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Akira (movie)

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Alternative title:
Storm Boy
Акира (Russian)
أكيرا (Arabic)
アキラ (Japanese)
아키라 (Korean)
폭풍소년 (Korean)
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: In the year 2019, thirty-one years have passed since the outbreak of World War III. In Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against the underground that virtually rules the shattered city. A top-secret child with amazing powers of the minds breaks free from custody and accidentally gets a motorcycle gang involved in the project. The incident triggers psychic powers within one of the members, Tetsuo, and he is taken by the army and experimented on. His mind has been warped and is now on the path of war, exacting revenge on the society that once called him weak.
User Ratings: 6534 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 1417 votes (sub:740, dub:588, ?:19, edit.dub:6, raw:4, Eng:2, others:58
18 Spanish subtitled
7 Portuguese subtitled
7 Spanish dubbed
5 German dubbed
4 French subtitled
4 Italian dubbed
3 Italian subtitled
2 Portuguese dubbed
2 Russian dubbed
2 French dubbed
1 Slovak subtitled subtitled
1 Polish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Catalan dubbed
 Excellent: 1720 votes (sub:922, dub:702, ?:18, edit.dub:14, raw:7, others:57
13 Spanish subtitled
9 Spanish dubbed
7 Italian dubbed
6 French dubbed
3 Polish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
3 German dubbed
2 Swedish subtitled
2 German subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
2 French subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Danish subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
1 Brazilian Portuguese subtitled
1 Italian edited dub
 Very good: 1274 votes (sub:664, dub:530, ?:11, raw:8, edit.dub:7, others:54
10 Portuguese subtitled
9 Spanish subtitled
7 Spanish dubbed
6 German dubbed
4 French dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Portuguese dubbed
2 Dutch subtitled
2 Polish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 French subtitled
1 Italian edited dub
1 French edited dub
1 Hungarian dubbed
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 Turkish subtitled
 Good: 979 votes (sub:520, dub:398, ?:18, edit.dub:9, raw:4, others:30
8 German dubbed
5 Spanish subtitled
4 Spanish dubbed
3 Italian dubbed
3 Portuguese subtitled
3 Russian subtitled
1 Hungarian subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Dutch subtitled
 Decent: 432 votes (sub:232, dub:164, ?:8, edit.dub:6, raw:3, others:19
3 Polish subtitled
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Spanish subtitled
2 Italian dubbed
1 Dutch subtitled
1 Polish edited dub
1 German dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Russian edited dub
1 French dubbed
1 Russian dubbed
 So-so: 324 votes (sub:172, dub:139, ?:5, edit.dub:3, others:5
2 German dubbed
1 Italian dubbed
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Not really good: 141 votes (sub:73, dub:61, ?:2, raw:1, others:4
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 French dubbed
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 124 votes (sub:63, dub:52, ?:4, edit.dub:2, others:3
1 French subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
 Bad: 56 votes (dub:33, sub:22, ?:1)
 Awful: 30 votes (dub:15, sub:12, edit.dub:1, others:2
2 Spanish subtitled
 Worst ever: 37 votes (sub:18, dub:17, edit.dub:1, ?:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 11559 users, rank: #23 (of 9409)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.956 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.9248, rank: #703 (of 9517)
Weighted mean: 7.865 (Very good), rank: #774 (of 9517) (seen all: 7.88 / seen some: 6.63 / won't finish: 4.04)
Bayesian estimate: 7.864 (Very good), rank: #554 (of 7150)
Running time: 124 minutes
Production cost: ¥1,100,000,000
Vintage: 1988-07-16
Premiere date:
1988-07-16 (Japan)
1989-02-17 (West Germany - Berlin International Film Festival)
1991-05-08 (France)
1991-05-09 (Germany)
1992-04-03 (Spain)
1992-04-07 (Brazil)
1992-05-15 (Netherlands)
2000-09-13 (Latin America - Locomotion)
2001-03-30 (New York, NY - Special Edition)
2001-04-28 (Los Angeles, CA - Special Edition)
2008-01-04 (Canada - Teletoon)
2017-07-15 (Colombia)
2017-09-06 (Argentina)
2023-12-15 (Poland - 35th Anniversary)
Release dates: We have 35
Ending Theme:
"Kaneda" by Geinoh Yamashiro-gumi
"Ya Ji La" by Tai Chi [Cantonese dub]
Links: We have 8
Trivia: We have 9
DVD Easter Eggs: We have 1
Originally released in the U.S. by Streamline Pictures in 1990. A decade later, Pioneer Entertainment (now Geneon Entertainment) obtained the license to Akira and spent roughly $1 million in restoring the film's audio and video quality, as well as recording an all-new, more accurate English dub.
Clips of Akira were also featured in Michael & Janet Jackson's "Scream" music video (1995) and a 2006 Absolut Vodka commercial.
Akira BD+DVD (Dec 23, 2013)
Akira Limited Edition (Jan 1, 1970)
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    Akira - Club Artbook (Hardcover) (Artbook) 2007-03-07 (from $299.00)
Blu-ray (Region A)
    Akira - [4K] [HDR Replacement Disc] (Blu-ray)
    Akira (Blu-ray) 2009-02-24 (from $53.90)
    Akira [4K] (Blu-ray) 2022-01-18 (from $15.99)
    Akira [4K] [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray) 2020-12-22 (from $199.99)
Blu-ray (Region B)
    Akira [UK] (Blu-ray) 2011-06-27
    Akira [UK] (Blu-ray) 2017-04-10
Blu-ray + DVD combo
    Akira - 25th Anniversary Edition (BD+DVD) 2013-11-12 (from $12.96)
    Akira [IronPack] (BD+DVD) 2017-06-06 (from $175.00)
    Akira - Collector's Edition [Steelbook] [UK] (BD+DVD) 2011-06-27 (from $128.67)
    Akira - 25th Anniversary Edition [Steelbook] [AU] (BD+DVD) 2013-12-04
    Akira - Collector's Edition [Triple Play] [UK] (BD+DVD) 2016-11-28
DVD (Region 1)
    Akira - DVD/CD Combo Pack (DVD) (from $39.99)
    Akira (DVD) 2001-07-24 (from $3.62)
    Akira - Limited Edition Metal DVD Case (DVD) 2001-07-24 (from $3.43)
    Akira - Special Edition [Non-Metallic Case] (DVD) 2001-07-24 (from $3.28)
    Akira - DTS Edition (DVD) 2002-12-03 (from $39.99)
    Akira - Geneon Signature Series (DVD) 2004-01-06 (from $28.47)
    Akira (DVD) 2012-02-07 (from $9.80)
    Akira - 25th Anniversary Edition (DVD) 2013-11-12 (from $14.99)
    Akira (DVD) 2004-12-28
DVD (Region 2)
    Akira - Special Edition (DVD) 2002-03-18
    Akira - The Ultimate Collection (DVD) 2003-06-23
    Akira (DVD) 2011-06-27
    Akira - The Criterion Collection [Special Edition] [Dub] (LD) 1992-11-04
    Akira - The Criterion Collection [Dub] (LD) 1995-11-22
    Akira - Original Soundtrack (OST) 1994-06-30 (from $23.69)
    Akira - Symphonic Suite (OST) 2004-08-17
Universal Media Disc
    Akira (UMD) 2005-09-13 (from $40.45)
    Akira [UK] (UMD) 2005-09-19
    Akira (Dub.VHS) (from $39.99)
    Akira (Dub.VHS) 2001-07-24 (from $49.95)
    Akira (Sub.VHS) 2001-07-24
    Akira [Special Subtitled Edition] (Sub.VHS) 1993-11-01
    Akira [Special Subtitled Edition] (Sub.VHS) 1999-01-19

