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Anime Newsbriefs:

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Princess Mononoke Release Date

Anime on DVD has heard from a "very reliable source" that Princess Mononoke will be released on DVD on December 19th, Just in time for Christmas. Suggested Retail Price is set at $32.99, no other details (special features, languages) have yet to appear.

A.D. Vision

ADV has announced this week the latest TV series from the Bubblegum Crisis:2040 universe, AD Police: Volume 1 hits the streets on January 23rd, 2001 (Pre-Book Date: 12/26/00). Unlike the new Bubblegum Crisis series which tells a new version of the Knight Sabers story using more or less the same characters as the original 1987 Bubblegum Crisis OAV series, the news ADP series does not involve the same main characters as the original AD Police OAV series.

Synopsis - A sudden rise in VOodoo Organic Metal Extension Resources [VOOMER] incidents has put the AD Police in the hot seat. Making matters worse,Kenji Sasaki - one of the AD Police's most valuable and unconventional officers has had his share of bad luck. It seems his partners are either turning up dead or seriously injured. Given a new partner, Hans Kleif, and one last chance to redeem himself by playing by the rules, Kenji needs to get to the bottom of this techno-mystery and keep the VOOMERS from turning Genom City into a high-tech wasteland.

The DVD release of Martian Successor Nadesico has been announced for November 7th, 2000. Volume 1, "Invasion" has a running time of 100 minutes and a suggested retail price of $29.98.

The following titles have all been announced for release on January 23rd, 2001 (Pre-Book Date: 12/12/00), DVD Price $29.98, VHS Dubbed $19.98, VHS Subbed $19.95. Lost Universe volume 4, Garasaki 3: Betrayal (DVD and VHS Dub only) and Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 Volume 11 - Avatar (VHS dub & sub only).

ADV has also announced price reductions on the following titles: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Tekken: The Motion Picture, the first two volumes of the Monster Rancher video series, include Ellicia volumes 1-4, Panzer Dragoon, and 801 T.T.S. Airbats: 2nd Strike and 3rd Strike.


Anime on DVD has been informed that buy.com is listing Hyperdolls from Pioneer for a November 27th release.

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