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Bubblegum Crisis (OAV)

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©1987 A.I.C., Inc. & Youmex, Inc.

Alternative title:
バブルガムクライシス (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: In the near future, Tokyo was left flattened as a result from a great earthquake. A new city, MegaTokyo, was then recreated due in no small part from the aid of a multi-million dollar company, Genom Corp. Genom created and mass-produced biomechanical creatures called Boomers to aid in the restoration of MegaTokyo. When the Boomers began to run out of control, the AD Police at first tried to stop them, but they proved to be far more difficult to deal with than was first imagined. Under the ever looming Boomer threat, a group of four girls from varying degrees of society banded together. Calling themselves The Knight Sabers, they were the only ones with enough firepower and resourcefullness to defend the fledgling MegaTokyo from Genom and its berserk Boomers.
User Ratings: 902 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 73 votes (sub:55, dub:14, raw:3, others:1
1 German subtitled
 Excellent: 140 votes (sub:94, dub:35, ?:2, raw:1, others:8
3 German subtitled
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Very good: 214 votes (sub:160, dub:47, raw:2, others:5
2 Portuguese subtitled
2 German subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Good: 226 votes (sub:143, dub:73, ?:4, edit.dub:2, raw:1, others:3
2 German subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Decent: 138 votes (sub:88, dub:43, raw:1, ?:1, others:5
2 German subtitled
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 55 votes (sub:32, dub:20, ?:2, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 23 votes (sub:12, dub:10, others:1
1 German subtitled
 Weak: 21 votes (sub:11, dub:8, ?:2)
 Bad: 8 votes (sub:6, dub:2)
 Awful: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (edit.dub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 2184 users, rank: #531 (of 9520)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 7.274 (Good+), std. dev.: 1.7047, rank: #2634 (of 9639)
Weighted mean: 7.229 (Good+), rank: #2624 (of 9639) (seen all: 7.39 / seen some: 6.38 / won't finish: 4.52)
Bayesian estimate: 7.233 (Good+), rank: #2389 (of 7236)
Number of episodes: 8
Episode titles: We have 8
Vintage: 1987-02-25 to 1991-01-30
Release dates: We have 2
Opening Theme:
#01: "Konya wa Hurricane" (今夜はハリケーン; There's a Hurricane Tonight) by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 1)
#02: "Mad Machine" by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 2)
#04: "CRISIS ~ Ikari o Komete Hashire~" (クライシス 〜怒りをこめて走れ〜; Crisis ~Run with Anger~) by Yuiko Tsubokura (ep 4)
#05: "Mysterious Night" by the Knight Sabers (ep 5)
#07: "Say Yes!" by Maiko Hashimoto (ep 7)
#08: "Bye Bye My Crisis" by the Knight Sabers (ep 8)
Ending Theme:
#01: "Mr. Dandy" by Bluew (ep 1)
#02: "Kizudarake no Wild" (傷だらけのWild; Wild and Scarred) by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 2)
#03: "Wasurenai de" (忘れないで; Don't Forget) by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 3)
#04: "Twilight" by Yuiko Tsubokura (ep 4)
#05: "Omoide ni Dakarete" (思い出に抱かれて; Embraced by Memories) by Yuiko Tsubokura (ep 5)
#06: "Rock Me" by Yuiko Tsubokura (ep 6)
#07: "Never the End" by Maiko Hashimoto (ep 7)
#08: "Chase the Dream" by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 8)
Insert song:
"Akuma to Tenshi no Kiss" (悪魔と天使のキス; Devil and Angel's Kiss) by Knight Sabers (ep 4)
"Asu e Touchdown" (明日へタッチダウン; Touchdown to Tomorrow) by Knight Sabers (ep 3)
"Kodoku no Angel" (孤独のエンジェル; Lonely Angel) by Yuki Ueda (ep 1)
"Thrill ni Odoru Tenshi-tachi" (スリルに踊る天使たち; Thrilling Angels) by Knight Sabers (ep 2)
"Victory" by Kinuko Ōmori (ep 3)
Links: We have 7
Trivia: We have 7
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 3
Originally planned to run for 13 episodes, the storyline was left unfinished after episode 8 due to a massive falling-out between production companies ARTMIC and Youmex. The ARTMIC-produced Bubblegum Crash was based on the original concepts of the final five episodes of Crisis; however, that series stopped at three episodes due to a lawsuit by Youmex. The legal issues that beset the Bubblegum Crisis lasted until the late-1990s when ARTMIC went bankrupt and Youmex was absorbed into Toshiba EMI. Bubblegum Crisis and most of ARTMIC's titles are now property of AIC.
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    Bubblegum Crisis [Sub] (LD 4) 1992-00-00
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    Bubblegum Crisis - Revenge Road (Sub.VHS 4) 1995-02-01 (from $19.99)
    Bubblegum Crisis - Moonlight Rambler (Sub.VHS 5) 1995-02-01 (from $4.00)
    Bubblegum Crisis - Red Eyes (Sub.VHS 6) 1995-02-01 (from $7.99)
    Bubblegum Crisis - Double Vision (Sub.VHS 7) 1994-02-23 (from $14.98)
    Bubblegum Crisis - Scoop Chase (Sub.VHS 8) 1994-02-23
    Hurricane Live 2032 - The Music of Bubblegum Crisis (Sub.VHS) 1992-07-29
    Hurricane Live 2033: Tinsel City Rhapsody - More Music of Bubblegum Crisis (Sub.VHS) 1992-10-28

