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We asked a lot of questions... and we got a few answers.

We spoke with ADV Films marketing director Ken Wiatrek today to get answers about the Anime Network, and while the company is being pretty tight lipped, we did get a few details.

While previous reports have been that the channel would probably be a pay channel and not basic cable, Wiatrek's feeling were different, "I don't know, but I would hope it would be basic cable. The purpose of this channel will be to expose people to programs and genres that they have not already been exposed to in the past."

What about the programming? Well, ADV's press release merely states "The Anime Network(tm) model is structured around four categorized content areas: Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts. These categories are designed to include virtually the entire spectrum of quality anime, while contextualizing content for new viewers unfamiliar with specific titles."

While Wiatrek wouldn't talk about non-ADV shows he did say that not all ADV shows would appear on the Anime Network, but they are looking at airing the following shows: Gunsmith Cats, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Getter Robo, Gasaraki and RahXephon. In fact, RahXephon will probably air on the Anime Network before it is released on DVD. "We will be premiering programs that have no shown in the past. RahXephon will be hopefully premiered on the Anime Network."

And yes, the above logo is the current official working logo for the Anime Network.

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