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Starz Encore Action Channel Anime Chedule extended

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Submitted by: Isaac Alexander

The previously reported (7/25/2000) Starz Encore's Action Channel has been broadcasting Anime every day since August 1st. The Anime broadcasts were originally scheduled to culminate with an all day blowout on Labour Day.

Not the case any more!

The Action Channel has announced an Anime Schedule which continues until then end of November, no announcement has yet been made regarding their plans for Anime beyond November.

Here is their Schedule:

**** Spoiler Alert! - Many of the below synpsii include spoilers ****


BUBBLEGUM CRISIS (8 episodes series) (Premiere)
1991 Dubbed, only NR
The Knight Saber team must prevent evil conglomerate GENOM from taking over the world in this popular anime series.

Episode #1 Bubblegum Crisis Saturday, 9/2/00 11:45pm 46 mins.
Episode #1 Bubblegum Crisis Tuesday, 9/5/00 11:15pm 46 mins.
Episode #2 Born to Kill Saturday, 9/9/00 11:15pm 28 mins.
Episode #2 Born to Kill Tuesday, 9/12/00 11:35pm 28 mins.
Episode #3 Blow Up Saturday, 9/9/00 11:45pm 26 mins.
Episode #3 Blow Up Wednesday, 9/13/00 12:05am 26 mins.
Episode #4 Revenge Road Saturday, 9/16/00 11:30pm 38 mins.
Episode #4 Revenge Road Tuesday , 9/19/00 11:20pm 38 mins.
Episode #5 Moonlight Rambler Sunday, 9/17/00 12:10am 44 mins.
Episode #5 Moonlight Rambler Wednesday, 9/20/00 12:00am 44 mins.
Episode #6 Red Eye's Saturday, 9/23/00 11:40pm 50 mins.
Episode #6 Red Eye's Tuesday, 9/27/00 12:15am 50 mins.
Episode #7 Double Vision Sunday, 9/24/00 12:30am 49 mins.
Episode #7 Double Vision Wednesday, 9/27/00 12:15am 49 mins.
Episode #8 Scoop Chase Saturday, 9/30/00 11:05pm 50 mins.

ANIME LABOR DAY - Monday, September 4, 2000
7:00am to 12:00am
Please note descriptions for each title, listed below.

7:00am Gunsmith Cats (Episodes 1-3)
8:35am Darkside Blues
10:05am Ghost in the Shell
11:35am Battle Arena Toshinden (Episodes 1-2)
12:40pm Tekken: The Motion Picture
1:45pm Appleseed
3:00pm Gunsmith Cats (Episodes 1-3)
4:35pm DNA Sights 999.9
5:30pm Darkside Blues
7:00pm Battle Arena Toshinden (Episodes 1-2)
8:00pm Ghost in the Shell
9:30pm Tekken: The Motion Picture
10:30pm BioHunter
11:30pm Twilight of the Dark Master


APPLESEED (Subtitled, only) 1998 1:07 TV14
Following World War III, freedom starved humans revolt against the Bioroids, half-human half-robots that monitor and control the
Friday, 9/1/00 1:00am
Monday, 9/4/00 1:45pm
Monday, 9/18/00 4:05am
Wednesday, 9/20/00 1:50pm
Thursday, 9/28/00 2:50am

1996 29 & 27 mins. TVPG
A group of battle warriors, normally assigned to fight each other, must band together to defeat an evil menace.
Monday, 9/4/00 11:35am
Monday, 9/4/00 7:00pm
Friday, 9/15/00 10:05am
Friday, 9/15/00 4:35pm
Saturday, 9/16/00 5:50am
Tuesday, 9/19/00 3:30pm
Sunday, 9/24/00 10:30am
Thursday, 9/28/00 1:40pm

BIOHUNTER (Dubbed, only)
1995 58 mins. TVMA
Two scientists, one infected with a "demon virus", work to unravel the
mystery of the disease. When their search leads them to discover that the prime minister-to-be is really a dead, flesh- eating
zombie who preys on the innocent, they are targeted for death by his henchmen.
The key to their survival revolves around a young woman who leads them to her grandfather, a renowned old prophet who holds the keys to their search.
Monday, 9/4/00 10:30pm
Tuesday, 9/12/00 1:00am
Saturday, 9/16/00 1:05am
Wednesday, 9/20/00 11:15pm
Monday, 9/25/00 2:40am