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Katsuhiro Otomo
Hideo Yamaki (Drums)
Junzo Miyamasu (Noh - Tsuzumi Kata)
Kenji Ni-ina (Synthesizer Operation - EMU)
Kiyoshi Yoshitani (Noh - Taiko Kata)
Kunihiko Tominaga (Synthesizer Operation)
Masamichi Yamazaki (Noh - Shite Kata)
Nobu Saito (Percussion)
Nobuyuki Shirasaka (Noh - Ohkawa Kata)
Shoji Yamashiro
Sugata Ida Bagus (Balinese Tantra)
Takashi Namba (Keyboard)
Tokihiko Morishita (Keyboard)
Tsuyoshi Kon (Guitar)
Yamashirogumi Geinoh (Preformance)
Yukihiro Issoh (Noh - Fue Kata)
Original Manga: Katsuhiro Otomo
Character Design: Takashi Nakamura
Art Director: Toshiharu Mizutani
Supervising Director: Katsuhiro Otomo
Director of Photography: Katsuji Misawa
Executive producer:
Sawako Noma
Shigeru Watanabe
Yoshiyuki Kurihara (5.1ch ver)
Ken Tsunoda (5.1ch ver)
Ryōhei Suzuki
Shunzō Katō
Tsutomu Sugita (5.1ch ver)

Assistant Chief Animator: Koji Morimoto
Assistant producer: Junka Kobayashi (5.1ch ver)
Associate producer: Yoshimasa Mizuo
Blu-ray Art Direction & Design: Toshiaki Uesagi (Mach55 Go!)
Blu-ray Package Illustration: Katsuhiro Otomo
Booklet Editorial Direction: Keiji Naito (Shuffle Ltd.)
Chie Furubayashi (High-Tech Labs)
Hiroaki Noguchi (Telecom Company)
Hirozaka Suenaga (Telecom Company)
Keiko Tomizawa (Telecom Company)
Kenji Hachizaki (Telecom Company)
Naoko Motoyoshi (High-Tech Labs)
Ryoichiro Debuchi (High-Tech Labs)
Seiichi Takiguchi (Telecom Company)
Toshihiko Masuda (Telecom Company)
Toshiya Washida (Telecom Company)
Yoshinobu Michihata (Telecom Company)
Yuichiro Yano (Telecom Company)
Yukiko Katsuya (High-Tech Labs)
Yuko Kusamoto (Telecom Company)
Yuriko Amemiya (High-Tech Labs)
Cinematography: Katsuji Misawa
Disc Art 3D CG: Hiroyuki Yabe (Space Sparrows)
Dolby Stereo Sound Consultant: Mikio Mori
Editing: Takeshi Seyama
Editing Assistant: Hiroshi Adachi
Finishing For Package Illustration: Toshiharu Mizutani
Foley Artist: Kenji Shibasaki
Harmony Process: Noriko Takaya
Hypersonic Effect Measuring:
Manabu Honda (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Norie Kawai (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Hypersonic Mastering Engineer:
Emi Nishina (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Reiko Yagi (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Hypersonic Signal Processing:
Emi Nishina (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Manabu Honda (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Masako Morimoto (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Norie Kawai (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Osamu Ueno (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Reiko Yagi (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Tadao Maekawa (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Tsutomu Oohashi (Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory)
Hypersonic Sound Architect: Tsutomu Oohashi
In-Between Animation:
Akiko Kawauchi
Akiko Nakamura
Akiko Yoshii (Dragon Production)
Akira Tsukada
Chieko Shiobara (Dragon Production)
Daihachi Okajima
Eiichiro Nishiyama
Emiko Hirama (Telecom Animation Film)
Emiko Kawakami
Emiko Nishiyama
Hinako Komatsu
Hiroko Takatani
Hiroko Watanabe
Hiroko Yoshizawa
Hiroshi Satō
Hisao Yamazaki (Nakamura Production)
Hisao Yokobori (Telecom Animation Film)
Junko Isaka (Dragon Production)
Junko Saito (Telecom Animation Film)
Junko Uenoyama
Kaori Miyagawa (Dragon Production)
Katsutomo Ehara (Dragon Production)
Kayoko Nakafuji
Kazuyuki Iizuka (Nakamura Production)
Keiko Yozawa
Kenichi Katsui
Kenji Yamamoto (Dragon Production)
Koichi Hatsumi (Nakamura Production)
Kōichi Taguchi (Nakamura Production)
Koji Kawasaki
Kouichi Yamada (Nakamura Production)
Mariko Araki (Dragon Production)
Mariko Takeuchi (Dragon Production)
Masako Hayashi (Telecom Animation Film)
Masami Takebuchi (Dragon Production)
Masato Mukai (Telecom Animation Film)
Masayoshi Shimura
Masayuki Osawa
Mayumi Suzuki
Midori Nagaoka (Dragon Production)
Miyuki Aoki
Miyuki Murai (Dragon Production)
Natsuko Takahashi (Telecom Animation Film)
Noboru Sasaki
Nobuo Kamaki
Norio Saito
Noriyuki Nakajima
Rie Nakagome (Telecom Animation Film)
Rie Niidome
Seiko Higashi
Setsuya Tanabe (Nakamura Production)
Shinichi Sasaki (Nakamura Production)
Shinsuke Harada
Shōjirō Nishimi
Shunsuke Harada (Telecom Animation Film)
Shusaku Chiba (Nakamura Production)
Tadashi Hiramatsu (Nakamura Production)
Takashi Kawaguchi
Takashi Noto (Nakamura Production)
Takashi Umeda
Takayuki Ishizuka (Nakamura Production)
Takayuki Shimura (Dragon Production)
Takuo Tominaga
Takuro Shinbo (Nakamura Production)
Takuya Iinuma
Tatsushi Narita
Tatsuya Uetsu (Nakamura Production)
Teiji Hiramatsu
Tomoko Takei (Dragon Production)
Tsuyoshi Konakawa
Yasuhiro Takema
Yasuko Shimizu
Yasuyuki Shimuzu
Yasuyukii Shimizu
Yayoi Toki (Telecom Animation Film)
Yōko Nagashima
Yoko Sakurai (Telecom Animation Film)
Yoshiaki Matsuo
Yoshiaki Wakaki
Yoshiki Matsuo
Yoshiko Fujita
Yoshiko Kurihara (Dragon Production)
Yoshiyuki Fukuda (Nakamura Production)
Yuichi Miura
Yūji Nakamura (Telecom Animation Film)
Yūji Yanase (Nakamura Production)
Yukari Fujii
Yukiko Kobayashi
Yumi Yanagawa (Telecom Animation Film)
Ink & Paint Supervisor: Atsushi Fujitsuka
Music Assistant Engineer: Tsuyoshi Hakamada (5.1ch ver)
Music Director:
Shoji Yamashiro (5.1ch ver)
Takafumi Muraki
Music Editing: Hiruhiko Ono
Music Mastering Engineer: Kazushige Yamazaki (5.1ch ver)
Music producer:
Hiroyuki Iwata
Shiro Sasaki (Victor Entertainment; 5.1ch ver)
Music Recording Engineer: Kei-ichoro Yoshioka
Music Remix Engineer:
Hideo Takada (5.1ch ver; Victor Studio)
Music Supervision: Hideaki Suda
Original Music: Shoji Yamashiro
Production Advancement:
Haruhisa Yamaji
Minoru Arai
Production Committee Office:
Akira Horiguchi
Shozo Sugiyama
Yukari Imamura
Production Coordination: Ken Tsunoda
Sound Architect:
Keishi Urata (EMU)
Shoji Yamashiro
Sound Assistant Engineer: Shinsuke Suzuki (5.1ch ver)
Sound Effects Foley: Toyo Onkyo
Sound Effects Supervisor:
Shizuo Karahashi 
Shizuo Kurahashi
Sound Processing Development:
Akiko Otoma (JVC K2 Laboratory)
Toshiharu Kuwaoka (JVC K2 Laboratory)
Sound Producer: Tokuhachi Shimada
Sound Recording Architect: Keiji Urata
Sound Recording Director: Susumu Aketagawa
Sound Recording Producer: Tokuyu Shimoda
Sound Recording Production Manager: Kozo Ogata
Sound Remix Engineer:
Takafumi Hayashi (5.1ch ver; NTT Media Lab)
Special Effects Artist: Takashi Maekawa
Special Effects Backgrounds: Noriko Takaya
Supervising Re-Recording Engineer: Tetsuo Segawa
System Engineer: Shinobu Yamada (Victor Studio)
Titles: Isao Ishida
Mami Koyama as Kei
Mitsuo Iwata as Shôtarô Kaneda
Nozomu Sasaki as Tetsuo Shima

