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Those Who Hunt Elves (TV)

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© Yu Yagami / Mediaworks / Toshiba Ent. / So-tsu Agency

Alternative title:
Caçadores de Elfas (Portuguese)
Ceux qui Chassent des Elfes (French)
Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi (Japanese)
Los Cazadores de Duendes (Spanish)
エルフを狩るモノたち (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: An actor, a martial artist, a gun-crazy high school student, and their tank are transported from earth to a world of elves and magic. However, the spell to return them home was botched resulting in fragments of the spell being magicly imprinted onto their skin. Their solution: run around looking for elves and stripping them whereever they find them.
User Ratings: 768 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 21 votes (sub:12, dub:6, others:3
3 Spanish dubbed
 Excellent: 87 votes (sub:46, dub:34, raw:2, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:3
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
 Very good: 168 votes (sub:89, dub:64, ?:4, others:11
5 Spanish subtitled
2 Russian subtitled
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Good: 225 votes (sub:137, dub:76, raw:1, others:11
6 Spanish dubbed
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
 Decent: 126 votes (sub:68, dub:52, raw:1, ?:1, others:4
2 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Tagalog dubbed
 So-so: 64 votes (sub:45, dub:14, edit.dub:1, others:4
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 Not really good: 33 votes (sub:21, dub:8, ?:2, others:2
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Weak: 29 votes (dub:14, sub:12, edit.dub:1, ?:1, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Bad: 9 votes (sub:4, dub:3, raw:1, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Awful: 4 votes (sub:2, dub:1, others:1
1 Spanish subtitled
 Worst ever: 2 votes (dub:2)
Seen in part or in whole by 1734 users, rank: #697 (of 9520)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.809 (Good−), std. dev.: 1.7256, rank: #4598 (of 9639)
Weighted mean: 6.766 (Good−), rank: #4624 (of 9639) (seen all: 7.05 / seen some: 5.97 / won't finish: 3.69)
Bayesian estimate: 6.779 (Good−), rank: #4235 (of 7236)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Episode titles: We have 12
1996-10-04 to 1996-12-19
2000-08 (Latinamerica - Locomotion)
Opening Theme:
"Angel Blue" by Naoko Hamasaki
Ending Theme:
"Tensai wa Saigo ni Yattekuru" by Naoko Hamasaki
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Complete Collection (Blu-ray) 2019-07-02 (from $47.00)
DVD (Region 1)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Complete Collection (DVD) 2009-07-07 (from $59.95)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Complete Collection [Sentai Selects] (DVD) 2016-03-15 (from $59.66)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Ready, Set - STRIP! [Essential Anime] (DVD 1) delayed/cancelled
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Ready, Set - STRIP! (DVD 1) 2001-11-13 (from $3.28)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Elf Stripping for Fun & Profit [Essential Anime] (DVD 2) delayed/cancelled
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Elf Stripping for Fun & Profit (DVD 2) 2002-02-12 (from $19.99)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Complete Collection [Thinpak] (DVD 1-4) 2005-10-25 (from $99.75)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Fishy Beginnings (Dub.VHS 1) 1998-11-11 (from $24.20)
    Those Who Hunt Elves - Fishy Beginnings (Sub.VHS 1) 1998-11-11 (from $29.95)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Kazuyoshi Katayama
Series Composition: Masaharu Amiya
Masaharu Amiya (5 episodes
eps 1, 4, 7, 11-12

Masashi Kubota (eps 2, 6, 8)
Yasunori Yamada (eps 3, 5, 9-10)
Original Manga: Yu Yagami
Character Design: Keiji Gotō
Animation Director: Keiji Gotō (OP, ED; ep 12)
Director of Photography: Motoaki Ikegami
Executive producer:
Eiji Izumi
Toshikazu Fukamori
Animation producer: Kenjiro Kawando
Color design: Eriko Matsuura
Key Animation: Keiji Gotō (ep 12)
Music producer: Masanori Sasaji
Production Design: Nobuaki Nagano
Theme Song Arrangement:
Chihiro Kiryū (OP)
Hideki Tsutsumi (ED)
Theme Song Composition:
Chihiro Kiryū (OP)
Hideki Tsutsumi (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Naoko Hamasaki (OP)
Natsumi Tadano (ED)
Theme Song Performance: Naoko Hamasaki
Kotono Mitsuishi as Celsia Marie Claire
Michie Tomizawa as Airi Komiyama
Tomokazu Seki as Junpei Ryuzoj
Yūko Miyamura as Ritsuko Inoue

