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Parasite Dolls licensed by someone you didn't expect, A Tree of Palme and Memories licensed? Crush Gear Nitro maybe licensed as well.

A couple items of interest to those that follow licencing matters can be found in the preceding Anime Festival press reelase. Parasite Dolls is listed with Urban Vision, A Tree of Palme with Synch-Point/Digital Manga and Memories with Columbia.

Parasite Dolls, as many readers may recall, was co-produced by ADV Films, so it is a bit of a surprise to see Urban Vision's name included with the title instead of ADV's. But it's not a mistake, Urban Vision's Rhona Medina has confirmed that they are in fact licensing the Bubblegum Crisis spinoff. Unfortunately UV isn't prepared to divulge any release details yet.

However, according to Anime on DVD, Synch Point has confirmed that they are not involved with the licensing of A Tree of Palme. The release may have erroneously listed Synch Point because it used to be a part of Digital Manga, suggesting that DM may be moving into the Anime Licensing business on its own. Unfortunately ANN was not able to verify this with a DM representative at this time

Last of all, Memories is listed as coming from Columbia. While we have been able to confirm that Columbia / Sony does have Memories, we haven't been able to find out anything about their release plans yet.

Also worth considering, is the possibility that Crush Gear Nitro (or Crush Gear Turbo) has been licensed. While no North American company is listed with the release, the press release states that it is being presented dubbed in English. Being a Sunrise title, Bandai would be a good guess, but only a guess.

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