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Answer Wars

Answerman: Answer Wars

Okay! Looks like we're ready to rumble. Here are today's questions:

Hey what's up answer man?
I got 2 questions that I'm dying to get answers to. I hope you can answer them.
1. I rencently watched Angel Sanctuary, and I thought it was amazing, but the end leaves an opening for a larger story. Any word about a sequel or a full length series?

2. I have been a huge fan of the Trigun series since it initially came out, and I've been looking forward to a movie or OVA's and I still haven't heard a single thing. Cowboy Bebop got a movie! Trigun is just as popular and is becoming more popular everyday! Why hasn't there been any word of a movie?

Thanx in Advance!!

Well, the Angel Sanctuary manga is really long, really gruesome and really controversial. The OVA series was a moderate success; they may eventually do more anime but it nothing's been announced yet. As for Trigun, you may want to chill out a little bit. As anime fans we need to be happy when something does come out, but demanding more, demanding OVAs and movies, is silly. If they release a movie or an OVA (Which they haven't announced) we can be happy about it, but getting bent out of shape because they haven't yet is proof that we really are getting way too spoiled for our own good. Be patient, be grateful, and most of all, be cool about it.

Hello Answerman,

What do you think are the 5 best anime that will never make it to the states? and if you have the time, why?

Predicting which anime series will or won't make it to the states today is pretty tough to do. ADV is moving in to shoujo territory at long last, so some of the older series that we thought would never get licensed may now see the light of day. Regardless, there are a few series I think warrant a US release, but probably won't find their way to our shows. Firstly, Kodomo no Omocha. Yeah, everyone keeps spreading rumors about how it's going to be licensed eventually, but the show is 102 episodes long. They have trouble selling Kenshin it 95 episodes long, and that series has a much broader demographic. Kodomo no Omocha is going to be expensive to license, hard to market properly, and even more difficult to translate. Diehard fans will complain no matter what they do with the series, so I don't think any US companies will touch this show. Another one would be The Blue Green Years, a cute, well-written piece of shoujo anime that wasn't ever released on LD even in Japan. The masters for this show probably don't exist anymore, so I can pretty much guarantee that it'll never make it over here. Same goes for Brother, Dear Brother (and just about anything the Technogirls subtitle.. if you ever meet any of these folks, pat them on the back for maintaining the true spirit of fansubbing..). Everyone keeps slinging rumors about Marmalade Boy being licensed by ADV, and while I can certainly see that happening now, it's still something of a longshot. We'll probably never see Macross 7 either, mostly because the music license is so expensive and the show is fairly unpopular among US Macross fans.

Yo! A few Questions for ya.

1) after watching all of Evangelion, only one part confuses me.. Whats the deal witht the live Action segments in End of Eva?

2) Has Bandai stated anything about letting America "Knock Down Heaven's Door"? From what I hear Bebop's Movie is great and I'd love to get it on DVD/VCD/LD/VHS Something...

3) Whats a good place, other then Ebay, to Get Anime Laserdiscs at a Decent price? Such as El Hazard Wanderers and Sailor Moon.


Only one part of Evangelion confused you? That's impressive. The live-action shots in the End of Evangelion are use for artistic effect. That's about it. Some people claim they were saving money… that may be true, this is Gainax we're talking about, but overall I think they have more of an artistic impact than a financial one. As for the Bebop movie, it just now started playing in Japan. Bandai said at Expo that they had plans to release the film in the US, possibly as a theatrical release, but didn't have any plans completely nailed down yet. A good place to get cheap laserdiscs is Jungle Anime on the web; they sell used stuff direct from Japan.

Dear Answerman,

First off, read the column every week... great job. My question concerns Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. I have recently seen the entire 2nd season (up to ep. 44 I believe) and it was great except for the ending. Do you know if the creator plans on doing anything else with this anime, or was that pretty much it? Also do you know of anyone who is thinking about licensing this anime? It is a great shojou anime!

Thanks in advance,

There aren't any plans for more Jeanne currently, and no US companies have expressed an interest in the series. Sorry to disappoint you.

I just wanted start out by saying you have the greatest column on the whole web, because you provide so much info on anime.

My first question is this. My first anime collection started with Iria: Zeriam the anime, and really started my craze to see it all, I don't know who made it, but can you tell me anything else he/or she made besides iria

my next question I am sure you answered but have to ask again? I really love to watch oav, manga, or any anime but I really do hate when you get only 2 episodes and it stops there with no ending at all ( i.e. birdy, or, Darkstalkers), could you list a few oav that actually complete, and have endings, ( i.e. record of lodess wars,Blue seed, Bubblegum Crisis)

thanks again and have a nice day.

Sure. The creator of Iria went on to produce DNA 2, I's, and Video Girl Ai. If you look closely you can see some similarities in character design between these three. As for “complete” OVAs, try Gundam 08th MS Team and Nightwalker. Both of these pretty much wrap themselves up.

On October 9th, the Anime News Network reported that a Turn A Gundam movie will premiere on February 9th in Japan. I also read at the Gundam Project (www.gundamproject.com) that on October 29, the first of two Turn A Gundam compilation movies will premiere at a Japanese film festival. Is the February 9th premiere the second compilation movie, or is it a prequel or sequel that continues the story?

From what I can see, the movie being released on October 29th is yet another “compilation” film, which is essentially the TV series truncated down to an hour and a half. As for the film being released February 9th, I'm not sure; it's either the second compilation movie or a new film. Since they announced two compilation movies, I'd bet it's the second of those.

Dear ANSWERMAN (i think your name is important enough to be in all caps), I know you prolly have a lot more important questions to answer, but I have a few and I thought that you might be able to answer them.
1. I know the the Kimagure Orange Road Movie is out on DVD, but what about the TV Series and the OVAs?

Thank you very much ^_^

Animeigo is taking forever (as usual) with the Kimagure Orange Road TV series and OVA DVDs, but they are coming out eventually. Just be patient. They're working on finishing up Macross and Urusei Yatsura first.

Greetings Wise Answerman,

Some of my Evangelion-starved friends believe that there is still more Eva in the works, in particular, an OVA series which they have "seen recently on a website" and has already been released. I believe their statement is on par with the fake Eva Movie that web fans made up. So, is there any more Evangelion in the works other than the manga (please say 'no' and end it all, PLEASE!)?

No. There are NO PLANS for more Evangelion. Tell your friends they're wrong.

Alright, that's enough for today. See you all on Friday.

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