Chafūrin as
high priest (ep 6)
Manbou Senchou (ep 1)
Dai Sasahara as Master (ep 4)
Eiji Yanagisawa as Disciple (ep 4)
Eiko Yamada as Garbera (ep 2)
Eriko Kawasaki as
Female Elf (ep 12)
Fujiko Takimoto as Blanco (ep 1)
Fumihiko Tachiki as
Judge (eps 11-12)
mysterious man
Hideaki Ono as old man (ep 8)
Hikaru Hanada as
Karei Pirate (ep 1)
Man in Town (ep 9)
Ogre (ep 2)
Soldier (ep 3)
Hiromi Tsuru as Dial (eps 3, 12)
Isamu Tanonaka as Old man Elf (ep 10)
Issei Futamata as Teacher (ep 4)
Issei Miyazaki as man in town (ep 5)
Jin Yamanoi as Anago Pirate (ep 1)
Kae Araki as Koriina (ep 9)
Kanako Tanaka as Romina (ep 8)
Ken Narita as Guild (ep 11)
Kenichi Ogata as Pierre (ep 8)
Koji Tobe as Ogre (ep 2)
Kōsuke Okano as
Dan (ep 8)
man in town (ep 5)
Kumiko Nishihara as Miria (ep 10)
Minako Ito as Emy (ep 8)
Minami Takayama as Reipia (ep 4)
Misa Watanabe as owner (ep 9)
Miyuki Yamamoto as Woman in the City (ep 10)
Motomu Kiyokawa as
high priest (ep 6)
Shumokuzame Pirate (ep 1)
Nobutoshi Hayashi as Yuri (ep 3)
Rin Mizuhara as Judge (ep 12)
Sachi Matsumoto as Elf (ep 6)
Sōichiro Hoshi as
Tom (ep 7)
Waiter (ep 3)
Takashi Matsuo as
Monk (ep 5)
Ogre (ep 2)
Takayuki Okada as
Disciple (ep 4)
Man in Town (ep 5)
Takehito Koyasu as Andy (ep 1)
Tomohisa Asō as Shef (ep 1)
Tomoko Kawakami as
Emily (eps 1, 12)
Yuki Masuda as Mandoragora Elf (ep 7)
Yuko Sasamoto as Elf (ep 6)
Yuu Yamazaki as
man in town (ep 5)
prince (ep 9)
Yuuko Satou as Childcare Worker (ep 3)
Japanese companies
Animation Production: Amuse
Animation Production Cooperation:
Office AO (eps 2, 7)
Sunshine Corporation (eps 4, 9)
Tokyo Kids (eps 3, 8)
Yumeta Company (eps 5, 10)
Broadcaster: TV Tokyo
Ending Animation: OLM
Key Animation:
Studio Argo (eps 9, 12)
Studio Z5 (eps 6, 11)
Tokyo Animation Center (ep 12)
Yumeta Company (ep 5)
Opening Animation: OLM
Photography: Studio Cosmos
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Steven Foster
Dubbing Director: Tristan MacAvery (eps 1-4)
Translation: Dan Kanemitsu
Executive producer:
Eiichi Takahashi (Sentai release)
John Ledford
Mark Williams (Thinpak)
Sharon Papa
John Ledford (Sentai Selects)
Matt Greenfield (2009 Sentai release)
Steven Foster
Tristan MacAvery

