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Anime Weekend in Atlanta News

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In order to add some features to the DVD release of Macross AE will be postponing the release to spring, 2001. It appears that AE will be spending more money and time on the restoration as well as adding some of the extras from the Japanese LD release. Another cool feature which has been mentionned as a possibility, but not confirmed, is a voiceless audio track (so fans can dub it themselves). Other reasons given for the delay include more extensive testing in order to avoid problems such as those that occured with the first UY boxed set.

In place of the Macross release, AnimEigo will be moving the second
second Urusei Yatsura box set to what is officially stated as a January release but they are hoping ot get it out on time for Christmas.

In another (after AWA) press release AnimEigo mentionned some upcoming titles such as Spirit of Wonder, Lone Wolf and Cub, Oh My Goddess! and Vampire Princess Miyu.


Bandai has dropped the price tag on both the Outlaw Star & the Cowboy Bebop Box Set II to $99.98 (VHS subbed and dubbed sets)

Further details on the differences between the Bandai and Fox releases of Escaflowne were also announced. It was announced that the uncut Bandai release will ship in 8 volumes whereas the Fox version will ship in 7.

Previous announcements made it clear that the Bandai release would be entirely uncut, featureing no changes to the music and released on VHS and DVD. The fox version will be identical to the broadcast version with scenes cut and music re-arranged and will be released on VHS only.

ADV Films

Super Milk-chan and Steel Angel Kurumi (Kotetsu Tenshi Kurumi) were announced as ADV's newest acquisitions.

A few weeks ago ADV held an informal poll asking viewers what they most wanted to see released on DVD, the resutls were:

1. Gunsmith Cats
2. Blue Seed
3. Sorcerer Hunters
4. Dirty Pair OAV
5. Those Who Hunt Elves

It is expected that these titles will be released in that order and should start being released in the very near future. Gunsmith Cats will be released on 1 DVD while Blue Seed will be released on 4. The Blue Seed DVDs will cost $29.98 each. No price has yet to be mentionned for the Gunsmith Cats DVD, but it will include several extras such as the "making of" featurette.

ADV also mentionned that they are hoping to be able to release one back catalogged release per month (on DVD) in addition to ongoing releases. The next backlog title to be released will be Cutey Honey, sometime next month which will be released with several extras. Other back catalog titles include The Slayers OAV's, Dirty Pair, Dirty Pair Flash and Curse of the Undead Yoma.

ADV is seeking the Omake (hidden features such as SD Nadia) extras for the Nadia DVD release from the material owners. These features are not property of Gainax (the licensor of the rest of the Nadia content).

ADV plans on releasing Spectral Force in a variety of media formats, it will be released on video, as a video game and as a comic from Studio Ironcat

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