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Los Angeles Anime Festival

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
First incarnation of annual film festival to run for 9 days and feature a long list of Anime.

The American Cinematheque has announced the first annual Los Angeles Anime Festival. The festival will take place over nine days between May 2nd and May 15th (not every day) and feature screenings of a long list of Anime titles, some licensed, other not. Most screenings will take place at the in Hollywood, tickets raneg from $6 to $9.


Excerpts from Press Release:

The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre presents THE 1st ANNUAL LOS ANGELES ANIME FESTIVAL (May 2-15, 2003). Spaning nine days the festival features some of the newest and most challenging work from Japan, including the U.S. Premieres of the latest Studio Ghibli feature THE CAT RETURNS, the mondo-insane TAMALA2010 A PUNK CAT IN SPACE, the lovely fable PRINCESS ARETE, the long-awaited 3-part anthology film MEMORIES, and Miramax Films' POKEMON 5. The series also features Sneak Previews of unreleased episodes from several cult-hit series, including "CRUSH GEAR TURBO," "AURA BATTLER DUNBINE," "BRIGADOON," "SCRYED," "PLEASE, TEACHER," "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST," "DNA²," "READ OR DIE," "RAHXEPHON," "PARASITE DOLLS" -- and a very special Sneak Peak at "The Matrix"-inspired THE ANIMATRIX, with all 9 episodes shown for the first time anywhere!

The Festival will also feature special one-night tributes to legendary manga artist Rumiko Takahashi ("RANMA 1/2," "INU YASHA"), erotic fantasy master Toshio Maeda (LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND, DEMON WARRIOR KOJI), lost anime gems like JACK & THE BEANSTALK and special late-night programs of triple X rated hentai adult animation! Guests appear subject to their availability.

All screenings are at the newly renovated Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, unless otherwise noted, at the historic Egyptian (6712 Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and Las Palmas) in Hollywood.

Friday May 2, 2003

The festival begins on Friday, May 2nd at 7:00 PM with the US Premiere of THE CAT RETURNS (NEKO NO ONGAESHI), (2002, Studio Ghibli, 75 min.) directed by Hiroyuki Morita. A major hit in Japan last year, THE CAT RETURNS is the latest from Studio Ghibli, the legendary team behind SPIRITED AWAY, PRINCESS MONONOKE and MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO. 17-year-old Haru is not finding life as a teenager in modern Japan to her liking - the rush of busy schooldays is overwhelming, her classes boring and sports exhausting. One day Haru spots a cat carrying a small box trying to cross a busy street against the red light. She impulsively dashes out and saves the cat just as it is about to be hit by a truck. That night an unusual thing happens: the Cat King accompanied by his servants pays Haru a visit, and invites her to visit with them in the Kingdom of the Cats ... (In Japanese with English subtitles.) Discussion following with director Hiroyuki Morita and producer Nozomu Takahashi.

Following at 9:30 PM is a Special Sneak Preview of two upcoming releases from Bandai: "SCRYED" (Episodes 1 - 2, 2001, Bandai (Sunrise), 50 min. total.) series directed by Goro Taniguchi. "SCRYED" is an instantly addictive series about a quarantined area of Japan called The Lost Ground, where outcast "alter-users" employ telekinetic power to deconstruct and reconstruct reality with explosive force. In the first episodes, rebellious gun-for-hire Kazuma finds himself hunted by the shadowy government organization HOLY, which pits mercenary alter-users against their mutant

Next on the same bill is "PLEASE, TEACHER" (Episodes 1 - 3, 2002, Bandai, 75 min. total.) directed by Yasunori Ide. "Nothing ever changes," sighs frail, introverted high school student Kei - until the night that a gorgeous, redheaded alien drops from the sky into his lap, then turns up the next day as his new teacher! This terrifically sexy and very funny new series piles one compromising situation on top of another as Kei frantically tries to protect Ms. Kazumi's true identity from his classmates and foster parents. Favorite buzzwords: "This is a Priority One!!" (All episodes in Japanese with English subtitles.)