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Series Director:
Hiroaki Gōda (ep 8)
Katsuhito Akiyama (eps 1-4)
Masami Ōbari (ep 6)
Fumihiko Takayama (ep 7)
Hiroaki Gōda (ep 8)
Hiroki Hayashi (eps 3-4)
Masami Ōbari (eps 5-6)
Music: Kōji Makaino
Original creator: Toshimitsu Suzuki
Character Design: Kenichi Sonoda
Art Director:
Kazuhiro Arai (eps 1-5)
Norihiro Hiraki (ep 8)
Shigemi Ikeda (ep 6)
Yōichi Nangō (ep 7)
Animation Director:
Atsushi Okuda
Hidenori Matsubara (ep 8)
Masahiro Tanaka
Masami Ōbari (eps 5-6)
Morifumi Naka
Takahiro Kishida (as Ryukoh Kishida; ep 8)
Mecha design:
Hideki Kakinuma
Kow Yokoyama (Griffon; ep 4)
Masami Ōbari ("DD" design)
Shinji Aramaki
Sound Director: Noriyoshi Matsuura
Director of Photography:
Akihiko Takahashi (eps 1-3, 5-6)
Kazuhiro Konishi (eps 4, 7-8)
Executive producer: Junji Fujita
Assistant Animation Director:
Atsushi Okuda (ep 2)
Atsushi Takeuchi (ep 4)
Kenichi Ōnuki (ep 6)
Masaki Kajishima (ep 6)
Naoyuki Onda (ep 6)
Nobuyuki Ikigame (ep 3)
Nobuyuki Kitajima (ep 4)
Shin Matsuo (ep 6)
Takahiro Kishida (ep 6)
Teruhisa Ryū (ep 1)
Background Art: Yūsuke Takeda (ep 8)
Chief Production Supervisor: Satoshi Urushihara (ep 7)
Editing: Nobutake Kamiya (ep 8)
Guest Character Design:
Hiroaki Gōda (eps 5-6)
Satoshi Urushihara (ep 7)
Image Song Arrangement: Chōjirō Nagaoka (ep 1)
Image Song Composition: Yuiko Tsubokura (ep 1)
Image Song Lyrics: Tomoko Aran (ep 1)
Image Song Performance: Kinuko Ōmori (ep 1)
In-Between Animation: Makoto Kanai
Insert Song Performance: Yuki Ueda (ep 1)
Key Animation:
Akihiro Izumi (ep 4)
Akio Takami (eps 5-6)
Akira Takeuchi (eps 2-3, 5)
Atsuko Ishida (eps 5, 8)
Atsushi Aono (ep 6)
Atsushi Okuda (eps 1, 5)
Atsushi Takeuchi (eps 5-6)
Atsushi Tsukamoto (ep 1)
Chihiro Hayashi (ep 4)
Eiji Yamanaka (ep 4)
Fujiko Aoyagi (ep 1)
Fujio Oda (ep 4)
Haruo Ōgawara (ep 6)
Hideaki Matsuoka (eps 1, 4, 6)
Hidenori Matsubara (ep 5)
Hidetoshi Ōmori (ep 1)
Hidetoshi Sano (ep 6)
Hideyuki Satō (ep 4)
Hiroki Kanno (ep 6)
Hiroyoshi Ohkawa (ep 2)
Hiroyuki Horiuchi (eps 2, 6)
Hiroyuki Kitazume (ep 4)
Hisashi Ezura (ep 3)
Ikuyo Otani (ep 1)
Jiro Kanai (ep 6)
Jun Yano (eps 1-2)
Katsunori Kimizuka (ep 4)
Katsutoshi Tsunoda (ep 6)
Kazuya Tsurumaki (ep 8)
Kenichi Ōnuki (ep 5)
Kenichiro Nakamura (eps 2-3, 5)
Kenji Teraoka (ep 5)
