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ADV Films finally announced their aquisition of the WOWOW/Sunrise TV series "Gasaraki" Wednesday. The series, which features the talents of creator Ryosuke Takahashi (Armed Trooper Votoms) as well as mecha designers Yutaka Debuchi (Patlabor) and Syuko Marase (Gundam Wing), is described as being very much in the vein of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and it is expected that the 26-episode series will be marketed accordingly.

"For a thousand years, the Gowa family has financed their Noh theater with profits earned from the sale of arms and mercenaries," reads the synopsis on the press release. "In a world of increasingly technological weaponry, however, the most powerful weapon of all is the human mind, and the Gowa family is about to unleash the most dangerous force ever to confront the human race. Promised a throne of supreme authority, the 4th son of the Gowas, Yoshiro, will achieve his destiny at any cost."

Unfortunately, ADV did not disclose a predicted date as to when the series will be released in the States.

In a separate announcement, ADV also announced a film festival to be held at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, to be held this Sunday (4/18/99) at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Center in Los Angeles. The festival, to be called "The Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy Animation From Japan", will serve as a showcase for the newest ADV Films titles, including Sakura Wars, Sorcerer Hunters vol. 2, Those Who Hunt Elves, Adventures of Kotetsu, Tekken, Powerdolls, and Slayers: The Motion Picture.

The event, which will be six hours in duration, is priced at $7 admission, and will begin at 11 AM. The Shrine Auditorium Expo Center is located at 700 W. 32nd Street, across the street from USC College, near the 110 freeway. Those wishing for more information are asked to call (818) 954-8432.

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