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Anime Expo New York
ADV Films

Reps: Matt Greenfield, David Williams

Little was said in the way of announcements, since a number of licenses were announced earlier in the summer. However, ADV confirmed that it is involved with the production of 12 anime titles, including Lady Death (out sometime in 2003) Parasite Dolls, a new series set in the Bubblegum Crisis universe, and a previously unknown title called "Kaleido Star." Also, due to the success of Sin, Sin II may be released as a full TV series, rather than just a movie or OVA as originally planned.

According to ADV's reps, the studio is in fact negatively affected financially by imports of Taiwan-based Region 0 DVD's of titles it has released in the U.S. Also, according to them, the anime industry in Japan in general is currently driven by primarily the North American and European markets, rather than the Japanese market itself.

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