Kazuhiro Kandô as Masaru (No. 27)
Masaaki Ohkura as Yamagata
Mizuho Suzuki as Doctor Ônishi
Sachie Itô as Kiyoko (No. 25)
Takeshi Kusao as Kai
Tarô Ishida as Colonel Shikishima
Tatsuhiko Nakamura as Takashi (No. 26)
Tesshō Genda as Ryûsaku
Yuriko Fuchizaki as Kaori

Hiroshi Ohtake as Nezu
Kayoko Fujii as Girl A
Kazumi Tanaka as Army
Kōichi Kitamura as
Committee A
Kōzō Shioya as Follower of Miyako
Masami Toyoshima as Girl B
Masato Hirano as
Committee F
Yûji Takeyama
Masayuki Katō as
Committee D
Engineer Sakiyama
Michihiro Ikemizu as
Committee I
Taro Arakawa as
Committee G
Eiichi Watanabe
Yousuke Akimoto as
Harukiya Bartender
Store Owner
Yuka Ōno as Girl C
Yukimasa Kishino as
Committee B
Mitsuru Kuwata

Japanese companies
Animation Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Associate Producer:
Action Research (Blu-ray)
Aoi Studio (5.1ch ver)
Dolby Japan (Blu-ray)
Geneon Entertainment Inc. (5.1ch ver)
Geneon Entertainment, Inc. (Blu-ray)
Kodansha (Young Magazine; 5.1ch ver)
Pioneer LDC (5.1ch ver)
Q-Tec (5.1ch ver; Blu-ray)
Sony (Blu-ray)
Sony PCL (Blu-ray)
TMS Entertainment (5.1ch ver)
Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory (Blu-ray)
Video-Tech (5.1ch ver)
Broadcaster: Bandai Channel
Computer Graphics: High-Tech Lab Japan, Inc.
Computer Graphics Cooperation:
Sumisho Electronic Systems
Wavefront Technologies
Distributor: TOHO
Dolby Film Consulting: Continental Far East Inc.
DVD Distribution: Bandai Visual
Key Animation: Telecom Animation Film
Music Production: Victor Entertainment
Music Remix:
JVC (Aoyama Studio; 5.1ch ver)
Studio Terra (Blu-ray)
Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory (Blu-ray)
Photo Lab: Tokyo Laboratory
Photography Cooperation: Trans Arts Co.
Recording Studio: Aoi Studio
Sound Effects: Toyo Sound
Sound Production:
D.S.D. Eureka
Magic Capsule (5.1ch ver)
Sound Remix:
NTT Media Lab (5.1ch ver)
Studio Terra (Blu-ray)
Tsutomu Oohashi Laboratory (Blu-ray)
English cast
English staff
ADR Director:
Kevin Seymour (Animaze)
Sheldon Renan (Streamline dub)
Wally Burr (Streamline dub)
Translation: David Fleming
Executive producer: Yosuke Kobayashi (Animaze dub)
Haruyo Kanesaku (Animaze dub)
Hiroe Tsukamoto (Animaze dub)
Yutaka Maseba (Animaze dub)

