Gunsmith Cats and Shadow Lady coming to an end

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The final series of Gunsmith Cats will begin shipping in October 2000. The series, entitled "Mister V" features the return of Rally Vincent's Nemesis, Goldie. The series will also reveal the the story of what happenned to Rally's father.

Gunsmith Cats was created, written and illustrated by Kenichi Sonoda (Bubble Gum Crisis (Character & Mecha Design), Riding Bean, Gall Force: Eternal Story (Charactyer Design)). And is available from Dark Horse in comic and Trade paper back formats.

The final issue of Shadow Lady, written and illustrated by Masakazu Katsura (DNA2, Video Girl AI, Iria), will also go on sale in October. The supersize final issue will feature an alternative Shadow Lady story where the characters are younger and cuter.

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