DARKSIDE BLUES (Dubbed, only)
1994 1:25 TV14
In the near future, a single company called the Persona Century Corporation (PC) has consolidated ownership of 99% of the world's
resources, and has dictated how and where the world's population may
live. One small enclave of misfits and rebels exists near the heart of former Tokyo, now known as Kabuki Town. With the help of a mysterious figure arriving from another dimension, the rebel group mounts an attack against the massive forces and resources of the PC in a last ditch effort to save the world from total domination.
Monday, 9/4/00 8:35am
Monday, 9/4/00 5:30pm
Sunday, 9/10/00 8:35am
Sunday, 9/10/00 6:30pm
Monday, 9/11/00 5:00am
Saturday, 9/16/00 4:50pm
Friday, 9/22/00 7:35am
Friday, 9/22/00 6:30pm
Wednesday, 9/27/00 10:00am
Wednesday, 9/27/00 6:30pm

DNA SIGHTS 999.9 (Dubbed, only)
1999 49 mins. TVPG
A mystical female being visits post-apocalyptic Earth to save it from an evil army.
Monday, 9/4/00 4:35pm
Thursday, 9/7/00 9:20am
Thursday, 9/7/00 7:05pm
Friday, 9/8/00 1:00am
Sunday, 9/17/00 10:45am
Sunday, 9/17/00 5:00pm
Saturday, 9/23/00 10:00am
Saturday, 9/23/00 5:05pm
Friday, 9/29/00 3:10pm

GHOST IN THE SHELL (Dubbed version)
1996 1:19 TV14
A cyber agent must stop a potent form of artificial intelligence before it can reach human form.
Monday, 9/4/00 10:05am
Monday, 9/4/00 8:00pm

GUNSMITH CATS (Dubbed Version)
1995 1:30 (3 episodes) NR
Monday, 9/4/00 7:00am
Monday, 9/4/00 3:00pm
Friday, 9/8/00 8:40am
Friday, 9/8/00 6:30pm
Wednesday, 9/13/00 4:30pm
Thursday, 9/21/00 6:00am
Thursday, 9/21/00 6:30pm
Tuesday, 9/26/00 5:00pm

PATLABOR 2: THE MOVIE (Dubbed Version)
1993 1:48 TVPG
A mechanized police force investigates when terrorists incite civil war in 2002 Japan.
Friday, 9/1/00 2:10am

1998 58 mins. TV14
A young martial arts fighter enters an exclusive death-fighter competition to kill his sadistic overlord father.
Monday, 9/4/00 12:40pm
Monday, 9/4/00 9:30pm

1997 46 mins. TVMA
For countless millennia, Earth has been under the heel of a demonic race, checked only by their immortal counterparts, the noble Guardians. In the year 2089, few of either entity remains alive, but the supreme demon of Neo-Shinjuku has found a way to transform an ordinary human into a demon, putting the future of mankind at great peril. Only a guardian of immense power can hope to intervene before the experiment is complete and humankind's fate is sealed forever.
Monday, 9/4/00 11:30pm
Tuesday, 9/12/00 7:05pm
Wednesday, 9/20/00 2:35am
Saturday, 9/30/00 3:15pm


BIRDY THE MIGHTY (Dubbed version, only)
1996 41 & 32 mins. TV14
Tustomu is a boy who's just trying to get his exams done. But when he's accidentally killed by a sexy female intergalactic teen cop, her superiors force her to merge with his body. As villainous aliens attempt to infiltrate earth, Tsutomu finds himself switching to
girl-battle mode at the most awkward moments.
Saturday, 10/7/00 11:35pm
Tuesday, 10/10/00 11:30pm
Friday, 10/20/00 10:10am
Friday, 10/20/00 4:45pm
Sunday, 10/29/00 8:00am
Sunday, 10/29/00 3:15pm

1995 48 mins. TV14
A man with the gift to penetrate and heal the psyche of others uses his skill and wits to save the life of a teen pop star.
Sunday, 10/8/00 8:05am
Sunday 10/8/00 3:30pm
Sunday, 10/15/00 12:00am
Tuesday, 10/17/00 11:45pm
Saturday, 10/21/00 7:05pm
Friday, 10/27/00 4:20am
Friday, 10/27/00 10:20am
Friday, 10/27/00 11:10pm