Adaptation: L. Michael Haller (Streamline dub)
ADR Engineer: Phil Brewster
ADR Screenplay:
Heidi Wilbur (Animaze dub)
Kevin Seymour (Animaze dub)
ADR Supervisor:
Heidi Wilbur (Animaze dub)
Kevin Seymour (Animaze dub)
Audio Post Coordinator: Lisa Tarulli (Animaze dub)
Blu-Ray Authoring:
John Andreas (Funimation)
Matthew O'Hara (Funimation)
Trace Furniss (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Compression:
Duncan Yan (Funimation)
Jacob Martin (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Editor: Jeremy Jimenez (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Menu Audio: Austin Black (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Walter Parenton (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Producer: Clarine Harp (Funimation)
Blu-Ray Quality Control:
Caesar Lopez (Funimation)
Christine Bertolino (Funimation)
Jason Gee (Funimation)
Kris Bryan (Funimation)
Rob Schindlbeck (Funimation)
Booklet Design: Kazuhiko Ishidoya (INTAC; Blu-ray release localization)
Booklet Translation:
Dave Hackerson (INTAC; Blu-ray release)
Josh Cole (FUNimation; 2020 Limited Edition release)
Dialogue Editing:
Les Claypool III (Animaze dub)
Lisa Hannon (Animaze dub)
Digital ADR Engineer:
'Big Phil' Brewster (Animaze dub)
Michael McCarty (Animaze dub)
DRS Technician: Tony Catanese (Animaze dub)
DVD Authoring:
Christine Bertolino (Funimation)
John Andreas (Funimation)
Matthew O'Hara (Funimation)
Trace Furniss (Funimation)
DVD Authoring Engineer: Cory Johnson (Animaze dub)
DVD Authoring Supervision: Allan Fisch (Animaze dub)
DVD Compression:
Duncan Yan (Funimation)
Jacob Martin (Funimation)
DVD Editing: Jeremy Jimenez (Funimation)
DVD Menu Audio: Gino Palencia (Funimation)
DVD Menu Design: Ian Bailon (Funimation)
DVD Producer: Clarine Harp (Funimation)
DVD Quality Control:
Caesar Lopez (Funimation)
Christopher Young (Animaze dub)
DJ Fonner (Funimation)
Jason Gee (Funimation)
Kris Bryan (Funimation)
Rob Schindlbeck (Funimation)
DVD Video Compression: Victor De Anda (Animaze dub)
HD Project Engineer: Howard Lukk (Animaze dub)
Movie Soundtrack Liner Notes: David Keith Riddick
Planning: Hideki 'Henry' Goto (Animaze dub)
Production Assistant:
Clay Roberts (Streamline dub)
Monica Crespo (Funimation)
Sarah Alys Lindholm (Funimation)
Production Coordination:
Keisuke Onishi (Animaze dub)
L. Michael Haller (Streamline dub)
Morgan Holly (Animaze dub)
Sawako Furuya (Animaze dub)
Production Supervision: Susie Nixon (Funimation)
Project Manager: Danielle Ste. Just (Animaze dub)
Re-Recording Assistant: Shane T. Keller (Animaze dub)
Re-Recording Mixing: Ted Hall (Animaze dub)
Script Supervision: Julie Phelan (Streamline dub)
Sound Effects:
Les Claypool III (Animaze dub)
Lisa Hannon (Animaze dub)
Sound Engineer: Vic Radulich (Streamline dub)
Special Thanks To:
Azusa Kanai (Kodansha Ltd.; Madman 30th Anniversary)
Carl Macek (Funimation)
Jerry Beck (Funimation)
Kumi Shimizu (Kodansha Ltd.; Madman 30th Anniversary)
Subtitle Timing: David Fleming (Animaze dub)
Ashley Hayward (Funimation)
Ben Phillips (Funimation)
Brian Thomas (Funimation)
Freddie Arnold (Funimation)
Jon Uzzel (Funimation)
Summer Berdin (Funimation)
Telecine Colorist: Mark Nakamine (Animaze dub)
Deanna Morris as Kei (Streamline dub)
Jimmy Flinders as Shotaro Kaneda (Streamline dub)
Johnny Yong Bosch as Shotaro Kaneda (Animaze dub)
Joshua Seth as Tetsuo Shima (Animaze dub)
Stanley Gurd Jr. as Tetsuo Shima (Streamline dub)
Wendee Lee as Kei

Barbara Goodson as
Kaori (Streamline dub)
Takashi (Streamline dub)
Bob Bergen as
Kai (Streamline dub)
Masaru (Streamline dub)
Cody MacKenzie as
Dylan Tully as Yamagata (Animaze dub)
Georgette Rose as Kaori (Animaze dub)
James Lyon as Colonel (Animaze dub)
Lewis Arquette as The Doctor (Streamline dub)
Melora Harte as Kiyoko (Streamline dub)
Robert Wicks as Ryu (Animaze dub)
Sandy Fox as Kiyoko (Animaze dub)
Simon Isaacson as The Doctor (Animaze dub)
Steve Kramer as Ryu (Streamline dub)
Tony Pope as
Colonel (Streamline dub)
Yamagata (Streamline dub)
Tony Sarducci as Kai (Animaze dub)
Travis Weaver as Masaru (Animaze dub)

