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Lord of the Answers

Answerman: Lord of the Answers

Okay, 20 questions. Burning the midnight oil on this one.

I heard that Hellsing has been licence and will be released in the states. Is this true or not? if it is true then is there a set date for it's release?

Yup. Pioneer's putting it out. No release date yet.

Hey, Answerman!

I've got a quick question: I heard that there was another episode set of Helsing airing in Japan right now, but I haven't been able to find out any more information than that. Is it true?

Your column rocks!

It's a rumor and nothing more. There may be plans for a second series but I'm sure there isn't a second series going on right now.. given that the first one just ended.

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for replying my previous e-mail. The fan service issue got me thinking:

1) Fan-service & nudity: what's the difference? I thought fan service includes at least a topless shot!!!!

2)As a hot-blooded male, isn't it annoying when you have *only* fan service in certain anime, like the ones I previously mentioned, but no nude secenes?! What's the point?

3)How come certain TV anime has nude scenes & some don't? (Except kiddie anime, obviously)

On your knees to your altar of wisdom,

Fan service is anything that's done specifically to please the fans. While usually it's some kind of suggestive sexual pose done by the female characters of the show, it can really be any sort of in-joke aimed at the fans. Nudity is naked people. Let me know if you need any more clarification on that one. Frankly I don't care how much fan service or nudity is in a show; if it's good, it's good, if it's crap, it's crap. Most shows that have fan service suck. My personal favorites, Hellsing, X, and Utena (the latter having fan service only as a commentary on fan service.. thank you, Mr. Ikuhara..) don't really have fan service in them. As for your final question, that's like asking why some shows feature a robotic Richard Nixon and some don't. It's just how it is. Depends on whether or not the show needs it.

I was just recently informed that there was a 26th episode to one of my favorite anmie series Love Hina. Where can I get info on this mysterious 26th episode? Any info you can provide would be appreciated.
Thankyou my savior,

There technically is no episode 26 of Love Hina. There's an episode 25, two seasonal specials, and now a 3-part OVA, but no episode 26. Sorry.

hello mr answerman sir,
there's been a Studio Ghibli season on at the local arthouse cinema & after seeing "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" again, i got reminded of watching a tv show back when i was a little tyke, called "conan" or some such. the main character was very similar to pazu from "laputa" & the retro pseudo-victorian production designs also resembled those of the movie. i suspect its by the same studio or at least by miyazaki. i realise the fact that i don't know the exact title won't help, but do you have any idea if its available now?
thanking you profusely,

The name of the show you're thinking of is Future Boy Conan. It isn't really available in the United States.

Hey Answerman!
Just a quick question. Have you heard anything on if s-CRY-ed or Sadamitsu will be coming to the States anytime? Also, I haven't actually seen the shows but heard they're great. I'm having difficulty finding stuff about them. Know of any sites listing info on these shows?


Neither of those series have been licensed.

Hi Answerman,

You are probably heard this question before and if you have the time to answer these questions, I will be very grateful. I heard that there is more Blue Seed anime and ADV picked them up. My first question is this: Are they going to release them soon? Not to mention is that I gotta ask is that did the sales of that anime go well for them? How long do you think they will release them?

I am a big fan of the anime and anxious to see more of it. Thanks for taking the time to listen to people that go through your awesome website. Keep up the great work!

Enhance the Trance,
Ricardo Guajardo

From what I understand, Blue Seed was a decent seller for ADV so they decided to pick up the sequel OVA series. No word yet on when that'll be out.

The Amazing Spider-Pants is back with more questions:

Dual is quickly becoming one of my favorite anime series of all time. It's great to find a series that rides the line between parody and serious action/drama with such alacrity and grace. Dual manages to be both fun and funny, without sacrificing the over the top action. Of all the anime that I've seen, only Cowboy Bebop rivals it in terms of satisfaction. The bonus episode that comes after the completion of the main plot line is pure enjoyment.

Wait, that really wasn't a question, was it? Well, here's one: Is there or are there plans for a second series? The bonus episode I spoke of bluntly foretells the possibility ("In to Space!" as the Scientists proclaim in unity) and I'm all for it.

What's the word on that?
Or is there a movie or OAV?

Thanks, A-man.

There is no more Dual!. You've seen everything there is to see. In fact, Pioneer commented on this themselves, saying that there would be no more Dual!. Sorry.

hey answerman,

i was wondering what the chances are of Boys Be... and A Little Snow Fairy Sugar coming to the states? thanks!

