Core Gonzo Members together to Produce Vandred

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Core members of Gonzo, the studio behind productions such as Blue Submarine No.6 and Gatekeepers, have gotten together for the first time to produce a new scifi/action Anime series entitled Vandred.

Vandread will tell the story of an intergalactic gender war between males and females, at the center of which is a young man named Hibiki, who discovers he can merge his robot with two robots from the female side to create a mysterious and more powerful mecha. GONZO promises that the series will introduce "150 beautiful female characters" by the end of its run.

Vandred marks the first cooperative effort for Gonzo studio members, Mahiro Maeda (director of Blue Submarine No.6), Shinji Higuchi (special effects director of Gamera), Umanosuke Iida (director of Devil Man), Takeshi Mori (director of Gunsmith Cats), Hiroshi Yamaguchi (writer of Gatekeepers) and producer Shouji Hamamura.

Vandred debuts on Japan's WOWOW channel on October 3rd, a preview of Vandred can be seen here.

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