Kenya Ichitani (ep 1)
Kinji Yoshimoto (ep 7)
Kiyoshi Iijima (ep 1)
Koichi Horikawa (ep 6)
Kōichi Usami (eps 1, 3)
Kōichi Wada (ep 2)
Kunihiro Abe (eps 2, 4, 6)
Masahiro Yamane (ep 6)
Masaki Kajishima (eps 4-6)
Masami Ōbari (eps 5, 8)
Masanori Nishii (ep 6)
Masao Nakata (ep 1)
Masaru Kitao (ep 1)
Masaru Nagashima (ep 2)
Masashi Yanagishita (ep 4)
Masaya Irahara (ep 4)
Miho Nakata (ep 5)
Miki Fujita (eps 1-3)
Mitsumasa Kimura (ep 2)
Noboru Sugimitsu (ep 1)
Nobuyuki Ikegame (eps 1-3, 5)
Nobuyuki Kitajima (ep 1)
Ryūji Shiromae (eps 5-6)
Sadami Morikawa (ep 6)
Satoshi Shigeta (ep 5)
Satoshi Urushihara (ep 6)
Shigetaka Kiyoyama (ep 2)
Shigeyuki Suga (eps 1-3)
Shin Matsuo
Shinichiro Minami (ep 6)
Shinsuke Terasawa (ep 3)
Shinya Ōhira
Suguru Iijima (eps 2-3)
Tadashi Hasegawa (ep 3)
Takahiro Kishida (as Ryukoh Kishida; eps 6, 8)
Takashi Hashimoto (eps 4, 6, 8)
Takeshi Honda (ep 8)
Tatsuyuki Tanaka (ep 6)
Tomokazu Tokoro (eps 1, 3-4)
Tomoni Urayama (ep 1)
Tōru Misaka (ep 1)
Toshiko Baba (eps 1-2, 4-5)
Yoshiharu Shimizu (eps 1-2, 4)
Yoshimitsu Fujitaka (ep 1)
Yukihiro Makino (ep 5)
Yuuichi Satou (ep 5)
Mecha Design Assist:
Kimitoshi Yamane (eps 1-4)
Ley Yumeno (eps 1-4)
Tony Takezaki (eps 2-4)
Atsuo Tsukioka (ep 1)
Katsuyuki Ohtaki (eps 5-6)
Mitsuhiro Imamura (ep 6)
Takashi Azuhata (eps 1, 5-6)
Toyomitsu Nakajo (ep 6)
Planning: Toshimitsu Suzuki
Production Advancement: Asami Yamato (e p.8)
Harusumi Ōtsuka (eps 1-5)
Kazuaki Narita (ep 7)
Susumu Satō (ep 7)
Yoshio Obara (eps 1-8)
Sound Effects:
Daisuke Jinbo
Katsumi Itō (ep 1)
Yasuyuki Konno (ep 2)
Special Effects:
Ikuo Yamada (ep 8)
Kiyoshi Asanuma (eps 1-4)
Takahiro Fukuda (ep 8)
Toyohiko Sakakibara (eps 5-6)
Supervision: Katsuhito Akiyama (ep 5)
Technical Director: Kenichi Yatagai (eps 1-2)
Theme Song Arrangement: Masao Nakajima (OP1)
Theme Song Composition: Kisaburoh Suzuki (OP1)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Tomoko Aran (OP1)
Theme Song Performance:
Akiko Hiramatsu
Keiji Katayama (ED;as Bluew; ep 1)
Kinuko Ōmori (as Priss)
Maiko Hashimoto (as Vision)
Michie Tomizawa
Yoshiko Sakakibara
Yuiko Tsubokura (OP 4, ED 4-6)
Akiko Hiramatsu as Nene Romanova
Kinuko Ōmori as Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri
Michie Tomizawa as Linna Yamazaki
Yoshiko Sakakibara as Sylia Stingray

