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David Williams of A.D. Vision has mentionned in the Anime on DVD forum that ADV will be releasing the original Dirty Pair probably on 2 discs of 5 episodes each. Other titles coming on DVD from ADV include Gunsmith Cats and Sorcerer Hunters.

Pioneer has sent out a press release for the upcoming second Fushigi Yugi box set. Advertised extras for the 26 episode box set, which comes out on November 28th, include non-credit endings, character notes, music videos, production art and commercials from Japan.

Right Stuf has posted these upcoming DVD releases; Arc the Lad: Vol. 1 DVD from A.D. Vision on Jan 23, 2001, 75 minutes, $29.99; Anime Village/Bandai will be releasing Gundam Wing: Operation 5 on January 30, 2001 with a running time of 125 minutes, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz DVD will be coming on Feb 6, 2001 from with a running time of 180 Minutes, and The Vision of Escaflowne volumes 3 and 4 (75 minutes each) on Feb 6, 2001 all for $29.99; CPM's Anime 18 will be releasing Mystery of the Necronomicon on May 8, 2001 with a running time of 120 minutes for $29.99; Urban Vision will be putting out the Pet Shop of Horrors Special Edition DVD on Feb 27, 2001, 120 minutes, $24.95; Media Blasters will be releasing Rurouni Kenshin: Vol. 5 Renegade Samurai (125 minutes) and Sailor Victory (60 minutes) also on Feb 27, 2001 for $29.99;

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