Alfred Thor as Colonel's Councel Connection (Animaze dub)
Bambi Darro as Groupie 2 (Animaze dub)
Bob Papenbrook as Councilman (Animaze dub)
Burt Walter as
Bridge Soldier 1 (Streamline dub)
Male Newscaster (Streamline dub)
Radio Reporter (Streamline dub)
Resistance Member 2 (Streamline dub)
Scientist 1 (Streamline dub)
Stadium Soldier 2 (Streamline dub)
Tank Cannon Operator (Streamline dub)
Christopher Joyce as Soldier Loading Wounded (Animaze dub)
Christy Mathewson as Gang Member (Animaze dub)
Dan Martin as Councilman (Animaze dub)
David Lucas as
Nurse (Animaze dub)
Radio Reporter 3 (Animaze dub)
Resistance Member 1 (Animaze dub)
David Umansky as
Man Leading People to 'Akira' (Animaze dub)
Man on Vehicle's Radio 1 (Animaze dub)
Radio Reporter 2 (Animaze dub)
Doug Stone as Council Member (Animaze dub)
Dougary Grant as
Crowd Skeptic (Animaze dub)
Revolutionary with Grenade (Animaze dub)
Emily Brown as
Newscaster (Animaze dub)
Nurse (Animaze dub)
Ethan Murray as SOL Tech 1 (Animaze dub)
Frederick Bloggs as Principle (Animaze dub)
G. Gordon Baer as Council Member (Animaze dub)
George C. Cole as
Councilman (Animaze dub)
Interrogator #2 (Animaze dub)
Man Declaring Akira's Return (Animaze dub)
Nurse's Guard 1 (Animaze dub)
Takashi Crowd Soldier 2 (Animaze dub)
Henry Douglas Grey as Gang Member 4 (Animaze dub)
Ivan Buckley as Bartender (Animaze dub)
Jackson Daniels as Bonfire Speaker (Animaze dub)
Jean Howard as Groupie 1 (Animaze dub)
Jessica Gee as Secretary (Animaze dub)
Jim Taggert as
Baby Room Soldier (Animaze dub)
Groundforces Line Communicator (Animaze dub)
Man Burning Books in Fireplace (Animaze dub)
Joe Romersa as
Baby Room Soldier (Animaze dub)
Joker (Animaze dub)
Jonathan C. Osborne as
Capsule Gang Member (Animaze dub)
Crowd Member with Yellow Shirt (Animaze dub)
Lee Kelso as Man on Nezu's Phone (Animaze dub)
Lewis Lemay as
Clown 7 (Streamline dub)
Councilman (Streamline dub)
Crowd Skeptic (Streamline dub)
Doctor (Streamline dub)
Resistance Member 1 (Streamline dub)
Senator (Streamline dub)
Lex Lang as Man on Vehicle's Radio 2 (Animaze dub)
Michael McCarty as Tank Commander (Animaze dub)
Michael McConnohie as Resistance Member 2 (Animaze dub)
Michael Reynolds as Mr. Nezu (Animaze dub)
Michael Sorich as Councilman (Animaze dub)
Pee Jay Lee as Groupie 3 (Animaze dub)
Peter Lee as Firing Squad Leader (Animaze dub)
Rafael Antonio Oliver as
Barriers Announcement (Animaze dub)
Drug Customer (Animaze dub)
Helicopter Soldier 1 (Animaze dub)
Interrogation Room Cop (Animaze dub)
Nurse's Guard 2 (Animaze dub)
Police Car Driver (Animaze dub)
Radio Relayer (Animaze dub)
Red Revenging Clown (Animaze dub)
Sewer Vehicle Pilot (Animaze dub)
Unit 375 Cop (Animaze dub)
Ray Michaels as Mr. Nezu (Animaze dub)
Reba West as Female Newscaster 2 (Animaze dub)
Robert Axelrod as Shimazaki (Animaze dub)
Russel Thor as Colonel's Council Connection (Animaze dub)
Sam Strong as
Councilman (Animaze dub)
Helipad Soldier 2 (Animaze dub)
Spotter with Binoculars
Takashi Crowd Soldier 3 (Animaze dub)
Sparky Thornton as Researcher (Animaze dub)
Steve Cannon as
Arrest Officer (Animaze dub)
Helicopter Reporter (Animaze dub)
Radio Reporter 1 (Animaze dub)
Stadium Soldier 2 (Animaze dub)
Steve Kramer as
Interrogator #1 (Animaze dub)
Miyako (Streamline dub)
SOL Tech 3 (Animaze dub)
Tony Pope as
Bartender (Streamline dub)
Nezu (Streamline dub)
Resistance Member (Streamline dub)
W.T. Hatch as Researcher 2 (Animaze dub)
William Frederick as Miyako (Animaze dub)

Adam Sholder (Animaze dub)
Barbara Larsen (Streamline dub)
Brad Wurst (Streamline dub)
Burt Walter (Streamline dub)
Chloe Thornton (Animaze dub)
Christopher Joyce (Animaze dub)
Christopher Mathewson (Streamline dub)
Christy Mathewson (Animaze dub)
Cody MacKenzie (Animaze dub)
Dan Martin (Animaze dub)
David Umansky (Animaze dub)
Deanna Morris (Streamline dub) 
Detroit Louie (Animaze dub)
Dougary Grant (Animaze dub)
Ethan Murray (Animaze dub)
Frederick Bloggs (Animaze dub)
Guy Pinkham (Animaze dub)
Harold Muckle (Animaze dub)
Henry Douglas Grey (Animaze dub)
Jackson Daniels (Animaze dub)
Jean Howard (Animaze dub)
Jessica Gee (Animaze dub)
Jim Taggert (Animaze dub)
Jim Warrington (Streamline dub)
Joe Romersa (Animaze dub)
Josil Fernhardt (Animaze dub)
Julie Phelan (Streamline dub)
Kurt Wimberger (Animaze dub)
Lee Kelso (Animaze dub)
Lewis Lemay (Streamline dub)
Lex Lang (Animaze dub)
Lisa Tarulli (Animaze dub)
Marilyn Lane (Streamline dub)
Matt 'Masamune' Miller (Animaze dub)
Matthew Hustin (Animaze dub)
Michael McConnohie (Animaze dub)
Michael Sorich (Animaze dub)
Mike Lembaw (Animaze dub)
Mona Marshall (Animaze dub)
Pee Jay Lee (Animaze dub)
Peter Lee (Animaze dub)
Reba West (Animaze dub)
Richard Plantagenet (Animaze dub)
Russel Thor (Animaze dub)
Sam Strong (Animaze dub)
Sparky Thornton (Animaze dub)
Stanley Gurd Jr. (Streamline dub)
Steve Kramer (Animaze dub)
Ted Rae (Animaze dub)
Tony Mozdy (Streamline dub)
Tony Sarducci (Animaze dub)
W.T. Hatch (Animaze dub)
Watney Held (Streamline dub)
William Frederick (Animaze dub)
English companies
Associate Producer: ZRO Limit Productions
Blu-Ray Authoring: Deluxe (FUNimation; 2020 UHD, bonus Blu-ray disc)
Adult Swim (Toonami)
Animax India
BBC2 (1994, Japanese with subtitles)
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Digital Remastering: IVC Inc. High Definition Center
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DVD Authoring: Cinram/POP DVD Center
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Internet Streaming:
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) iView (Australia & New Zealand)
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Tubi TV
Licensed by:
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Recording Facility:
Magnitude 8 Post
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Remixing Facility: POP Sound
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Special Thanks To:
Dybex (Madman 30th Anniversary)
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Subtitle Timing: ZRO Limit Productions
Captions, Inc.
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Kodansha (Funimation)
ZRO Limit Productions
Korean staff
Korean companies
Ive Entertainment (4K Blu-Ray; Blu-Ray)
SS Animent (Broadcasting / Video on Demand )
Korean cast
French staff
French cast
Dubbing Director:
Jean Droze
Jenny Gerard
Executive producer: Carlo Levy
Alexandre Gillet as Tetsuo
Mathias Kozlowski as Kanéda

Pierre Hatet as Le Colonel
Valérie Siclay as Kaori

Georges Caudron as Consul 2
Gilbert Levy as Ryu
Hervé Bellon as Consul
Jean-Claude Sachot as
Jean-Jacques Nervest as Collègue de Ryu
Pierre Baton as Docteur Ônishi
Pierre Tessier as Yamagata
Régine Teyssot as Takashi
Rodolphe Schacher as Yamagata
Véronique Alycia as Copine de Kai
Yves Barsacq as Monsieur