Saturday May 3, 2003

The Saturday May 3rd program begins at 3:00 PM with a Children's Matinee of "SPEED RACER" - Uncut and Subtitled!, (1967, Speedracer.com, 100 min. total.) directed by Ippei Kuri, Hiroshi Sasagawa, Seitarô Hara. (Episodes 3- 4: "Challenge Of The Masked Racer" and Episodes 7 - 8: "The Mammoth Car.") One of the most beloved television series in animation history, "SPEED RACER" has thrilled audiences worldwide since its debut in 1967. When it was released in the U.S., the Japanese names of the original were Americanized ("Go Mifune" became the famous "Speed"), minor cuts were made - and of course all of the episodes were dubbed. Until now, that is - please join us for four episodes of the classic "SPEED RACER," in their original, uncut, Japanese language versions (with English subtitles) - !!

Following at 5:15 PM is a Special Sneak Preview of three upcoming releases from A.D. Vision: "AURA BATTLER DUNBINE" Episodes 1 - 2, (1983, A.D. Vision (Sunrise), 25 min.) series directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. The legendary "AURA BATTLER DUNBINE" finally makes its U.S. appearance here! A young motorcyclist is magically transported into a combination medieval/mechanized world ala ARMY OF DARKNESS, where knights ride unicorns and mermaid princesses are locked in water-filled cells. To survive, he must learn to control an enormous suit of flying armor.

Next on the same bill is "RAHXEPHON" Episode 6, (2002, A.D. Vision (Studio Bones), 25 min.) series directed by Yutaka Izubuchi. This excellent, enigmatic new series revolves around an artistic teenaged boy who suffers from strange visions that connect him to a mysterious giant robot built by the Japanese military. Next on the same bill is "NOIR" Episode 10, (2001, A.D. Vision, 25 min.) directed by Kōichi Mashimo. "I am Noir. Beyond that, I know nothing," murmurs amnesiac school girl Kirika to fellow assassin Mireille - together the two women form an uneasy partnership as killers-for-hire, until they can learn Kirika's true identity. (All episodes in Japanese with English)

Following at 7:30 PM is the U.S. Premiere of TAMALA2010 A PUNK CAT IN SPACE, (2002, Kinetique Co., 92 min.) Imagine a mutant hybrid of Hello Kitty and Philip K. Dick, animated in the classic 1950's TV style of Osamu Tezuka, and you have some idea of the incredible strangeness of TAMALA2010 A PUNK CAT IN SPACE, the amazing new feature from the two-man music and visual artist unit called "t.o.L". Super-cute space kitty Tamala goes head-to-head with the Dark God of Death, killer dogs, a robotic Colonel Sanders with an axe in his head and more, using her trademark karate kick and heart-shaped sunglasses. A sample of some of the dialogue? "Later you anaconda bitch!," "Moimoi, me very tasty. Wanna eat me?," and "Beware, Martial Law has been enforced in the Eastern Hate District!" Trust us - it's like nothing you've ever seen before. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 10:00 PM is a program of two upcoming releases from Manga Entertainment: KAIDOHMARU, (2001, Manga Ent., 46 min.) directed by Kanji Wakabayashi. From Production I.G and I.G. Plus, the animators behind BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE, KAIDOHMARU is a fully-digital, epic historical fantasy set in 8th century Japan. Kaidohmaru is the only woman among four legendary knights who protect the peace of the kingdom - but when her childhood friend, Princess Ouni-Hime, becomes jealous of her friendship with fellow warrior Raikoh, Kaidohmaru is forced into a violent and tragic confrontation with her own past.

Next on the same bill is "READ OR DIE," (2001, Manga Ent. (Studio Orphee/Aniplex), 90 min.) directed by Kouji Masunari. READ OR DIE is based on the novels and manga by Kurata Hideyuki, and follows the story of Yomiko Readman, a substitute teacher who has a consuming passion for collecting books. However, when the occasion arises, she has an altogether different occupation: she's an operative for the Special Operations Force of the British Library! Yomiko becomes entrenched in a plot for world domination revealed through the writing in the margins of certain rare books. (Note: The entire 3-part OVA of READ OR DIE will screen.) (All in Japanese with English subtitles.)

