Peach Princess Announces 5th Bi-Shoujo game

posted on 2002-02-09 14:16 EST by Christopher Macdonald
Peach Princess to release "Critical Point" on March 7th.

Peach Princess, a company that licences, translates and releases adult "pretty girl" anime-style games and related material in North America, has sent a press release announcing the upcoming release of Critical Point, their 5th title. Critical Point, which is intended for adults only, will be released on March 7th in a "Limited Edition" format. The Limited Edition retains the Japanese censorshop mosaics. The regular edition will be released at a later date, with the mosaic removed.

Excepts from Press release:

Peach Princess is pleased to announce that it's fifth adult bishoujo ("pretty girl") anime-style PC game for English Windows PC systems, "Critical Point", has entered final editing and playtesting. The game features an engrossing sci-fi suspense / mystery storyline written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was also instrumental in the creation of many classic sci-fi anime such as "Macross" (aka "Robotech"), "Gundam", "Bubblegum Crisis", and "Orguss"!

In this complex, multi-path digital story, you'll play military a Special Investigator named Leiji Osumi, who is sent undercover to Moon Base D-02 in order to resolve suspected acts of sabotage. Once you arrive, you discover that not only are technical malfunctions rampant, but that a strange sexual insanity has gripped the base personnel. You must contend with both technical and biological warfare in order to restore the base to full functionality before an enemy attacks. You'll interact with more than half a dozen key personnel in order to resolve the situation. You must be cautious, or you could wind up dead! Featuring three different major story paths leading to 25 possible endings that are determined by your own choices and interactions with the characters, "Critical Point" offers many hours of erotic and exciting entertainment!

The initial release of this game be a special "Limited Collector's Edition" version that uses the original Japanese "thin mosaic" CG artwork. Expected ship date is March 7th, with a suggested retail price of $29.95. Adult gamers will be able to play the game exactly as Japanese gamers did when it was originally released. Only 300 copies of this version will be offered!

A "Regular Edition" version is scheduled to be released at a later date. The "Regular Edition" will feature redrawn, unmosaiced CG artwork, and has a suggested retail price of $39.95. Aspiring artists will be able to get both versions and compare the original Japanese artwork with the Western release artwork and hone their skills!

Both versions will ship in standard DVD packaging on CD-ROM for English Windows PCs. Additional materials scheduled to ship with both versions include a special Free Alliance Space Force ID badge. The game CD-ROM will include a file containing extensive liner notes as well as an interview with Mr. Matsuzaki. Both versions of the game are rated "AO" ("Adults Only") by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the established industry standard rating system for entertainment software products.

Preorders for both versions are currently being accepted.

Pre-orders, additional info, and demo movie downloads are available at the Peach Princess Website.

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