1996 49min & 1:15 NR
An orphaned brother and sister, Ella and Gau, have been taught to survive by developing their martial arts skills from a very early
age. But as their skills increase, so does the might of their opponents.
Ultimately, it is their proficiency in the use of the Shadow Skill, the most supremely lethal martial arts style in existence that will determine their fates.
Thursday, 10/5/00 5:10am
Thursday, 10/5/00 4:30pm
Tuesday, 10/10/00 8:40am
Tuesday, 10/10/00 3:50pm
Saturday, 10/14/00 9:50am
Saturday, 10/21/00 11:05pm
Tuesday, 10/24/00 11:20pm
Wednesday, 10/25/00 8:50am

1987 47 mins. TV14
A daring freelance reporter risks her life to cover a military cover-up when she discovers a crashed plane in the forest. She discovers that two renegade military robots are on the loose seeking to kill the
granddaughter of their inventor, and despite the Herculean efforts of the military, it is she who saves the day in a final showdown atop a skyscraper.
Sunday, 10/1/00 7:45am
Saturday, 10/28/00 7:15am
Sunday, 10/1/00 7:05pm
Saturday, 10/28/00 11:15pm
Thursday, 10/19/00 9:30pm
Friday, 10/20/00 3:10am
Monday, 10/23/00 5:15pm

1991 50 mins. TV14
The Knight Saber team must prevent evil conglomerate GENOM from taking over the world in this popular anime series.
Tuesday, 10/3/00 11:35pm

1996 1:19 TV14
A cyber agent must stop a potent form of artificial intelligence before it can reach human form.
Tuesday, 10/31/00 5:05pm


BLOOD REIGN: CURSE OF THE YOMA (Dubbed, only) 1989
1:20 - 2 eps. TV14
A lone ninja is forced to hunt down a long lost friend in a demon infested wasteland.
Saturday, 11/4/00 11:35pm
Tuesday, 11/7/00 11:40pm
Thursday, 11/16/00 7:10am
Thursday, 11/16/00 11:30pm

BATTLE ANGEL (Dubbed, only)
1993 1:00 - 2 eps. NR
Gally, a child cyborg, must become a hunter warrior and battle various agents of corporate evil. They wish to capture her and exploit her powers to gain advancements in cybernetic technology. After several battles with nasty cyborgs of said villains, she eventually defeats them, gaining her freedom.
Friday, 11/3/00 8:50am
Friday, 11/3/00 6:50pm
Saturday, 11/11/00 11:35pm
Tuesday, 11/14/00 11:15pm
Monday, 11/20/00 9:05am
Monday, 11/20/00 5:15pm
Sunday, 11/26/00 1:00pm

SOL BIANCA (Dubbed, only)
1990 55 mins. TV14
The "Sol Bianca" is a pirate spaceship manned by an all-female crew who become involved in the search and seizure of a priceless treasure known as "The Gnosis." Led by a young stowaway (on a mission to rescue his mother), the girl's battle an evil emperor who possesses the artifact and wants to capture the Sol Bianca. In the end, the girls prove too clever for him as they destroy the leader and his fleet of ships, liberate the planet, rescue the boys' mother and become the new owners of the valuable artifact, which doesn't contain "All the knowledge of the galaxy" as rumored, but rather a
tape from a civilization, long ago, on the other side of the galaxy. A tape containing footage and information on planet Earth.

Thursday, 11/2/00 9:05am
Thursday, 11/2/00 7:00pm
Friday, 11/3/00 3:00am
Monday, 11/13/00 10:35am
Monday, 11/13/00 5:20pm
Saturday, 11/18/00 11:15pm
Tuesday, 11/21/00 11:20pm
Wednesday, 11/29/00 6:30am
Wednesday, 11/29/00 5:00pm

1994 3 Hrs.- 6 eps. NR
The Tank Police come into contact with a gang of drug smugglers and a rogue tank.
Wednesday, 11/1/00 7:35am
Wednesday, 11/1/00 3:30pm
Thursday, 11/9/00 9:00am
Thursday, 11/9/00 5:00pm
Tuesday, 11/14/00 3:30pm
Saturday, 11/25/00 11:30pm
Tuesday, 11/28/00 11:10pm

GUNSMITH CATS (Dubbed Version)
1995 1:30 (3 episodes)
A hip pair of female gunsmiths find occasion to moonlight as heat packing crime fighters.
Thursday, 11/30/00 7:15am
Thursday, 11/30/00 6:20pm

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