French companies
Arte (from 12 June 2016)
Canal + (from 9 May 1993)
Frissons TV (Canada)
OCS Choc (from 18 June 2019)
Manga Video (France)
Dubbing: PM Productions
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director:
Albert Trifol Segarra (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Alberto Trifol (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Francesc Fenollosa (Valencian dub)
Dubbing Director: Love Santini (Mexico)
Homero Villarreal (Locomotion mexican dub)
Iola Ledesma (Catalan dub)
José Ramon Vallespin (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
María Ferrer (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Natalia Pascual Juárez (Valencian dub)
ADR Script:
Iola Ledesma (Catalan dub)
María Ferrer (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Executive producer:
Joaquín Kaulen (Quality Films S.A.)
Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)
Luis de Val (Manga Films)
Marcelo Testa (Plus Video)
Oscar Rodríguez (Transeuropa Video Entertainment TVE)

ADR Engineer: Francesc Góngora (Catalan dub)
Packaging Design: Iván Iserte (Selecta Visión; unreleased steelbox edition)
Recording engineer: Marc Arambudo (3rd. Dub)
Albert Trifol Segarra as Tetsuo Shima (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Oro Films and Selecta Visión 2004)
Angel de Gracia as Shotaro Kaneda (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Benjamin Rivera as Tetsuo (Mexico)
Carles Lladó as Tetsuo Shima (2nd dub.; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Carmen Ambrós as Kei (2nd dub.; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Enric Puig as Shotaro Kaneda (Valencian dub)
Esther Solans as Kei (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Eva Bau as Kei (Valencian dub)
Irwin Daayan as Kaneda (Mexico)
Jorge Tejedor as Tetsuo Shima (Valencian dub)
Laura Ayala as Kei (Mexico)
Mercedes Diemand-Hartz as Kei (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Nacho de Porrata as
Shôtarô Kaneda (2nd dub.) 
Shotaro Kaneda (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Sergio Zamora as
Shôtarô Kaneda 
Shotaro Kaneda (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Oro Films)
Sílvia Gómez as Kei (Catalan dub)

Alberto Trifol as Masaru (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Aleix Estadella as Yamagata (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Alex De Porrata as Kai (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Angel de Gracia as Yamagata (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Anna Romano as Masaru (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Antonio Crespo as Dr. Onishi (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Armando Coria as Yamagata (Mexico)
Aurora Ferrándiz as Kaori (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Benja Figueres as Kai (Valencian dub)
Berta Cortés as Kaori (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Cesar Lechiguero as Ryu (Valencian dub)
Claudi Domingo as Kai (Catalan dub)
Dario Torrent as Yamagata (Valencian dub)
Emilio Freixas as Masaru (Catalan dub)
Francesc Fenollosa as Dr. Onishi (Valencian dub)
Jesús Díez as
Dr. Ônishi 
Dr. Onishi (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Joaquin Casado as Dr. Onishi (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
José Antonio Torrabadella as Masaru (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
José Luis Mediavilla as Kai (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Jose Luis Sansalvador as Colonel Shikishima (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Juan Carlos Gustems as Colonel Shikishima (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Kalimba Marichal as Takashi (Mexico)
Lola Oria as Kiyoko (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Marc Zanni as Yamagata (2nd dub.; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Mari Carmen Giner as Masaru (Valencian dub)
Mario Sauret as Coronel (Mexico)
Mayte Supervia as Kiyoko (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Montserrat Roig as Kiyoko 'No. 25' (Catalan dub)
Núria Trifol as Kaori (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Olga Supervia as Takashi (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Oriol Rafel as Roy (Catalan dub)
Pablo Sevilla as Kai (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Paula Ribó as Kiyoko (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Ramón Rocabayera as Colonel Shikishima (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Ricardo Mendoza as Kai (Mexico)
Ricky Coello as Roy (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Rosa López as Kiyoko (Valencian dub)
Rossy Aguirre as Kyoko (Mexico)
Ruth Doménech as Kaori (Valencian dub)
Salvador Delgado as Ryu (Mexico)
Sergio Capelo as Colonel Shikishima (Valencian dub)
Xavier Fernández as Takashi (No. 26) (Catalan dub)

Adrià Frías as Committee (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Amadeu Aguado as Mitsuru Kuwata (Catalan dub)
Antonio Gomez de Vicente as Company President (Spain dub; Manga Films)
Berta Cortés as
Girl (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Nurse (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Carme Canet as Girl (Catalan dub)
Eduardo Borja as Committee member #2 (Mexico)
Eduardo Tejedo as Controller (Mexico)
Elisabet Bargalló as
Girl (Catalan dub; Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Kaneda (nen; Catalan dub)
Felip Bau as Miyako (Valencian dub)
Gabriel Pingarron as Committee member #1 (Mexico)
Gabriel Ramos as Young Kaneda (Mexico)
Jordi Ribes as Band Member (Spain dub; Oro Films)
José Félix Pons as Narrador (Catalan dub)
José Javier Serrano as Harukiya (Catalan dub)
Josep María Zamora as Nezu (Catalan dub)
Marti Pich as Eiichi Watanabe (Valencian dub)
Mercè Segarra as Tetsuo (nen; Catalan dub)
Pep Ribas as Yûji Takeyama (Catalan dub)
Quim Roca as Engineer Sakiyama (Catalan dub)
Raúl Llorens as Segrestador d'en Takashi (Catalan dub)
Santi Lorenz as Inspector (Catalan dub)
Toni Solanes as Band Member (Spain dub; Oro Films)

