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20th Century Fox announced plans to release Digimon on DVD this November following the theatrical release of the first Digimon movie on Oct 6th. The DVDs will contain the first 13 episodes of the children's TV series plus bloopers.

According to an e-mail forwarded to Anime on DVD, a correspondence with Central Park Media reveals that the second of possibly three blocks of Revolutionary Girl Utena TV episodes, numbers 14-26, is tentatively set for an early 2001 release. There's currently no information on whether the DVD will be coming out at the same time or if there will be a subtitled VHS version produced at all.

AnimEigo will be releasing their new version of the Bubblegum Crisis OAV series on DVD on September 15th. The Bubblegum Crisis Megaset will arrive for an Suggested retail price of of $69.95 and contain the new corrected volumes 1-3 as well as a fourth disc containing the Hurricana Live music videos and a ton of never before seen artwork and other goodies. This disc will also be available separately for $19.95 on the same day.

Multimedia 2000, the company which produces the BGC DVDs for AnimEigo will be offering an upgrade path for owners of the un-corrected DVDs, however details on this upgrade path are not yet available. M2K also offers DVD style replacements for the software style jewel cases that BGC originally shipped in. The price for these "clam shell" cases is $9.95

Viz announced it's December release schedule today, the only new release is a new Silent Moebius Manga series, Silent Moebius: Love and Chaos #1 (of 6) by Kia Asamiya (the most widely
published manga artist currently in the U.S.) will be released on December 7th at a price of $2.95 (32 pages, Black an white).

Also of note, Viz has postponed the following releases from November Maison Ikoku #25(Ships Dec 14), Ranma 1/2 Season 6#1 (Ships Dec 7) and Ranma 1/2 Martial Mayhem "Marry me Akane" (ships Dec 21).

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