Theatrical Anime features delayed in Korea

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According to Kankoku Anime Gekijo("Korean Animation Theater") the Korean theatrical release of Nausicaä, originally scheduled for December 16th, was postponed until 30th, and Jin-Roh, originally scheduled for the 2nd, was postponed untill the 9th.

In order to protect the domestic film industry, Korean law restricts the ammount of foreign films that can be screened in Korean theatres during any given period. It is on these grounds, officially at least, that Nausicaä and Jin-Roh were postponed.

However, Kankoku Anime Gekijo suspects that the postponements are at least in part due to lack of faith, on the part of Koren distributors, in the potential of Anime in the domestic, Korean market. These fears are due to the poor performance of Jube-Ninpu-Cho, first imported Anime feature, which failed to draw significant audiences. Meanwhile, Pokémon remains scheduled to open on the 23rd, as previously announced.

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