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Cinemax and Encore Action anime listings from Mark Holtz of DeepSpace Franchise.

Anime on Starz!/Encore:
Following World War III, freedom starved humans revolt agains the Bioroids,
half-human half-robots that monitor and control the population. (67 Minutes,
TV14, Japanese Language)

Nov 21 - 3:10AM (Encore Action)
Nov 27 - 4:30AM (Encore Action)

Bubblegum Crisis (Original)
The Knight Saber team must prevent evil conglomerate GENOM from taking over
the world in this popular anime series. (TV14)

Episode 1 (46 Minutes)
Nov 4 - 12:15AM (Encore Action)
Nov 6 - 11:20PM (Encore Action)

Episode 2 (28 Minutes)
Nov 4 - 1:02AM (Encore Action)
Nov 7 - 12:07AM (Encore Action)

Episode 3 (26 Minutes)
Nov 11 - 12:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 13 - 11:30PM (Encore Action)

Episode 4 (38 Minutes)
Nov 11 - 12:27AM (Encore Action)
Nov 13 - 11:57PM (Encore Action)

Episode 5 (44 Minutes)
Nov 17 - 11:15PM (Encore Action)
Nov 20 - 11:45PM (Encore Action)

Episode 6 (49 Minutes)
Nov 18 - 12:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 21 - 12:30AM (Encore Action)

Episode 7 (48 Minutes)
Nov 24 - 11:20PM (Encore Action)
Nov 27 - 11:40PM (Encore Action)

Episode 8 (50 Minutes)
Nov 25 - 12:09AM (Encore Action)
Nov 28 - 12:29AM (Encore Action)

Demon City Shinjuku
An evil overlord's vast army is bent on world domination and destruction in
this Anime actioner. (77 Minutes, TVMA)

Nov 4 - 9:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 4 - 3:20PM (Encore Action)
Nov 5 - 1:50AM (Encore Action)
Nov 9 - 9:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 9 - 6:35PM (Encore Action)
Nov 14 - 9:05AM (Encore Action)
Nov 14 - 6:35PM (Encore Action)
Nov 19 - 5:05PM (Encore Action)
Nov 25 - 4:45PM (Encore Action)

Ghost In The Shell
In the year 2029, augmented humans live in virtual environments, watched
over by law enforcement that is able to download themselves into
super-powered mechas. (79 minutes, TV14)

Nov 8 - 10:00PM (Starz!)
Nov 19 - 11:45PM (Starz!)
Nov 26 - 2:30AM (Starz!)

Gunsmith Cats
A hip pair of female gunsmiths find occasion to moonlight as heat packing
crime fighters. (TV14)

Japanese Language, 29 Minutes
Nov 2 - 9:15AM (Encore Action)
Nov 2 - 6:30PM (Encore Action)
Nov 11 - 9:10AM (Encore Action)
Nov 19 - 8:30AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 7:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 4:50PM (Encore Action)

English Language, 27 minutes
Nov 2 - 9:45AM (Encore Action)
Nov 2 - 7:00PM (Encore Action)
Nov 11 - 9:40AM (Encore Action)
Nov 19 - 9:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 7:30AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 5:20PM (Encore Action)

English Language, 29 minutes
Nov 2 - 10:13AM (Encore Action)
Nov 2 - 7:28PM (Encore Action)
Nov 11 - 10:08AM (Encore Action)
Nov 19 - 9:28AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 7:58AM (Encore Action)
Nov 24 - 5:48PM (Encore Action)

Tekken: The Motion Picture
A young martial arts fighter enters an exclusive death-fighter competition
to kill his sadistic overlord father. (57 minutes, TV14)

Nov 1 - 2:50AM (Encore Action)
Nov 6 - 3:40AM (Encore Action)
Nov 10 - 7:10AM (Encore Action)
Nov 10 - 5:05PM (Encore Action)
Nov 11 - 3:05AM (Encore Action)
Nov 18 - 6:15AM (Encore Action)
Nov 18 - 12:40PM (Encore Action)
Nov 18 - 7:00PM (Encore Action)
Nov 28 - 8:05AM (Encore Action)
Nov 28 - 7:00PM (Encore Action)
Nov 29 - 3:00AM (Encore Action)

Twilight Of The Dark Master
In a future era ruled by a demon race, only a noble Guardian can avert
demonic plans to forever enslave humanity. (46 Minutes, TVMA)

