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Gunsmith Cats (OAV)

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Alternative title:
As Gatas Atiradoras (Portuguese)
Gunsmith Cat's (French)
Оружейницы (Russian)
ガンスミス キャッツ (Japanese)
Genres: action, comedy
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Rally Vincent knows her weapons well, while her partner Minne May Hopkins loves to play with explosives. The pair run a gun-shop and one day, Bill Collins of the ATF uses Rally's gun collection to blackmail Rally and Minnie May into working for the ATF. Little do they know, that they are getting involved in a mission larger than they could imagine.
User Ratings: 960 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 38 votes (sub:23, dub:14, ?:1)
 Excellent: 151 votes (dub:84, sub:60, ?:3, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Very good: 253 votes (sub:130, dub:109, raw:3, ?:2, edit.dub:1, others:8
3 German subtitled
3 Portuguese dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Good: 326 votes (sub:169, dub:138, ?:3, raw:3, edit.dub:2, others:11
5 Spanish dubbed
3 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 German subtitled
 Decent: 118 votes (sub:69, dub:46, ?:1, others:2
1 French dubbed
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
 So-so: 38 votes (sub:28, dub:7, ?:1, others:2
1 French dubbed
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 18 votes (sub:11, dub:5, others:2
1 French dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 13 votes (sub:8, dub:3, others:2
1 German subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Bad: 5 votes (dub:3, sub:1, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Awful: -
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 1793 users, rank: #671 (of 9407)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.358 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.3847, rank: #2295 (of 9516)
Weighted mean: 7.309 (Good+), rank: #2303 (of 9516) (seen all: 7.37 / seen some: 5.99 / won't finish: 4.59)
Bayesian estimate: 7.311 (Good+), rank: #2070 (of 7150)
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 3
Episode titles: We have 3
1995-11-01 to 1996-09-01
1999-12 (Latin America - Locomotion)
2000-09-02 (Latinamerica - Locomotion)
Opening Theme:
"Gunsmith Cats Theme" by Peter Erskine
Links: We have 1
Trivia: We have 4
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    Gunsmith Cats - Explosive Premium Edition [Kickstarter Exclusive] (Blu-ray) 2019-09-23
DVD (Region 1)
    Gunsmith Cats - Bulletproof! (DVD) 2001-02-20 (from $70.00)
    Gunsmith Cats - Bulletproof! [Essential Anime Collection] (DVD) 2004-04-13 (from $169.99)
    Gunsmith Cats - Chapter 1 (LD 1) 1996-03-26
    Gunsmith Cats - Chapter 2: Swing High! (LD 2) 1996-09-24

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Takeshi Mori
Screenplay: Atsuji Kaneko
Storyboard: Takeshi Mori
Episode Director: Kazuya Murata
Music: Peter Erskine
Original Manga: Kenichi Sonoda
Art Director: Kazuo Nagai
Chief Animation Director: Norihiro Matsubara
Mechanical design: Koji Sugiura (Cars)
Executive producer: Teruo Miyahara
Animation Check:
Fujika Enomoto
Tetsuya Hara
Animation producer: Shukichi Kanda (OLM)
Animation Supervisor: Masahiro Kurio
Background Art:
Akihito Fujimori
Ayumi Shimazu (TMS; ep 3)
Kazuo Nagai
Kazuo Ogura (Kusanagi; ep 3)
Kiyomi Enomoto
Kumi Nagumo (TMS; ep 3)
Makoto Shiraishi
Tadashi Kudo (TAF)
Yōji Nakaza (Kusanagi; ep 3)
Editing: Shuichi Kakesu
Firearm Animation Director: Hidetoshi Yoshida (eps 1-2)
Atsushi Okui (Studio Ghibli)
Hajime Noguchi (Takahashi Production; ep 2)
Junji Yabuta (Studio Ghibli)
Katsumi Ota (Studio Twinkle; ep 2)
Koji Yamagoe (T Nishimura)
Kouji Aoki (Studio Twinkle; ep 2)
Masao Onuki (T Nishimura)
Takashi Kimijima (Studio Twinkle; ep 2)
Tamaki Kojo (Studio Ghibli)
Wataru Takahashi
Production Desk: Nobuyuki Wasaki (eps 2-3)
Production manager: Tsukasa Koitabashi
Sound Design Supervisor: Brian Risner
Special Effects: Noriyuki Ohta
Kae Araki as Minnie May Hopkins
Michiko Neya as Rally Vincent