Art Manager: Larry Koteff (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Audio Mixing: Paul Killam
Blu-Ray Authoring: Joel McCray (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Blu-Ray Menu Design: Larry Koteff (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Creative Director: David Del Rio (Thinpak)
DVD Coordination: Janice Williams
DVD Menu Design: Larry Koteff
DVD Producer: David Williams
International Coordination: Toru Iwakami
Logo Design: Larry Koteff
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams (2009 Sentai release)
Packaging Design:
Fumiko Chino (Thinpak)
Larry Koteff
Post-Production Manager: Shelly Thomas
Production Coordination: Janice Williams (Sentai Selects & Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Production manager:
Luke Patterson (Sentai Selects)
Son Phan Le (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
QC Manager: Crystal Ruiz (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Sound Design: Paul Killam
Subtitle Script: Lowell B. Bartholomee
Subtitle Script & Timing: Malinda Talbot
Subtitle Timing: Neal Barnes
Andrew Klimko as Junpei Ryuzoj
Jessica Calvello as Celsia Marie Claire
Kelly Manison as Airi Komiyama
Rozanne Curtis as Ritsuko Inoue

Aaron Krohn as
Bath House Master
Alissa Alban as Prosecution Judge
Amy Jackson as Emmy
Anna Bechtol as Villager
Anthony Dorian as Captain Sunfish
Bob Elliot as Bishop Ahab
Brad Atwell as Guard
Brett Weaver as Pirate Hammerhead
Carl Marks as Guard
Chris Mattsen as Drunk
Cynthia Martinez as
Dan Rockwell as Guard
Daniel Stone as Guard Captain
Danny Travis as Martin
David Bell as Salmon
David LeMaster as Codfish
Don'l Johnson as
Doug Smith as
The Prince
Gene Landry as
Rapier’s Master
Greg Stanley as Octopus
Griffin Vance as Barrista
Guil Lunde as
Hilary Haag as
James Bates as Villager
Jason Douglas as Arrow
Joe Jaworski as Mike
John Gremillion as Davidm Pierre
John Swasey as
Head Apprentice
Karen Coffer as
Keith Brenton as
Kelly Jean Beard as
Kevin Hinnant as Villager
Kim Sevier as
Kira Vincent-Davis as
Ninja Elf
Kurt Stoll as
Lana Ford as Elf
Laura Attwell as Elf
Laura Chapman as Rapier
Lew Temple as
Bishop B
Bishop Benal
Luci Christian as
Malinda Talbot as Caretaker
Marcie Corder as Milliea
Matt Greenfield as The Mayor
Matthew Kelley as Papa Elf
Mike Kleinhenz as Judge
Pamela Lauer as
Paul Hope as Gild
Phil Ross as
Bishop A
Sensei Monk
Randy Sparks as
Bishop B
Rebecca Connelly as
Rene Rivera as Annette
Ricardo Villa as Sparky
Rob Bundy as Bishop A
Robert Jauregi as
Rod Peters as
Pirate Conger Eel
Sara Chamblass as Grace
Todd Greenfield as
Pirate Flatfish
Tom Richards as
Travoi Tuttle as Angler

English companies
Broadcaster: The Anime Network
ADV Films (North America; 2009)
Section23 Films (North America; 2015)
DVD Authoring & Encoding: M.O.F.C.
DVD Post Production: Monkey Boy Studios
Licensed by:
ADV Films (Expired)
Sentai Filmworks (2009)
Production: Sentai Studios (Sentai SD Blu-ray)
Recording Studio: Industrial Smoke & Mirrors
French staff
French companies
Distributor: IDP Home Video Music
French cast
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Executive producer:
John Ledford (ADV Films)
Sharon Papa (ADV Films)
Cristina Hernandez as Ritsuko Inoue
Dulce Guerrero as Airi Komiyama
Enrique Cervantes as Junpei Ryuzouji
Romy Mendoza as Celcia Marieclaire

