (ep 40)
Philip (ep 30)
Tokio (ep 168)
Kumiko Watanabe as Senta (ep 85)
Kyoko Hikami as
Machiko Toyoshima as Tattsu
Mako Hyoudou as
Anna (ep 165)
Eru (ep 205)
Hapinasu (ep 129)
Maman (ep 48)
Midori (ep 10)
Makoto Tsumura as Tsubasa (ep 242)
Mami Koyama as Ruriko
Mari Amako as Butterfree Trainer (ep 21)
Maria Kawamura as Kanna (ep 99)
Mariko Kouda as Sakura (eps 183, 226)
Masaharu Satō as Tamaranze
Masahiko Tanaka as Suicune
Masako Katsuki as Yamato
Masami Kikuchi as Saizou (ep 73)
Masami Suzuki as Hikaru
Masami Tachino as Kiyomi's Grandmother (ep 44)
Masami Toyoshima as Hanako
Masaru Ikeda as Thief Golem (ep 192)
Masashi Ebara as Jango (ep 115)
Masashi Hirose as Gantetsu (eps 142-143)
Masaya Matsukaze as Matsuba
Masaya Onosaka as Masaki
Masayuki Omoro as Ringleader (ep 43)
Mayumi Iizuka as
Mayumi Shintani as Sanae's Upa (ep 148)
Mayumi Tanaka as Rougela (ep 39)
Megumi Hayashibara as
Megumi Toyoguchi as Haruka (ep 190)
Michiko Neya as
Maiden (ep 20)
Nana (ep 94)
Michiyo Yanagisawa as Yakeishi (ep 240)
Mie Odagi as Gentleman's Wife (ep 15)
Miho Yamada as Shijima's wife (ep 209)
Mika Kanai as
Miki Itō as Miyabi (ep 244)
Miki Nagasawa as Atsumi (ep 85)
Miki Takahashi as Azusa (ep 137)
Minami Takayama as Hiroshi
Mitsuaki Hoshino as Ayano's Father (ep 213)
Mitsuaki Madono as Hide (ep 105)
Mitsuki Saiga as Isami (ep 201)
Mitsuru Ogata as
Miyako Itō as Yogirasu
Miyoko Shoji as Sofia
Motoko Kumai as
Gorou (ep 5)
Osamu (eps 220-222)
Tarou (ep 34)
Watari (ep 164)
Yutaka (ep 190)
Motomu Kiyokawa as Yanagi (eps 236-238)
Naoki Tatsuta as Professor Nishimori (ep 66)
Naoya Uchida as Pokemon Interpretation fraud Group Boss (ep 195)
Narumi Hidaka as Jinji (ep 231)
Niina Kumagaya as Nanako
Nobuaki Kakuda as Shijima (ep 209)
Nobutoshi Canna as
Black Kitao (ep 203)
Satake (ep 163)
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Akira (ep 8)
Noriko Hidaka as Kaoruko (ep 77)
Norio Wakamoto as Toukichi (ep 176)
Orine Fukushima as Imite (eps 37, 174)
Osamu Hosoi as TV Commercial Voice (ep 25)
Osamu Saka as Maruchero (ep 187)
Paru Hazuki as Magi (ep 43)
Rei Sakuma as
Lisa (ep 205)
Yuki (eps 28, 169)
Reiko Suzuki as Old Lady (ep 231)
Rica Matsumoto as
Nyarth (ep 70)
Sakaki's Persian
Rie Kugimiya as
Koyuki (ep 188)
Lilly (ep 241)
Rikako Aikawa as
Rikiya Koyama as Doctor Doc (ep 47)
Rin Mizuhara as Lucky
Rokurō Naya as Kisu Basukia (ep 197)
Romi Park as Tsurio (ep 216)
Rumi Kasahara as Reiko (ep 53)
Rumi Ochiai as Merry (ep 246)
Ryo Horikawa as Jigi
Ryoka Yuzuki as
Pii (ep 246)
Sayuri (ep 130)
Ryotaro Okiayu as Hibiki (ep 169)
Ryūji Saikachi as Old Man Gon (ep 180)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as
Fushigibana (ep 51)
Muramasa (ep 140)
Sachiko Kobayashi as
Garura (ep 34)
Garura Mother, Tarou's Mother (ep 34) 
Tarou's Mother (ep 34)
Sachiko Sugawara as
Miyuki (ep 132)
Nabi (ep 249)
Sakiko Tamagawa as Jiiku
Satoko Kitō as Misa (ep 36)
Satomi Koorogi as
Leon (Hiroshi's Pikachu)
Satsuki Yukino as
Atsuko (ep 64)
Ayano (ep 213)
Chie (eps 142-144)
Emily (ep 100)
Mutou (ep 264)
Shinichiro Miki as
Pokemon Zukan
Shinichirō Ōta as Announcer (ep 52)
Shinji Kawada as Minaki
Shoko Kikuchi as Girl (ep 26)
Shoko Tsuda as Kimie (ep 228)
Shōzō Iizuka as Datokoro (ep 73)
Sukekiyo Kameyama as Rangu (ep 195)
Susumu Chiba as
Shingo (ep 140)
Taeko Kawata as
Chibi-Pikachu (ep 39)
Metamon (Ditto)
Taimei Suzuki as Kaizer (ep 35)
Takashi Nagasako as Tamazou (ep 228)
Takashi Taguchi as Tarou's Papa (ep 34)
Takaya Hashi as Muno (ep 5)
Takayuki Yamaguchi as
Boat driver (ep 192)
Toy shop employee (ep 138)
Takehito Koyasu as Kosaburo
Takeshi Watabe as Village Elder (ep 41)
Takkou Ishimori as
Ghos (talking; ep 20)
Santa Claus
Takuma Suzuki as Hirata (ep 62)
Tetsuya Iwanaga as Rikao (ep 6)
Tomoe Hanba as Rokoko (ep 232)
Tomohiro Nishimura as Torigai (ep 154)
Tomokazu Seki as Kenji
Tomoko Kawakami as
Takami (ep 217)
Tomoko Kotani as
Butterfree Trainer (ep 21)
Koratta Trainer (ep 8)
Tomomichi Nishimura as Genzou (ep 166)
Tomoyuki Shimura as
Himeka's Father (ep 198)
Jirou (ep 166)
Toshihiko Nakajima as
Big city mayor (ep 102)
Hassaku (ep 208)
Konatsu's Iwaku (eps 208, 224)
Toshihiko Seki as Ken (ep 246)
Toshitaka Hirano as
AD (ep 160)
Ringuma (ep 155)
Toshiya Ueda as Katsura (eps 58-59)
Toshiyuki Morikawa as
Shiba (ep 71)
Tsutomu Kashiwakura as
Keita (ep 49)
Mikeosu (ep 96)
Unshō Ishizuka as
Urara Takano as Raichu
Wakako Taniguchi as Scout lady (ep 42)
Wakana Yamazaki as Chisato (ep 135)
Yasuaki Suzuki as Kaiser (ep 35)
Yasuhiro Takato as Kakureon (ep 205)
Yasunori Matsumoto as
Akio (ep 162)
Dan (ep 93)
Usokki (ep 162)
Yoko Asada as Botan
Yoko Soumi as
Eren (ep 139)
Naoya (ep 259)
White (ep 139)
Yonehiko Kitagawa as Shimajio (ep 96)
Yoshiko Kamei as
Teru (ep 146)
Tobio (ep 202)
Yoshinori Sonobe as
Hanpo (ep 264)
Tatsumi (eps 235-236)
Yousuke Akimoto as
Dr. Fuji
Natsume's Father
Yui Horie as Chihiro (ep 243)
Yūji Ueda as
Yuka Imai as
Hokuto (ep 72)
Shirou (ep 172)
Yukana as
Himeka (ep 198)
Tsubaki (ep 91)
Yuki Masuda as Yuuka (ep 138)
Yukiji as
Yuko Kato as Boy trainer
Yūko Kobayashi as
Yūko Mita as
Ibuki (eps 251-255)
Kameru A (eps 106, 147)
Karen (ep 139)
Yuko Miyamura as Akane (eps 158-159)
Yuko Sasamoto as Konatsu (3 episodes
eps 208-209, 224
Yuko Sumimoto as Yuriko (ep 219)
Yumi Kakazu as
Kei (ep 90)
Mikan (eps 208, 224)
Yumi Takada as Hibari (ep 153)
Yumi Touma as
Seiyo Yūtō (ep 9)
Yumiko Kobayashi as Minoru (ep 178)
Yuri Amano as Hiiragi (ep 120)
Yuri Shiratori as Fuuko
Yurika Hino as Narumi (ep 257)
Yuriko Yamaguchi as
Joi (2nd)
Rafureshia (ep 239)
Yuriko Yamamoto as Maya (eps 216-217)
Yūsaku Yara as Nagai/Gligerman (ep 138)
Yutaka Shimaka as Yosaku (ep 145)
Yuuko Satou as
Hachirou (ep 215)
Senichi (ep 262)
Yuzuru Fujimoto as Howard (ep 159)
Japanese companies
Animation Cooperation:
Artland (ep 66)
Doga Kobo (eps 245, 251)
JEC-E (eps 67, 88, 249)
MI (ep 83)
Studio Cockpit (eps 243, 248)
Sunshine Corporation (7 episodes
eps 2, 42, 46, 49, 64, 85, 90

Animation Production: OLM
Art Max
Studio Jack
Kids Station
TV Tokyo
CG Works: T2 Studio (ED5)
Film Developing: Imagica
Music Production: TV Tokyo Music
Sound Effects:
Swara Pro (original)
Sound Production: HALF H·P STUDIO
English staff
English cast
Paul Taylor
Raleigh Morgan (Season 5)
Kathy Borland (Season 3-5)
Norman J. Grossfeld (Season 1-2)

