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Viz PR for May '01

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Viz has a bunch of fun stuff in store for May 2k1. Read the full PR to find out.

Viz Graphic Novel, story by Jinpachi Mori, art by Jiro Tanaguchi, b&w, 224 pages, $16.95 USA/$26.00 CAN, SHIPS 05/21/01 REVENGE WAS NEVER THIS STYLISH
Manga doesn't get any more noir than this. Benkei is just another expatriate Japanese artist living in the Big Apple. Or so it appears. As these "diabolical hard-boiled stories" show, surfaces aren't always what they seem. Flashbacks delve into sordid, secret past lives, and old scores, long festering, emerge without warning, asking to be settled. And Benkei's secret? Maybe it's just that he's the only artist in town who isn't dreaming of being a hitman-for-hire. He is one. Each self-contained episode in this complete BENKEI collection is a tightly plotted, beautifully rendered, and psychologically harrowing ride into the heart of urban darkness. Hard-boiled tale of revenge, rendered in the tight-lipped, fine-line style of the estimable Jiro Taniguchi, one of the creators of HOTEL HARBORVIEW. Haggis, anyone?

Viz Graphic Novel, story & art by Akira Toriyama, b&w, 192 pages, $12.95 USA/$20.00 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01
MORE FUN THAN A GIANT MONKEY Meet a naïve young monkey-tailed boy named Son Goku, whose quiet life changes when he meets a girl named Bulma who is on a quest to collect seven "Dragon Balls" which summon an incredibly powerful dragon that grants one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and Bulma needs Goku's help (and his super-strength)!

Along the way, Goku comes across Kame-Sen'nin, the mighty martial artist, and competes in the Tenka'ichi Budôkai, the tournament to determine the greatest fighter in the world! Kamehameha! This volume collects DRAGON BALL PART 2 #14 through PART 3 #3.
In This Volume: The battle between Goku and Jackie Chun for the title of Greatest Martial Artist Under the Heavens rages on without either gaining a clear advantage! But wait! Is that a moon I see rising over there? Goku's transformation almost turns the Tenka'ichi Budôkai into a disaster until Jackie Chun destroys the moon itself! Who will take home the title in this over-the-top battle? Then, Goku sets out alone to look for his Grandfather's Dragon Ball and soon makes enemies with the murderous Red Ribbon Army. It's Goku versus Colonel White and his legions of cronies at Muscle Tower!

Viz Graphic Novel, story & art by Hidetomo Tsubura, b&w, 168 pages, $15.95 USA/$24.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/04/01
Good-natured Makoto Mizuhara was liked by all-—a fact that arrogant class president Jinnai could not abide. But that was before he met a strange woman in the depths of Shinonome High School and was whisked away to the even stranger world of El-Hazard! Along for the ride, Jinnai, his sister Nanami, and teacher Masamichi Fujisawa also join Makoto. While Makoto and company befriend the royal family of Roshtaria and the Muldoon Priestesses, Jinnai has allied himself with the seductive Deva, queen of the hive-like Bugrom Empire. Now, with the fate of El-Hazard in the balance, three factions vie for control of the most feared weapon ever created...the Demon-Goddess Ifurita!

In This Volume: Makoto Mizuhara is a high school student who has been transported to a fantastic world called El-Hazard where he encounters beautiful tesses with elemental powers, Demon-Gods, ferocious giant bugs, and his classmate Katsuhiko Jinnai, who is intent on using the powerful dark forces of El-Hazard to take over this strange world. Will Jinnai succeed or will he destroy El-Hazard in his quest for ultimate power? Will Makoto be able to stop him? Will they ever make it back home? There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

Viz Graphic Novel, 112 pages, $9.95 USA/$15.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/04/01 YOUR DAILY DOSE OF VITAMIN 'P'
From shore to shore, Pokêmon has become a newspaper sensation and now you can collect each weekday comic strip and Sunday funny in one convenient book! Written by renowned comics writer Gerard Jones, and
drawn by Creatures' Ashura Benimaru, one of the original creators of Pokemon, the Pokemon comic strip is chock full of light-hearted comedy that follows the everyday life of Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and the
rest of the Pokemon cast. If you're a Pokemon fan and haven't seen this strip yet, you won't want to miss this book!


DRAGON BALL, PART 3#12, 14-issue monthly series, story & art by Akira Toriyama, b&w, 32 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/04/01 PIRATES PLUNDER
With the dangers of the Pirates' Cave neatly taken care of, Goku, Kuririn, and Bulma are free to plunder the pirates' treasure and the Dragon Ball—or so they think! While Goku is rustling up some food in another part of the cave, Commander Blue ambushes Kuririn and
Bulma! Will Goku arrive in time to help Kuririn against the powerful Commander Blue?