Sunday May 4, 2003
The Sunday, May 4th program begins at 12:00 PM noon with a Children's Matinee of a Special Sneak Preview of JUNKERS COME HERE, (1995, Bandai (Triangle Staff), 100 min.) directed by Junichi Satō. JUNKERS COME HERE is a refreshing, realistic and beautifully told story of a teenaged girl, Hiromi, who faces problems small (bratty boys at school) and large (her mother works too late, her parents don't get along) with the help of a talking Scottish terrier named Junkers. The wistful tone and attention to everyday details bring to mind Studio Ghibli's lovely WHISPER OF THE HEART.
(In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 5:00 PM is a Sneak Preview of upcoming releases from Tokyo Pop and Sunrise: "BRIGADOON" Episodes 1 - 2, (2000, Tokyo Pop (Sunrise), 50 min. total.) directed by Yoshitomo Yometani. Irresistible sci-fi/comedy about a relentlessly chirpy 13-year-old orphan, Mari, and her armored protector, a "monomakia" (living weapon) named Melan Blue who hails from the flying city in the sky, Brigadoon. Terrific, high-energy storytelling and animation that mixes a young girl's curiosity about growing up with some serious butt-kicking giant robot action. A winner all the way. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Next on the same bill is "CRUSH GEAR TURBO" Episodes 1 - 3, (2001, Sunrise, 75 min. total.). Series directed by Hideharu Iuchi. Super-entertaining, Saturday morning style show about kids obsessed with the sport of Crush Gear Fighting, using mini "gogetsu" mechanical cars in high-speed gladiatorial matches. Our spunky hero Kuya has to contend with his late brother's legacy, along with his own hot temper, to recruit new members for the Tobida Crush Gear Club, including feisty girl Karu, hefty, bun-loving Giro, tech-wiz Kiyosuki and zen-like fighter Karudo. Plus it's got our favorite anime theme song: "Crush allright! Crush on hippy! Crush Gear fight!!" (just don't ask us what it means!) (English dubbed version.)

Following at 7:45 PM is the U.S. Premiere of "PARASITE DOLLS", (2002, Urban Vision (A.I.C.), 180 min.) directed by Nakazawa Kazuto. Robot hookers going schizo, sinister young girls in red, energy-sucking metallic scorpions ... welcome to Tokyo, 2034. This latest installment in the "BUBBLEGUM CRISIS" prequel series "AD POLICE" revolves around a special squad of Tokyo cops who are trying to discover the cause of mysterious homicidal breakdowns by synthetic humanoids in the city. (Note: The entire 3-part OVA of "PARASITE DOLLS" will screen.) (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Wednesday May 7, 2003
The Wednesday May 7th program begins at 7:00 PM with a Sneak Preview of upcoming releases from AnimEigo and Central Park Media: "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST" Episodes 39 & 49, (1997, AnimEigo (Studio DEEN/Toei), 50 min. total.) directed by Junji Nishimura. This TV series doesn't involve robots, demons, alternate dimensions or anything with swords/spikes/multiple heads - instead, it follows the trials and tribulations of two female cops in Tokyo's Traffic Division, level-headed Miyuki and her impulsive partner Natsumi. Whether it's competing in a beach volleyball tournament or dealing with the possible break-up of their partnership, these girls do it with charm and style. Based on the manga by "OH MY GODDESS" creator Kosuke Fujishima.