Bob Feig (Season 2)
Carter Cathcart (Season 5)
Crispin Freeman (Season 1-2)
David Beach (Season 3)
Jason Bergenfeld (Season 2)
Joe Witt (Season 2-3)
John Touhey (Season 1-2)
Jordan Bachrad (Season 4)
Julie Vallely (Season 3)
Kathy Borland (Season 5)
Michael Haigney (Season 1-4)
Norman J. Grossfeld (Season 1-2)
Thomas D. Sullivan (Season 1)
ADR Coordination:
Christopher Boncic (Season 4)
Jenaro Figueroa (Season 5)
ADR Engineer:
Armen Mazlumian (Season 2-5)
Christopher Boncic (Season 5)
Jeff Pustynsky (Season 2-5)
Jim Malone (Season 2-4)
Matt McNeil (Season 5)
ADR Engineer Editor:
Ron London (Season 1)
ADR Recording: Ohad Tzachar
Assistant producer:
Diana Sterling (Season 3-4)
Sherene Sharpe (Season 5)
Associate producer: Denitsa Zahariev (Season 4-5)
Editing: Denitsa Zahariev (Season 5)
Electronic Graphics:
Jennifer Obrotka (Season 4-5)
Robert Bruce (Season 5)
Ryan Kelly (Season 4-5)
Joseph P. Garrity (4Kids Entertainment; eps 1-116)
Sheldon Hirsch (Summit Media Group; Season 1; 4Kids Entertainment; Season 2)
Final Mix:
Armen Mazlumian (Season 2-5)
Rich Macar (Season 1)
David Byrd (Season 2)
Lorraine Campo (Season 1-2)
Miguel Oldenburg (Season 1-2)
Tom Wiener (Season 1-2)
Graphics Supervision:
Alexis Rothberg (Season 1-2)
Angela Rivera (Season 1-2)
Insert Song:
Bob Mayo (Pikachu's Jukebox; as B. Mayo)
John Loeffler (Pikachu's Jukebox; as J. Loeffler)
John Siegler (Pikachu's Jukebox; as J. Siegler)
Ken Cummings (Pikachu's Jukebox; as K. Cummings)
Louis Cortelezzi (Pikachu's Jukebox; as L. Cortelezzi)
Michael Whalen (Pikachu's Jukebox; as M. Walsh)
Neil Jason (Pikachu's Jukebox; as N. Jason)
Norman J. Grossfeld (Pikachu's Jukebox; as N. Grossfeld)
Russell Velázquez (Pikachu's Jukebox; as R. Velázquez)
Insert Song Composition:
John Loeffler (Pokémon Karaokémon; ep 39)
John Siegler (Pokémon Karaokémon; ep 39)
Ken Cummings (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Neil Jason (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Insert Song Lyrics:
John Loeffler (Pokémon Karaokémon)
John Siegler (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Ken Cummings (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Neil Jason (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Norman J. Grossfeld (Pokémon Karaokémon; ep 39)
Insert Song Performance:
Adam Blaustein (Pikachu's Jukebox)
Addie Blaustein (Meowth's Party)
Babi Floyd (Pokérap; 52 episodes
eps 1-17, 19-34, 36-37, 39-51, 54-57

Elan Rivera (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Eric Stuart (Pokémon Karaokémon; Pikachu's Jukebox; Meowth's Party)
J.P. Hartmann (Pikachu's Jukebox)
James "D Train" Williams (Pokérap; 52 episodes
eps 1-17, 19-34, 36-37, 39-51, 54-57

Jamily Gray (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Jason Paige (Pikachu's Jukebox)
Johto (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Joshua Tyler (Pikachu's Jukebox)
PJ Lequerica (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Rachael Lillis (Pikachu's Jukebox; Meowth's Party)
Ray Greene (Pikachu's Jukebox)
Russell Velázquez (Pikachu's Jukebox)
Shauna McCoy (Pokémon Karaokémon)
Vicki Sue Robinson ("Pokémon [Dance Mix]"; eps 69, 103)
International Coordination: Doris Capet (Season 5)
Music Editing:
Jeff Marshall (Season 5)
Jen Scaturro (Season 4-5)
Joel Douek (Season 2-5)
Julian Schwartz (Season 1-3)
Liz Lysinger (Season 1, 4-5)
Manny Corallo
Susan Shufro
Music producer:
John Sands
Julian Schwartz (Season 4-5)
Music Production Assistant:
Jon Lattif (Season 5)
Michael Brady (Season 5)
Music Video Editor: Ben Wegner (Season 3)
Pikachu's Jukebox Editor: Neil Miller
PokeRap Editor: Daniel Hubp
Post-Production Coordinator: Chris Guido (Season 3-5)
Production Accounting: Ray Sterling (Season 3-5)
Production Assistant:
Alison Fair (Season 2)
Charlie Sweitzer (Season 2)
Chris Guido (Season 2)
Christopher Boncic (Season 3)
Dave Rotner (Season 4)
David Kaen (Season 5)
Denitsa Zahariev (Season 3)
Eric Tyler (Season 1-2)
Joshua Izzo (eps 106-116)
Michael Charters (Season 5)
R. Simcha Whitehill (Season 4-5)
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Yoshie Okabayashi (Season 5)
Production Associate:
Tisha Ford (Season 1)
Production Coordination:
Brenda Dillon (Season 5)
Diana Sterling (Season 5)
Recording engineer:
Joe Barbaria (Season 1-2)
Paul Special (Season 1-2)
Sound Editor:
Frank Gencorelli (Season 1)
Paul Levin (Season 1)
Ron London (Season 2)
Sound Manager:
Keith Weaver (Season 1)
Sound Supervision:
Armen Mazlumian (Season 2-5)
Rich Macar (Season 1)
Special Thanks To:
Gail Tilden (eps 1-116)
Hiro Nakamura (Season 1-2)
Kenji Okubo (eps 1-116)
Supervising Producer: Kathy Borland (Season 2)
Theme Song:
David Rolfe (Season 5)
John Loeffler (Season 1-4)
John Siegler
Theme Song Performance:
David Rolfe (OP)
Jason Paige (OP)
John Loeffler (OP) 
John Siegler (OP) 
Johto (OP)
PJ Lequerica (OP)
Russell Velázquez (OP)
Voice Direction:
Anthony Salerno (62 episodes
eps 18, 52-53, 58-116

Eric Stuart (Seasons 3-5)
Jason Bergenfeld (Seasons 3-5)
Jim Malone (Seasons 1-4)
Michael Haigney (eps 1-116)
Ted Lewis (Season 5)
Eric Stuart as Brock
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Rachael Lillis as Misty
Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum

Addie Blaustein as Meowth
Ed Paul as Tracey Sketchit
Eric Stuart as James (9+)
Jimmy Zoppi as Gary Oak
Nathan Price as Meowth (eps 2-31)
Rachael Lillis as Jessie
Ted Lewis as James (eps 1-8)

Adam Blaustein as
Dario (ep 33)
Gentleman (ep 15)
James' Father (ep 48)
Kaz (ep 42)
Lt. Surge
Mayor (ep 41)
Melvin (ep 43)
Rainer (ep 40)
Seymour (ep 6)
Addie Blaustein as
Captain (ep 95)
Dr. Wiseman (ep 154)
Earl Dervish
Guard (ep 63)
Mr. Douglas (ep 128)
Oswald (ep 62)
Otoshi (ep 73)
Pete Pebbleman (ep 76)
Roger (ep 90)
Sabrina's Father
Salesman 1 (ep 138)
Scuz (ep 113)
Tad (ep 105)
Trade Conductor (ep 146)
Alex Davis as Alex Davis (ep 169)
Alexander J. Rose as Santa Claus
Amy Birnbaum as
Benji (ep 172)
Bucky (ep 191)
DJ Mary
Dr. Anna's Assistant (Keiko; ep 165)
Emily (ep 100)
Eve (ep 72)
Florinda Showers (ep 68)
Gulzar (ep 107)
Latoya Parker/Gligirl (ep 138)
Marcellus (ep 215)
Miss Priscilla (ep 130)
Olesia (ep 148)
PXTV Reporter (ep 89)
Sumomo (eps 183, 226)
Teacher (Reiko; ep 53)
Tierra (ep 196)
Trixie (ep 153)
Zachary Evans (ep 177)
Zackie (ep 130)
Amy Palant as
Brittany (ep 243)
Madison (ep 205)
Trainer (ep 248)
Andrew Paull as Shrine Guardian (ep 265)
Andrew Rannells as
Male Trainer (ep 265)
Nario (ep 173)
Shiro (ep 166)
Annie Pondel as Giselle (ep 9)
Anthony Salerno as Jackson (ep 268)
Buddy Woodward as Mateo (ep 87)
Carol Jacobanis as
Arielle (ep 128)
Ellen (Mary's mother; ep 139)
Madame Muchmoney
Pietra (ep 204)
Trinity (ep 217)
Dan Green as
Captain Aidan (eps 106, 147)
Cyrus (ep 135)
Film Narrator (ep 203)
Jeeves (eps 124, 175)
Mayor (Rita and Sue's father; eps 123, 218)
McKenzie's Father (ep 201)
Mika and Andrea's Father (ep 213)
Mr. Shellby (ep 228)
Professor Telesu (ep 260)
Raiden (ep 194)
Ralph (ep 176)
Rocket Grunts (eps 220-222)
Steven (ep 239)
Temacu's Father (ep 198)
Tyson (eps 235-236)
Warden (ep 248)
Woodruff (ep 119)
Darren Dunstan as
Croconaw (ep 264)
Referee (eps 266-272)
Sharpedo (ep 274)
David Brimmer as
Dr. Proctor (ep 47)
Simon (ep 195)
Victor (ep 67)
Ed Paul as
Andreas (ep 168)
Dugtrio Trio (Man; ep 160)
Fiorello Cappuccino (ep 52)
Giovanni (Season 2-5)
Jenaro (ep 219)
Koji (ep 141)
Mandi (ep 75)
Potter (ep 68)
Producer (ep 160)
Referee (ep 182)
Reporter (ep 197)
Ship Captain (ep 274)
Stadium Announcer
Toku (ep 156)
Emily Niebo as
Bailey (ep 122)
Sonrisa (ep 135)
Eric Stuart as
Announcer (ep 153)
Blastoise (eps 248-276)
Butlers (ep 124)
Chef (ep 41)
Chilton (ep 108)
Clown (ep 90)
Cloyster (eps 87-276)
Cruise (Pupitar)
Cubone (eps 201-276)
Electabuzz (3 episodes
eps 103, 108, 112

