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ADV has released a press release "announcing" their aquisition of Steel Angel: Kurumi. ADV previously announced the aquisition at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2000.

ADV has released a press release "announcing" their aquisition of Steel Angel: Kurumi. ADV previously announced the aquisition, along with the aquisition of Super Milk-chan at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2000.

While no date for a release has been mentionned, the fact that ADV is now publicizing the aquisition would suggest that a release date might be announced soon.

Excerpts from press release:

ADV FILMS has acquired distribution rights to the phenomenally popular anime series Steel Angel: Kurumi, a unique production blending anime styles that switch from highly realistic to extremely stylized artwork with effortless grace.

Wonderfully engaging and beautifully brought to life by acclaimed animation studio, O.L.M. (animators of Pokemon), Steel Angel: Kurumi is already a major franchise in Japan with merchandise, art books, costumes, novels, and action figures. The buzz in Japan surrounding Steel Angel: Kurumi has piqued the interest of anime fans around the world. So much so, that the series is quickly developing a rabid underground following -- scores of websites are springing up in eager anticipation of what is destined to be an international hit!

‘’We here at ADV are very excited to finally be bringing Steel Angel: Kurumi to the States,'' said ADV FILMS President John Ledford. ‘’It's a fun, exciting series, and the animation is some of the best I've ever seen -- and I've seen a LOT of animation. Plus, I think the fans are going to be absolutely thrilled when they find out some of the exciting plans we're working on for the Kurumi series.''

Steel Angel: Kurumi tells the story of Nakahito, a shy young man who stumbles across and accidentally awakens Kurumi, the vanguard of a new breed of extremely sexy androids -- known as ‘’Steel Angels.'' Kurumi immediately pledges her services to Nakahito but unfortunately, Nakahito isn't the only one who wants to get a hold of these lovely ‘’girls'' -- the military wants to use the Steel Angels as weapons in their deadly game of global dominance. Action, intrigue, and hilarious misadventure are the order of the day in this wonderfully entertaining series.

The ADV FILMS home video release will include English language audio tracks, along with the Japanese language version with English subtitles -- giving audiences in America the opportunity to see why Japan is raving about this series. The 24-episode saga will be delivered on 6 DVDs.

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