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Foundation date: 1996-11-01
Official website:
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Anime which this company has licensed:
Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
Di Gi Charat Nyo (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
DNA² (OAV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
DNA² (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
Excel Saga (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Galaxy Angel (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Galaxy Angel A (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Galaxy Angel Z (TV) (Latin America; expired)

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
.hack//SIGN (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
Hellsing (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Noir (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Outlaw Star (TV) (Latin America; expired)

Pita-Ten (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
Silent Service (OAV) (expired)

Silent Service (special) (expired)

Wolf's Rain (OAV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)
Wolf's Rain (TV) (Latin America; expired)
(Brazil; expired)

Anime with which this company was otherwise involved:
(Spanish version)
(The) Adventures of Mini-Goddess (TV) : Broadcaster

(The) Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (U.S. TV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Aeon Flux (U.S. TV) : Broadcaster (Latin-america)

Afro Ken (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latinamerica)

Agent Aika (OAV) : Broadcaster

Akira (movie) : Broadcaster

Alexander: The Movie : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Arjuna (TV) : Broadcaster

Birdy the Mighty (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Blue Seed (TV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)
, Supervision
Blue Submarine No.6 (OAV) : Broadcaster

Boogiepop Phantom (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (TV) : Broadcaster

Burn Up Excess (TV) : Broadcaster

Burn Up W (OAV) : Broadcaster

City Hunter: .357 Magnum (movie) : Broadcaster

City Hunter: Bay City Wars (movie) : Broadcaster

City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy (movie) : Broadcaster

Compiler (OAV) : Broadcaster

Compiler 2 (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Cowboy Bebop (TV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Cyberteam in Akihabara (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Cybuster (TV) : Broadcaster (sub only)

Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy (OAV) : Broadcaster

Dirty Pair: Project Eden (movie) : Broadcaster

Eat-Man (TV) : Broadcaster

Eat-Man '98 (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Eight Clouds Rising (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Ellcia (OAV) : Broadcaster

éX-Driver (OAV) : Broadcaster

Gasaraki (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Gatchaman (TV) : Broadcaster

Geneshaft (TV) : Broadcaster

Ghost in the Shell (movie) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Gunsmith Cats (OAV) : Broadcaster

If I See You in My Dreams (OAV) : Broadcaster

If I See You in My Dreams (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade (movie) : Broadcaster

Kujira no Chōyaku - Glassy Ocean (movie) : Broadcaster (Latinamerica)

Labyrinth of Flames (OAV) : Broadcaster

Let's Dance With Papa (TV) : Broadcaster

Lupin the 3rd (TV) : Broadcaster

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness : Broadcaster

Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) : Broadcaster

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective (TV) : Broadcaster (sub only)

Ninja Resurrection (OAV) : Broadcaster

Noiseman Sound Insect (movie) : Broadcaster

Oh My Goddess! (OAV) : Broadcaster

Pet Shop of Horrors (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

A Piece of Phantasmagoria (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Pilot Candidate (TV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Power Dolls (OAV) : Broadcaster

Rail of the Star - A True Story of Children and War (movie) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Ranma ½ (TV) : Broadcaster (Spain)

Red Baron (TV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Reign: The Conqueror (TV) : Broadcaster

Robotech (U.S. TV) : Broadcaster

Saber Marionette J (TV) : Broadcaster

Saber Marionette J Again (OAV) : Broadcaster

Saber Marionette J to X (TV) : Broadcaster

Saber Marionette R (OAV) : Broadcaster

Sakura Diaries (OAV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Serial Experiments Lain (TV) : Broadcaster

Shuten Doji (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Silent Möbius (TV) : Broadcaster (subtitled)

Soul Hunter (TV) : Broadcaster

Suikoden Demon Century (OAV) : Broadcaster

Sukeban Deka (OAV) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

(The) Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (movie) : Broadcaster (Latin America)

Super Milk-chan (TV) : Broadcaster

Tarepanda (OAV) : Broadcaster

Tenamonya Voyagers (OAV) : Broadcaster

Those Who Hunt Elves (TV) : Broadcaster

Those Who Hunt Elves 2 (TV) : Broadcaster

Virgin Fleet (OAV) : Broadcaster

Welcome to Pia Carrot!! 2 DX (OAV) : Broadcaster

(Portuguese version)
Ranma ½ (TV) : Broadcaster (Portugal)

Red Baron (TV) : Broadcaster (Brazil)

Soul Hunter (TV) : Broadcaster (Brazil)

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