Exeggcute (ep 64)
Exeggutor (eps 75-276)
Film Narrator (ep 138)
Golem (eps 77-276)
Hitmonchan (eps 71-276)
Hitmonlee (eps 69-276)
Machamp (eps 194-276)
Machop (ep 108)
Magikarp Salesman
Marcello (ep 187)
Mewtwo (Who's That Pokémon?; ep 91)
Paras (ep 97)
Parasect (eps 227-276)
Pokédex (eps 11, 18, 50-276)
Poliwrath (eps 105-276)
Professor Sebastian
Salesman 2 (ep 138)
Sandshrew (eps 133-276)
Sandslash (Sandshrew; ep 108)
Slowbro (eps 66-276)
Slowpoke (eps 66-276)
Torch Runner (ep 266)
Trainer (ep 99)
Venusaur (eps 112-276)
Zippo (Charmeleon)
Frank Frankson as Kai (ep 273)
Hiroshi Ohtake as
Mankey (ep 24)
Primeape (eps 24, 28)
Jerry Lobozzo as
Benji's Father (ep 172)
Goneff (ep 192)
Pierre (ep 162)
Jim Malone as Danny (ep 93)
Jimmy Zoppi as
Captain Marius (ep 210)
Charles Goodshow
Chef (ep 57)
Cleavon Schpielbunk (eps 69-70)
Dr. Namba
Gan Gogh (ep 185)
Infernando (ep 181)
Jack Pollockson (ep 197)
Kenzo (ep 166)
Myron (ep 208)
Samurai (ep 4)
Todd (photographer)
Tomo (jungle boy)
Wings Alexander (ep 223)
Katsuyuki Konishi as
Kayzie Rogers as
Anne (ep 90)
Annie (ep 173)
Arnold's mother (ep 27)
Benny (ep 146)
Charity (ep 83)
Chuck's Wife (ep 209)
Ephraim's Mother (ep 178)
Faith (ep 83)
Haruno (garden keeper; ep 200)
Hope (ep 83)
Joe (ep 9)
Lizzy (ep 130)
Luana (ep 108)
Lulu (ep 173)
Mahri (ep 103)
Mama (Tomo's mother; ep 34)
McKenzie (ep 201)
Meowzie's Owner (ep 70)
Mickey (ep 176)
Mikey (ep 40)
Mr. Mime
Mrs. Bellows (ep 156)
Old Woman (ep 71)
Professor Ivy
Rocket Scout (ep 231)
Senta (Cissy's assistant; ep 85)
Sheila (eps 237-238)
Sylvester (ep 145)
Timmy (ep 53)
Ken Gates as Narrator
Kenta Miyake as Ursaring
Kerry Williams as
Cherry (ep 156)
Maizie (eps 142-144)
Mary (ep 139)
Mika (ep 213)
Peggy (ep 188)
Temacu (ep 198)
Kiyoyuki Yanada as Electabuzz (ep 39)
Leah Applebaum as
Rita (ep 218)
Suzie (1 episodes
ep 28 / US ep 26
Lee Quick as
Officer Jenny
Tour Guide (ep 66)
Woman A (ep 272)
Lisa Ortiz as
Alexa (ep 205)
Charmaine (ep 179)
Lara Laramie
Lily (ep 241)
Madeleine (ep 244)
Marina (ep 91)
Miki (ep 152)
Referee (ep 158)
Sabrina's Mother (ep 24)
Satsuki (eps 183, 226)
Trainer (ep 8)
Lisa Boucher Hartman as
Christopher (ep 216)
Nelson (ep 259)
Skyler (ep 202)
Lobozzo as
Quincy T. Quackenpoker (ep 109)
Maddie Blaustein as
Announcer (ep 169)
Cameraman (ep 197)
Doctor (ep 198)
Electabuzz (ep 267)
Farmer (ep 247)
Milton (ep 159)
Tetsuya (blue-haired punk; ep 173)
Mandy Bonhomme as Sue (ep 218)
Marc Thompson as
Brad Van Darn (ep 203)
Kail (ep 273)
Ken (ep 246)
Pilot (ep 205)
Referee (ep 209)
Tenma (Skyler's father; ep 202)
Matt Mitler as
Chopper (ep 36)
Commentator (ep 33)
Hisashi (orange-haired punk; ep 173)
Norman (ep 36)
Pyro (ep 40)
Referee (ep 14)
Sparky (ep 40)
Students (ep 9)
Megan Hollingshead as
Dr. Anna (ep 165)
James' Mother (ep 48)
Lily (Misty's sister)
Maiden (ep 20)
Marie (ep 162)
Mary (ep 246)
Nurse Joy
Nurse School Instructor (ep 129)
Scout Lady (ep 42)
Stella (ep 64)
Suzie (ep 169)
Tamao (eps 183, 226)
Megumi Hayashibara as
Michael Haigney as
Machop (ep 29)
Slowbro (ep 17)
Slowpoke (ep 17)
Michael Sinterniklaas as Dorian (ep 256)
Mika Kanai as
Mike Pollock as Denjiro
Nathan Price as
Captain (ep 15)
Ethan (ep 101)
Len (ep 90)
Professor Westwood V (ep 66)
Timmy (ep 5)
Nicholas James Tate as
Mongoose (ep 20)
Pokédex (45 episodes
eps 1-10, 12-17, 19-34, 36-37, 39-49
Oliver Wyman as
Salvador (ep 266)
Paul Liberti as Professor Elm (as Paul Frank)
Rachael Lillis as
Dugtrio Trio (Woman; ep 160)
Gary's Cheerleaders (eps 1-77)
Gentleman's Wife (ep 15)
Goldeen (eps 53-276)
Ninetales (eps 169-276)
PA Announcer (ep 9)
Pikachu (eps 1, 9)
Tommy (ep 5)
Unown (ep 263)
Yolanda (ep 5)
Rikako Aikawa as
Roger Kay as
Roxanne Beck as
Naomi (ep 257)
Sam Regal as Chico
Satomi Koorogi as
Sparky (Richie's Pikachu)
Scottie Ray as
Drake (eps 111-112)
Ephraim's Father (ep 178)
Mr. Evans (ep 177)
Muramasa (ep 140)
Poncho (ep 114)
Umberto (ep 89)
Sean Schemmel as Kim (ep 273)
Shinichiro Miki as
Stan Hart as
Professor Oak
Suzanne Goldish as Female Trainer (ep 265)
Tara Jayne as
Alice Telesu (ep 260)
Andrea (ep 213)
Assunta (ep 80)
Boy (ep 106)
Calista (ep 234)
Cissy (ep 85)
Dayton (ep 212)
Egan (ep 240)
Ephraim (ep 178)
Katrina (ep 69)
Keegan (ep 190)
Koume (eps 183, 226)
Krystal (ep 242)
Lokoko (ep 232)
Malachi (ep 164)
Mariah (ep 137)
Melissa (ep 77)
Mother (ep 106)
Ranger Mason (ep 264)
Rochelle (ep 120)
Satchel (ep 262)
School Kid (ep 136)
Simon (young; ep 195)
Student (ep 227)
Tammy (ep 249)
Wilhomena (ep 132)
Ted Lewis as
Exam Proctor (ep 56)
Foreman (ep 31)
Gastly (talking; ep 20)
Giovanni (Season 1)
Keith (ep 49)
Papa (Tomo's father; ep 34)
Priest (ep 20)
Yas (ep 42)
Unshō Ishizuka as
Veronica Taylor as
Cindy (ep 5)
Delia Ketchum
Gary's Cheerleaders (eps 18, 58-270)
Goldeen (eps 2-19)
Sophia (ep 187)
Sunkern (ep 187)
Suzie (ep 5)
Wayne Grayson as
Delaney (ep 247)
Machop (ep 265)
Trainer (ep 210)
Wilbur (ep 211)
Zane (ep 169)
Yūji Ueda as Noctowl

Cassan Tregill (Season 2)
Mandy Bonhomme (Season 1)
Ross Charap (Season 3-4)
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Ricardo Escobar as Tracey Sketchit (Spain dub)
Teresa Soler as Agent Mara (Catalan Dub)

Abraham Aguilar as Steven (Spain dub; ep 239)
Adelaida López as
Andrea (Spain dub; ep 213)
Krystal (Spain dub; ep 242)
Liza (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 134, 253-254

Reporter (Spain dub; ep 89)
Sabrina (Spain dub; eps 22, 24)
Sophia (Spain dub; young; ep 187)
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Gentleman (Spain dub; ep 15)
Spearow's Trainer (Spain dub; ep 84)
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Cameraman (Spain dub; ep 197)
Chico (Spain dub; ep 264)
Cyrus (Spain dub; ep 135)
Dorian (Spain dub; ep 256)
Nario (Spain dub; ep 173)
Pyro (Spain dub; ep 40)
Alfonso Mellado as Captain Crook
Alfredo Leal as Tracey
Alfredo Gabriel Basurto as
Kai / Khan
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Christopher (Spain dub; ep 216)
Maya (Spain dub; eps 216-217)
Todd Snap (Spain dub; eps 55-57)
Alvaro Tarcicio as
Amelia Jara as
Antón (Spain dub; ep 144)
Benji (Spain dub; ep 172)
Satchel (Spain dub; ep 262)
Todd Snap (Spain dub; eps 187-189)
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Jeanette Fisher (Spain dub; ep 77)
Pietra (Spain dub; ep 204)
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Lily (magician)
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Aníbal's Wife (Spain dub; ep 209)
Anne (Spain dub; ep 90)
Ariene (Spain dub; ep 219)
Florinda Showers (Spain dub; ep 68)
Sonrisa (Spain dub; ep 135)
Suzie (Spain dub; eps 28, 169)
Trinity (Spain dub; ep 217)
Ana Patricia Anides as Delia Ketchum
Ángel Rodríguez as Sabrina's Father (Spain dub; eps 22, 24)
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Madame Muchaplata
Antonio Esquivias as
Tyson (Spain dub; eps 235-236)
Vitzo (Spain dub; ep 203)
Antonio Fernández Sánchez as Kenzo (Spain dub; ep 166)
Antonio Miguel Fernández Ramos as Sheldon (Spain dub; ep 108)
Ariadna Rivas as Sakura (single ep)
Armando Coria as Melvin
Arturo Mercado Jr. as
Bardo Miranda as Blaine
Beatriz Berciano as
Andreas (Spain dub; ep 168)
Calista (Spain dub; ep 234)
Begona Hernando as
Brutella (Spain dub; ep 19)
Latoya Parker/Gligarwoman (Spain dub; ep 138)
Nastina (Spain dub; ep 19)
Belinda Martinez as Sheila
Benjamin Rivera as
Captain Aidan (2nd voice)
Carlos Del Pino as
Mr. Evans (Spain dub; ep 177)
Professor (Spain dub; ep 72)
Skyler's Father (Spain dub; ep 202)
Carlos Iñigo as
Dr. Proctor
Carlos Kaniowsky as Group Boss (Spain dub; ep 195)
Carlos Ysbert as
Melvin (Spain dub; ep 43)
Mr. Panizo (Spain dub; ep 177)
Mr. Parker/Gligarman (Spain dub; ep 138)
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Mr. Struso
Sabrina's father
Uncle Milton
Carlos Hugo Hidalgo as
Ephraim's father
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Charmaine (Spain dub; ep 179)
Daisy (Spain dub; eps 7, 61)
Kay (Spain dub; ep 90)
Rebecca (Spain dub; ep 29)
Carola Vazquez as Bailey
Cecilia Santiago as Delia Ketchum (Spain dub; eps 1-2)
Cesar Arias as
Profesor Westwood V
Cesar Lechiguero as Narrator (Valencian dub)
César Soto as Rory
Chelo Molina as Keegan (Spain dub; ep 190)
Chelo Vivares as
Dayton (Spain dub; ep 212)
Mackenzie (Spain dub; ep 201)
Malaquías (Spain dub; ep 164)
Mary (Spain dub; ep 246)
Mikey (Spain dub; ep 40)
Ritchie (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 78-80, 220-222

Teacher (Spain dub; ep 53)
Zackie (Spain dub; ep 130)
Cholo Moratalla as
Beedrill's Trainer (Spain dub; ep 84)
Jenaro (Spain dub; ep 219)
Mandi (Spain dub; ep 75)
Pierre (Spain dub; ep 162)
Sparky (Spain dub; ep 40)
Woodruff (Spain dub; ep 119)
Christine Byrd as Lily
Claudia Motta as Miki
Claudio Serrano as Butch (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 57, 86, 157, 220-222
Conchi Lopez as
Cassidy (Spain dub; 6 episodes
eps 57, 86, 157, 220-222

Mariah (Spain dub; ep 137)
Ramona (Spain dub; ep 190)
Trixie (Spain dub; ep 153)
Yasmina (Spain dub; ep 208)
Cony Madera as DJ Mary
Coral Balas as Anna's Assistant (Spain dub; ep 165)
Cristina Hernandez as
Chuck's wife
Cristina Yuste as
Blanca (Spain dub; eps 158-159)
Duplica (Spain dub; ep 174)
Lara Laramie (Spain dub; ep 33)
Macy (Spain dub; eps 267-268)
Marina (Spain dub; ep 91)
Melanie (Spain dub; ep 10)
Mika (Spain dub; ep 213)
Miri (Spain dub; ep 143)
Rosa (Spain dub; ep 139)
Sachiko (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 208-209, 223-224

