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Announcements of New Titles from AVCon

Ed's Note: I do apologize, while I attended the madman panel I am currently exhausted, but I thought I should share with you a couple of the major points from the panel that you may not have heard and I will have a full write-up online within a couple of days for everyone.

  • Madman 10th Anniversary – Nov 6th 1996
    • Re-releasing the original Bubblegum Crisis on DVD which will be a four dvd set containing special material as this was Madman's very first release back in 1996.
    • Anime Essentials, Limited edition re-issues in gold foil packaging at approximately a $16.95 price, however this is not finalized but will not change any more than a dollar.
    • There will be a “Special Birthday Surprise” but no clues as to what.
    • There will also be a New Special Release, but no clues either.

They have also announced that 80's classic M.A.S.K will be released for the first time ever on DVD in two separate sets consisting of 6 DVD's each (75 episodes total). Set 1 due in November and set 2 due in early 2007.

Ulysses 31 will be another Retro release in the form of a complete collection. Four DVD's containing the 26 episodes will be available from November.

The is also a third Retro series that has just been arranged for release but Sly would not tell us what the series is. He did say that it does not involve Pizza or Cats that may be Samurai and that it's not Technoman or Mysterious Cities of Gold either. However it does complement MASK and Ulysses 31, so if you would like to proffer some suggestions please use the feedback below.

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