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Coming ADV releases

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
ADV Has sent out official release announcements for Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt and Spriggan. Meanwhile ADV has also announced (no press release) a release date of June 18th for Volume 2 of Golden Boy: Bound for Glory.

Excerpts from Press Releases:

ADV FILMS has set the street date of April 23, 2002 for the raunchy and hilarious Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt, the first of two volumes collecting the classic anime comedy.

Story: Get ready for the ultimate road trip as wandering student Kintaro Oe hits the highways of Japan in the wildest quest for knowledge ever! Whether he's re-programming the president of an all-female software company, checkmating the malicious daughter of a malevolent politician, or defending the sweet virtue of a noodle maker's daughter, Kintaro's cross-country odyssey is guaranteed to keep your sides aching with laughter! Take a lesson from the Book of Love with Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt.

ADV's release of Golden Boy: Treasure Hunt ($29.98 SRP) collects the first three episodes of the popular anime comedy in the English-language, as well as the Japanese language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include clean credit animation, an image gallery, and ADV previews.

Running Time: 90 Minutes; Age Rating: 15+
Pre-Book Date: 3/26/02
Street Date: 4/23/02
Format SRP
DVD $29.98

ADV FILMS has set the street date of April 23, 2002 for the DVD premiere of Spriggan, the action-packed motion picture hailed by critics as "...the most kick-butt action anime film ever released" (scifi.com) and "a slam-bang action fest..." (Animerica).

Directed by first-time director Hirotsugu Kawasaki and supervised by Katsuhiro Ōtomo, the legendary creator behind the cinematic masterpiece Akira, Spriggan is based on the comic Striker by Chu Takasige and Ryōji Minagawa, which originally appeared in the Japanese monthly magazine, Shonen Sunday. The comics were a popular success, selling millions of copies of the paperback releases, which led to a fervent bidding war over the right to make a movie based on the property. Otomo and Kawasaki eventually won out, and with the backing of acclaimed animators Studio 4°C, masterfully combined traditional cel animation with ground-breaking computer animation to create a stunning action film.

Story: At the top of the world, the ancient artifact known as Noah's Ark has been uncovered. Buried and forgotten since before the birth of history, it holds the potential to elevate its holder to the status of a god... or to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth in a second! Now, a desperate battle erupts across the planet as two secret organizations race to recover the lost artifact - one seeks to destroy it, and the other wants enslave the human race! Monstrous half-human cyborgs face off against Earth's ultimate defenders, the secret organization known as ARCAM and their elite agents, the Spriggan, in an epic duel with the future of our species as the prize!

ADV's release of Spriggan ($29.98 SRP) contains the English-language version in 5.1 Dolby Surround Audio, as well as the Japanese language version in 5.1 Dolby Surround Audio with English subtitles. DVD extras include an audio commentary with the English ADR Director Matt Greenfield, production sketches, and ADV previews.

Running Time: 90 Minutes; Age Rating: R
Pre-Book Date: 3/26/02
Street Date: 4/23/02
Format SRP
DVD $29.98

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