15-issue monthly series, story & art by Akira Toriyama, b&w, 32 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/11/01 FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS
Vegeta has collected six of the seven Namekian Dragon Balls and he's on his way to the Great Elder's house for the last one! With no one of sufficient strength to stop Vegeta from gaining control of the last Dragon Ball, Namek's Great Elder bestows Gohan with the power to fight back the invader. But will this gift be enough to stop the inhuman fighting machine? Then, Freeza's reinforcements have arrived-—and they're even more powerful than the initial invasion force!

4-issue monthly series, story by Katsuyuki Sumizawa, art by Akira Kanbe, based on Mobile Suit Gundam Wing by Hajime Yadate and Yoshiyuki Tomino, b&w, 32 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01
As a Gundam pilot, Heero Yuy is as good as they come. But as an eight-year old boy, he was already as skilled an assassin as any professional in the business. What could turn a young child into such
a deadly weapon? Visit a tumultuous time in Heero's youth when the events of a universe gone mad makes desperation just another part of daily life...

4-issue monthly series, story by Sakura Asagi, art by Akemi Omoide, based on Mobile Suit Gundam Wing by Hajime Yadate and Yoshiyuki Tomino, b&w, 40 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/11/01 WHO CAN THEY TRUST?
The shocking conclusion to the Blind Target series! Chris' treachery is revealed when she betrays Ralph at the space station rendezvous point! Who can Heero and Relena trust on this seemingly doomed mission? Plus, Trowa and Duo have finally shaken loose of their pursuers, but where do they go from here?

4-issue monthly series, story & art by Yumi Tsukirino, b&w, 40 pages,
$4.95 USA/$7.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01 HAZEL IN WONDERLAND?
Mischevious Gramps is at it again! This time Hazel is his guinea pig for a new shrinking potion he invented. Soon enough, Hazel is knee-high to a Pikachu and no one knows the antidote! Will the Pokemon take this opportunity to torment their now tiny master? Also, Peanut is sick in bed and the Pokemon want to help him pass the time with a
friendly game of cards.

4-issue monthly series, story & art by MATO, squarebound, b&w, 40 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/25/01 BATTLE OF THE BULGE!
The tense battle between Yellow and Elite Four member Lorelai comes to it's gripping conclusion! afterwards, Celadon City gym leader Erika teams up with Yellow and together the two find Red! But is this person the real Red, or just another rouse by mysterious forces?

4-issue monthly series, story & art by Hitoshi Okuda, b&w, 48 pages, $3.50 USA/$5.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01 TIME ISN'T ON THEIR SIDE
Worse than space pirates. More dangerous than an alien armada. Only one thing can pull the inhabitants of the Masaki household away from the pressing matters of the galactic realm—THEY'RE OUT OF FOOD! With all food depleted, and local stores closed, if the gang can't go for food, Washu's going to use a time machine to bring it to them from other time periods! What could possibly come through that crazy invention!?


Viz Graphic Novel, story & art by Masahiko Kikuni, b&w, 144 pages, $15.95 USA/$24.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/25/01
RAISING THE BAR ON SICK HUMOR Four-panel manga are the Japanese equivalent to the traditional American comic strip…but you won't find these comics in your daily newspaper any time soon. Torn from the pages of the monthly magazine PULP, HEARTBROKEN ANGELS is a hilarious strip that is one some of the most funny comics ever seen in any country.


2 episodes per volume, English subtitled, color, stereo, 52 mins., $28.95 USA, SHIPS 05/15/01
Mitaka's proposed to Kyoko! But what about his arranged marriage to Asuna? And is Godai gonna take Mitaka's proposal to Kyoko sitting down? Throw in a pack of dogs, a little girl coincidentally named Kyoko who has a major crush on Godai, and the rest of the Ikkoku gang into the mix and you have another wacky and romantic volume of MAISON IKKOKU!


story & art by Kaiji Kawaguchi, b&w, 104 pages, $6.95 USA/$10.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01 PASSIONS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH
In the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention, Yamaoka has become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate and now he must confront his next opponent—Republican presidential candidate and
astronaut hero General Grant! But when both men are invited to a dedication ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial, can Yamaoka outmaneuver his opponent at the podium and gain the support of this largely military audience?

4-issue monthly series, story and art by Yukito Kushiro, monthly, b&w, 48 pages, $3.50 USA/$5.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/11/01, GROWING PAINS
He's a genius, a conqueror, and a total nut to boot! Travel back in time to the youth of Alcantara for a romp down memory lane in the land of Ybur Knom. See the origin of his problems with authority, his spoiled home life, and the first time he met Zygote aboard a hot-air balloon! Plus, see the beginnings of Zykey's debilitating disease that left her at the mercy of Alcantara.