Aya Hisakawa as Lisa Vanette (ep 8)
Kazuyuki Sogabe as Largo (eps 5-6)
Kenichi Ogata as Raven (ep 4)
Kenyuu Horiuchi as Daley Wong
Kiyoshi Kawakubo as Quincy (eps 1, 3, 6-7)
Kōichi Yamadera as Fargo (eps 5, 7-8)
Maiko Hashimoto as Reika "Vision" Chang (ep 7)
Nozomu Sasaki as Mackie Stingray
Shūichi Ikeda as Brian J. Mason (eps 1-3)
Toshio Furukawa as Leon McNichol

Chisa Yokoyama as AD Police Receptionist (ep 8)
Chisato Nakajima as Shō's mother (ep 3)
Daisuke Gouri as Funk (ep 3)
Eken Mine as Shaochi Chang (ep 7)
Hideyuki Umezu as Ebisu President (ep 8)
Hiroko Kasahara as Cynthia (ep 1)
Hiroya Ishimaru as Katsuhito Stingray (ep 1)
Ikuya Sawaki as
Executive A (ep 6)
Kaufman (ep 5)
Manager (ep 3)
Richard McLaren (ep 7)
Issei Futamata as Miriam Yoshida (ep 8)
Junko Asami as Naoko (ep 8)
Jūrōta Kosugi as F.G. Frederick (ep 1)
Kaneto Shiozawa as James Brady Gibson (ep 4)
Katsumi Suzuki as Staffer A (ep 7)
Keiichi Nanba as Retort (ep 1)
Kenichi Ono as Ebisu Operator (ep 8)
Kōzō Shioya as Executive B (ep 6)
Kyōko Hamura as Shō (ep 3)
Masaaki Ohkura as AD Police Officer (ep 2)
Masaharu Satō as ADP Chief (eps 2, 5, 7-8)
Masashi Hirose as Gulf & Bradley Chairman (ep 7)
Mayumi Shō as Naomi Anderson (ep 4)
Megumi Hayashibara as Nam (ep 5)
Michitaka Kobayashi as
Announcer (ep 2)
Boomer (ep 6)
Captain (ep 5)
Checkpoint Guard (ep 1)
Ebisu Worker (ep 8)
Outrider (ep 4)
Yamada (ep 7)
Yōji Aikawa (ep 3)
Miki Itō as Irene Chang (eps 2, 7)
Motomu Kiyokawa as Doctor (ep 5)
Shinya Ohtaki as
Callahan (ep 6)
Deputy Commander (ep 1)
Flint (ep 5)
Teiji Ōmiya as Commander Shwarz (eps 1-2)
Tomoko Maruo as Meg (ep 5)
Urara Takano as
Female Boomer (eps 1-2)
Kate Madigan (ep 6)
Yasunori Matsumoto as Kou (ep 7)
Yoshino Takamori as Sylvie (ep 5)
Yūko Mizutani as Anri (eps 5-6)
Yumi Touma as
interviewer (ep 7)
Lou (ep 5)
Yūsaku Yara as Bogey (ep 1)
Japanese companies
Distributor: Toshiba EMI
DVD Distribution: Bandai Visual
Editing: Kamiya Editing Room (eps 1-7)
Film Developing: Tokyo Laboratory
Finish Animation Cooperation:
Ashi Productions (ep 8)
Dong Bang (ep 7)
FAI (ep 8)
GPE (ep 8)
Hana Production (ep 8)
K-Production (eps 5, 7)
Kanari World (ep 8)
NVC (eps 1-3)
Office Next-One (eps 4-6)
SPEC Korea (eps 6-8)
Star Productions (eps 1-2)
Studio 88 (ep 8)
Studio Egg (ep 8)
Studio Fantasia (ep 1)
Studio Mac (eps 1-6, 8)
Studio NKon (eps 2-3)
Studio PIA (eps 6-8)
Studio Pom (ep 1)
Sung San Production (ep 8)
Yaegrina Production (ep 8)
Finish Check: APPP (ep 2)
Lith Work: Maki Production
Music Production: Toshiba EMI
Studio Boston
Photography Cooperation: Studio Cavern
Recording Studio: Seion Studio
Sound Production: Gen
Titles: Maki Production
English cast
English staff
Executive producer:
Janice Hindle
Peter R. Haswell
Producer: Robert J. Woodhead