Aya Hisakawa as Becky Farrah
Houchu Ohtsuka as Bill Collins
Michihiro Ikemizu as George Black
Seizo Katou as Senator Edward Haints (eps 2-3)
Yoko Soumi as Natasha Radinov

Akiko Hiramatsu as Cathy
Daisuke Gouri as Jonathan Washington (eps 1-2)
Ikuya Sawaki as Roy Coleman
Kenichi Ono as Gray
Youhei Tadano as Policeman (ep 3)

Hisao Egawa (ep 1)
Isshin Chiba (ep 2)
Koji Tobe (ep 2)
Toshihiko Nakajima (eps 1-2)
Wataru Takagi (ep 1)
Japanese companies
Additional Recording: Zacuto Audio (ep 1)
Animation Production: OLM
Kusanagi (ep 3)
Studio Fuga (all eps)
Studio Wyeth (ep 3)
Telecom Animation Film (ep 1)
Tokyo Movie (ep 3)
Cel Check: Studio CATS (ep 3)
EFX Systems: Twentieth Century Fox Studios (ep 1)
Film Processing: Imagica
Finish Animation:
Moon Seong Animation (ep 1)
Studio CATS (ep 1)
Studio Toys (ep 1)
Tokyo Kids (ep 1)
Finishing Check: Studio Toys (ep 1)
In-Between Animation: Studio 4°C (Yondo C; ep 3)
Ajiado (ep 3)
Anime Spot (ep 2)
Ashi Productions (ep 2)
Dragon Production (all eps)
GONZO (ep 2)
Group TAC (ep 2)
MI (eps 1-2)
Monsieur Onion (eps 1-2)
Moon Seong Animation (eps 1-2)
Nakamura Production (ep 3)
Studio CATS (ep 1)
Studio Ghibli (eps 1-2)
Studio Wombat (ep 1)
Sunshine Corporation (ep 1)
Tokyo Kids (eps 1-2)
Music Production Coordination: Nichion (eps 1, 3)
Studio Cosmos (ep 2)
Studio Ghibli (eps 1-2)
Studio Twinkle (ep 2)
T. Nishimura (all eps)
Takahashi Production (ep 2)
Trans Arts Co. (ep 2)
Sound Co-recording: Studio Echo (ep 1)
Sound Post-Production Supervision: Raizing
Sound Production Coordination: Arts Vision
Sound Recording Facilities: Todd-AO West (ep 1)
special effects: Marix
Titles: Maki Production
Trace & Paint:
Enton Animation (ep 2)
Studio CATS (eps 2-3)
English cast
English staff
Art Director: Andy Orjuela
Chris Hutts
Flandre Bfgmovies (Technical/AnimEigo)
Masako Arakawa
ADR Script: Matt Greenfield
Executive producer:
John Ledford
Mark Williams (Essential Anime Collection)
Producer: Matt Greenfield

Additional Sound Design: Paul Killam
Audio Mixing: Paul Killam
Amanda Winn Lee (AnimEigo; ep 3)
Bennett White (AnimEigo; ep 2)
Kenichi Sonoda (AnimEigo)
Kimberly Yates (AnimEigo; ep 3)
Marc Swint (AnimEigo; ep 2)
Matt Greenfield (ADV Films DVD)
Takeshi Mori (AnimEigo)
Tiffany Grant (ADV Films DVD)
Creative Director:
Chris Hawley (Essential Anime Collection)
David Del Rio (Essential Anime Collection)
DVD Menu Design: Andy Orjuela
DVD Producer: David Williams
Editing: David Grundy
Graphic Design: Andy Orjuela
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami
Production Assistant: Andrew Kent
Production Coordination: Janice Williams
Subtitle Timing: Andrew Kent
Amanda Winn Lee as Rally Vincent
Kimberly Yates as Minnie May Hopkins

