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Sound Decision
Feelin' the Squeeze

by Jonathan Mays,
Takanori Nishikawa. T.M. Revolution. T.M.R.

If you're a JPOP freak (in the import sort of way), the name of Japan's leading male pop figure is nothing new, but for most of us, “Takanori Nishikawa” doesn't exactly ring a bell. For such a popular artist across the Pacific, it's disappointing so few westerners know the name. Of course, when the only place to hear him is a thirty-second theme song lost in the pile of seven other Kenshin ending themes, his relative obscurity is no real surprise.

Next week it all changes. Following his debut US performance at Otakon and the preview release of his new Coordinate album, you won't be able to escape T.M.R. We'll see the t-shirts, the keychains, the posters, and everything else the tofu marketing guys can use to imprint the T.M.R name on the hearts, minds, and bedroom walls of rabid fangirls everywhere.

Along with the new CD, tofu is planning to introduce a T.M.R DVD set. Now this is cause for excitement. For the first time since Bubblegum Crisis Hurricane Live (released before some of y'all were born), US fans will have the thrilling opportunity to enjoy almost three full hours of Nishikawa in concert, backstage, and behind the scenes of a cross-country tour. It's pure fangirl bliss—and if it sells well, I'm sure there will be something for the guys very soon. Look for the Summer Crush DVD set next week at Otakon and in stores a couple of months later.

The second T.M.R tidal wave has a date to be determined, but as soon as Bandai releases the marquee Gundam Seed anime series (later this year I imagine), another rush of popularity is all but certain. The show itself may be rotten, stinking garbage, but it's still another chance to hear T.M.R. And there's nothing wrong with more T.M.R.

Remember the name; you're going to hear it again and again in coming months. But in the meantime, how about we enjoy the Last T.M.R-Free Weekend on This Little Planet With some more anime music?

Ninja Resurrection —AnimeTrax

It must be hard to be associated with one of the worst OVAs in the history of animation. The stigma of Ninja Resurrection is sure to drive away hordes of consumers, but those who take a chance on this surprisingly good soundtrack will get quite a treat. Masamichi Amano—the porn music guy—does his best Jerry Bruckheimer impression in this epic orchestral performance. Anything featuring the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (one of Europe's finest ensembles) is certain to impress, and this one is no exception. The sweeping drama is accentuated by a dash of angst, an edge that adds just enough interest to elevate Resurrection's music beyond standard “orchestral” fare. It's not brilliant, it's not terribly innovative, and it's definitely not Yoko Kanno territory, but if you're craving a classical fix, Ninja Resurrection is the ideal elixir.

Best used as: Bad Boys III.

A little sparse this week, eh? Several other releases were planned, but Wednesday night's delay announcement means I'll have them for you next week. Until then, save the cash. Next week's "buy" list is going to be huge.

Editor's Note: Starting next week, Sound Decision will be posted every Sunday as opposed to every Friday.

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