Timmy (Spain dub; ep 53)
Tommy "Tomo" (Spain dub; ep 34)
Daniel Abundis as
Mr. Goodshow (1st voice)
Daniel Dicenta as
Gan Gogh (Spain dub; ep 185)
Umberto (Spain dub; ep 89)
Daniel Sánchez as Instructor (Spain dub; ep 56)
David García Vázquez as
Band Leader (Spain dub; ep 218)
Poncho (Spain dub; ep 114)
David Robles as
Eusine (Spain dub; ep 227)
Foster (Spain dub; ep 163)
Diana Santos as Luka
Dulce Guerrero as Sabrina
Eduardo Bosch as
Mackenzie's father (Spain dub; ep 201)
Professor Elm (Spain dub)
Eduardo Del Hoyo as
Andrea's Father (Spain dub; ep 213)
Captain (Spain dub; ep 95)
Carter (Spain dub; ep 225)
Fredo (Spain dub; young; ep 237)
Gan Gogh (Spain dub; young; ep 185)
Jeeves (Spain dub; eps 124, 175)
Marcello (Spain dub; young; ep 187)
Narrator (Spain dub)
Pokédex (Spain dub)
Scuz (Spain dub; ep 113)
Eduardo Garza as
Eduardo Moreno as
Charles Goodshow (Spain dub; ep 74)
Old Man Shuckle (Spain dub; ep 170)
Elena Palacios as
Alex Davis (Spain dub; ep 171)
Faith (Spain dub; Ivy's assistant; ep 83)
Timothy (Spain dub; ep 191)
Tino (Spain dub; ep 146)
Elena Ramirez as
Lara Laramie
Elsa Covián as Ruby
Elsa Pinillos as
Katrina (Spain dub; ep 69)
Miri (Spain dub; eps 142, 144)
Satsuki (Spain dub; eps 183, 226)
Enrique Mederos as
Cleavon Shpielbunk
Proffessor Elm (2nd voice)
Enzo Fortuny as
Ernesto Lezama as
Proffessor Elm
Esteban Siller as
Quincy T. Quackenpoker
Eva Bau as Nurse Joy (Valencian dub)
Federico Romano as Mr. Goodshow (2nd voice)
Felicidad Barrio as
Annie (Spain dub; ep 173)
Daisy (Spain dub; ep 273)
Lulu (Spain dub; ep 173)
Sue (Spain dub; ep 218)
Wilhomena (Spain dub; ep 132)
Fernando Cabrera as
Fiorella Cappuccino (Spain dub; ep 52)
Pete Pebbleman (Spain dub; ep 76)
Professor Sabiondo (Spain dub; ep 154)
Fernando Elegido as Kaz Gym Leader (Spain dub; ep 42)
Francisco Colmenero as Dr. Namba
Francisco Javier Martínez as Bartender (Spain dub; ep 42)
Gabriel Basurto as
Mr. Shelby
Gabriel Chavez as Muramasa
Gabriel Jiménez as Victor (Spain dub; ep 67)
Gabriel Ortiz as
Kail / Kam
Gabriela Willert as Prima (Lorelei)
Gaby Ugarte as
Pikachu (eps 16-17)
Gemma Martín as
Luana (Spain dub; ep 108)
Madison (Spain dub; ep 205)
Sheila (Spain dub; eps 237-238)
Gerardo García as Eusine
Gerardo Vásquez as
Lt. Surge
Trovitopolis Mayor
Gerardo Vazquez as Narration
Gloria Núñez as
Erika (Spain dub; ep 26)
Sumomo (Spain dub; eps 183, 226)
Gonzalo Curiel as Johto League referee
Héctor Cantolla as
Aya's Master (Spain dub; ep 176)
Rory (Spain dub; ep 188)
Hugo Navarrete as
Magikarp seller (1st voice)
Professor Oak
Ignasi Díaz as Gary Oak (Valencian dub)
Iker Bengotxea as Gary Oak (Basque dub)
Iñaki Crespo as Aníbal (Spain dub; ep 209)
Íñigo Elósegi as Pokédex (Basque dub)
Irwin Daayan as
Isabel Donate as Madame Ricachona (Spain dub; eps 124, 175)
Isabel Fernandez Avanthay as
Dr. Anna (Spain dub; ep 165)
Magdalena (Spain dub; ep 244)
Ruby (Spain dub; ep 94)
Violeta (Spain dub; ep 7)
Isabel Martiñon as
Isabel Romo as Marina
Isacha Mengíbar as
Brittany (Spain dub; ep 243)
Bucky (Spain dub; ep 191)
Casey (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 118, 161, 261

Cindy (Spain dub; ep 5)
Ephraim (Spain dub; ep 178)
Lily (Spain dub; ep 61)
Luka (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 214, 220-222

Marissa (Spain dub; ep 87)
Nurse Joy (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 2, 5, 10, 14

Officer Mara (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 267, 272, 274

Skyler (Spain dub; ep 202)
Temacu (Spain dub; ep 198)
Iván Muelas as
Chopper (Spain dub; ep 36)
Oswald (Spain dub; ep 62)
Professor Sebastian (Spain dub; eps 235-236)
Jacqueline Castañeda as
Daisy (1st voice)
Pico Doncella ghost
Proffessor Ivy
Javier Franquelo as
Mayor (Spain dub; ep 41)
Milton (Spain dub; ep 159)
Shimajio (Spain dub; ep 96)
Shonosuke (Spain dub; ep 194)
Javier Rivero as Captain Aidan
Jesus Barrero as Steven
Jesus Maniega as
Danny (Spain dub; ep 93)
Potter (Spain dub; ep 68)
Jesús Alberto Pinillos as Gary Oak (Spain dub)
Joaquim Sota as Narrador (Catalan Dub)
Jorge Ornelas as Vidso
Jorge Roig as Kurt
Jorge Santos as James' father
Jorge Saudinós as
Brad van Darn (Spain dub; ep 203)
Koji (Spain dub; ep 141)
Lance (Spain dub; eps 235-236)
Red-haired Boy (Spain dub; ep 173)
José Escobosa as
Dayton's Father (Spain dub; ep 212)
Earl Dervish (Primo) (Spain dub; ep 130)
Ephraim's Father (Spain dub; ep 178)
Giovanni (Spain dub; ep 231)
Harrison (Spain dub; ep 216)
Magikarp Salesman (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 146, 201, 261
José Padilla as Tommy's Father (Spain dub; ep 34)
José Ángel Juanes as
Alexander "Wings" (Spain dub; ep 223)
Marcello (Spain dub; ep 187)
Jose Luis Castañeda as Jack Mirón
Jose Luis Orozco as Johto League narrator
Jose Luis Reza as Poncho
Josu Mitxelena as Narrator (Basque dub)
Juan Fernández as Koga (Spain dub; ep 32)
Juan Logar Jr. as
A.J. (Spain dub; ep 8)
Braggo (Spain dub; ep 264)
Captain Aidan (Spain dub; eps 106, 147)
Juan Lombardero as
Announcer (Spain dub; eps 74-80)
Captain Mario (Spain dub; ep 210)
Cleavon Schpielbunk (Spain dub; eps 69-70)
Flint (Spain dub; ep 5)
Mayor (Spain dub; ep 102)
Muramasa (Spain dub; ep 140)
Yas Gym Leader (Spain dub; ep 42)
Juan Perucho as
Foreman (Spain dub; ep 31)
Producer (Spain dub; ep 160)
Juan Antonio Arroyo as
Benji's Father (Spain dub; ep 172)
Ethan (Spain dub; ep 101)
James' Father (Spain dub; ep 48)
Professor Telesu (Spain dub; ep 260)
Juan Antonio García Sáinz as
Harrison (Spain dub; eps 265-272)
Hitmonchan's Trainer (Spain dub; ep 84)
Mikeosu (Spain dub; ep 96)
Morti (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 181-182, 227