Nov 5 - 5:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 5 - 11:20PM (Encore Action)
Nov 8 - 3:00AM (Encore Action)
Nov 12 - 1:45AM (Encore Action)
Nov 16 - 5:30AM (Encore Action)
Nov 20 - 7:05PM (Encore Action)
Nov 22 - 3:10AM (Encore Action)


Anime on Cinemax

Goku I
In this Japanese anime film, a rough-and-tumble gumshoe's investigation of
the suicides of his four partners leads him to a female being with
supernatural powers. After she tries to kill him, he awakens to find he has
been mysteriously saved--and he has been given special powers to fight the
evil being that wants to rule the world. (49 Minutes, TVMA)

Thu, Nov 1 5:45am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 2 5:05am @MAX East
Sun, Nov 4 9:45pm ActMAX East
Mon, Nov 5 8:30pm @MAX East
Thu, Nov 8 10:10pm @MAX East
Fri, Nov 9 2:45am ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 13 4:00am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 16 5:10am @MAX East
Sat, Nov 17 4:00am ActMAX East
Sun, Nov 18 3:25am @MAX East
Wed, Nov 21 11:05pm ActMAX East
Sun, Nov 25 4:30am MAX East
Tue, Nov 27 2:20am ActMAX East
Wed, Nov 28 8:10pm @MAX East

Golgo 13: Queen Bee
This moving anime shocker finds a beautiful rebel leader battling a hit man
who has been hired to kill a politician who happens to be her
father. (56 Minutes, TVMA)

Thu, Nov 1 10:05pm @MAX East
Sun, Nov 4 3:35am MAX East
Mon, Nov 5 2:00am @MAX East
Fri, Nov 9 5:15am ActMAX East
Mon, Nov 19 4:30am @MAX East
Wed, Nov 21 1:05am @MAX East
Thu, Nov 22 2:50am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 23 9:55pm @MAX East
Wed, Nov 28 5:45am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 30 1:00am ActMAX East

Ninja Scroll
This Japanese animated saga tells the story of a Jubei, a nomadic ninja who
takes on an evil reincarnated shogun with plans to take control of Japan.
(91 Minutes, TVMA)

Tue, Nov 6 4:55am ActMAX East
Thu, Nov 8 2:25am ActMAX East
Sun, Nov 11 3:35am ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 13 8:05pm @MAX East
Wed, Nov 14 11:20pm ActMAX East
Mon, Nov 19 1:10am ActMAX East
Wed, Nov 21 3:45am @MAX East
Thu, Nov 22 11:40pm ActMAX East
Sat, Nov 24 10:00pm ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 27 12:40am @MAX East
Fri, Nov 30 2:00am ActMAX East

Vampire Hunter D (not Bloodlust)
This fast-and-furious anime actioner tells the story of a supernatural
future world that is ruled by vampires. When a young girl is bitten by an
evil Count, she must hire vampire hunter "D" to slay the Count...and save
her from becoming one of the undead! (80 Minutes, R)

Fri, Nov 2 11:15pm ActMAX East
Sat, Nov 3 9:40pm @MAX East
Mon, Nov 5 9:40pm ActMAX East
Thu, Nov 8 3:30am MAX East
Sat, Nov 10 10:10pm ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 13 2:40am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 16 12:40am @MAX East
Tue, Nov 20 9:40pm @MAX East
Wed, Nov 21 4:40am ActMAX East
Sun, Nov 25 9:50pm ActMAX East
Thu, Nov 29 1:30am ActMAX East

Wicked City
A secret pact between Earth and an alien dimension known as the Black World
is about to expire--and some of the shape-shifting creatures of the parallel
world have a plan to make humans their slaves! It's up to a supercop and his
alien partner to protect a 200-year-old wizard and maintain the peace accord
in this anime flick. (82 Minutes, TVMA)

Tue, Nov 6 4:10am MAX East
Thu, Nov 8 1:00am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 9 9:40pm @MAX East
Sun, Nov 11 10:45pm ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 13 9:40pm @MAX East
Wed, Nov 14 12:50am ActMAX East
Fri, Nov 16 2:50am ActMAX East
Sun, Nov 18 12:30am @MAX East
Sat, Nov 24 4:30am ActMAX East
Tue, Nov 27 11:25pm ActMAX East
Thu, Nov 29 1:10am @MAX East

AS ALWAYS, please double-check local listings for the actual time. An
on-line TV listings source is Deepspace Franchise

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