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Super deformed

Many typical Anime character designs feature heads that are just somewhat larger than would be proprotionally correct. Super-deformed characters, SD for short (also called "Big Head", SD Mode, CB or Chibi Body or Chibis for the plural) exagerate this deformation in the goal of appearing cute and funny.

Artists often Super Deform characters in order to show an extreme change in the characters' mood. While the characters' mood may change to anything, seriousness, anger, embarassment, feigned cuteness, the goal of the animators is always comedic cuteness. Often done at the punchline of a joke for an extra comedic oomph.

In most Anime the SD-Mode only lasts a few seconds, however there are a fair number of Anime where the character designs are completely SD, very often in childrens' shows, and in parodies such as Scramble Wars.

ANN's Mascot, Jadress, in Regular and SD-mode.

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