Alberto Trifol (Catalan dub)
Alex Meseguer (Catalan dub)
Ana María Camps (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Blas Garcia (Mexico)
Boris Sanz (Valencian dub)
Carlos Cárdenas (Valencian dub)
Domenech Farell (Catalan dub)
Enric Serra Frediani (Catalan dub)
Ferran Llavina (Catalan dub)
Francesc Belda (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Francisco Alborch (Catalan dub)
Jaume Costa (Catalan dub)
Jaume Villanueva (Catalan dub)
Javier Roldán (Spain dub; Oro Films/Selecta Visión 2002)
Jesse Conde (Mexico)
Jesús López (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
José Javier Serrano (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Josep Maria Mas (Catalan dub)
Juan Miguel Valdivieso (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Lluís Marrasé (Catalan dub)
Manuel Osto (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2004)
Marcos Patiño (Mexico)
Mayte Mira (Valencian dub)
Mayte Supervia (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Montse Segarra (Catalan dub)
Olga Supervia (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Oriol de Balle (Catalan dub)
Ramon Canals (Catalan dub)
Ramon Puig (Catalan dub)
Toni Moreno (Catalan dub)
Toni Solanes (Spain dub; Oro Films)
Vicente Gil (Spain dub; Selecta Visión 2002)
Spanish companies
ADR Production:
M.A.B. Doblajistas (Old Argentinian dub)
Macias Group (Locomotion mexican dub)
3xl (Televisió de Catalunya)
Buzz Channel (Spain)
Canal + (Spain)
Canal 33 (Spain)
Canal UCR
Chilevision (Chile, Old Argentinean Dub)
La 2 (Spain; Selecta Visión 2004 dub)
La Sexta 3 (Spain)
Movistar Clásicos (Spain)
Cinemark (Colombia; Argentina; subtitled)
Golem Distribución (Spain; theaters)
Manga Films (Spain; VHS)
Record Vision (Spain; VHS)
Selecta Visión (Spain)
Dubbing Studio:
Àbac Estudis (Valencian dub)
Q.T. Lever (Spain dub, Catalan dub)
DVD Distribution: Selecta Visión (Spain)
Home Video:
Quality Films (Chile, 2000, Dicontinued)
TVE Transeuropa Video Entertainment (1995, Discontinued)
Internet Streaming:
Amazon Prime Video (Spain)
Anime Box (Spain)
Filmin (Spain)
Netflix (Latin America; subtitled; Spain; Selecta Visión 2004 dub)
Rakuten TV (Spain)
Wuaki.tv (Spain)
YouTube (Spain; dubbed)
Licensed by:
Oro Films (Spain)
Plus Video (Argentina; 2000; expired)
Sato Company (Latin America)
Selecta Visión (Spain; 2002)
Transeuropa (Argentina; expired)
Theatrical Distribution: Cinemark (Colombia)
Theatrical Releaser:
Centro Colombo Americano (Colombia | Theatrical)
Cinemark (Colombia | Theatrical)
Translation: Traducciones Imposibles (Spain dub; Selecta Visión)
TV Distribution: Selecta Visión
Italian staff
Italian cast
Dubbing Director: Stefano Santerini (2018 dub)
Art Director: Paolo Torchetti
Translation: Ruben Baita (2018 dub)

Assistant Director: Chiara Berti
Dialogues: Lina Zargani (2018 dub)
Director Administration: Anna Rita Marcedula
Dubbing Engineer: Gabriele Castaldi (dub 2018)
Editorial Director: Anna Marani
Editorial Staff Secretary: Antonella Borgia
Encoding And Authoring:
Luca Franciosi
Luca Gandolfi
Executive Director: Carlo Cavazzoni
General Manager: Mandy Mometti
Mixing: Mauro Lopez (dub 2018)
Product Manager:
Alex Corazza
Michele Stagni
Project Manager: Valentina Marini
Alessandro Quarta as Tetsuo
Alessio Puccio as Tetsuo Shima (2018 dub)
Angelo Maggi as Kaneda
Emanuela Damasio as Kei (2018 dub)
Manuel Meli as Shotaro Kaneda (2018 dub)
Massimo Rossi as Kaneda

Alberto Bognanni as Ryu (2018 dub)
Alessandro Campaiola Ward as Yamagata (2018 dub)
Alessio De Filippis as Kai (2018 dub)
Alex Santerini as Takashi (2018 dub)
Giorgia Venditti as Kiyoko (2018 dub)
Giulio Bartolomei as Masaru (2018 dub)
Jessica Bologna as Kaori (2018 dub)
Massimo Còrizza as Takashi
Monica Ward as Kaori
Paolo Buglioni as Colonnello
Pierluigi Astore as Col. Shikishima (2018 dub)
Valerio Ruggeri as Professore

Andrea Ward as Teppista
Gaetano Lizzio as Dr. Onishi (2018 dub)
Mario Milita as Primo ministro
Pieraldo Ferrante as Nezu (2018 dub)

Italian companies
Broadcaster: Rai 4
Dubbing: C.D. Cine Dubbing (dub 2018)
Internet Streaming: VVVVID
German staff
German cast
Translation: Reglindis Helmer

Dialogue Writer: Christian Schneider (new dub)
Voice Direction: Christian Schneider (new dub)
Bianca Krahl as Kei (first dub)
Gerrit Schmidt-Foß as Tetsuo Shima
Julien Haggege as
Shôtarô Kaneda
Tetsuo Shima (first dub)
Sarah Riedel as Kei

Bernd Rumpf as Ryu (first dub)
Corinna Dörenkamp as Masaru
Daniela Brabetz-Thuar as Kiyoko (first dub)
David Nathan as
Takashi (first dub)
Erich Räuker as Colonel Shikishima
Marie Bierstedt as Kaori
Mario von Jascheroff as Masaru (first dub)
Raimund Krone as Colonel Shikishima (first dub)
Sarah Brückner as Kiyoko
Thomas Nero Wolff as Yamagata (first dub)

Hans-Gerd Kilbinger as Dr. Onishi
Karl-Heinz Grewe as Nezu (old dub)
Karlheinz Tafel as Nezu
Peter Groeger as Dr. Onishi (first dub)