Associate producer:
George Arriola
Natsumi Ueki
Audio Engineer: Randy Drew
Dubbing: Randy Drew
DVD Co-Producer:
Leroy Radford
Pete MacKenzie
DVD Design: Mike Whybark
DVD Package Design: Lisa Page Ramey
DVD Producer: Gary Brooks
DVD Programmer: Gordon Newell
DVD Quality Assurance: Chris Chalcraft
Engineering Assistant: Eddie Harrell
Music Director: Chuck Agresta
Production Assistant:
Davids Arnold
Michael Sinterniklaas
Production Coordination: Susan Grillo
Proofreader English: Dañiel L. Garcia (Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray)
Proofreader German: Dañiel L. Garcia (Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray)
Sound Design: Chuck Agresta
Studio Management: Maryann Webb
Subtitle Script Editor: Roe R. Adams III
Theme Song Performance: Sinda Nichols (as Priss)
Translator English: Dañiel L. Garcia (Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray)
Translator German: Dañiel L. Garcia (Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray)
Vocal Arrangements: Jack Bowden
Voice Direction: J. Randolph
Elizabeth Becka as Linna Yamazaki
Jemila Ericson as Sylia Stingray
Sinda Nichols as Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri
Susan Grillo as Nene Romanova

Amy Parrish as Lisa Vanette (ep 8)
Brad Moranz as Leon McNichol
David Arnold as Quincy
Eric Paisley as Brian J. Mason
Frank Trimble as Mackie Stingray
Geoffrey Honaker as Fargo
Michael Titterton as Dr. Raven
Mindi L. Lyons as Reika "Vision" Chang (ep 7)
Pierre Brulator as Largo

