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Project: A-Kon 2001 sent out an "e-flyer" today with information about their 2001 convention which will be occuring on June 1st-3rd in Dallas, Texas.


Guests so far include (there will be more, but Japanese guests are currently celebrating their holidays and will not get back with us until mid January.):

TIFFANY GRANT - Voice actress, "Evangelion", "Gunsmith Cats" and much more!

NEWTEK - the CGI Company that handles computer animation programs such as LightWave will do demos of various programs for us during the weekend.

STEVE BENNETT - Animator for Urusei Yatsura, Final Yamato, and many other shows

STUDIO IRONCAT - We don't know which artists will attend yet, but we'll let you know.

BEN DUNN - Head of Antarctic Press

ANTARCTIC PRESS - will be represented by the likes of: JOE WELTJENS, DOUG DLIN, TED NOMURA, and more!

ELIN WINKLER - President, Radio Comix, has her own comic line!


VALKYRIE GAMES - Stellar Horizons game developer

RODNEY CASTON - host of for fan subtitlers

LEE W MADISON - Artist responsible for all the cool Badge Art A-Kon has had for the last 11 years, as well as Staff T-Shirt designs.

NEWTON EWELL - Game design artist, fine art and fine anime illustrator, mech designer, and all around swell guy. (we haven't actually ASKED him yet, but it wouldn't be an A-Kon without him!)


* Anime cel painting workshops conducted by animator Steve Bennett ($5 materials fee-pay at the door-gets you paints, acetate, brushes, all that you need to create your own cel!)
* Computer Animation demos & classes with NewTek!
* 'AniName That Tune' - how fast can you identify your fav. Tunes?
* 'Anime Match Game' - was great fun last year, is back again!
* 'Japanimayhem' - the rousing tongue-in-cheek look at the anime world in a 'killer' card game
* Sunday Banquet With The Stars & A-Kon anime awards ceremony! 5th Annual!
* Cram packed dealers room-149 tables crammed with stuff!
* 3 24-hr Video theaters, and a couple side theaters
* CLUB J-POP - hear the latest in Japanese music hosted by Radio Wasabi (called CLUB WASABI for this year's Kon!)
* Parties, fellowship, fans, etc.
* Live Sushi Demo - see how that fish is really cut up! And eat the samples! Seminar conducted by Tokyo One Japanese Restaurant chefs.
* Martial Arts Stage Fighting Demo - see actual Hollywood actors conduct seminars on how to do real stage fighting, with weapons and hand-to-hand - make your cosplay presentations look REAL!
* Cosplay makeup demo- learn how to make prosthetics and apply them properly to bring your characters to life - hosted by an actual Hollywood makeup artist and an actor who has been every alien in the book! Watch an actual anime character come to life in 3-D on a real human body (looks lots different than 2-D on paper!)
* Komik Market - THE place to find cool new clubs, small press comics, personalized artwork, etc.
* Model Contest (handled by AVD)- bring your entries!
* Live Action Games (Animania, Maximum Comics' games, Night of the Yakuza, Vampire, etc. )
* 24 hr. RPG and CCG Gaming
* Battletech (by Mechwarriors Guild)
* Fan Video Contest
* Opening Ceremony with cool stuff
* FREE PRIZE PACK for pre-registered folks (all kinds of goodies)
* Costume Contest on Saturday Night
* DANCE on Saturday night by RFO
* KARAOKE on Friday Night!
* Prizes, Giveaways galore!
* Panels, discussions with guests, industry professionals, etc.
* Displays from anime companies
* KAOS Room - 24 hr. Networked, Computerized Gaming room
* Commemorative T-shirt (designer TBA)
* Panel topics including Fan Fiction, Internet, Fan Subbers, Translating, New Releases, Voice Acting class, CGI demos, etc.
* Art Show & Auction -over 18,000 square feet!
* Fan Sponsored Video Room
* More as we get it confirmed! (there is a possibility of a live J-Pop band performance at this year's con - more on that as it is developed.)


In response to the high number of children showing up these days, we've added this special place for the littles to have fun, see some video, and play (and to allow their parents to play too!). Potty-trained up to age 8 will be handled in this place, juice/snacks provided, they will do crafts, etc. There will be 2 4-hr. sessions each day, and a child may be signed up for only one session per day. If there is call for it, we may have a shift in the evening as well. Details will be ironed out and posted as available. There is no charge for this service, but donations will be welcome, as will snacks, toys or video lent to the room for the kids to play with, etc. We apologize for the confusion in last year's programming of this room. We have rectified the situation.

More detail, including prices, hotle bookings and online ticket purchases at A-Kon's website : or e-mail [email protected]

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