Samurai (Spain dub; ep 4)
Shingo (Spain dub; ep 140)
Zane (Spain dub; ep 169)
Juan Antonio Soler as Jackson (Spain dub; ep 268)
Juan Luis Rovira as Lt. Surge (Spain dub; ep 14)
Julio Núñez as Fredo (Spain dub; eps 236-238)
Karla Falcón as Liza
Laura Torres as
Rocket recruiter
Licia Alonso as Aya (Spain dub; eps 32, 176)
Liliana Barba as
Guarda Mason
Suzy (1st voice)
Loinaz Jauregi as Delia Ketchum (Basque dub)
Lorenzo Beteta as
Kiyo (Spain dub; ep 233)
Raiden (Spain dub; ep 194)
Roger (Spain dub; ep 90)
Luis Bajo as Announcer (Spain dub; eps 111-112)
Luis Etchevers as Journalist (Spain dub; ep 197)
Luis Gaspar as
César (Spain dub; eps 142-143)
Dr. Namba (Spain dub; eps 220-222)
Hopkins (Spain dub; ep 48)
Malaquías' Grandfather (Spain dub; ep 164)
Simon (Spain dub; ep 195)
Luis Mas as
Blaine (Spain dub; eps 58-59)
Mr. Shellby (Spain dub; ep 228)
Luis Alfonso Padilla as
Dr. Wiseman
Magikarp seller (2nd voice)
Zachary's father
Luis Daniel Ramirez as
Brad Van Darn
Proffessor Sebastian
Luisa Ezquerra as Sabrina's Mother (Spain dub; ep 24)
Lupita Leal as Janina
Lydia Zorrilla as Tyra (Spain dub; ep 36)
Magda Giner as Judge
Maggie Vera as
Manuel Bellido as Magikarp Salesman (Spain dub; ep 15)
Manuel Osto as Gastly (Spain dub; ep 20)
Mar Bordallo as
Bailey (Spain dub; ep 122)
Cassandra (Spain dub; ep 44)
DJ Rosa (Spain dub; eps 160, 245)
Lokoko (Spain dub; ep 232)
Peggy (Spain dub; ep 188)
Suzie (Spain dub; ep 5)
Margarita Ponce as
Hagatha (Spain dub; ep 121)
Nagatha (Spain dub; ep 121)
Mari Luz Olier as James' Mother (Spain dub; ep 48)
María Romero as Haruno (Spain dub; ep 200)
María Antonia Rodríguez as
Alexa (Spain dub; ep 205)
Débora (Spain dub; eps 251-255)
María del Mar Jorcano as Olesia (Spain dub; ep 148)
Maria Fernanda Morales as
Alice Telesu
Suzy (2nd voice)
Mariana Ortiz as
Mario Martín as
Goneff (Spain dub; ep 192)
Shepperd (Spain dub; ep 180)
Marisa Marco as
Arnold's Mother (Spain dub; ep 27)
Delia Ketchum (Spain dub; eps 64-273)
Egan (Spain dub; ep 240)
Marcelo (Spain dub; ep 215)
Nelson (Spain dub; ep 259)
Rocket Scout (Spain dub; ep 231)
Shellby's Wife (Spain dub; ep 228)
Timmy (Spain dub; ep 5)
Tommy (Spain dub; ep 5)
Tommy's Mother (Spain dub; ep 34)
Marta Aparicio as Delia Ketchum (Valencian dub)
Marti Pich as Professor Samuel Oak (Valencian dub)
Martin Soto as
Martín Zabala as Professor Samuel Oak (Basque dub)
Maru Guerrero as Nun Madeleine
Matilde Conesa as
Old Woman (Spain dub; ep 20)
Sophia (Spain dub; ep 187)
Mayra Arellano as
Mayte Tajadura as
Ellen (Spain dub; ep 139)
Ephraim's Mother (Spain dub; ep 178)
Giselle (Spain dub; ep 9)
Mrs. Bellows (Spain dub; ep 156)
Professor Philena Ivy (Spain dub; ep 83)
Wendy (Spain dub; ep 231)
Mercedes Barranco as Cassandra's grandmother (Spain dub; ep 44)
Miguel Ayones as
Anthony (Spain dub; ep 29)
Captain Crook (Spain dub; ep 113)
Dr. Quincy T. Quackenpoker (Spain dub; ep 109)
Miguel Ángel Garzón as
Blonde Boy (Spain dub; ep 173)
Blurt (Spain dub; ep 264)
Fernando (Spain dub; ep 146)
Kail (Spain dub; ep 273)
Mateo (Spain dub; ep 87)
Miguel Ángel Montero as
Bruno (Spain dub; ep 71)
Dr. Proctor (Spain dub; ep 47)
Temacu's Father (Spain dub; ep 198)
Miguel Ángel Varela as Infernando (Spain dub; ep 181)
Miren Aranburu as Nurse Joy (Basque dub)
Moisés Iván Mora as Jewerly owner
Monica Estrada as Aya (2nd voice)
Monica Manjarrez as Florinda
Nagore Irizar as Officer Jenny (Basque dub)
Noe Velázquez as Harrison
Norma Iturbe as Senta
Olga Cano as
Prima (Lorelei) (Spain dub; ep 99)
Referee (Spain dub; ep 158)
Olga Velasco as Lily (Spain dub; ep 241)
Pablo Sevilla as
Blue-haired Boy (Spain dub; ep 173)
Damian (Spain dub; ep 11)
Dario (Spain dub; ep 33)
Delaney (Spain dub; ep 247)
Otoshi (Spain dub; ep 73)
Pegaso (Spain dub; ep 131)
Rudy (Spain dub; ep 103)
Shiro (Spain dub; ep 166)
Wilbur (Spain dub; ep 211)
Pablo Tribaldos as
Keith (Spain dub; ep 49)
Kim (Spain dub; ep 273)
Paco Hernández as Santa Claus (Spain dub; Christmas Special 1)
Paloma Escola as Lapras (Spain dub; Christmas Special 1)
Patricia Acevedo as
Janina (2nd voice)
Zachary Evans
Pedro Sempson as Hippie (Spain dub; ep 41)
Pepa Castro as
Marina (Spain dub; ep 196)
Yasmina (Spain dub; ep 224)
Pilar González Aguado as
Arielle (Spain dub; ep 128)
Cherry (Spain dub; ep 156)
Emily (Spain dub; ep 100)
Maiden's Peak Ghost (Spain dub; ep 20)
Pilar Martín as
Lily (Spain dub; ep 7)
Mayor (Spain dub; child; ep 102)
Nurse Joy (Spain dub)
Simon (Spain dub; child; ep 195)
Rafa Romero as
Ken (Spain dub; ep 246)
Seymour (Spain dub; ep 6)
Tad (Spain dub; ep 105)
Rafael De Penagos as Jack Pollockson (Spain dub; ep 197)
Ramón Reparaz as Charles Goodshow (Spain dub; ep 266)
Raquel Cubillo as Koume (Spain dub; eps 183, 226)
Rene Garcia as Alas Alexander
Ricardo Escobar as
Bill (Spain dub; ep 13)
Salvador (Spain dub; ep 266)
Ricardo Mendoza as
Roberto Cuenca Martínez as
Kaburagi (Spain dub; eps 251-254)
Mayor (Spain dub; ep 218)
Myron (Spain dub; ep 208)
Professor Westwood V (Spain dub; ep 66)
Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr. as
Kai (Spain dub; ep 273)
Rainer (Spain dub; ep 40)
Roberto Encinas as
Announcer (Spain dub; eps 266-272)
Professor Oak (Spain dub)
Sylvester's Father (Spain dub; ep 145)
Roberto Mendiola as
Andrea and Mika's father
Rocio Garcel as Songs
Rocio Prado as
Rommy Mendoza as Peggy
Romy Mendoza as
Rosanelda Aguirre as Old lady
Rossy Aguirre as
Daisy (2nd voice)
Miss Priscilla
Ruperto Ares as Giovanni (Spain dub; 9 episodes
eps 15, 17, 57, 63-66, 82, 157
Salvador Delgado as
Captain Marius
Sandra Jara as
Alicia Telesu (Spain dub; ep 260)
Bea (Spain dub; ep 152)
Charity (Spain dub; Ivy's assistant; ep 83)
Chigusa (Spain dub; ep 166)
Cissy (Spain dub; ep 85)
Duplica (Spain dub; ep 37)
Eva (Spain dub; ep 72)
Mahri (Spain dub; ep 103)
Ranger Mason (Spain dub; ep 264)
Raquel (Spain dub; ep 120)
Rita (Spain dub; ep 218)
Sakura (Spain dub; eps 183, 226)
Sara Vivas as
Gulzar (Spain dub; ep 107)
Hope (Spain dub; Ivy's assistant; ep 83)
Joe (Spain dub; ep 9)
Oliver (Spain dub; eps 220-222)
Ralph (Spain dub; ep 100)
Senta (Spain dub; ep 85)
Sylvester (Spain dub; ep 145)
Zacarías Evans (Spain dub; ep 177)
Silvia Cabrera as Officer Mara (Valencian dub)
Thania Gómez as Mahri
Uraz Huerta as Joe
Valle Acebrón as Officer Mara (Spain dub)
Victor Delgado as
Proffessor Telesu
Victor Ugarte as
Fiorello Cappucino
Victoria Angulo as
Marie (Spain dub; ep 162)
Miss Priscilla (Spain dub; ep 130)
Naomi (Spain dub; ep 257)
Stella (Spain dub; ep 64)
Yamil Atala as

Abraham Aguilar (Spain dub)
Adelaida López (Spain dub; Spain dub; 5 episodes
eps 26, 176, 191, 199, 201
Alejandro Martinez (Spain dub; ep 67)
Alex Saudinós (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 9, 146, 173, 191
Alfredo Cernuda (Spain dub; eps 15, 103)
Alicia Sáinz De La Maza (Spain dub; eps 42, 210)
Amelia Jara (Spain dub; Spain dub; eps 15, 42)
Amparo Valencia (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 40, 138, 228, 238
Ana Maria Mari (Spain dub; Spain dub; ep 129)
Antonio Miguel Fernández Ramos (Spain dub; eps 89-90)
Beatriz Berciano (Spain dub; Spain dub; ep 191)
Blanca Rada (Spain dub; ep 9)
Carmen Arévalo (Spain dub; eps 70-71)
Carmen Cervantes (Spain dub; ep 191)
Chelo Vivares (Spain dub; Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 21, 26, 106, 177
Cholo Moratalla (Spain dub; ep 30)
Chus Gil (Spain dub; ep 124)
Coral Balas (Spain dub; ep 191)
Cristina Yuste (Spain dub; Spain dub; ep 130)
Eduardo Del Hoyo (Spain dub)
Eduardo Moreno (Spain dub)
Elena Palacios (Spain dub; 7 episodes
eps 26-27, 42, 53, 64, 146, 168
Gloria Núñez (Spain dub; ep 191)
Isabel Fernandez Avanthay (Spain dub; ep 26)
Isacha Mengíbar (Spain dub; Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 2, 57, 130, 146
Iván Muelas (Spain dub)
Javier Balas (Spain dub; eps 215-216)
Javier Franquelo (Spain dub; ep 57)
Jesus Maniega (Spain dub; ep 22)
Jorge Saudinós (Spain dub; ep 265)
José Carabias (Spain dub; ep 62)
José Escobosa (Spain dub)
Juan Perucho (Spain dub)
Juan Antonio Arroyo (Spain dub; ep 111)
Juan Antonio Castro (Spain dub; ep 27)
Juan Antonio Soler (Spain dub; Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 168, 178, 194, 213
Julio Núñez (Spain dub; ep 15)
Julio Sanchidrián (Spain dub; ep 51)
Luis Etchevers (Spain dub; eps 178, 205)
Lydia Zorrilla (Spain dub; ep 91)
Manuel Osto (Spain dub; 5 episodes
eps 9, 19, 36, 43, 45
Mar Bordallo (Spain dub; Spain dub; ep 245)
Mari Luz Olier (Spain dub; Christmas Special 2)
Mario Martín (Spain dub; ep 161)
Marisa Marco (Spain dub)
Miguel Ángel Garzón (Spain dub; ep 30)
Miguel Ángel Varela (Spain dub; ep 194)
Miriam Valencia (Spain dub; eps 238, 245)
Pablo Sevilla (Spain dub; 3 episodes
eps 158, 160, 201
Pedro Sempson (Spain dub; Spain dub; ep 84)
Pilar Coronado (Spain dub; eps 73, 191)
Pilar Martín (Spain dub; 4 episodes
eps 26, 84, 245, 257
Ramón Reparaz (Spain dub; eps 20, 84, 218)
Roberto Encinas (Spain dub; eps 1, 216-217)
Sara Vivas (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Antena Aragón (Spain)
Canal 13 (Colombia)
Canal Capital
Canal Caracol
Canal Sur (Spain)
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Home Video: Quality Films (Chile)
Internet Streaming:
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Licensed by: Plus Video (Argentina; expired)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director:
Caterina Rochira (season 4)
Federico Danti
Translation: Laura Di Terlizzi (redubbing)

Alfredo Danti (season 1)
Antonella Marcora
Benedetta Brugia (season 4)
Chiara Vacchini (redubbing)
Cristina Robustelli (season 2, 3)
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Sergio Romanò (season 1)
Dubbing Engineer: Roberto Cappo (redubbing)
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Giancarlo Martino
Lucio Battaglia (season 3)
Theme Song Composition: Max Longhi
Theme Song Lyrics:
Alessandra Valeri Manera
Sergio Dell'Olio (redubbing)
Theme Song Performance:
Alessandra Karpoff (as Misty)
Angela Baggi (choirs)
Cristina D'Avena
Davide Garbolino (as Ash)
Emanuela Pacotto (as Jessie)
Fabio Ingrosso (redubbing)
Giorgio Vanni
Giovanna Papandrea (as Pikachu)
Giuseppe Calvetti (as Meowth)
Monica Magnani (choirs)
Moreno Ferrara (choirs)
Nicola Bartolini Carrassi (as Brock)
Renata Bertolas ("Pikachu's Goodbye"; ep 39)
Silvio Pozzoli (voice and choirs)
Simone D'Andrea (as James)
Tony Fuochi (as Giovanni)
Marco Sestan (season 1, 2)
Stefano Di Modugno
Video Post-Production:
Ignazio Giardina (season 2, 3)
Marco Sestan (season 4, 5)
Tiziano Pellegris (season 2, 3)
Benedetta Ponticelli as Misty (redub)