Amanda Tancredi as ADP Receptionist
Amy Parrish as Sho's Mother
Barbara Lewis as ADP Communicator
Belinda Bizic as
Female Boomer
Chuck Denson Jr. as
Chuck Kinlaw as
Plant Chief
Daniel Clifton as Frederick
David Kraus as
Chopper 3 Pilot
Police Chief
David Long as Ebisu President
Dick Bunting as Miriam
Eddie Harrell as McLaren
Elliot Preschutti as Ebisu Opperator
Emily Young as Kate
Gray Sibley as
Doctor Yuri
Hadley Eure as Meg
Jack Bowden as Sings for The Replicants
Jay Bryson as
Ebisu Worker
Jean Hrdlicka as Irene Chang
Jon Gutman as Flint
Joyce Leigh Bowden as Interviewer
Kevin Dowling as Prof. Stingray
Kevin Reilly as Staffer A
Loren Mash as
Young Sylia
Marc Matney as
Mark Finncannon as Mr. Chang
Mark Garber as
Marshall Carroll as Daley Wong
Matt Sullivan as
Company Man A
Michael Sinterniklaas as
AD Police Officer
Young Mackie
Michael S. Way as Commander Swarz
Mike McGovern as Manager
Mindi L. Lyons as Naomi
Nathan Gray as Guard 1
Nicholas Bottom as Executive B
Patt Noday as
Deputy Commander
Scott Simpson as Bogarde
Sean Clay as
Company Man B
Executive A
Steve Rassin as Checkpoint Guard
Steve Vernon as Callahan
Ted Davis as Sho
Timothy J. Walsh as G&B Chairman
Tom Holmes as Doctor
Urara Takano as Female Boomer Vocals
Zach Hanner as

English companies
Anime Projects (UK; expired)
Madman Entertainment (Australia)
Multimedia 2000 (North America)
Internet Streaming:
Midnight Pulp (Subtitled and Dubbed)
Tubi TV
Licensed by: AnimEigo
French staff
French cast
ADR Director: Bruno Meyere

Adaptation: Emmanuel Pettini
Catherine Desplaces as Priss Asagiri
Christèle Billault as Linna Yamazaki
Isabelle Volpe as Silya Stingray
Laëtitia Godes as Nene Romanova

Arnaud Laurent as Mackie Stingray
Bruno Magne as Quincy
Bruno Meyere as Leon McNichols
Emmanuel Rausenberger as Brian J Mason
Jérémy Zylberberg as Daily Wong

Bruno Magne as Commissaire
Laëtitia Godes as Irène
Pascale Chemin as
Serge Bourrier as
Commandant Schwartz
French companies
ADR Production: WanTake
Broadcaster: Mangas (from 2 May 2009)
Distributor: Black Bones
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Executive producer: Luis de Val (Manga Films)

ADR Engineer: Marc Arambudo (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Screen Inserts: Alberto Trifol (Spain dub)
Ana Pallejà as Linna Yamazaki (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Elisa Beuter as Sylia Stingray (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Joel Mulachs as
Linna Yamazaki (Catalan dub)
Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri (Spain dub; eps 1-3)
Marta Ullod as Nene Romanova (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Mercedes Diemand-Hartz as Linna Yamazaki (Spain dub; eps 1-3)
Mercedes Domingo as Sylia Stingray (Spain dub; eps 1-3)
Núria Trifol as
Priscilla Asagiri (Catalan dub)
Priscilla S. "Priss" Asagiri (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Rossana Cicconi as Linna Yamazaki (Latin American dub)
Sílvia Bel as Sylia Stingray (Catalan dub)
Sílvia Gómez as Linna Yamazaki (sustitution; Catalan dub)
Victoria Ramos as Nene Romanova (Spain dub; eps 1-3)

Albert Trifol Segarra as Daley Wong (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Alberto Trifol as Quincy (Spain dub; eps 1, 3)
Alex Meseguer as Fargo (Spain dub)
Claudi Domingo as
Leon McNichol (Catalan dub)
Mackie Stingray (Spain dub; eps 4-8)
Eduard Itchart as Brian J. Mason (Catalan dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as Mackey Stingrey (Catalan dub)
Jordi Pons as Mackie Stingray (Spain dub; eps 1-3)
Juan Carlos Gustems as Quincy (Spain dub; eps 6-7)
Norbert Ibero as Daley Wong (Catalan dub)
Oriol Rafel as
Leon McNichol (Spain dub)
Quincy (Catalan dub)
Ramon Canals as Fargo (Catalan dub)
Xavier Fernández as
Brian J. Mason (Spain dub)
Largo (Catalan dub; Spain dub)