Andreas Meese (2nd dub)
Bernd Kuschmann (2nd dub)
Daniel Werner (2nd dub)
Dieter Maise (2nd dub)
Fabian Körner (2nd dub)
Frank Maier (2nd dub)
Fritz Rott (2nd dub)
Gregor Höppner (2nd dub)
Hans Bayer (2nd dub)
Ilya Welter (2nd dub)
Jürg Löw (2nd dub)
Jürgen Kluckert (2nd dub)
Katja Liebing (2nd dub)
Markus Kloster (2nd dub)
Markus Pfeiffer (2nd dub)
Matthias Haase (2nd dub)
Petra Glunz-Grosch (2nd dub)
Philipp Schepmann (2nd dub)
Renier Baaken (2nd dub)
Rolf Berg (2nd dub)
Susanne Dobrusskin (2nd dub)
Tanja Schmitz (2nd dub)
Thomas Krause (2nd dub)
Thomas Lang (2nd dub)
Vanessa Wunsch (2nd dub)
German companies
Broadcaster: Pro.7
Laser Paradise (DVD)
Panini Video (re-release; G&G Tonstudios dub)
Universum Anime (Re-Release)
Warner Bros. (VHS)
Dubbing: G&G Tonstudios
Dutch staff
Dutch companies
Cover Design: Looney2
Dybex (DVD/Blu-ray)
Manga DVD
Polygram Video (Meteor Film VHS (Manga label))
Licensed by: Dybex
Theatrical Distribution: Meteor Film (1992 release)
Dutch cast
Russian staff
Russian companies
Broadcaster: Channel One (2007)
AB-Video (2007)
Studio Band (2021)
Russian cast
Danish staff
Danish companies
Danish cast
Polish staff
Polish cast
Piotr Skotnicki (English version)
Seweryn Pazdej (Japanese version)
Polish companies
Distributor: IDG Poland S.A.
Theatrical Distributor: Piece of Magic Entertainment (35th Anniversary)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director:
Alessandra Araújo (Marster Sound)
Gisa della Mare (Capricórnio)
Guilherme Lopes (Master Sound)
Ednaldo Esteves (VHS dub)
Nelson Machado (Capricórnio)
Executive producer:
Felipe Di Nardo (Mastersound - DVD redub)
Michael Stoll (Álamo - Original dub)
Nelson Sato (Sato Company)
Alfredo Rollo as Shotaro Kaneda (Band/DVD dub)
César Terranova as Shotaro Kaneda (Locomotion dub)
Letícia Quinto as Kei (Locomotion dub)
Lúcia Helena as Kei (VHS dub)
Mauro Eduardo as Tetsuo Shima (Band/DVD dub)
Raquel Marinho as Kei (Band/DVD dub)
Tatá Guarnieri as Tetsuo Shima (VHS dub)
Vagner Fagundes as Tetsuo Shima (Locomotion dub)
Wendel Bezerra as Shotaro Kaneda (VHS dub)

Aldo César as Coronel Shikishima (VHS dub)
Alex Wendel as Yamagata (Band/DVD dub)
Eduardo Camarão as Yamagata (VHS dub)
Ezio Ramos as Ryu (VHS dub)
Fábio Lucindo as
Kai (Band/DVD dub)
Masaru (Locomotion dub)
Fábio Tomasini as Dr. Onishi (Locomotion dub)
Fernanda Bullara as Kiyoko (Band/DVD dub)
Gabriel Noya as Takashi (Band/DVD dub)
Guilherme Lopes as Coronel Shikishima (Band/DVD dub; Locomotion dub)
Ivo Roberto as Haruki (Band/DVD dub)
Luiz Carlos de Moraes as Dr. Onishi (Band/DVD dub)
Mauro Eduardo as Kai (VHS dub)
Melissa Garcia as Kiyoko (Locomotion dub)
Raquel Marinho as Kaori (Locomotion dub)
Ricardo Nóvoa as Dr. Onishi (VHS dub)
Rodrigo Andreatto as Kai (Locomotion dub)
Rosana Garcia as Kiyoko (VHS dub)
Sérgio Rufino as Takashi (VHS dub)
Sílvio Giraldi as Yamagata (Locomotion dub)
Tânia Gaidarji as Kaori (Band/DVD dub)
Telma Lúcia as Kaori (VHS dub)
Ursula Bezerra as Takashi (Locomotion dub)
Valter Santos as Ryo (Locomotion dub)
Wellington Lima as Ryu (Band/DVD dub)
Zezinho Cutolo as Masaru (VHS dub)

Borges de Barros as Sr. Nezu (Locomotion dub)
Bruno Rocha as Miyako (Locomotion dub)
Fábio Tomasini as Sr. Nezu (Band/DVD dub)
Gilberto Baroli as Barman (Locomotion dub)
João Batista as Miyako (Band/DVD/Blue Ray dub)
João Francisco as Sr. Nezu (VHS dub)
João Paulo as Barman (VHS dub)
Leonardo Caldas as Masaru (Band/DVD dub)
Nelson Machado as Narrador (Locomotion dub)

Adriana Pissardini (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Affonso Amajones (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Alessandra Araújo (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Alexandre Marconato (Band/DVD dub)
Ary Fernandes (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Bruno Rocha (VHS and Band/DVD/Blu-Ray dub)
Carlos Campanile (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Carlos Eduardo (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Carlos Falat (Locomotion and VHS dubs)
Cassius Romero (Locomotion dub)
Cecília Lemes (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Celso Alves (Locomotion dub)
César Leitão (VHS dub)
César Marchetti (Locomotion dub)
Daoiz Cabezudo (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Denise Reis (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Elcio Sodré (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Eleu Salvador (VHS and Locomotion dubs)
Emerson Camargo (VHS and Band/DVD dubs)
Emerson Caperbat (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Eudes Carvalho (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Fábio Moura (Band/DVD/Bluray and VHS dubs)
Fátima Noya (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Figueira Júnior (VHS and Locomotion dubs)
Francisco Brêtas (VHS Dub)
Fritz Gianvito (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Gileno Santoro (Locomotion dub)
Gisa della Mare (Locomotion dub)
Helena Sâmara (Locomotion dub)
Hélio Vaccari (VHS Dub)
Isabel de Sá (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Jussara Marques (Locomotion dub)
Leonardo Camilo (Locomotion dub)
Luiz Laffey (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Luiz Antônio Lobue (Locomotion and Band/DVD/Bluray dubs)
Marcelo Campos (Locomotion dub)
Marcelo Pissardini (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Márcia Regina (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Márcio Araújo (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Márcio Marconato (Locomotion dub)
Marcos Hailer (Locomotion dub)
Marli Bortoletto (VHS dub)
Nair Silva (VHS dub)
Nelson Machado (VHS Dub)
Patrícia Scalvi (VHS dub)
Paulo Celestino (Locomotion dub)
Paulo Porto (Locomotion dub)
Rafael Meira (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Renato Márcio (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Ricardo Sawaya (Locomotion dub)
Rita Almeida (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Roberto Leite (Locomotion dub)
Ronaldo Artinic (VHS Dub)
Rosa Maria (Locomotion dub)
Rosana Beltrame (Locomotion dub)
Roseli Gonçalves (Locomotion dub)
Sérgio Corsetti (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Sidney Lilla (VHS and Band/DVD/Bluray dubs)
Suzy Pereira (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Ulisses Bezerra (Locomotion dub)
Vanessa Alves (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Walter Breda (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Walter Cruz (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Wellington Lima (Band/DVD/Bluray dub)
Portuguese companies
Europa Filmes (VHS)
Focus Filmes (DVD)
Outsider Films (Portugal)
Sato Company (Cinema/Rede Bandeirantes)
Dubbing Studio:
Álamo (Locomotion dub)
Capricórnio (Locomotion dubbing)
Master Sound (Brazil)
Internet Streaming:
Filmin (Portugal)
Netflix (Portugal)
Telecine Play
Licensed by: Selecta Visión (Portugal)
Swedish staff
Swedish companies
Swedish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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