Cinzia Massironi as Delia Ketchum
Daniela Fava as Delia Ketchum (redubbing)
Davide Albano as Professor Elm (redubbing)
Emanuela Pacotto as Jessie
Gianluca Iacono as Professor Elm
Tony Fuochi as Giovanni

Alberto Olivero as Accomplice B of the Pokèmon interpreter (ep 195)
Antonio Paiola as
Jack Follexon (ep 197)
Professor Quackenpocket (ep 109)
Cinzia Massironi as Igan (ep 241)
Claudio Moneta as
Dr. Procton (ep 49)
Thug (ep 47)
Davide Garbolino as Ash Ketchum
Debora Magnaghi as Kalista (ep 235)
Diego Sabre as Osvald (ep 62)
Elisabetta Spinelli as
Daisy (eps 07, 273)
Ruby (ep 94)
Wilomina (ep 135)
Enrico Bertorelli as
Alfredo (eps 237-238)
Father of Sabrina (eps 22, 24)
Federica Valenti as
Casey (ep 256)
McKenzie (ep 201)
Miki (ep 42)
Simon (young; ep 195)
Timmy (ep 53)
Zack (ep 130)
Federico Danti as Narrator
Flavio Arras as
Angelo (ep 229)
Francesca Bielli as Jasmine (ep 226)
Gabriele Calindri as Drake (eps 111-112)
Gianfranco Gamba as
Blaine (eps 58-59)
Muramasa (ep 140)
Gianluca Iacono as
Examiner examination for Pokèmon league (ep 56)
Father of McKenzie (ep 201)
Giuseppe Calvetti as Meowth (1st voice)
Grazia Migneco as
Agata (ep 121)
Madame Muchmoney (eps 123, 174)
Sophia (ep 187)
Laura Brambilla as
Cassidy (6 episodes
eps 57, 86, 157, 220-222

Nurse Joy
Stella (ep 64)
Laura Merli as Professor Ivy
Loredana Nicosia as
Jasmine (ep 210)
Lorenzo Scattorin as Angelo (eps 183-184)
Luca Bottale as
Brock (2nd voice)
Butch (ep 86)
Miki's brother B (ep 42)
Thug B
Luca Sandri as
Butch (4 episodes
eps 157, 220-222

Gifs (ep 160)
Lance (eps 220-222)
Snap (eps 187-189)
Syrus (ep 135)
Thug A
Valerio (eps 130-131)
Maddalena Vadacca as Sandra (eps 251-255)
Marcella Silvestri as Officer Jenny
Mario Scarabelli as Simon (ep 195)
Mario Zucca as
Aya's master (ep 245)
Fake Pokèmon interpreter (ep 195)
Furio (ep 209)
Grandpa of Marie (ep 161)
Magikarp seller (ep 158)
Mr. Ethan (ep 101)
Professor Namba (eps 220-222)
Rory (ep 187)
Vizzo (ep 203)
Massimo Di Benedetto as
Eugine (ep 229)
Gary Oak (redubbing)
Monica Bonetto as
Officer Jenny
Raffaello (ep 144)
Nicola Bartolini Carrassi as Brock (1st voice)
Oliviero Corbetta as
Boss of the poachers (ep 113)
Gonef (ep 191)
Paolo Sesana as
Gary Oak
Miki's brother C (ep 42)
Paolo Torrisi as Rudy (ep 103)
Patrizia Mottola as
Samurai (ep 04)
Patrizia Scianca as Brother of Sissi
Patrizio Prata as
Brad (ep 203)
Butch (ep 57)
Miki's brother A (ep 42)
Tracey Sketchit
Pietro Ubaldi as Meowth (2nd voice)
Renata Bertolas as Officer Jenny (redubbing)
Riccardo Lombardo as
Kio (ep 234)
Koga (ep 32)
Mr. Ponch (ep 114)
Wodrof (ep 119)
Riccardo Peroni as Old Shukkle (ep 169)
Riccardo Rovatti as
Accomplice A of the Pokèmon interpreter (ep 195)
Gifs (ep 123)
Prof. Oak
Serena Clerici as Vera
Simone D'Andrea as James
Sonia Mazza as Nurse Joy
Stefano Albertini as
Clygerman (ep 138)
Granpa of Malaki (ep 163)
Judge of the Sunflora tournament (ep 135)
Prof. Birch
Tony Fuochi as
Hermit of the Kabuto's island
Santa Claus (ep 39)
Tosawi Piovani as Casey (eps 118, 160)

Alice Bongiorni (redubbing)
Andrea Bolognini (redubbing)
Angiolina Gobbi (redubbing)
Daniela Fava (redubbing)
Elisabetta Cesone (redubbing)
Gianluca Iacono (redubbing)
Ivo De Palma (redubbing)
Jolanda Granato (redubbing)
Laura Brambilla (redubbing)
Ludovica De Caro (redubbing)
Luigi Rosa (redubbing)
Massimo Di Benedetto (redubbing)
Patrizia Scianca (redubbing)
Renata Bertolas (redubbing)
Riccardo Rovatti (redubbing)
Stefano Albertini (redubbing)
Stefano Pozzi (redubbing)
Tania de Domenico (redubbing)
Italian companies
Boing (from 3 October 2005)
Italia 1
Italia Teen Television (from 1 October 2003)
K2 (from 30 June 2014)
DeAgostini (VHS)
Medusa Film (VHS)
Mondo Home Entertainment (DVD)
Dubbing: Merak Film
German staff
German cast
Theme Song Performance: Noel Pix (All OP)
Angela Wiederhut as Misty
Caroline Combrinck as Ash Ketchum (eps 1-157)
Sabine Bohlmann as Pikachu
Veronika Neugebauer as Ash Ketchum (eps 158-276)

Achim Geisler as Professor Eich
Marion Hartmann as Delia Ketchum
Matthias Klie as James
Michael Schwarzmaier as Erzähler (narrator)
Nicola Grupe as Jessie (als Kind)
Scarlet Cavadenti as Jessie
Stefanie Beba as Officer Rocky

Anke Korte as Sabrina
Anna Carlsen as Maren
Beate Pfeiffner as
Christian Rudolf as Matteo
Ditte Schupp as LaToya
Dominik Auer as
Dorothea Riemer as Professor Ivy
Eberhard Storeck as Porenta
Gerhard Acktun as Mauzi
Johannes Raspe as
Julia Haacke as
Kai Taschner as
Alter Hippie
Leiter der Yas-Arena
Tommys Vater
Manou Lubowski as Butch
Marc Stachel as Rocko
Marion Hartmann as
James' Mutter
Marks Mutter
Martina Dunker as
Melvins Assistentin
Nicola Grupe as
Sabrinas Puppe
Oliver Mink as Drake
Sabine Bohlmann as
Erika (Kind)
Verkäuferin i. d. Parfümerie
Simone Brahmann as Reporterin
Sonja Reichelt as
Stefanie Beba as
Stephanie Kellner as Duplica
Tonio von der Meden as Professor Westwood
German companies
Fox Kids
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Germany)
Arabic staff
Arabic cast
Assistant Director: Mayada Auda
Engineering Supervision: Ramez Torjoman
Montage: Samer Abu Hamad
Preparation: Hanna Youssef
Production manager: Radwan Hijazi
Proofreading: Dr.Humood Younes
Revision: Shafik Bitar
Sound & Mixage: Nadim Sulaiman
Supervision: Maamoon Al-Rifai
Theme Song Lyrics: Rasha Rizk
Bouthaina Shaya as Ash Ketchum

Adel Abu Hassoon as Meowth
Fatima Saad as Jessie
Jehad Al-Atrash as Narrator (First dubbing)
Majd Zaza as Misty
Marwan Farhat as Narrator
Rafat Bazoo as Brock
Ziad Al-Rifai as James

Bothaina Shia as Ash Ketchum
Fatima Sa'ad as Jesse
Ziad Rifai as James

Abdu Hakim (First dubbing)
Claudia Marchalian (First dubbing)
Eman Al-Bitar (First dubbing)
Fadi Al-Rifai (First dubbing)
Gamal Hamdan (First dubbing)
Hassan Hamdan (First dubbing)
Ismail Nanoua (First dubbing)
Jehan Al-Mullah (First dubbing)
Jumana Al-Zenji (First dubbing)
Mona Majzoub (First dubbing)
Nabil Assaf (First dubbing)
Naji Shamel (First dubbing)
Tariq Kaakati (First dubbing)
Wissam Al-Sabbagh (First dubbing)
Arabic companies
ART Teenz
Al Zahra Centre - VENUS (Syria)
Dutch staff
Dutch cast
Dubbing Director: Joop Pieëte
Coordination: Loes Kok
Recording engineer:
Herman Pieëte
Joop Pieëte
Theme Song Lyrics: Niki Romijn
Theme Song Performance: Herman van Doorn
Christa Lips as Ash
Fred Meijer as Brock
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Marlies Somers as Misty

Bram Bart as James
Hilde de Mildt as Jesse
Jan Nonhof as Meowth

Barbara Dicker as
Giselle (ep 9)
Lily (1st voice)
Beatrijs Sluyter as
Delia Ketchum
Meowzie's eigenaar (ep 70)
Oude geest (ep 20)
Oude vrouw (ep 71)
Reiko (ep 53)
Tommy's moeder (ep 34)
Bram Bart as
Chansey's eigenaar (ep 28)
Marius (ep 210)
Pete (ep 76)
Wings Alexander (ep 223)
Christa Lips as
James' moeder (ep 48)
Lily (ep 61)
Melissa (ep 77)
Dieter Jansen as
Christopher (ep 216)
Eusine (ep 227)
Jenero (ep 219)
Juwelier (ep 213)
Edna Kalb as
agent Jenny
Daisy (1st voice)
Janina (ep 224)
Koume (ep 226)
Rita (ep 218)
Violet (ep 61)
Edward Reekers as
Damian (ep 11)
Keith (ep 49)
Finn Poncin as
Burgemeester (ep 218)
Butch (Master Quest)
Prof. Elm (S5)
Fred Meijer as
Fiorello (ep 52)
Harrison (ep 216)
Hippie (ep 41)
James' vader
Magikarp verkoper
Mr. Goodshow
Sabrina's father
Hilde de Mildt as
Cassandra's oma (ep 44)
Daisy (ep 61)
Jessiebelle (ep 48)
Lara (ep 33)
Maya (Whirl Cup Arc)
Mika (ep 213)
Rebecca (ep 29)
Stella (ep 64)
Suzy (ep 28)
Huub Dikstaal as
A.J. (ep 8)
Anthony (ep 29)
Butch (1st voice)
Samurai (ep 4)
Seymore (ep 6)
Timmy (ep 53)
Tommy (ep 34)
Hymke de Vries as Tyra (ep 36)
Isa Hoes as
Erica (Gym Leader)
Jeanette (ep 77)
Katrina (ep 69)
Jan Nonhof as Kok (ep 57)
Jeroen Keers as
Hopkins (ep 48)
Jon van Eerd as
Dexter (Pokédex)
Gentleman (ep 15)
Professor Oak
Just Meijer as
Dr. Namba
Examinator (ep 56)
Flint (ep 5)
Giovanni (ep 15)
Hiker (ep 51)
Lt. Surge (Gym Leader)
Lizemijn Libgott as Oralie
Lot Lohr as Max
Lottie Hellingman as
Cassidy (Master Quest)
Mandy Huydts as
Cassidy (1st voice)
Violet (1st voice)
Vrouwlijke geest (ep 20)
zuster Joye
Marjolein Algera as
Andrea (ep 213)
Brutella (ep 19)
Jasmine (Gym Leader)
Luka (ep 214)
Marcellus (ep 215)
Nastina (ep 19)
Oliver (Lugia arc)
Sabrina (Gym Leader)
Sue (ep 218)
Tamao (ep 226)
Trinity (ep 217)
Marlies Somers as Joe (ep 9)
Martin van den Ham as
Chopper (ep 36)
Dr. Proctor (ep 47)
Koga (Gym Leader)
Melvin (ep 43)
Oswald (ep 62)
Tracey (2nd season only, died in 2001)
Meghna Kumar as Dawn
Niki Romijn as
Cassandra (ep 44)
Dayton (ep 212)
Duplica (ep 38)
Eve (ep 72)
Melanie (ep 10)
Mikey (ep 40)
Mrs. Shelby (ep 228)
Sumomo (ep 226)
Olaf Wijnants as Omroeper (ep 52)
Pepijn Gunneweg as
Mr. Shelby (ep 228)
Wilbur (ep 211)
Rolf Koster as
Morty (Gym Leader, 2nd voice)
Tracey (from 3rd season)
Sophie Hoeberechts as
Ariene (ep 219)
Satsuki (ep 226)
Stan Limburg as
Blaine (Gym Leader)
Bruno (Elite Four)
Giovanni (2nd voice)
Schpielburg (ep 69)
Victor (ep 67)
Werker (ep 31)
Steve Beirnaert as Dayton's vader (ep 212)