Aaron Krohn as Senator Edward Haints (eps 2-3)
Brett Weaver as Jonathan Washington
Marcy Rae as Natasha Radinov
Rob Mungle as Bill Collins
Tiffany Grant as Becky Farrah

Allison Keith as
Kate (ep 3)
Newscaster (ep 2)
Brian Granveldt as Customer (ep 1)
Bryan Bounds as Jody (ep 3)
Carol Amerson as Cathy (ep 3)
Guil Lunde as Roy Coleman
Jason Lee as Lead Thug (ep 1)
Laura Chapman as Media Break Anchor (ep 3)
Matt Greenfield as Customer
Rick Peeples as George Black
Spike Spencer as Gray

Aaron Krohn (ep 2)
Allison Keith (ep 3)
Andy Orjuela (ep 3)
Angel Fisher (ep 3)
Doug Smith (eps 1-3)
Jason Lee (ep 2)
Kevin Winkler (eps 1-2)
Lorraine Reyes (eps 1-3)
Matt Greenfield (eps 2-3)
Paul Killam (ep 1)
Spike Spencer (ep 3)
Thanh Tran (ep 2)
English companies
ADV Films (UK)
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
DVD Authoring & Encoding: M.O.F.C.
DVD Post Production: Monkey Boy Studios
Licensed by:
ADV Films (expired)
AnimEigo (2017)
Recording Studio: Industrial Smoke & Mirrors
Korean staff
Korean cast
Hyeon Jin Lee as Rally Vincent
Jeong-Hwa Yang as Minnie May Hopkins

Ji-Yeong Lee as Becky Farrah
Ju-Chang Lee as George Black
Myeong-Seon Lee as Natasha Radinov
Korean companies
French staff
French cast
Joelle Guigui as Mimi May Hopkins
Sybille Tureau as Rally Vincent

Antoine Tome as Bill Collins
Dominique Vallee as Becky Farrah
Frédéric Cerdal as Jonathan Washington

Yann Pichon as le chef
French companies
Broadcaster: Mangas (from 21 March 1999)
Distributor: KAZÉ
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Dubbing Director: Maria Fernanda Morales
Translation: Homero Villarreal
Elsa Covián as Rally Vincent

Enrique Mederos as Bill Collins
Irma Carmona as Becky Farrah 
Martin Soto as Senator Edward Haints (eps 2-3)
Maru Guerrero as Natasha Radinov
Norma Iturbe as Becky Farrah
Roberto Molina as Jonathan Washington
Saul Alvar as Bill Collins

Alfonso Obregón as Thief #4 (ep 1)
Eduardo Garza as Thief #1 (ep 1)
Gustavo Melgarejo as Police Officer #1 (ep 2)
Herman Lopez as Roy Coleman
Irwin Daayan as Thief #3 (ep 1)
Jose Gilberto Vilchis as Thief #2 (ep 1)
Luis Daniel Ramirez as Police Officer #2 (ep 2)
Maria Fernanda Morales as
Martin Soto as Edward Haints
Oscar Flores as Thief #2
Ricardo Mendoza as
Man in Public (ep 3)
Ricardo Tejedo as Gunman (ep 2)
Spanish companies
ADR Production: Macias Group
Broadcaster: Locomotion
Dubbing Studio: Artsound Mexico
German staff
German companies
OVA Films
German cast
Tagalog staff
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: GMA Network
Tagalog cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
Screen Inserts: Júlio Franco
Denise Reis as Rally Vincent
Isabel de Sá as Minnie May Hopkins

Adriana Pissardini as Becky Farrah
Alfredo Rollo as Bill Collins
Cecília Lemes as Natasha Radinov
Fábio Moura as Senator Edward Haints (eps 2-3)
João Batista as Jonathan Washington

Fábio Moura as Senador Edward Haints (ep 3)
Fátima Noya as Kate (ep 3)
Luiz Laffey as Jody (ep 3)
Márcio Araújo as Gray (ep 3)
Mauro Eduardo as Gray (ep 3)
Walter Breda as
George Black
Senador Edward Haints (ep 2)
Wellington Lima as
Rally's boss
Ray Coleman (ep 3)

Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Master Sound (Brazil)

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