Monica Estrada as Annette

Alma Wilhelme as Emily (eps 1, 12)
Blas Garcia as Hammerhead (ep 1)
Cesar Arias as Counselor
Elena Ramirez as Romina (eps 8, 12)
Elsa Covián as Emmy (ep 8)
Gabriela Beltrán as Nancy (ep 7)
Gabriela Guzmán as Mandragora Elf (ep 7)
Gabriela Willert as Rapier (ep 4)
Genaro Vasquez as Andy (ep 1)
Guillermo Coria as Rapier's sensei (ep 4)
Herman Lopez as Pierre (ep 8)
Ilia Gil as Dihal (eps 3, 12)
Jorge Fink as Milliea's grandfather (ep 10)
Kalimba Marichal as Branco (ep 1)
Magda Giner as Magistrate
Miguel Angel Ghigliazza as Kolchak Yamada (ep 4)
Mónica Villaseñor as Gabriela (ep 2)
Norma Echevarria as Milliea (eps 10, 12)
Ricardo Hill as Judge (El juez)
Rolando de Castro as Prince (ep 9)
Vanessa Acosta as Coleene (ep 9)
Victor Mares as Counselor
Yamil Atala as Yuri (ep 3)
Spanish companies
Broadcaster: Locomotion
Distributor: Xystus (Latin America)
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dada Carlos as Celsia Marie Claire (eps 1-6)
Mitchiko Azarcon-Tiongson as Celsia Marie Claire (eps 7-12)
Montreal Repuyan as Junpei Ryuzoj
Rona Aguilar as Ritsuko Inoue
Rowena Raganit as Airi Komiyama

Grace Cornel as
Colleena (ep 9)
Dial (ep 3)
Emily (eps 1, 12)
Mandrake Elf (ep 7)
Miria (eps 10, 12)
Rapier (ep 4)
Romina (ep 8)
Louie Paraboles as
Andy (ep 1)
Dan (ep 8)
Guild (ep 11)
Judge (eps 10-12)
Prince (ep 9)
Yuri (ep 3)
Marvi Medina as Gabriella/Garbera (ep 2)
Mitchiko Azarcon-Tiongson as owner (ep 9)
Montreal Repuyan as
High Priest
old man (ep 8)
Rona Aguilar as
Blanco (ep 1)
judge (ep 12)
Rowena Raganit as Emy (ep 8)
Vincent Gutierrez as Shumokuzame Pirate (ep 1)
Tagalog companies
QTV Channel 11 (Official)
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Elcio Sodré
Translation: Adriana Caraccio

Screen Inserts: Júlio Franco
Affonso Amajones as Junpei Ryuzouji
Eleonora Prado as Celcia Marieclaire
Luciana Baroli as Ritsuko Inoue
Raquel Marinho as Airi Komiyama

Suzy Pereira as Annette

Carlos Eduardo as
Pirata Tubarão (ep 1)
Vendedor de frutas (ep 6)
César Leitão as
avô de Milliea (ep 10)
David Pierre (ep 8)
Denise Reis as Milliea (ep 10)
Elcio Sodré as
Capitão Sunfish (ep 1)
Martin (ep 8)
Eleu Salvador as
Beenal (ep 8)
Einal (ep 2)
Emerson Camargo as
Beenal (ep 2)
Einal (ep 8)
Emerson Caperbat as Pirata cabeça-de-martelo (ep 1)
Eudes Carvalho as Pirata linguado (ep 1)
Fátima Noya as
Dihal (ep 3)
Magistrada (ep 12)
Gileno Santoro as Kolchak Yamada (ep 4)
Isabel de Sá as
Dihal (ep 12)
Dona da loja de roupas (Shop owner) (ep 10)
Elfa ninja (Ninja Elf) (ep 10)
Emmy (ep 8)
Gabrielle (ep 3)
Jussara Marques as
Carrie (ep 7)
Collena (ep 9)
Emily (ep 12)
Romina (ep 12)
Márcia Regina as
Rapier (ep 4)
Romina (ep 8)
Mauro Eduardo as Andy (ep 1)
Sílvio Giraldi as
David (ep 7)
Juiz (eps 10-12)
Príncipe (ep 9)
Yuri (ep 3)
Vanessa Alves as Emily (ep 1)
Yuri Chesman as Branco (ep 1)

Portuguese companies
Dubbing Studio: Mastersound

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