Albert Trifol Segarra as Kou (Catalan dub)
Alberto Trifol as Flint (Spain dub)
Aleix Estadella as Katsuhito Stingray (Catalan dub)
Alex Meseguer as Miriam Yoshida (Catalan dub)
Alfonso Vallés as Miriam Yoshida (Spain dub)
Amadeu Aguado as Súbdit d’en Quincy (Catalan dub)
Angel de Gracia as Katsuhito Stingray (Spain dub)
Antonio Crespo as Raven (Catalan dub; Spain dub)
Berta Cortés as Naomi Anderson (Spain dub)
Eduard Itchart as
F. G. Frederick (Catalan dub)
James Brady Gibson (Spain dub)
Kaufmann (Spain dub)
Enric Serra Frediani as Primer ministre (Catalan dub)
Félix Benito as Richard McLaren (Spain dub)
Francesc Alborch as Capità (Catalan dub)
Gemma Ibáñez as Lisa Vanette (Spain dub)
Joaquim Sota as Bower (Catalan dub)
José Félix Pons as Chan Chongk (Catalan dub)
José Javier Serrano as F. G. Frederick (Spain dub)
Josep María Zamora as
Commander Schwarz (Spain dub)
Xèrif de l’ADP (Catalan dub)
Juan Comellas as Callahan (Spain dub)
Juan Miguel Valdivieso as Yamada (Spain dub)
Lourdes López as Meg (Spain dub)
Maria Moscardó as Kate Madigan (Spain dub)
Maria del Mar Tamarit as Sylvie (Spain dub)
Maria Lluïsa Magaña as Kate Madigan (Catalan dub)
María Luisa Rosselló as Sho's Mother (Spain dub)
María Pilar Quesada as Nam (Spain dub)
Mario Arpal as ADP Chief (Spain dub)
Mark Ullod as Treballador d’Ebisu (Catalan dub)
Marta Ullod as Irene Chang (Catalan dub)
Mercè Segarra as
Anri (Catalan dub)
Lisa Vanette (Catalan dub)
Naoko (Spain dub)
Miryam Guilimany as
Cynthia (Spain dub)
Irene Chang (Spain dub; ep 2)
Lou (Spain dub)
Neus Sendra as Reika Chang (Catalan dub)
Nuria Doménech as Reika Chang/Vision (Spain dub)
Pep Ribas as Richard McLaren (Catalan dub)
Ramon Canals as
Bogey (Spain dub)
James Brady Gibson (Catalan dub)
Kou (Spain dub)
Rebeca Romer as Sho (Spain dub)
Rosalia Baños as Sylvie (Catalan dub)
Salomón Adames as F. G. Frederick (Latin American dub; ep 1)
Sílvia Gómez as Anri (Spain dub)
Toni Solanes as Shaochi Chang (Spain dub)
Vicky Martínez as Sho (Catalan dub)

Alex Meseguer (Spain dub)
Angel de Gracia (Spain dub)
Carlos Di Blasi (Spain dub)
Enric Isasi-Isasmendi (Spain dub)
Hernán Fernández (Spain dub)
José Javier Serrano (Spain dub)
Juan Comellas (Spain dub)
Juan Miguel Díez (Spain dub)
María Pilar Quesada (Spain dub)
Mario Arpal (Spain dub)
Mark Ullod (Spain dub)
Miguel Marquillas (Spain dub)
Pep Bermúdez (Spain dub)
Ramon Canals (Spain dub)
Reyes Serrano (Spain dub)
Sílvia Gómez (Spain dub)
Toni Solanes (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Distributor: Manga Films (Spain)
Dubbing: Q.T. Lever (Barcelona - Spain dub)
Dubbing Studio: Q.T. Lever (Catalan dub)
Licensed by: Mexcinema Video Corporation (Mexico)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Italian companies
Distributor: Yamato Video
Dubbing: Promovision
German staff
German companies
Broadcaster: VOX
Distributor: ACOG
German cast

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