Next on the same bill is "DNA²" Episodes 7 - 8, (1994, Central Park Media (Powhouse), 50 min. total.) directed by Junichi Sakata. Teenaged loser Junta literally loses his lunch every time he gets near an attractive girl - until blue-haired genetic cop from the future Karin accidentally re-arranges his DNA, turning him into an irresistible babe magnet, the Mega Playboy - ! But his charms don't last for very long, in this sexy high school comedy in the vein of Rumiko Takahashi's URUSEI YATSURA. (All episodes in Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 9:30 PM is JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO (JANGURU TAITEI), (1997, Media Blasters/Shochiku (Tezuka Prod.), 98 min.) directed by Takao Takeuchi. Inspired by anime master Osamu Tezuka's classic 1960's series "JUNGLE TAITEI" (released here as "KIMBA THE WHITE LION"), JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO is a sweeping family adventure about the noble King of the Jungle and his inexperienced young cub, who must face fire, flood and corrupt human intruders in their struggle to save their fellow animals. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Friday May 9, 2003
The Friday, May 9th program begins at 7:00 PM with A TREE OF PALME (PALUMUNO KI), (2002, GENCO/Synch-Point/Digital Manga, 130 min.) directed by Takashi Nakamura. Superbly animated, incredibly imaginative fantasy about the quest of a Pinocchio-like wooden puppet, Palme, to return a mystic egg to the World Below and the all-powerful deity Soma. To do so, he's forced to navigate an epic landscape of warring tribes, labyrinthine cities and caverns, luminous jellyfish and giant worms, with the aid of a ragtag band including an enigmatic girl POPO, a young warrior Shatta, and two donkey-eared friends, Pu and Mu. Features some of the most haunting images of nature this side of PRINCESS MONONOKE, with echoes of everything from Rene Laloux's FANTASTIC PLANET to Andrei Tarkovsky's SOLARIS. Absolutely breathtaking. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 9:45 PM is a Hayao Miyazaki Double-Feature. First up is CASTLE IN THE SKY (TENKU NO SHIRO LAPUTA), (1986, Walt Disney (Studio Ghibli), 124 min.) Inspired by the floating island in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Hayao Miyazaki's breathtaking masterpiece of fantasy and adventure follows two orphans, a 14-year-old boy named Pazu and 13-year-old girl named Sheeta, as they make an incredible journey to a long-lost city in the sky. (English dubbed version.)

Next on the same bill is KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE (MAJO NO TAKKYUBIN), (1989, Walt Disney (Studio Ghibli), 102 min A plucky but inexperienced young witch named Kiki is forced to leave her family home on her thirteenth birthday and travel into the great, wide world, so she can learn about life and the true purpose of her magical powers. Based on the novel by Eido Kadono, KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE is a pure marvel of charm and innocence. (English dubbed version.)

Saturday May 10, 2003
The Saturday May 10th program begins at 12:00 Noon with a Children's Matinee of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, (1974, Columbia (Group TAC), 92 min.) directed by Gisaburō Sugii. This sumptuous version of the classic children's story features some of the most spectacularly beautiful Japanese animation of the 1970's. Hailed by The Anime Encyclopedia as "an excellent musical anime that could easily have given Disney's films of the day a run for their money," JACK & THE BEANSTALK makes an incredibly rare revival appearance here - don't miss it! (English dubbed version.)

Following at 5:00 PM is the U.S. Premiere of PRINCESS ARETE (ARETE HIME), (2001, Studio 4°C, 105 min.) From director Sunao Katabuchi, a protégé of Hayao Miyazaki's who worked on KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE, PRINCESS ARETE is a poetic, melancholy fable for adults about an unhappy Princess who's treated as a precious object by everyone in her life, from her mercenary father to the heartless wizard Boax who kidnaps her as his prize. As she whiles away her days in Boax's remote castle, the Princess slowly starts to believe that only she can ever truly free herself from those who claim to "love" her ... Based on the acclaimed children's novel The Clever Princess by Diana Coles. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 7:30 PM is the US Premiere of MEMORIES, (1996, Columbia, 113 min.) This long-awaited 3-part anthology film features the talents of some of the finest directors in Japanese anime: Katsuhiro Ōtomo (AKIRA), Kōji Morimoto (THE ANIMATRIX, ROBOT CARNIVAL), and Tensai Okamuro. In Episode 1, the truly astounding "Magnetic Rose," an interstellar salvage crew finds itself trapped on an abandoned space station filled with the living memories of a long-gone opera diva. In Episode 2, "Stink Bomb," a chemical researcher mistakes an experimental government drug for common flu medication - with surreal and disastrous results. And in Episode 3, "Cannon Fodder," Katsuhiro Ōtomo offers a vision of a nightmarish alternate world, where giant factories spew out pure destruction. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 10:00 PM is an Adult Anime Program. First up is "SEX DEMON QUEEN," (2000, Kitty Media (Green Bunny), 30 min.) directed by Takeshi Aoki. Strap yourself in (in more ways than one) for this wildly demented, Sex and Sorcery comedy about two female ring-warriors named Cooley and RIMA who team up to stop the sinister Amabire and her dog-demons from reviving the ancient God of Sex - if they can all keep a cutie-pie named Sour from driving them crazy with the lesbian love techniques she learned in the convent!! Rated XXX. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Next on the same bill is "KOIHIME," (2000, NuTech Digital (Pink Pineapple), 60 min. total.) directed by Masaki Shinichi. Pony-tailed college student Musashi returns on summer holiday to the peaceful mountain village where he grew up - and immediately gets reacquainted with former childhood sweethearts Nami, Anzu, Suzaku and Muyaki, who are overjoyed (and then some) to see him back, even though he can't seem to remember any of them. His strange memory lapse begins to make sense, though, when the true nature of the village and its lovely inhabitants is revealed. Rated XXX. (English dubbed version.)

