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Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Production Update


WILMINGTON, NC - May 8, 2014 - AnimEigo today posted a Kickstarter update providing additional details on the progress of the project.

The preorder deadline for this set, which will not be available through normal retail channels, is June 1st, 2014. The set will be shipped to customers who preorder in August.

As part of the unique "CrowdProduction" process, project backers have been able to participate in the production of the set and the allocation of the production budget, tailoring the project to their specifications.

As a result, the set will contain all 8 Bubblegum Crisis episodes in full 1080p HD on 3 BD50 discs to maximize bitrate, as well as the 3 BGC Music Video titles in SD, and new versions of the original all-animated music videos recut in full HD. The OVAs include both Japanese and English soundtracks and full subtitles (both colored and monochrome) in English, French, German, Italian, Finnish and Kanji.

The discs are not region-coded, and can be shipped world-wide, excluding Japan, Taiwan and China.

In addition, a complete set of digital extras, including a wiki, artwork, and high-resolution digital versions of the Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal comic book and BGC RPG game books will be included in the set.

Basic ($50) backers will receive the set in a 3-disc Amaray case along with 5 commemorative postcards and their choice of a custom Challenge Coin or Keychain.

Premium ($100) backers get all of the above plus enhanced packaging (3 cases in a box), both the Coin and the Keychain, and a special embroidered patch.

The names of all backers who sign up before the June 1st deadline will also be listed on one of the discs.

"A cool aspect of this project is that as more people sign up for the set, the budget automatically increases, which has let us enhance the set several times in the last few months", said AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead. "I expect that when the final numbers are in after June 1st, we'll be able enhance the set even more, or perhaps add a special secret surprise."


Latest Project Update:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/madoverlord/bubblegum-crisis-ultimate-edition-blu-ray-set/posts/811931

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Project Ordering Page:http://www.animeigo.com/products/anime/bubblegum-crisis-ultimate-edition/paypal-signup

ABOUT ANIMEIGO: Founded in 1989, AnimEigo pioneered the release of Anime in subtitled form in the United States, and has released such classic series as Macross, Kimagure Orange Road, Yawara!, Urusei Yatsura and, of course, Bubblegum Crisis.

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