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Dark Horse November Manga Releases

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Akira Book 5, Lone Wolf & Cub v.16, EXAXXION #1, Blade of the Immortal #62, Oh My Goddess! #11.4 and Super Manga Blast!#18.

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

Dark Horse has released their September solicitations. The book 5 of the 6 Akira collections will retail at $27.95 for the 416 page collection.

Dark Horse describes it as “In the 21st century, the once-glittering Neo-Tokyo lies in ruins, leveled in minutes by the infinite power of the child psychic giant, Akira. Now a wasteland of rubble and anarchy, the Great Tokyo Empire rises, a ragtag group of zealots and crazies who worship and fear Akira and his mad prime minister, Tetsuo, an angry teen with immense powers of his own — and equally immense twisted ambitions. The planet at large is not taking the threat lying down, however, and the might of the world is ready to take on the Empire, but will technology's most advanced weaponry be enough to destroy Akira — and is Tetsuo an ever greater threat? The fifth chapter in a sweeping epic of over 2000 pages, Akira 5 is the penultimate act of a mind-blowing graphic-novel masterpiece of awe-inspiring imagination and gut-wrenching power, and the inspiration for the classic Akira animated film. “

The first November will see the first release of Gunsmith Cats creator Kenichi Sonoda's EXAXXION. CANNON GOD EXAXXION #1: STAGE 1 part 1 (of 8) will be 58 pages. “It's a typical school day for Hoichi. He's skipping class and beating the stuffing out of a bunch of upperclassmen, which makes him about the only person on the whole planet who isn't glued to the television — today's the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Space Elevator, a gigantic earth-to-orbit elevator built by those lovable aliens, the Riofaldians, who arrived on Earth ten years ago. Today, the mass media is proud to report, tens of thousands of Riofaldians are working side by side with humanity, as good neighbors on the march to global prosperity. Hoichi's ultra-rich, ultra-brilliant, and ultra-eccentric grandfather (the author of a loony book claiming the Riofalds are out to take over the Earth) doesn't agree and this has driven a wedge between him and his equally eccentric grandson. But that — and the history of mankind — is about to change forever! Don't dare miss the series that's redefining the giant-robot story for the 21st century — Cannon God Exaxxion!”
“ Nanotechnological battlesuits that make the wearer superhuman, alien invasions, city-smashing giant robots, insanely powerful handguns, cover-to-cover action, and lots of sexy women — alien, human, and android! — make this signature Sonoda with a futuristic punch!”

In BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL #62: STIGMATA, the immortal swordsman Manji has an opportunity to talk to Master Sori, the artist and Shogun's ninja about the mysterious blonde haired assassin Hyakurin. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: THE GATHERING VOL. II TP collects the second part of the story o Manji battle against a trio of Ittö-ryü swordsmen and Rin attempt to pass through the Edo check points after being wrongfully accused a being a brutal murderer.

Lone Wolf and Cub volume 16: The Gateway Into Winter will feature 320 pages for $9.95. Ogami Itto chose to take his infant son on the assassin's road rather the commit suicide after being framed by the Yagyu clan. Now the tables are turned. In desperation Yagyu Retsudo sends his last child, his daughter after Itto. Itto also has his final showdown with the Kurokuwa ninja clan, and faces bounty hunters sent by the Yagyu.

In OH MY GODDESS! PART XI #4: MYSTERY CHILD part 2 (of 8) the goddess Belldandy and Kiiechi meet a boy who is not human, but Belldandy cannot tell if he is god, or demon.

The anthology SUPER MANGA BLAST! #18 features new entries for Club 9, Seraphic Feather, Shadow Star and 3x3 Eyes.

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