Dutch companies
Distributor: Bridge Entertainment
Production: Wim Pel Productions
Recording Studio: JPS Production
Translation: Hoek & Sonépouse
Russian staff
Russian cast
Dmytro Zavadsky as Brock
Hanna Levchenko as Ash Ketchum

Anatoliy Zinovenko as
Professor Oak
Dmytro Zavadsky as
Gary Oak
Tracey Sketchit
Russian companies
Broadcaster: ORT
Danish staff
Danish cast
Mathias Klenske as Ash Ketchum (Young)

Danish companies
TV 2
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Arlene Bacay
Candice Arellano as Misty
Jefferson Utanes as Narrator
Klariz Magboo as Ash Ketchum

Candice Arellano as Officer Jenny
Charmaine Cordoviz as
Gary Oak (ep 2 onwards)

Ahlee Reyes as Nurse Joy
Arlene Bacay as Tomo (Jungle Boy)
Charmaine Cordoviz as
Lara Laramie
Lt. Surge Female henchman
Charmaine Sagrado Cordoviz as
Gary Oak
Lily (Misty's sister)
Ely Martin as Butch
Eric Stuart as Aerodactyl
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu
Jefferson Utanes as
Mr. Shelby
Professor Birch
Professor Oak
Tatay Ni Sabrina
Julius Figueroa as
Klariz Magboo as Delia Ketchum
Mailes Kanapi as Cassidy
Megumi Hayashibara as Pidgeot
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: Cartoon Network Philippines (In English Dubbing)
Dubbing: GMA Network's ALTA Productions (Tagalog Dub)
Recording Studios: GMA Network's ALTA Productions (Tagalog Dub)
Polish staff
Polish cast
Hanna Kinder-Kiss as Ash Ketchum
Iwona Rulewicz as Misty
Marek Wlodarczyk as Brock

Dorota Lanton as Jessie

Agata Rzeszewska as
Ash's Mother (eps 209-276)
Lili (ep 243)
Nurse Joy (eps 209-276)
Rita (ep 220)
trainer (ep 250)
Aleksander Gawek as
captain (ep 276)
Christopher (ep 218)
Dayton's Father (ep 214)
Delaney (ep 249)
Dorian (ep 258)
Jenaro (ep 221)
Kail (ep 275)
Lance (3 episodes
eps 237-238, 253

Morty (ep 229)
Satchel (ep 264)
Steven (ep 241)
Tracey (eps 261-276)
Wilbur (ep 213)
Andrzej Arciszewski as
judge (eps 77-82)
Umberto (ep 91)
Andrzej Chudy as
Braggo (ep 266)
judge (eps 268-274)
Mr Goodshow (ep 268)
Professor Birch
Anna Bielanska as
Anne (ep 92)
Ash's Mother (eps 1-118)
Bailey (ep 124)
Daisy (eps 7, 61)
Ephraim's Mother (ep 180)
Ghost (ep 20)
Keiko (ep 167)
Liza (ep 136)
Lorelei (ep 101)
Marina (ep 93)
Melanie (ep 10)
Nurse Joy (eps 2-209)
Officer Jenny (eps 1-208)
Priscilla (ep 132)
Rebecca (ep 29)
Sabrina (eps 22, 24)
Tommy's Mother (ep 34)
Anna Dąbkowska as
Casey (3 episodes
eps 120, 128, 163

Cissy (ep 87)
DJ Mary (ep 161)
Elen (ep 141)
Emily (ep 102)
Eve (ep 74)
Florinda Showers (ep 70)
head protection (ep 201)
Hope (ep 85)
Jeanette Fisher (ep 79)
judge (ep 137)
judge (Whitney's Gym) (ep 160)
Katrina (ep 71)
Kay (ep 92)
Madame Muchmoney (eps 126, 177)
Mariah (ep 139)
Marissa (ep 89)
Melissa (ep 79)
Miki (ep 154)
Mrs. Bellows (ep 158)
Pietra (ep 206)
Professor Ivy (ep 85)
Ramona (ep 192)
Ruby (ep 96)
Sonrisa (ep 137)
Sumomo (ep 185)
Suzy (ep 171)
Tierra (ep 198)
Wilhelmina (ep 134)
Arkadiusz Detmer as
Eusine (ep 229)
Tracey (ep 227)
Artur Krajewski as
commentator (ep 137)
Falkner (ep 133)
Gulzar (ep 109)
Kaz (ep 42)
Koji (ep 143)
Len (ep 92)
Mateo (ep 89)
Mikeosu (ep 98)
Oswald (ep 62)
Ralph (ep 102)
Ritchie (eps 80-82)
Rudy (ep 105)
Scuz (ep 115)
Todd (5 episodes
eps 55-56, 189-191

trainer (ep 86)
Zackie (ep 132)
Dariusz Blazejewski as
Tracey (209-260)
Dariusz Błażejewski as
Chico (ep 266)
Harrison (eps 267-274)
Dorota Lanton as Jessiebelle (ep 200)
Grzegorz Hołówko as
Keith (ep 49)
Seymour (ep 5)
Grzegorz Pawlak as
Anthony (ep 29)
Bugsy (ep 146)
commentator (ep 149)
Earl Dervish (ep 132)
Flint (ep 5)
gentleman (ep 15)
Jack Pollockson (ep 199)
Lt. Surge (ep 14)
Magikarp seller (ep 148)
Milton (ep 161)
Professor Oak (eps 1-208)
rich person (ep 27)
Sabrina's Father (eps 22, 24)
Shonosuke (ep 196)
Hanna Kinder-Kiss as
Arnold (ep 26)
Cassandra's Grandmother (ep 44)
Ireneusz Machnicki as
Aiden (eps 108, 149)
Alex Davis (ep 173)
Drake (eps 112-113)
Foster (ep 165)
Kim (ep 275)
Kiyo (ep 235)
Magikarp seller (ep 262)
Morty (eps 183-184)
Nario (ep 175)
Poncho (ep 116)
Professor Elm
Professor Telasu (ep 262)
Salvador (ep 268)
Shiro (ep 168)
Tyson (eps 237-238)
watchman (ep 267)
Woodruff (ep 121)
Zane (ep 171)
Iwona Rulewicz as Arnold's Mother (ep 27)
Jacek Kalucki as
Professor Elm (ep 116)
Professor Oak (eps 209-276)
Jacek Kałucki as
Andreia's Father (ep 215)
Benji's Father (ep 174)
gangster (ep 197)
Goneff (ep 194)
guide (ep 113)
judge (ep 146)
judge (Cianwood City) (ep 211)
Kurt (eps 144-145)
Mr. Strussel (ep 179)
rich person (ep 125)
Yosaku (ep 147)
Jan Kulczycki as
breeder (ep 182)
Chuck (ep 211)
fisher (ep 164)
Gan Gogh (ep 187)
Marcello (ep 189)
Myron (ep 210)
Old Man Shuckle (Dziadek Pleśniak) (ep 172)
radio producer (ep 162)
Tenma (ep 204)
Janusz Rymkiewicz as
James's Father (ep 48)
leading (ep 170)
Jaroslaw Budnik as James
Joanna Domanska as
Aya (ep 178)
Calista (ep 236)
Casey (ep 263)
Cassidy (eps 222-224)
Chigusa (ep 168)
Clair (eps 253-257)
Jasmine (ep 210)
Koume (ep 228)
Lulu (ep 175)
Mackenzie (ep 203)
Madeleine (ep 246)
Madison (ep 207)
Malachi (ep 166)
Marie (ep 164)
Maya (eps 218-219)
Mika (ep 215)
Sumomomo (ep 228)
Tamao (eps 185, 228)
Julita Kozuszek-Borsuk as
Andrea (ep 215)
Ariene (ep 221)
Katarzyna Lukaszynska as
Alice Telasu (ep 262)
Daisy (ep 275)
Krystal (ep 244)
Lokoko (ep 234)
Luka (eps 216-224)
Mason (ep 266)
Naomi (ep 259)
Officer Jenny (eps 209-276)
Sakura (ep 225)
Sue (ep 220)
Krzysztof Zakrzewski as
Captain Crook (ep 115)
Ephraim's Father (ep 180)
Ethan (ep 103)
Hopkins (ep 47)
instructor (ep 56)
judge (eps 113-114)
judge (Azalea Town) (ep 137)
Kenzo (ep 168)
Magikarp seller (ep 203)
Mr Goodshow (eps 76-77)
Mr Parker/Gligarman (ep 140)
Mr Shellby (ep 230)
Professor Westwood V (ep 68)
Pryce (eps 238-240)
Quincy T. Quackenpoker (ep 111)
Santa Claus (ep 65)
Sheldon (ep 110)
Shimajio (ep 98)
Simon (ep 197)
Tokichi (ep 178)
Vidso (ep 205)
Wings Alexander (ep 225)
Magdalena Ostolska as
Alexa (ep 207)
Benny (ep 148)
Cassidy (eps 57, 88, 159)
Charity (ep 85)
James's Mother (ep 48)
Janina (eps 210-211)
Mahri (ep 105)
Maisy (eps 144-146)
Mary (ep 141)
Peggy (ep 190)
Reiko (ep 53)
Sakura (ep 185)
Trixie (ep 155)
Malgorzata Maslanka as
Ash's Mother (eps 1-208)
Nurse Joy (eps 1-208)
Małgorzata Maślanka as
girl (ep 42)
Giselle (ep 9)
judge (ep 137)
Lily (eps 7, 61)
Officer Jenny (eps 2-194)
Mikolaj Klimek as Narrator
Mikołaj Klimek as
A.J (ep 8)
Blurt (ep 266)
captain (ep 97)
Carter (ep 227)
Cleavon Schpielbunk (eps 71-72)
commentator (ep 52)
cook (ep 102)
hiker (ep 51)
hooligan (ep 175)
judge (ep 196)
judge (Whirl Cup) (eps 218-219)
Kai (ep 275)
Ken (ep 248)
leader of the thieves (ep 220)
Marius (ep 212)
Mason (ep 249)
Pokedex (2nd voice)
Potter (ep 70)
Pyro (ep 40)
Sylvester (ep 147)
Mirosław Wieprzewski as
Magikarp seller (ep 15)
Professor Nanba (eps 222-224)
Olga Borys as
Anna (ep 167)
Arielle (ep 130)
Aya (ep 32)
boy (ep 42)
Cassandra (ep 44)
Duplica (eps 35, 175)
Erika (ep 26)
Jessiebelle (ep 48)
Lara Laramie (ep 33)
Latoya Parker (ep 140)
Luana (ep 110)
Olesia (ep 150)
rich (ep 126)
Rochelle (ep 122)
Senta (ep 87)
Stella (ep 64)
Suzy (ep 28)
Tamacu (ep 200)
Tammy (ep 251)
Trinity (ep 219)
Wendy (ep 233)
Piotr Siejka as Muramasa (ep 139)
Radosław Popłonikowski as
Chopper (ep 36)
Koga (ep 32)
Sparky (ep 40)
Tommy's Father (ep 34)
Renata Berger as
Benji (ep 174)
Bruttella (ep 19)
Bucky (ep 193)
Damian (ep 11)
Dayton (ep 214)
Egan (ep 242)
Hagatha (ep 123)
Marcellus (ep 217)
Mikey (ep 40)
Nagatha (ep 123)
Nelson (ep 261)
old woman (ep 20)
Otoshi (ep 75)
Samurai (ep 4)
Timmy (ep 53)
Tommy (ep 34)
trainer (ep 86)
Tyra (ep 36)
Violet (eps 7, 61)
Young Simon (ep 197)
Zachary (ep 179)
Robert Ostolski as
Bruno (ep 73)
Danny (ep 95)
dr. Proctor (ep 47)
hippie (ep 41)
Mandi (ep 77)
mayor (ep 104)
Roger (ep 92)
Shingo (ep 142)
Tad (ep 107)
trainer (ep 86)
trainer #1 (ep 101)
Yas (ep 42)
Sylwester Maciejewski as
Kaburagi (eps 253-256)
mayor (ep 220)
Wojciech Majchrzak as
Andreas (ep 170)
Bill (ep 13)
Blaine (eps 58-59)
Brad van Darn (ep 205)
Cyrus (ep 137)
Dario (ep 33)
Ephraim (ep 180)
Fernando (ep 148)
Fiorello Cappucino (ep 52)
foreman (ep 31)
Gastly (ep 20)
infernando (ep 183)
Jeeves (eps 126, 177)
Joe (ep 9)
judge (ep 133)
judge (Ecruteak City) (ep 184)
Mackenzie's Father (ep 203)
Malachi's Grandfather (ep 166)
mayor (ep 41)
Melvin (ep 43)
Mr. Evans (ep 179)
Pete Pebbleman (ep 78)
Professor Elm (ep 209)
Professor Sebastian (eps 237-238)
Rainer (ep 40)
restaurant owner (ep 42)
Rory (ep 190)
Tamacu's Father (ep 200)
Tracey (eps 83-115)
Victor (ep 69)
Wiseman (ep 156)