5-issue monthly series, story & art by Tsubura Hidetomo, b&w, 40 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/11/01 OUT FROM THE SHADOWS
Despite the efforts of Ifurita and the Muldoon Priestesses, the two powerful Demon Gods that attacked the royal convoy have succeeded in capturing Rune Venus. But for whom do they work and what ultimate goal do they hope to accomplish? Makoto and the group must formulate a hasty search and rescue plan to save the imprisoned princess before it's too late!

15-issue series, story & art by Rumiko Takahashi, b&w, 40 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/04/01
Sango has joined the group after her and Inu-Yasha recover from their battle wounds and the search for the Shikon Shards continues. While bedding down for the night though, Inu-Yasha discovers a spy lurking
in the forest that turns out to be a boy in search of help. A local temple has taken his brother for mysterious reasons and the group moves to investigate. But have they bitten off more than they can chew?

11-issue series, story & art by Rumiko Takahashi, monthly, b&w, 32 pages, $2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN, SHIPS 05/11/01 ENTER THE PANDA
The fight between father and son has to stop or else the Tendo household may not last much longer—and Genma intends to be the one to end it! Through rigorous secret training and a strict daily regimen,
Genma has perfected his personal secret technique. Will Ranma be able to adapt to dad's newfound rength, or will he be tossed out by his ears into the street?


VOL. 5, #6, MAY '01, manga anthology, b&w, 184 pages, $5.95 USA/$8.95 CAN, MATURE READERS ONLY, SHIPS 05/04/01
The only true adult-oriented manga magazine in America! PULP has 184 pages of sexy, tough, surreal, violent, hilarious manga, plus columns and features written by some of the premier experts in Japanese pop culture, and the people who brought you JAPAN EDGE and SECRET COMICS JAPAN. Movies, books, manga, true crime and Warren Ellis, it's all in every issue of PULP!
BANANA FISH: Ash's gang starts their rampage of revenge, while Ash, Max, and Abe try to work their way out of Papadino's chains.
VOYEURS INC.: The stalker has Miyuki backed into a corner and he wants to cover her with cockroaches for his ultimate production! Does the Voyeurs Inc. team have the guts to face this many bugs?
DANCE TILL TOMORROW: The plans are set and tonight is the night for Suekichi's big date with Miyuki, but Aya and Freddy are behind every corner! Can Suekichi and Miyuki get even a single moment alone? CINDERELLA-CHAN: Junko Mizuno's twisted fairytale begins! Cinderella-chan and her father run the best Yakitori restaurant in town until he shows up dead one day.
EVEN A MONKEY CAN DRAW MANGA: Learn the intricacies of panel bordering! UZUMAKI: Lovers Kazunori and Noriko share a youthful romance, but are kept apart by strict parents until Kirie shows them a way to be together forever...

VOL. 4 #6, MAY '01, manga anthology, b&w, 128 pages, $4.95, USA/$7.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/04/01 THE ANIME FAN'S COMIC MAGAZINE
The greatest shojo and shonen manga! A brave young swordswoman who wants to be a prince—an artist, his kissin' cousin, and a doll that came to life-adventure in a fantasy world not unlike ancient China—crime and mystery in the Gothic metropolis of Steam City—a girl who came from a video tape—and the psychic occultists who wage war over the fate of the world. 128 pages of beautiful art and stunning stories, plus fan art, manga features and more! USHIGI YÛGI: Chichiri and Tasuki escape back to Hong-Nan finally, but Tamahome remains under Yui's spell. Will he ever be able to return as himself? VIDEO GIRL AI: Nobuko and Yota hop into bed together, but do they really plan to go all the way?
STEAM ETECTIVES: Ling Ling flees in terror as she is pursued by a Megamaton! Who else is behind this than the wily Dr. Guilty!
X/1999: As her life slips away, Kotori says her final farewell to dream-walking Harbinger Kakyo. What message does she leave behind?
REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA: Utena faces the fencing master Sayonji in a match to the death! Let the steel fly!
MARIONETTE GENERATION: Lunch's origins are revealed! Is she really a live being or just a schism in space/time?

Vol. 9 #5, anime & manga monthly, color and b&w, 96 pages, $4.95 USA/$7.95 CAN, SHIPS 05/18/01
The best magazine for anime fans! Fascinating features on the latest and greatest anime, exclusive interviews, news on what's new in Japan and what's arriving soon in America, plus exclusive columns,
interviews with voice-actors, anime reviews, games, model kits, anime music, and Leiji Matsumoto's GALAXY EXPRESS 999 manga. Remember, If It's Anime in America, It's Gotta be ANIMERICA!
IN THIS ISSUE: The animated version Rumiko akahashi's Inu-Yasha series has premiered in Japan and Animerica has all the details! Get the lowdown on the storyline, characters, and whether or not this exciting series will be released in America.

$6.00 per bundle of 50

Wow, thats sure a lot of stuff from Viz. Dig in.

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