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Dark Horse December Manga Release

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Dark Horse has released their December solicitations that list their December manga releases.

Blade of the Immortal 63, "Husk" will take a break from the samurai series' multi-part story arc with a one shot story. The series' antagonist Anotsu has been destroying schools with his Itto-ryu school which places success above form and morality, but his focus has been shifted to bringing other school under his heal. Bringing the Shingyoto-ryu under control has proven difficult. In this issue Anatso is having trouble believing the Shingyoto-ryu's headm Ibane, and finding an attraction to his daughter.

On February 27th Dark Horse will be releasing 400 12" figures of Blade of the Immortal's protagonist, the immortal samurai Manji. Simular to the Lone Wolf and Cub figures, Manji will feature a cloth costume, removable sandals, eight different swords and other samurai weapons from the exotic arsenal he uses in the series.

Cannon God Exaxxion STAGE 1 part 2 (of 8) will continue the news series by Gunsmith Cats Kenichi Sonoda, which combines the manga artists' two strengths/interests, guns and cute girls. Earth has been taken over by what seems to be a species of kindly, co-existing race of aliens. In this volume the series' protagonist gets to test out the battle armor given to her by her lecherous grandfather against a ball-shaped robot with razor blade arms.

Dark Horse will be collecting Adam Warren's Dirty Pair mini series "Run From the Future" in a 136 volume to be release January 2nd. The destructive trouble consultant known Lovley Angels nee Dirty, Pair, Kei and Yuri, are givin 100 minutes to remove 50 criminals from the crime plagued Nimkasi Habitat. The volume also includes the special bonus story, "Start the Violence," plus a pinup gallery featuring Adam Warren and guest artists Adam Hughes, Bruce Timm, Brian Stelfreeze, and Humberto Ramos.

Lone Wolf and Cub continues in Volume 17: The Will of the Fang, as Ogami Itto, the shogun's executioner turned assasin and Daigoro, his young son, face a female yazuka (gangster) leader, bounty hunters lured by an award promised by Itto's enimy, the Yagyu clan, and an illness that puts the young Daigoro on death's door.

In Oh My Goddess! Part XI #5MYSTERY CHILD part 3 (of 8) the college student Keiichi is starting to get jelous of the mysterious young boy spending so much time with his Goddess girlfriend Belldandy.

Usagi Yojimbo 53 will have the rabbit ronin leaping headfirst into another bad situation when he agrees to help the vengeful son of a murdered samurai. The situation becomes more grave when three of the renegades join a vicious gang.

What's Michael? Volume 5: Michael's Favorite Spot will collects more stories from the popular cat comic series, that points out the humor in the worlds of people and animals.

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