Polish companies
Fox Kids Poland (from May 2001)
Jetix Polska
TV 4
En-Be-Ef (eps 1-212)
GMC Studio (eps 265-276)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director:
Alfredo Rollo (Mastersound - some eps)
Fábio Moura (Mastersound)
José Parisi Jr. (Parisi Vídeo)
Márcia Gomes (BKS)
Márcia Regina (Centauro)
Márcio Araújo (Mastersound - some eps)
Patrícia Scalvi (BKS)
Rui De Sá (Portugal)
Cristina Parras (3th season)
Elaine Pagano (5th season)
Fernando Janson (3rd season)
Executive producer: Murray Lipnik

Insert Song Performance:
Nil Bernardes (A canção do Miau)
Sônia Santhelmo (Adeus de Misty; Canção de Verão; Um amigo é bom demais)
Soraya Orenga (Pokémon [Dance Mix] TV ver.)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Fernando Janson (4th and 5th season)
Nil Bernardes (1st and 2nd season)
Theme Song Performance:
André Maia (Portugal)
Fernando Janson (4th and 5th season)
Henrique Feist (Portugal)
Herlom Oliveira (Mundo Pokémon; Parisi Vídeo ver)
Jana Bianchi (1st season; Cidade de Veridian)
Marion Camargo (Música de Jigglypuff)
Nil Bernardes (2nd and 3rd season; O Adeus de Pikachu; Jukebox do Pikachu; Duas garotas perfeitas)
Nísia Moraes (Pikachu, Te escolhi; Eu e você é Pokémon)
Soraya Orenga (A cidade se Verídian (BKS ver); Muitos problemas)
Fábio Lucindo as Ash Ketchum
Ikue Ōtani as Pikachu

Alfredo Rollo as Brock (Brazil)
Armando Tiraboschi as Meowth (1st, 3rd season; Brazil)
Dora Cruz as Jessie (Portugal dub - Johto)
Eleonora Prado as Bulbassauro
Isabel Cristina de Sá as Jessie (Brazil)
Márcia Regina as Misty (Brazil)
Márcio Araújo as James (Brazil)
Sandra De Castro as Jessie (Portugal dub 2nd voice, Johto)
Teresa Madruga as Jessie (Portugal dub - 1st, 3rd voice)

Adna Cruz as Luana
Affonso Amajones as
Giovanni (1st voice)
Tenente Surge
Victor (ep 69)
Alessandra Araújo as Cassidy (1st voice)
Alex Wendel as
Ritchie (1st voice) 
Snap (eps 50-52) 
Angelica Santos as Aya (ep 32)
Carlos Falat as Todd Snap (eps 187-189)
Carlos Silveira as
Dr. Nanba
Cecília Lemes as
Gisele (ep 8)
Daniella Piquet as
Florinda (ep 68)
Katrina (ep 69)
Denise Reis as Mãe do James (James's mother)
Dora Cruz as Whitney (Gym Leader) (Portugal dub)
Eleonora Prado as Lily
Eleu Salvador as Blaine
Fábio Moura as
Dexter (2nd season)
Narrator (2nd season)
Fadu Costha as
Professor Elm
Fátima Noya as
Enfermeira Joy (Nurse Joy)
Professora Ivy
Fernanda Bullara as
Mary (ep 247)
Figueira Júnior as
Brad (ep 205)
Francisco Brêtas as Melvin (ep 40)
Francisco Freitas as
Gileno Santoro as Koga
Gisa della Mare as Wendy
Guilherme Lopes as
Anthony (ep 29)
Helena Montez as Misty (Portugal dub - 1st voice)
Helena Sâmara as Avó de Cassandra (ep 41)
Ivo Roberto as Professor Sebastian
Jonas Mello as Sr. Parker / Gligarman (ep 138)
José Parisi Jr. as
Charles Goodshow (ep 266)
Giovanni (ep 157)
Letícia Quinto as
Aya (ep 178)
Duplica (eps 35, 172)
Luciana Baroli as Cassey (1st voice)
Luiz Antônio Lobue as
Giovanni (ep 82)
Juiz no Estádio Indigo (Indigo judge)
Marcelo Campos as
Marcelo Pissardini as Meowth (2nd season)
Maria João Luís as Ash Ketchum (Portugal dub - 1st voice)
Mário Jorge as Charles Goodshow (eps 74-80)
Mauro Eduardo as
Melissa Garcia as Mariah (Hoppips trainer) (1 ep)
Michel Di Fiori as
Gastly (some loops)
Mr. Mime (some loops)
Nestor Chiesse as Tyson
Nil Bernardes as James (Cantando ep 72)
Paula Pais as Misty (Portugal dub 2nd voice Johto)
Peter Michael as
Brock (Portugal dub - 1st voice)
James (Portugal dub - 1st voice)
Rafael Meira as
Ritchie (eps 78-80)
Snap (eps 55-57)
Raquel Marinho as Policial Jane (Officer Jenny)
Raul Schlosser as
Giovanni (ep 231)
Rita Almeida as
Assistente de Melvin (ep 40)
Cassandra (ep 41)
Rodrigo Andreatto as
Ken (ep 248)
Rogério Vieira as Tracey
Roseli Gonçalves as
Mary (ep 162)
Rui Quintas as
Brock (Portugal dub - Johto)
James (Portugal dub - Johto)
Rui Luís Brás as Meowth (Portugal dub - 1st voice)
Samira Fernandes as
Sandra De Castro as
Ash Ketchum (Portugal dub - Johto)
Lapras (Portugal dub)
Sandra Faleiro as
Ash Ketchum (PT 2nd voice)
Daisy (PT 2nd voice)
Jessiebelle (PT)
Sandra Mara as
Cassidy (ep 86)
Satomi Koorogi as Togepi
Sílvio Giraldi as
Butch (1st voice)
Capitão Marius (ep 210)
Seymour (ep 6)
Tad (ep 105)
Soraya Orenga as Jessie (Cantando ep 72)
Tânia Gaidarji as
Lara Larami
Tatá Guarnieri as
Butch (ep 86)
Locutor da Liga Pokémon (League Locutor)
Tracey (ep 225)
Tatiane Keplmair as
Britany (ep 245)
Thiago Longo as Harrison (2nd voice)
Ursula Bezerra as Totodile do Ash (some loops)
Vagner Fagundes as
Morty (ep 229)
Samurai (ep 4)
Valter Santos as Tokichi (ep 178)
Vanessa Alves as Mãe do Ash (Delia Ketchum)
Wellington Lima as
Dexter (1st season)
Professor Carvalho (Professor Oak) (1st, 3rd season)
Wendel Bezerra as
Harrison (1st voice)
Wilbur (ep 213)

Portuguese companies
Cartoon Network Brasil
Rede Brasil (1st season)
Rede Família (2nd ~ 4th season)
Rede Globo (Brazil, 5th season)
Rede Record (1st - 4th seasons)
SIC (Portugal)
Dubbing Studio:
BKS (2nd season)
Centauro (2 episodes
eps 10, 34 redub

Mastersound (1st season)
Nacional Filmes (Portugal)
Parisi Vídeo (3rd ~ 5th season)
Music Production: Xquality Records
Abril Music (Brazil)
Edel Records (Portugal)
Swedish staff
Swedish cast
Theme Song Performance: Joakim Jennefors (OP 1)
Anna Book as Misty (1st Voice)
Annica Smedius as Misty (2nd Voice)
Dick Eriksson as Ash Ketchum
Mattias Knave as Brock

Andreas Nilsson as James
Annelie Berg as Jessie
Hasse Jonsson as Gary Oak
Linus Wahlgren as Meowth

Annika Rygner as Officer Jenny
Hans Wahlgren as Professor Oak
Maria Rydberg as Nurse Joy
Swedish companies
Broadcaster: TV4

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