Next on the same bill is a Special Sneak Preview of "F FORCE," (2001, Central Park Media, 90 min.) directed by Yousaku Aoi. The gorgeous, supernaturally powered Alicia has been kidnapped by demons, enslaved for their unspeakably perverted pleasures. Her only hope for survival: a team of busty barbarians known as the F Force! Each fabulous fighting female has her own style and deadly weapons of choice, but all share a love of danger and excitement. And there will be plenty of both as they fight to rescue their comrade from the ravages of evil! Rated XXX. (In Japanese with English subtitles.) (Note: these programs contain graphic sexual content meant for adults only. No one under 18 will be admitted to this program!)

Sunday May 11, 2003
The Sunday May 11th program begins at 5:00 PM with a Special Sneak Preview of POKEMON 5, (2002, Miramax Films (Toei Animation Co.), 80 min.) directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. The latest installment of the Japanese animation phenomenon sends Ash and Pikachu off to Altomare, a beautiful and mysterious city on water, where they find the treasured Soul Dew. Two new Pokémon, Latias and Latios, are the protectors of the Soul Dew, and they join with Ash and Pikachu to keep it safe from Annie and Oakley. But when a flood threatens Altomare's very existence, who will come to the rescue? A Miramax Films release. (English dubbed version.)

Following at 7:00 PM is a Special Sneak Preview of SAKURA WARS THE MOVIE, (2001, Pioneer (Prodn. IG), 85 min.) directed by Mitsuru Hongo. It is 1926, the 15th year of the reign of Japan's Taisho Emperor. In Tokyo, behind a world of brilliance and beauty, there exists a dark realm inhabited by mutating monsters, the Kouma. The battle against them is entrusted to the Teikoku Kagekidan, the Imperial Fighting Troupe, a secret organization formed to battle the forces of darkness. Surprisingly, except for its commander, the Troupe is comprised solely of lovely young maidens. By day, they lead the glittering lives of stage actresses as part of the Imperial Operetta Troupe. From Production I.G, the studio behind GHOST IN THE SHELL and NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Wednesday May 14, 2003
The Wednesday, May 14th program begins at 7:00 PM with a Rumiko Takahashi Tribute. One of the most phenomenally popular and beloved manga artists in Japan, Rumiko Takahashi has created a wildly colorful universe where the impossible and the everyday collide head-on, with hilarious results, in works like "Urusei Yatsura," "Ranma 1/2" and many others. Join us for a program of episodes from three different television series based on Ms. Takahashi's creations.

First up is "INU YASHA" Episodes 1 and 4, (2000, Viz (Sunrise), 50 min. total.) directed by Masashi Ikeda. Kagome Higurashi is a 15-year-old schoolgirl living at a history-filled Japanese shrine. After a chance fall into an abandoned well, Kagome meets the well-named "dog demon" Inu Yasha, a half-human hybrid who longs to become all-demon. Can Kagome bring him to heel before he starts sharpening his claws - on her??

