New TV Series to Premiere on WOWOW

posted on 2001-10-25 09:08 EDT
A New TV series titled Onegai Teacher (Please, Teacher) will be airing on the Japanese TV network WOWOW next year.

Source: Anime Nation

Onegai Teacher is set to air next year on WOWOW has a number of popular and talented people on board. The name alone lends itself to making sure the show is filled with fan service. Some of the staff involved in it's creation have quite a bit of experience in that area as well.

Hiroaki Goda has graced the show with his character designs. Hiroaki Goda was involved with the very popular Ah, Megami-sama series. The designs for the new show follow along that general style. His other works include Bubblegum Crisis and the lesser known Metal Skin Panic Madox-01.

The writing is well in hand, thanks to Yosuke Kuroda. He has been invloved in some of the most popular anime series in the late 90s. He began his work as a writer for Pretty Sammy in 1996. He then began work on Photon: The Idiot Adventures. Then he added a few blockbusters to his resume. He has also been a writer for Geobreeders, Trigun, and Excel Saga. His most recent work is another TV series still airing in Japan called Scryd. The story should provide the unique brand of humor and action that Yosuke Kuroda has developed in the past few years.

There is already a soudtrack single scheduled for release on December 5th. The single will feature the opening song, Don't You Think?(this title is not final), and will cost 1,200 yen. The single CD will also have a few bonus goodies. It will also have an image song and will come with a booklet with information on the TV show.

No plans for any US release has been announced. In the mean time you can look around the official Japanese site here.

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