Well, Boys Be... has a decent chance, but Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar is one of those licenses that seems like a longshot but will probably get picked up anyway.

Dear Answerman,

On most of the new anime coming out on TV in Japan, there is a message at the bottom that says something like "Watch this show in a well-lit room and don't stay to close to the TV when watching." I've been wondering for how long this has been going on? Was it a message sent out by the government of Japan to the people warning them not to stay to close to the television? And for how long have they been displaying this kind of message? It seems like a new thing going on. Thanks for your help.

Ethan G.

That happened after that whole Pokémon seizure thing. If you watch anime (or anything with bright, flashing colors) in a dark room sitting too close to the television and you have the type of epilepsy that the offending Pokémon episode had, it'll go off and you'll spasm. Nowadays, every anime series has that warning to prevent 6 year olds from turning into quivering little piles.

hell9. recently i have seen an anime movie called Shadowskill. I was wondering if there was a sequel movie or branch series for Shadowskill. Hope to hear from you.

There is a TV series for Shadow Skill but it was never released in the US. Doesn't mean it won't be, though.

Hey, I was just wondering.... is the Rockman.EXE anime coming to japanese television soon an ACTUAL Megaman anime? I know that in Japan they say 'Megaman' as 'Rockman', but I haven't heard anything of it actually being Megaman... I hope it is! Megaman is the coolest little guy on the planet... ^_^

Well, thanks in advance for anything you can tell me!

- a question from your local Dragoon

Dunno. Last time they brought a Megaman series to the US it tanked pretty badly. Since the adult market for Megaman titles is really small, I don't expect you'll see it on US TV anytime soon.

How does one who's always wanted to voice act in a game or an anime go about his/her goal? I think I have what it takes, Charles Michel of the Voice Bank thinks I have what it takes, and Tom Wayland of Central Park Media had nothing bad to say about my voice... That's all flattering and happy and wonderful, but how do you get the jobs and get the gigs? Who do I have give my demos to and who do I have to call to get into the job I've always dreamed of? Can you guys help me?
Pfillip Tepper
Hard work, perseverance and knowing people who know people. If you have the talent, then bug people until they give you a job or try a smaller company that might be desperate.

Hail O Guru of Anime!

I just finished watching "Martian Successor Nadesico," and I was curious about something. You said that there were novels and a movie that continued the series. Do you have any idea where I could find either or both? I know of very sites that sell anime and that is why I am asking. Thank you very much!

--- Lee McManus

I honestly have no clue where you'd buy those. It's an obscure item and not something most people would actually import.. anyone out there know?

Hey Answerman!

Three somewhat odd questions for you:

1. I'm an anime newbie, and there's something I haven't been able to find out anywhere--what exactly does the gesture of pulling at the eye and sticking out your tongue mean? Is it like a kid saying "nyah nyah" (I hope you know what that means) or is it more vulgar like, say, "shooting a bird"?
2. How do you think Weib Kreuz would be rated? Like 13 and up or more like 16 and up?

Hope you can answer these--I'd really appreciate it! :-)

To answer your first question, what you're referring to is commonly called "Bi-da", because that's the noise people make when they use it. It's pretty harmless, more like a "nyah nyah" than flipping someone off. For your second question, I'm pretty sure the bishonen flower sellers are rated 13 and up.

(Just to be a prick, I'm counting this next question as 5 and calling it a night. *insert maniacal laugh here*)

oi answerman,

i am in need of you to answer a few questions for me:

1) a while ago i heard of the movie for sakura taisen to be released in december as well as the inuyasha movie, since then i have heard next to nothing about either of them. what i wanted to know was if either of the two are as good as the tv shows and if either are licensed.

2) does anyone know yet how many episodes there are for the inuyasha tv series.

3) i found some fansubs for a couple of shows, himiko den and Hikaru no Go, i was wondering whether or not either of the two are going to licensed in the states.

4) is there going to be any more of vandread after second stage, as in another season or a movie.

5) and just because i am annoying, when sailor stars is probably the best season of Sailor Moon, are they not planning on releasing in the states, it should at least be released on dvd.


First - They've both been licensed but I haven't seen either of them so I couldn't tell you if they're good or not.

Second - There's no final number yet because the show is still running.

Third - Himiko-Den was licensed by Central Park Media but Hikaru no Go has yet to be picked up.

Fourth - There hasn't been any news yet on whether or not they'll be making more Vandread. I'd imagine if the second season did well enough, they'll continue pumping that cash cow.

Fifth - I'm not answering that question on principle. You know better than that.

See y'all on Friday!

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