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Answerman: Debriefed

Forgive me for being all-too-brief this time around; seems this is the time of year that the work piles highest.

Here's today's questions:

I just have a quick question is there any hope at all someone will bring Macross 7 here? I really want to see that series!

[email protected]

Well, the series is widely hated by Macross fans with no sense of humor and apparently the music license is so expensive that no American company will touch it. So your chances are pretty slim.

I have a load of questions for you(hehe)

1.What is the order of all the Ranma1/2 seasons, movies, and OVA's?
2.Will Does ADV plan to bring the Mosquiton '99 TV series to the U.S.? And where can I find a fansub site that has the complete series.(I know about fansub.net but it's still hard to find)
3.Speaking of ADV, about a year ago they e-mailed me back about them releasing the 2nd season of "Those Who Hunt Elves" but I've heard nothing since then.(Yes, I know about their collection of the first seaon coming out soon :) ) they also talked about the Sorcerer Hunters 3-part OVA, but they don't have plans to release that yet. Does that mean they have licensed it or not?

Now to breath and say thanks!

Okay, here we go. First, the Ranma television series, all 161 episodes, were released. The OVA episodes came out shortly afterwards. The end of the TV series brought on the release of the first movie. The second movie was released about a year later, with the third movie being released about a year and a half after that. Watch them in that order, I guarantee it'll make the most sense (Although Ranma's storyline isn't hard to follow.

As for your second question, if anyone ever again asks me to first tell them when a series is coming out commercially, knowing it's been licensed, and then where they can find bootlegs of that show, I'll put your name in my email kill filter. You know better than that. ADV hasn't announced yet when the TV series will be released, and I pray that you're a decent enough person to at least wait for the commercial release.

Your next question, regarding Those who Hunt Elves II, is yet another "when" question (I'm getting sick of these, people. The company will announce when something is coming out on their website and it'll be on the front page of Anime News Network.) . We don't know. If they talked about the Bakuretsu Hunters 3-part OVA, then that means they've licensed it and it'll be out here sometime.

how many episodes of Kodomo no Omocha are there altogether? and is there any chance of it coming to the U.S.?

Ah yes, the seminal Kodocha question. There are 102 episodes and only the manga has been licensed. The anime may be licensed one day, but who knows?

Years ago, an Anchorage, Alaska UHF station played cartoons 24/7. Some cartoons they played were old anime movies and TV shows. Robotech and Galaxy Express 999 among other more obscure ones. I recall seeing an anime(possibly not anime) movie/show(not sure which) about a kid who played soccer. And he had a special kick that was basically a bicycle kick called the UFO Kick, dubbed such because the kick had such force that the ball flattened out in flight to look not unlike a UFO.
I have been trying to track down information on whatever this may have been for a long time. I have asked many people. Nobody knows anything about it.
Leading me to believe that its likely a memory I created on my own. Or perhaps I misremembered something. Anyways, any insight you may provide would be helpful.

I couldn't find any information on a special "UFO kick" but the show sounds an awful lot like Captain Tsubasa to me. Go to www.anipike.com and look up Tsubasa. It might be what you're searching for.

Hi Answerman.. I'd like to ask a couple of questions.

1. I read an article about Evangelion box set containing REMASTERED VERSION of volume 1. What exactly does it mean by "remastering"? Does it mean that it's a digitally transferred version?

2. While I was reading some articles... I've noticed that a quite number of people are unsatisfied with DVDs that are from FUNIMATION. Why is that?
I'd appreciate if you could answer my questions.
Thanks a lot!

ADV decided to redo the first Evangelion disc because it sucked. The transfer was awful. While the remastered version isn't a digital transfer (None of the EVA discs are), it's a much better looking copy than the original release. As for your second question, people complaina bout Funimation DVDs because they have very little in the way of supplements. Also, anime fans like to complain about DVDs. It's the new otaku pastime.

Dear, Zac

A little disappointed with the, "I suppose it could be a metaphor for WWII, but then again, you can force metaphor into anything" comment regarding the mentioned metaphor of WW2 and the Gundam series. You are totally disregarding a central aspect of anime and manga that makes the medium so special. without the reoccurring symbols of anti colonialism and anti militarism throughout the series Gundam Wing, for example, it would instead be 50 episodes of the same repeating scenes of mobile suits exploding. It's what makes gundam unique, redeemable and excuses me from spending hours of my life watching it on TV. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost In the Shell, Blood, Patlabour the movies, Jin Roh, FURI KURI, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Beebop, Blade of the Immortal, Gunnm, Akira are all good examples of what makes anime and Manga great. A combination of original style, action and philosophical imagery and symbolism that allows you to watch again and again.

Secondly, Real metaphors have to be backed with evidence from elements of the narration (theme, plot, setting, characterization.. etc) and can not just be anything. Vampire Hunter D was not a metaphor for the Japanese response to the lack of blood in the local Japanese blood banks. But the link between Gundam's reoccurring message of passivism and Japanese feelings after WW2 is little more plausable. Anyways I could go on but I think I will stop now.

[email protected]
P.S. When are the NGE movies coming out?

All that just to ask a question about the Evangelion movies. Manga plans to release them on VHS in January and on DVD in March.

Hi Answerman!

I have two questions:

1) I'm writing to You from Lithuania, the NO LAND for anime. But those who are lucky enough to understand Polish they can watch anime on Polish TV channel RTL7. Right now there are "Yaiba -legendary samurai", "Dragonball Z" and "Slayers" airing on it.

In the beginning of summer, RTL7 has broadcast wonderful anime TV show "Haushin Engi". I've heard that ADV got rights for it and named it "Soul Hunter". Also they announced, that they'll release 26 episodes of "Soul Hunter". But I can swear seeing far more than 26 episodes. It was about 2 times more than ADV are announcing. Maybe were are two seasons of "Haushin Engi" and they (ADV) are releasing just the first one? Or is it somewhat shortened version?


You're mistaken about Houshin Engi. The anime ran from July to December 1999 for a total of 26 episodes. ADV will be releasing the entire thing.

With 10 volumes already released and the 11th volume set to be released in October, how many volumes does Dark Horse Comics have left to be released before the story is finishes. I'm planning on buying the first 11 volumes and then buy each volume as they come out.

Seeing as how Oh My Goddess! is still running in Japan, I don't think Dark Horse will be finished anytime soon.


ADV said that one of the top three channels in the US has licensed one of their seies. Any idea what it might be, and what channel has licensed it. I know they haven't anouced it yet, but I was just thinking you might have an idea of what it is. Thanks.

Thank you. You're the first to ask me one of these questions where I'm essentially asked to guess the answer and actually qualify your question with the fact that you know I can't provide a real answer. My PREDICITIONS (And these are predictions, folks, nothing more than that) are that Nadia, Houshin Engi, and possibly Lost Universe. Those are all fairly neutral shows with a lot of action and adventure. But, who knows? They could announce anything. I have no clue what network ADV is in negotiations with.

Dear Answer Man,

Here are my questions:
Did the Dual anime have a manga and did the manga continue the series?
I just purchased a DVD and want to know where is the best place to purchase "fairly" priced disks.

Is it true that a new Gundam series is in the works?
That is all , thanks.

There never was a Dual! Manga. The cheapest place I've found to buy DVDs online is www.bestprices.com. They take forever to ship things out but they are quite cheap. Rest assured, there is almost ALWAYS a new Gundam series in the works. I haven't heard anything as of this writing, but you can be pretty sure that as long as the money keeps rolling in, Bandai will keep making Gundam series.

And that's it for this week, folks.

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