Next on the same bill is "RANMA 1/2" Episode 2, (1989, Viz (Kitty Films), 25 min.) series directed by Tomomitsu Mochizuki. At the time, martial arts teacher Soun Tendo thought engaging one of his three daughters to Ranma - the son of longtime friend and training partner Genma Saotome - was a good idea, but that was before "he" turned out to be a "she"!! Youngest Tendo daughter Akane (who's always claimed to "hate boys" anyway) is quickly nominated for bridal duty by her older sisters, while an unruly Ranma must come to grips with the mixed blessing of his/her own appeal ... to both boys and girls!

Next on the same bill is "MAISON IKKOKU" Episode 5, (1986, Viz (Kitty Films), 25 min.) series directed by Kazuo Yamazaki. Yusaku Godai has more than his share of problems - he's young, he's broke, and he lives in a rickety old boarding house filled with the most nosy (and noisy!) neighbors in Japan. But even these extremely eccentric housemates aren't enough to drive young Godai away from the boarding house - because the building's manager is a lovely young woman who always seems so close ... and yet so far away. How can he ever find a way to tell her what he feels? (All episodes in Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 9:15 PM is a Special Sneak Preview of THE ANIMATRIX, (2003, Warner Home Video, 90 min.) An unprecedented fusion of CG-animation and Japanese anime, THE ANIMATRIX is a groundbreaking collection of nine original short films from the creators of THE MATRIX trilogy, Andy and Larry Wachowski. Inspired by the visionary action and innovative storytelling that powered the trilogy, this spectacularly visual short film series delves deeper into the mind-bending world of THE MATRIX. Featuring shorts directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (NINJA SCROLL, VAMPIRE HUNTER D), Shinchiro Watanabe (COWBOY BEBOP), Kōji Morimoto (MEMORIES), Mahiro Maeda, Takeshi Koike (lead animator on WICKED CITY), Peter Chung (MTV's "AEON FLUX") and Andy Jones (FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN). While several of THE ANIMATRIX episodes have been available over the internet, this is the first time all nine episodes will be screened theatrically in public!! (Original English-language version.)

Thursday May 15, 2003
The Thursday, May 15th program begins at 7:00 PM with a Sneak Preview of "SPIRIT OF WONDER - SCIENTIFIC BOYS CLUB," (2001, Bandai, 90 min.) directed by Takashi Annou. Unusually poetic and wistful adventure story based on Kenji Tsuruta's acclaimed manga comics (which were themselves inspired by the work of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne), about a brilliant planetary scientist named Wendy who reluctantly helps her inexperienced husband and their mad professor friend build a dirigible capable of riding the ethereal currents to Mars. And watch out for the wild prologue and epilogue, featuring a sexy, karate-kicking waitress named China, in her own other-worldly adventures! (Note: This is a sequel to the 1992 anime adaptation of SPIRIT OF WONDER.) (In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Following at 9:00 PM is a Toshio Maeda Tribute. Please join us for a special tribute devoted to the work of one of the most subversive and controversial manga artists in Japan, Toshio Maeda, featuring two shocking anime features based on his artwork and stories.

First up is LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND (CHOJIN DENSETSU UROTSUKIDOJI), (1989, Central Park Media, 108 min.) directed by Hideki Takayama. Otherworldly The Wandering Kid tries to stop the Overfiend from uniting the worlds of man-beasts, demons and humans in this controversial hentai groundbreaker. Rated XXX.

Next on the same bill is DEMON WARRIOR KOJI (GOKURAKU SATSUJIN CHOKEN KAN), (1999, Central Park Media, 120 min.) directed by Yasunori Urata. Sex crime investigator Koji is really a benevolent demon attempting to halt the influx of supernatural and alien monsters hungry for human sex. Rated XXX (Both in Japanese with English subtitles.) (Note: these programs contain graphic sexual content meant for adults only. No one under 18 will be admitted to this program!)

A complete calendar/flyer listing of these films and Information is available on our website www.egyptiantheatre.com.

NEW TICKET PRICES AS OF JANUARY 2, 2003: $9 General; $6 Cinematheque Members. $8 Seniors (65+ years) and students with valid ID card. Must be shown at box office at time of purchase.

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